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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 144

Expected Map Selection

“Congratulations to the Korean team for winning the two maps of Dark Swamp and No 7 Warehouse in a row, leading 2:0!”

“Next is the home game of the Korean team. Let’s look forward to what map the Korean team will choose!”

The two commentators at the venue were excited like the Korean team had won a game.

They won two maps in a row and the third game was their home field. There was a high probability they could also win it. In this way, the South Korean team would get the match point at 3:0 and the final result was likely to be a 4:0 victory over the Chinese team.

In the past few Asian Championships, the South Korean team had also defeated Singapore and Japan 4:0.

In Asia, South Korea’s e-sports dominance had never been shaken. At this time, it wasn’t just the audience in Japan but also the Korean audience who thought the same way. It was a 4:0 finish!

The game started and it was the third BP stage.

Coach Han submitted the game mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

It was still a quick game. They obviously wanted to win this map in one go and enter the match point with a huge advantage of 3:0.

The two domestic commentators looked at each other and said worriedly, “Which map will Coach Jiang ban in this game?”

“Will he release the ban again…?”

In the first South Korean home game, Jiang Shaoyu released the ban and the result allowed South Korea to choose the assassination map Dark Swamp that he was best at. Now that South Korea was 2:0 ahead, releasing the ban this time was equivalent to giving away victory.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t seem to mind this at all. He quickly gave three red crosses in a row on the blank map.

Releasing the ban!

The audience was in an uproar.

Domestic keyboard warriors sent taunting remarks excitedly in the barrage area and many passersby also felt speechless.

[Isn’t this completely giving up? Doesn’t he even want to try?]

[Is God Wing here to be funny? Or was he bought by the Korean team?]

[It is okay to lose but don’t lose too badly, okay?]

[There is a gap between us and South Korea but Coach Jiang’s way of giving away the championship really makes me so angry!]

At this time, even Coach Jiang’s fans didn’t dare to say anything.

This approach was too unrestrained. It didn’t matter if he lost in the finals. Everyone knew there was a gap between the e-sports strength of China or South Korea. The question was about the process of their loss.

If they played hard and did their best every game, it would still be an honor even if they lost.

But Jiang Shaoyu’s style of play was almost writing on his forehead: I give up on the championship and will take the runner-up. I will practice with you and let you choose whatever you want.

This attitude really made the audience very uncomfortable. The two domestic commentators were silent.

The on-site director pointed the camera at Coach Han in the soundproof room. Coach Han’s face was already full of smiles as if the championship was waving at him. He chose the map without hesitation: Crystal Cave!

The moment this map came out, the domestic audiences were in despair. The two commentators stiffened and said, “Crystal Cave is also a map that is very suitable for assassination.”

“Yes, we analyzed it in the first game. The best strategy to fight South Korea is to ban the two assassination maps of Dark Swamp and Crystal Cave… but Coach Jiang didn’t ban it. Perhaps he wants to take advantage of this rare opportunity to let the Chinese team collide with the strongest playing style of South Korea?”

“Cough, it is hard to win anyway. Why not train the troops? This idea… there is nothing wrong with it.”

Compared to the anxious audience, Jiang Shaoyu always looked calm. Once the opponent chose the map, he even smiled slightly and immediately said to Pei Feng, “They really chose this map. I shouldn’t have to repeat how to fight next?”

Pei Feng nodded. “I know!”

On the South Korean team’s side, Coach Han said with a smile, “This map is our advantageous map. Seize the time to win and gain match point 3:0.”

The contestants shouted in unison, “Understood!”

The Korean team chose the map they were best at.

But it was also the map that Jiang Shaoyu wanted them to choose!

It was because from last night to this afternoon, this map called Crystal Cave was the one that the big and little Yezi master and apprentice accompanied the players of the Chinese team to practice the most!

Jiang Shaoyu was taking a big gamble.

They just finished playing Singapore yesterday and were playing South Korea today. The Chinese team wanted to practice more maps and strategies but it was simply too late. At this time, he had to bet as a coach. He had to guess the enemy’s thoughts and carry out targeted countermeasures.

They had dual snipers and South Korea would definitely go with dual scouts. So their easiest maps to win were Dark Swamp and Crystal Cave. In the first game, the Korean team would choose Dark Swamp where they had the greatest advantage. Scoring one point from the opening game would help boost the morale of the players. In the third game, if they continued to release the ban then what would Coach Han choose?

There was an 80% chance of choosing Crystal Cave!

At this time, Coach Han would definitely feel that the Chinese team had given up hope for winning the championship and only wanted to play a practice match with South Korea to hone the rookies. They didn’t want to win at all.

Almost everyone thought so.

However, only the few people of the Chinese national team knew that:

Coach Jiang didn’t release the ban to play a practice match with them but to win the match!

Jiang Shaoyu induced the enemy coach to choose the map they had focused on training. Whether he could win this big gamble or not depended on the performance of Pei Feng and the four players on the field.

In China, Ye Qingming couldn’t help feeling nervous when he saw this.

Little Yezi excitedly sent a private chat pop-up window to the master. “South Korea really chose Crystal Cave! God Wing is really like a god! Master, we practiced all afternoon. Will it have any effect?”

Ye Qingming said, “Trust Fred. His command must be fine.”

The game started.

In the first round, the Korean team’s pace was very fast. On this map full of stalactite obstacles, South Korea’s two scouts were as nimble as swimming fish.

Jeong Jiwoo and Ahn Taeheyong, one was to the left and one was on the right as they specifically looked for Pei Feng. Soon, Jeong Jiwoo found Pei Feng’s location and said, “At 9 o’clock behind the stone. I will solve him.”

Ahn Taehyeong said, “Then I will solve Xiao Gui!”

Jeong Jiwoo quietly went around behind Pei Feng and decisively pulled the trigger!

[‘KOR-Sage’ has used the Sand Eagle-Extinction to kill ‘CHN-Fred’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng died at the beginning of the game which undoubtedly made things worse for the Chinese team.

Jeong Jiwoo said with a smile, “Fred made a mistake in his positioning and didn’t find me.”

Ahn Taehyeong told him, “Captain, nice! I also found Xiao Gui!”

Pei Feng’s expression was extremely calm and whispered, “Xueyao, report.”

Qin Xueyao said quickly, “There is one person in the 7 o’clock direction and another person in the 5 o’clock direction. I didn’t find the others.’

Pei Feng instructed, “Hua Hua, go and take them away. Xiao Gui, pay attention to your positioning and take away the enemy scout. Brother Chen, get ready.”

Shu Chen sent a 1 to indicate he had received it.

Hua Ran ran toward the place Qin Xueyao mentioned and dropped a smoke bomb. This was followed by firing the gun in his hand. The gunfire produced deafening echoes in the cave!

The two people of the South Korean team saw he was desperate and rushed over. They immediately surrounded him on the left and right to fight with Hua Ran. In the blink of an eye, Hua Ran was killed. The two people on the opposite side also had low health.

Hua Ran’s reckless output seriously injured the other two but failed to kill them.

At this time, the South Korean team’s scout Ah Taehyeong had found Xiao Gui’s location. Xiao Gui was running and fighting. It wasn’t known if he made a mistake in his positioning but he ran into Jeong Jiwoo’s range!

Jeong Jiwoo saw him passing by and immediately turned around to shoot him.

[‘KOR-Sage’ has used the Sand Eagle-Extinction to kill ‘CHN-Xiaogui’ with a headshot!]

Jeong Jiwoo shouted excitedly after killing two people in a row, “Nice!”

However, as soon as the words fell, a clear gunshot was heard from behind him.


A bullet instantly pierced the back of his head.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Sage’ with a headshot!]

This gunshot was like pouring a basin of cold water on his head. Jeong Jiwoo’s scalp was numb and he couldn’t help scolding, “Fred is resurrected. What are the snipers doing?”

The sniper teammate explained, “…The smoke blocked it and I couldn’t lock onto the position of the medic.”

Jeong Jiwoo said, “Find the medic and don’t let him revive others!”

Ahn Taehyeong was originally running after Xiao Gui. Once he heard this, he hurriedly turned back to find Shu Chen.

However, a large cloud of smoke had already spread out from Pei Feng’s location. It was impossible to see the movements of Pei Feng and Shu Chen at all until a notification popped up on the screen again.

[‘CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Flower’ using the first aid kit!]

Hua Ran was also saved by Shu Chen!

The assaulter of the Korean team rushed to kill Hua Ran but another smoke bomb obscured his vision. This made it impossible for him to pursue.

What they didn’t know was that at this time, Qin Xueyao had clearly reported everyone’s location. “The sniper is in the 5 o’clock direction. The assaulter and charger are behind the stone in the 8 o’clock direction!”

Pei Feng said, “Hua Hua, go to stop them. Brother Chen, save Xiao Gui and leave the sniper to me.”

Everyone replied, “Received!”

The moment the smoke cleared, the Korean team’s assaulter had just walked around the corner when he was beaten into a hornet’s nest by a wave of gunfire from behind the stone!

He only had half his health left from when he fought Hua Ran before. Hua Ran was revived by the medic and was full of health. Half blood against full blood, as long as they fought then the one full of health would always win!

Pei Feng switched to a pistol and quickly moved around obstacles. According to Xueyao’s report, he went directly behind the enemy sniper and killed the enemy sniper in seconds. This was immediately followed by switching to a sniper rifle to kill the low health charger on the opposite side.

After this round of fighting, there was only the scout Ahn Taehyeong left in the Korean team.

He was shocked to find that Shu Chen had resurrected Xiao Gui again.

Pei Feng came up from behind while Xiao Gui came from the front. The crystal cave was full of footsteps in all directions. He was actually surrounded by the players of the Chinese team!


The clear gunshot came from Gui Siyang.

[‘CHN-Xiaogui] has used the AWM-Meteor to kill ‘KOR-Able’ with a headshot!]

In the first round, South Korea was destroyed and China won.

Seeing this result, it wasn’t just the five people of the Korean team who were a bit confused. It was also the two commentators of China.

The South Korean team requested a timeout!

Coach Han was sweating and he decisively called a timeout!

Something was wrong, something was wrong.

This Crystal Cave map was obviously a superior map for scouts. Why did China take advantage of it?

He hurriedly rushed into the soundproof room and said, “Don’t be in a hurry to kill Fred. Kill the medic first. They are using the medic to constantly save people! On this map, if the medic is very powerful then it will be very troublesome if they save people all the time!”

The domestic commentators also reacted by saying excitedly, “I understand. Shu Chen saved three people in a row in this game! The two scouts of the Korean team specifically stared at our sniper to kill him and the sniper didn’t control the medic!”

“Yes! This Crystal Cave map might be advantageous for scouts but if the medic is strong and avoids the firepower on the enemy side, he can save people as quickly as possible!”

“Hua Hua’s wave with the smoke bomb and charging forward is actually attracting the attention of the enemy sniper. It is to cover Shu Chen’s footsteps and action path. Shu Chen took advantage of this to save Pei Feng!”

“From a god’s perspective, the scattered positions of the Chinese national team is very exquisite. Pei Feng, Xiao Gui and Hua Ran were in a triangular position and broke up the lineup of the Korean team. Shu Chen was in the middle of the triangle and it was very convenient for him to shuttle around and save people!”

This was the method of hiding things and attacking separately.

The South Korean team only had two scouts. On complex maps with many obstacles like Crystal Cave, they would have to ignore the medic if they went to kill the snipers. Hua Ran acted as cover but the real cover was actually Shu Chen, who moved to save people!

Shu Chen really lived up to expectations and saved three people from the Chinese team in a row!

Jiang Shaoyu walked into the soundproof room and said calmly, “Chen Chen is great. In the second game, the method of play will be different. Chen Chen will be bait. Xueyao, report the locations. Xiao Gui and Pei Feng, pay attention to crossfire cover.”

The group shouted in unison, “Received!”

In the second round, the Korean team really obeyed the coach’s orders to kill the medic first.

However, they soon found that Shu Chen was moving around the cave like a flexible little snake. Pei Feng and Xiao Gui were to the left and right, one in front and one behind. They were like Shu Chen’s left and right protectors and the Korean team couldn’t solve him for a while.

Qin Xueyao said, “Brother Chen, pay attention to the corner in the 9 o’clock direction!”

Shu Chen replied, “1.”

The Korean team’s assaulter happened to be there. However, Xueyao gave his teammate a full map perspective. Shu Chen had long known he was there and switched to the dual guns in advance.

The moment he encountered the opponent, Shu Chen pulled the trigger without hesitation.


[‘CHN-Chen’ has killed ‘KOR-Real’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

The audience: “……”

Was this a medic?

A medic ran around killing people with guns?

In the domestic live stream room, many old fans of ACE burst into tears when they saw this.

[I’m dreaming back to ACE! Chen Chen back then was so fierce!]

[Yes, ACE’s medic doesn’t only save people. He also kills them!]

[This style of play isn’t a sniper core but a medic core! God Wing’s layout is too good.]

[The reason he didn’t ban Crystal Cave is because he has long been ready to use this map to counter the Korean team.]

Shu Chen brought the scouts of the Korean team into the firepower encirclement of Pei Feng and Xiao Gui.

Hua Ran immediately fired frantically and used smoke bombs to cover up the footsteps of his teammates. Pei Feng and Xiao Gui quickly came to give support. The two sides fought fiercely. Finally, the Chinese team exchanged four for five and killed all of the South Korean team members.

In the second round, the Chinese team won!

It was a fast bloody battle. The Korean team wanted to kill China’s snipers at a fast pace. They didn’t expect that China would use the medic to completely disrupt their thinking for two consecutive rounds!

In the first game, they took advantage of the psychology of the Korean scouts to quickly kill the two snipers and the medic secretly hid to save people. At the critical moment, Pei Feng suddenly revived and counterattacked, instantly opening a gap.

In the second round, they took advantage of South Korea wanting to kill the medic first after the timeout. They let the medic be used as bait and the two snipers formed a perfect cooperation. Fred moved flexibly to the end.

Jiang Shaoyu sat under the stage with a calm expression. The tactics that they repeatedly practiced with the Yezi duo worked really well. Xiao Pei commanded well, Chen Chen played steadily and Xueyao, Hua Hua and Xiao Gui didn’t drop the chain.

This game should be stable.

Coach Han’s face was ashen.

He seemed to have been fooled! The Chinese team specifically targeted South Korea and used the Crystal Cave map to make a detailed and precise tactical layout. Some of them must’ve imitated the Korean team’s playing style and rehearsed tactics in advance!

Otherwise, how could they guess the positions of the two South Korean scouts?

Did they open the eyes of the sky?

The more Coach Han thought about it, the more frightened he became.

At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him from the coach’s seat beside him. This look seemed to say, ‘Are you still calling a timeout? Your number of timeouts seems to be running out.’

TL Note: By the way, I found some images from the physical novel on the author’s Weibo and added them to the novel page of Gold Medal Coach. You can go to the table of contents to check it out.


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