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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 145

Coach’s Big Picture

For the first time, Coach Han felt what it meant to have a splitting headache! In a BO7 match, the coach had five chances to call a timeout. He had called three before and he had two left.

Endless Bloody Battle was a quick game with three victories in five rounds. At this time, China had the game point with a score of 2:0. If he didn’t call a timeout now, it meant giving up on victory.

This was the home field of the Korean team and the strongest scout advantageous map of the Korean team. How could he be willing to give up the map of Crystal Cave to China?

But if he called a timeout now, the next fourth game was China’s home game. Maybe there would be an accident?

There wasn’t much time left for Coach Han to think. There was only a 30 second countdown after the end of the game. Seeing that the countdown was about to end, Coach Han subconsciously pressed the timeout button.

The South Korean team requested a timeout.

Captain Jeong Jiwoo sighed with relief when the red light appeared on the big screen. He inexplicably lost these two small games and he desperately needed the guidance of the coach who sat on the sidelines.

Jeong Jiwoo saw the coach quickly come to the soundproof room and hurriedly asked, “Coach, what went wrong?”

Coach Han said, “Pay attention to the player called Snow. She is wandering around the cave and has grasped all your movements. You are equivalent to playing against a team with the perspective open. She is acting as the eyes of the Chinese team!”

Everyone felt a chill go down their spine when they heard this. No wonder why the sniper was shot in the head after being circled by Fred and the assaulter was instantly killed by the medic before he could fully turn the corner…

China’s scout found all their movements and gave precise reports to the commander.

Coach Han was sitting in the audience and saw it clearly. The tacit understanding of the China team’s command and dispatch was due to the existence of the invisible scout. He whispered, “Don’t kill Fred in the next game and don’t kill the medic. Kill their eyes first before finding a way to break them one by one. If there is no scout reporting things then the medic won’t be able to save people quickly.”

In the soundproof room of the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu was thoughtful. “Coach Han should’ve seen the importance of Xueyao?”

Pei Feng asked, “What if they target Xueyao?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a while before saying, “In the third round, you fight around the medic as usual and protect Chen Chen. Let Chen Chen save people. If they discover Xueyao’s role and start targeting Xueyao then use Plan B.”

Everyone nodded in unison. “Understood!”

In the third small game, the five members of the Korean team scattered around and surrounded them from the outside, forming an encirclement. To be specific, they were looking for Qin Xueyao. Even if Qin Xueyao was first-class in positioning, it was difficult to avoid the eyes of the five people on the opposite side. After she was killed, the South Korean team started to follow the order of killing the medic and the sniper. In the end, they killed the players of the Chinese team in a wave of 3 for 5 and regained one point.

Coach Han sighed with relief from the audience. It seemed that his strategy of calling a timeout was correct. This allowed the players to adjust their tactics and successfully win the round. Next, the South Korean team just needed to be stable and there was a high probability of winning this game!

The on-site commentator said nervously, “This small game is 2:1. The South Korean team has regained its rhythm! On China’s side… the coach didn’t call the timeout.”

Another person joked, “Could it be that his timeout button is broken?”

The audience burst out laughing. Until now, Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t used the timeout button at all. The Korean team obviously found their rhythm and won a small game. However, he still didn’t press a timeout. They really didn’t understand his thinking.

The fourth small game.

The Korean team still went to find Xueyao according to the still of ‘kill the eyes first before killing the healer.’ The result… the Chinese team actually formed a group of five people?

Five people moved together with the distance between the front and back not exceeding 35 meters. This risky play could easily be broken by the South Korean team. However, the Korean team was currently scattered. This meant: you come one by one and I will kill you one by one.

Plan B was to play with more than one player and to form a group guerrilla battle. This was specifically to deal with the Korean team’s targeting Xueyao style of play.

The South Korean team had a scout killed first and it was too late to adjust their position. The Chinese team used the ‘5 against 1’ huddle guerrilla strategy to quickly kill the rest.

The game had a score of 3:1 and the Chinese team had won!

The on-site commentator was stunned. “Wait… Wait a minute. They fought too quickly! The tactics of the Chinese team suddenly changed and they killed all the scattered players of South Korea in a group of five, catching them off guard!”

“…China actually won. They won the Crystal Cave map?”

“Yes! They won South Korea’s home map!”

The domestic commentators were excited. “Beautiful! This win is so relieving. It is South Korea’s home game and their best scout assassination map. The Chinese team defeated the Korean team with three different team battle ideas!”

In the barrage area, Jiang Shaoyu’s fans could finally feel elated.

[I knew that God Wing wasn’t that simple!]

[He was a master tactician in the past! How is it possible for him to give the championship directly to the other side?]

[God Wing has been releasing the ban and he was obviously holding back a big move.]

[Coach 6666! It is us mortals who can’t understand!]

It wasn’t just Coach Han who was stunned this time. The coaches from other countries watching the game were also a bit dazed.

Why did they feel like…

Coach Han was led into a big pit by Coach Jiang?

He had only one timeout left!

Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t used a timeout so far. He took advantage of the opponent’s timeout to quickly adjust the lineup. He guessed the layout of South Korea and immediately countered.

This person was too terrible!

It was game four of the BO7 and the home game of China.

Coach Jiang submitted the mode: Life and Death Explosion.

Coach Han didn’t hesitate to ban three maps: Guanghua Middle School, Antai Community and Kunlun Bridge.

His BP idea was the same as the second game. The three maps were the maps that the Chinese team used to win against Japan and Singapore previously and the tactics were very rich. Meanwhile, China used No 7 Warehouse when they played South Korea just now and lost.

The used maps could no longer be selected and the banned ones couldn’t be selected.

Then the only remaining maps were Civic Center, Xishan Prison and Bewitching Town.

Since Civic Center and Xishan Prison were both five star dynamic maps and were very unstable, the Chinese team was likely to choose Bewitching Town. Bewitching Town was the map that the Korean team focused on practicing this afternoon!

Coach Han speculated that Jiang Shaoyu would choose Bewitching Town to play explosion mode and stabilize the home points of the Chinese team. Of course, he also had to find a way to counter it.

Coach Han whispered, “In this map of Bewitching Town. There are many forks in the road between the two explosion points. Our scouts can bypass them to sneak attack. It doesn’t matter if you are randomly assigned to the police or the bandits. Kill them first and then control the bomb! Our firepower is much stronger than theirs. Kill them at the fastest speed. Don’t drag them out and delay things. Understood?”

Everyone replied, “Understood!”

The moment these words came out, Jiang Shaoyu submitted the map in the last two seconds of the countdown.

—Civic Center.

Coach Han: “!!!”

The Korean team members: “???”

What about Bewitching Town? Why was this plot different from what they had guessed?

Coach Han felt a cold breath rushing from the soles of his feet to his spine.

Could it be that his own ideas and countermeasures were all guessed by his opponents?

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm. ‘You banned three maps and I used another map before. If I still choose Bewitching Town, won’t I be stepping into your trap?’

In this way, he predicted the opponent’s prediction. Coach Han wanted him to choose Bewitching Town? Then he wouldn’t choose it.

Civic Center, a five star difficulty map!

This map was difficult to play and was very unstable. The interference of a large number of zombies would make the game full of unknown variables.

However, the Chinese team wasn’t afraid of this map.

During the national team’s trials, Xueyao and Hua Hua had played this map. During the national team’s training camp, this map was included in the usual hide-and-seek training. Due to this, the map was the one they were most skilled at among all the five star maps.

He took it out at critical moments to grab points.

China had to tie the score before there was any hope of winning!

The domestic audience was dumbfounded when they saw this.

[F*k? Going directly to a five star difficulty map?]

[Coach Jiang is so calm. He seems to be very confident?]

[I thought he would choose Bewitching Town. God Wing can’t be guessed at all!]

The South Korean team won the two maps of Dark Swamp and No 7 Warehouse in a row.

The Chinese team won the Crystal Cave map in the third game.

At this time, the match score on the big screen was 2:1. The Korean team was still ahead.

However, this game was the home game of the Chinese team. If they could win then the score would be 2:2!

At first, the Korean team wanted to win 4:0 against the Chinese team. Now Coach Han found that the situation seemed to be more and more unfavorable to them! He completely walked into Jiang Shaoyu’s trap when it came to the BP process. They didn’t have time to practice carefully on the Civic Center map and had instead focused on Bewitching Town that Jiang Shaoyu didn’t choose!

Civic Center had two floors, the upper and lower floors. The police and bandits would refresh at the east and west entrances respectively.

Due to the existence of a large number of zombie waves, the two explosion points were difficult to defend. This was one of the few ‘single point explosion maps. The explosion point was only the computer room on the 2nd floor.

Coach Han said with a serious face, “If you are randomly selected as the police, climb up to the second floor to guard the computer room as quickly as possible! If you randomly get the bandits, find a way to use the zombie wave to hold back support on the other side. Drop the bomb first and find a way to deal with their situation. Adapt to the situation.

The faces of the team members didn’t look very good. They could only bite the bullet and agree. “I know!”

At the beginning of the game, the Chinese team was randomly selected to be the police and the Korean team the bandits.

The Korean team rushed straight to the second floor at the beginning. They didn’t dare to alarm the zombies in the hall on the first floor. They wanted to bypass from the side and quickly climb to the second floor. As a result, they had just taken two steps when a bullet suddenly shot from a distance.


There was the clear sound of gunfire when Pei Feng shot and killed a zombie squad leader in seconds.

It was a bit difficult to kill the scout of the Korean team.

But killing zombies? For Pei Feng, it was as simple as hitting a target.

They didn’t have time to stop South Korea so they would ask the zombie brothers for a favor.

After the zombies heard the gunshots, they collectively turned around and chased after Pei Feng. The path they pursued just happened to block the players of the Korean team. This way, the people of the Korean team couldn’t pass the stairs.

Immediately afterward, Gui Siyang fired a shot at the staircase entrance in the other direction and killed another zombie squad leader. This alarmed the zombie group on the west side of the hall.

Countless zombies started to chase Pei Feng and Gui Siyang, forming a ‘traffic jam’ and blocking the Korean team.

The Korean team members: “……”

F*k! How could they go up to the second floor like this?

The advantage of having two snipers on this map wasn’t to kill but to mobilize the actions of the zombies to assist the police in intercepting the bandits!

The Korean team was surrounded by zombies and forced to fight with the zombies.

Pei Feng seized the opportunity. He stood in the distance, calmly opened the scope and shot!

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Sage’ with a headshot!]

He killed Captain Jeong Jiwoo and the bomb happened to be on Jeong Jiwoo’s body. The bomb dropped after his death and his teammates had to pick it up as soon as possible. However, a large number of zombies were surrounding Jeong Jiwoo and it wasn’t that easy to pick up the dropped bomb.

In the blink of an eye, Hua Ran shot wildly from the second floor. He cooperated with Pei Feng and Xiao Gui’s precise shooting.

The South Korean team didn’t pick up the bomb and instead died.

In the 1st round, the police won.

In the second round, the South Korean team tried to break through separately. However, Pei Feng mobilized zombies from a distance and played well with the help of zombies to intercept the opponent. Once again, they were stopped by the zombies and failed to break through.

In the 2nd round, the police won.

In the coach’s seat offstage, Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Coach Han and seemed to ask with his eyes, ‘Aren’t you calling a timeout? You have one more chance to call a timeout.’

Coach Han: “……”

Could he hit someone?

Coach Han held back and didn’t call a timeout.

In the third round, the five members of the South Korean team rushed as a group but were shot by Pei Feng and Gui Siyang in the distance. The bomb fell again and they were once again destroyed as a group before reaching the second floor.

The mentality of the South Korean players was about to collapse once they reached this point.

Dual scouts were very powerful but they couldn’t do anything under the interception of a large number of zombies, let alone sneak attack. This Civic Center map full of zombies had simply become a nightmare for the Korean team.

Why didn’t the coach call a timeout?

However, the coach only had one chance for a timeout remaining and he didn’t dare use it easily!

In the 4th round, the police won.

In the 5th round, the police won.

The South Korean team played more and more chaotically. The Chinese team’s police won five consecutive games and the first half ended. The coach of the Korean team gritted his teeth but didn’t call a timeout. He had only one timeout remaining and there was no need to waste it here.

This map…

They might as well just give up.

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators saw that Coach Han didn’t react and said excitedly, “The Korean team seems to have abandoned this map? The police are 5:0. If the Korean team wants to win, they have to win six games in a row!”

Explosion mode took six points to settle victory or defeat. The Chinese team’s police had a small score of 5:0. In theory, it was difficult for South Korea to make a comeback on this map. At this time, it was useless to call a timeout. Maybe abandoning this map was the best choice?

There was no need to waste energy on this map!

In the second half, the South Korean team became the police. The strategy of the Chinese bandit side was very clever. Pei Feng fired two shots to lead away the zombies. Qin Xueyao ran quickly from behind the zombies, quickly climbed to the second floor and took advantage of the speed difference.

The South Korean team was slow for a second or two. They wanted to run over to defend but the zombie group was already completely messed up.

They struggled and finally climbed to the second floor. Then they saw Hua Ran firing at a large number of zombies on the second floor, forming a human wall and blocking their way.

F*k! The zombie group had been repeatedly used by the Chinese team and was about to become the teammate of the Chinese team! This one wasn’t 5V5. It was the five people of South Korea fighting 5 people + hundreds of zombies, right?

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

The 30 seconds countdown came quickly and the South Korean team failed to defuse the bomb.


Once the flames soared into the sky, the Chinese team actually won this game with a score of 6:0!

On the big screen, it was a 2:2 draw in the China VS South Korea match.

In the coach seats under the stage, Jiang Shaoyu glanced calmly at Coach Han. Abandoning the map? Wasn’t he afraid that the Korean players would collapse directly?

Winning or losing a match depended on the morale of the team. The whole team fought desperately to the end. Once a key game was given up, the morale of the team would be hit in a large way.

The Chinese team was becoming more and more courageous while the Korean team was getting more and more chaotic.

It was like a pinprick puncturing a balloon. Once deflated, it was hard to hold it up again.

Hasn’t he heard of the saying that ‘an army’s defeat is like a mountain collapsing?’

In fact, in addition to Jiang Shaoyu’s excellent formation and anticipation tactics, the most important thing was that Jiang Shaoyu regarded South Korea as the strongest opponent and repeatedly studied them. Meanwhile, Coach Han never paid much attention to the Chinese team and always felt it was easy to win against the Chinese team.

So it was 2:2!

Coach Han wasn’t so relaxed now, right? Had the pressure shifted to him?

The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s mouth raised slightly. He got up and walked out of the soundproof room.

‘I still have five chances to use a timeout and adjust. You only have one left.’


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