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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 143

Life and Death Explosion

The second game was the Chinese team’s home game. Jiang Shaoyu quickly submitted the game mode: Life and Death Explosion.

It was the Korean team’s turn to ban the maps.

The coach of the South Korean team thought about it for a moment. He didn’t release the ban because he didn’t want to make any mistakes. He wanted to win against the Chinese team as quickly as possible. It would be great if they could win 4:0.

Han Changhao had previously studied the tactics of the Chinese team in the explosion mode. The explosion maps that the Chinese team was best at were large-scale maps, especially the maps where the two explosion points of A and B were far away. The other four fought at Point A while Qin Xueyao could go to Point B to steal the home. This way, the opponent would have no time to defuse the bomb.

In addition, Pei Feng’s dispatching and commanding ability in large-scale maps were very strong. He could use various tactics. Japan lost 1:6 to China in two consecutive games in the Life and Death Explosion mode. Singapore barely managed to fight back against China in the explosion mode.

China’s strongest mode should be the explosion mode. As long as they defeated China’s strongest explosion mode then the confidence of the Chinese team could easily collapse and it would be easy to fight next time.

Coach Han thought of this and simply said, “Ban Guanghua Middle School, Antai Community and Kunlun Bridge!”

These were all explosion maps that were suitable for left and right maneuvering and command and dispatch. They were the three largest explosion maps among the seven explosion maps in this Asian Championship.

The domestic audience saw this and was a bit depressed in their hearts.

[Coach Jiang released the ban. Shouldn’t Coach Han also release the ban to be polite?]

[You are thinking too much if you expect the Korean team to exchange courtesies!]

[The three maps that the national team won on before were all banned. Hehe, are they afraid?]

[Will it be 0:4 today?]

The two domestic commentators looked at each other. In fact, they also expected that Coach Han wouldn’t release the ban. It was because the Chinese team could lose today but the Korean team absolutely didn’t dare to lose.

Compared with Jiang Shaoyu’s boldness, Coach Han would be more cautious. He wanted to win China’s home field and finish the match as quickly as possible. This way, he could avoid a long night.

China’s overall strength wasn’t as high as South Korea. After all, the Chinese team had changed the people and the head coach was also a new face. Maybe South Korea would be overturned? It was safer to ban the maps that China was good at. Coach Han’s thinking wasn’t wrong.

The commentator Feifei said, “There are seven explosion maps available in this World Championship. Now there are only four remaining. They are No 7 Warehouse, Bewitching Town, Civic Center and Xishan Prison. Among them, Civic Center and Xishan Prison are dynamic maps with five star difficulty and they are more difficult to beat. The distance between the two explosion points of Bewitching Town isn’t too far but various tactics can be attempted.”

The commentator Xiao Xi agreed. “It makes sense. Coach Jiang should choose Bewitching Town, right?”

However, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t guess Bewitching Town as the commentators guessed.

He chose No 7 Warehouse!

It was the smallest of all explosion maps!

It wasn’t just China’s commentators. Even Vice-chairman Qi backstage was stunned for a moment. He couldn’t help asking Old Chang in a low voice, “I remember that the map the Chinese team focused on in training is Bewitching Town, right? What happened to Ah Yu?”

Old Chang scratched his head. “I don’t know Coach Jiang’s thinking., We really focused on practicing Bewitching Town but perhaps he didn’t want to take it out too early? Uh… is it accepting two losses for one win? First, take the map we aren’t good at to fight the enemy? Then in a key game, use the map we have practiced to counter them?”

The two of them glanced at each other.

Vice-chairman Qi said with a smile, “It is possible. Forget the opponent. Even our own people can’t guess what he is thinking!”

The game soon started.

The map of No 7 Warehouse was a typical single-story indoor map. The warehouse was stacked with a large number of cargo boxes that could be used as a shelter.

Both teams were born at the front and back doors of the warehouse. There were two explosion points on the map. Point A was located in the seafood cargo area to the east of the warehouse while Point B was in the vegetables cargo area in the west.

The distance between the two explosion points was less than 500 meters. Even if they went to another place to secretly place the bomb, the police would have enough time to run over to defuse the bomb after seeing the system alert. This was different from the large maps where it would be too late for support.

Jiang Shaoyu’s choice of such a small map would make it difficult to take advantage of the dual sniper lineup of the Chinese team. However, it was easy for the dual scout lineup of the South Korean team to sneak attack and assassinate on such a multi-obstacle small map.

Domestic black fans saw this and tapped on their keyboards excitedly.

[This is the meaning of giving away a game for nothing?]

[In any case, God Wing has given up on winning the championship and is just playing casually.]

[The other side uses the bans and our side chose this map for the home game. Is Coach Jiang an undercover agent sent by the enemy side?]

[Don’t watch it. It really isn’t interesting.]

[We became a grandson when meeting South Korea!]

There were also fans who defended Jiang Shaoyu in the barrage area.

[It seems that you are better coaches than him.]

[If you are so good, why don’t you go to the field to do BP? Why beep here?]

[Even if we win the runner-up, he has already made a great achievement. He is much better than you.]

The two sides quarreled in the barrage area and the room management quickly banned some provocative comments. The barrage area became much quieter and netizens sent a series of cheers.

The game officially began.

How to play a small explosion map like No 7 Warehouse? Pei Feng had also discussed it with his master in private. This type of map was actually more like Endless Bloody Battle mode. Don’t think about distracting in the east and attacking in the west or secretly burying bombs. There was no tactical space to lure the enemy deep and catch the turtle in the urn.

The small size of the map meant that support from both sides would be fast. The bomb required a 30 second countdown before exploding. If the bandits wanted to win on this type of map, they must kill the police and plant the bomb without interference.

The best way for the police to win this type of map was to hold the explosion points so that the bandits couldn’t break through.

The Chinese team was randomly assigned the bandits in the first half. The moment the game started, Pei Feng explained, “Give the bomb to Shu Chen, use Hua Hua as bait and kill them all!”

The Korean team had no medic in this round but the firepower of five outputs was very ferocious.

Not long after, the two sides fought fiercely in the closed warehouse and the sound of gunshots was endless!

Qin Xueyao quickly used obstacles to lurk and observe their location. She soon found that the five people of the Korean team were very scattered and it was very difficult for her to detect the movements of more than three people at the same time.

Hua Ran ran out and pretended the bomb was with him. He rushed all the way to Point A. The assaulter of the Korean team shot at him and a wave of gunfire killed Hua Ran in seconds.

Pei Feng immediately seized the opportunity to shoot the assaulter to death.

At the same time, the two scouts of the South Korean team headed for Pei Feng. He switched to a pistol and quickly moved while arranging for Xiao Gui to cover Shu Chen.

Xiao Gui shot constantly and attracted the other two players of the Korean team. They chased Xiao Gui to fight. Xiao Gui injured them with two shots before he died. Shu Chen dropped the bomb at Point A as soon as possible.

Two notifications popped up on the screen.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

[It will explode after a 30 seconds countdown.]

The moment the notification appeared, Jeong Jiwoo immediately said, “Charger, defuse the bomb. Sniper, provide cover. The killing will be left to us two scouts.”

The charger of the South Korean team really went to defuse the bomb. Shu Chen put up the bulletproof light plate to block it but the heavy gunfire of the charger shot through Shu Chen’s shield. This was followed by the charger being killed by a headshot from Shu Chen. However, the sniper of the South Korean team killed Shu Chen with another headshot!

The sniper immediately moved to defuse the bomb. Pei Feng couldn’t take care of Point A from his position and a notification soon popped up on the screen. The bomb had been defused.

Bombs in explosion mode couldn’t be destroyed. They could only be defused.

Once the police defused the bomb, the bandits had to kill the police member carrying the bomb and snatch back the dropped bomb if they wanted to win. Then they had to place it again and detonate it.

At this time, Qin Xueyao and Pei Feng were the only ones remaining among the bandits. There were three people left in the Korean team. The two of them tried to fight a wave of 2V3 but finally failed to recapture the bomb.

In the 1st round, the police won.

In the second round, Pei Feng changed his strategy. The five people rushed to Point A as a team. The two sides launched a round of fierce fighting at Point A. Players fell one by one. In the end, the South Korean team changed 4 for 5 and the bandits were destroyed.

In the 2nd round, the police won.

Pei Feng frowned. “In the next round, rush to Point B!”

In the third round, the five people unexpectedly rushed to Point B. Pei Feng and Gui Siyang guarded an intersection and their teammate planted the bomb as soon as possible. The South Korean team’s charger and assaulter were accurately killed by Pei Feng and Gui Siyang. The South Korean team was outnumbered and failed to disarm the bomb within 30 seconds until the tight defense of the Chinese team.

In the 3rd round, the bandits won.

In the fourth round, the South Korean team defended as a team. The five of them guarded Point A at the same time and the Chinese team also happened to go to Point A.

There were two explosion points in explosion mode. The probability of the attackers and defenders colliding at one point was as high as 50%.

The two sides encountered each other on the warehouse path. The Chinese team didn’t have enough output in the front row and Hua Hua failed to suppress them. The two scouts of the Korean team escaped from the battle circle at the same time and killed Xiao Gui from the rear. The Chinese team fought to the last moment but still failed to plant the bomb.

In the 4th round, the police won.

Shi Xiaobin, who was on the bench off the stage, secretly glanced at Coach Jiang next to him. In the first half, the Chinese national team was already behind 1:3. Wasn’t Coach Jiang going to call a timeout?

Jiang Shaoyu’s face was calm. He noticed Shi Xiaobin’s gaze and seemed to have guessed the other person’s thoughts. He said casually, “There is no need to call a timeout. For the map of No 7 Warehouse, it is easier to fight as the police. Let them adjust by themselves.”

In the fifth round of the first half, the Chinese team split the five people. Two people went to Point A and three people went to Point B. However, the South Korean team prevented them from stealing the home. Since the two explosion points were close together, the bomb was planted and defused by the police again.

The police won another round.

The commentator at the scene said excitedly, “At the end of the first half, the police won four rounds and the bandits only got one round. The identities of the two sides will be exchanged in the second half. Let’s see if the Chinese team will make a substitution?”

If it was replaced with Shi Xiaobin, would their defensive ability be stronger?

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t make a substitution.

In the second half, the Chinese team became the police.

After the game started, Pei Feng directly asked his teammates to stick together to guard Point A. The Korean team happened to come to Point A. After their identity was swapped, the defenders just had to stick to the explosion point and even the Korean team would have difficulty breaking through!

In addition, the Chinese team had Shu Chen who could save people. South Korea didn’t bring the medic in this game and there was no resurrection when they died.

In the first round of the second half, the Chinese team fought to the last man and defeated the Korean team. They won one round!

The score was 4:2.

Jiang Shaoyu raised the corners of his lips and said with satisfaction, “It is good. Their mentality hasn’t been broken.”

It was rare to be able to adjust quickly when trailing behind 1:4.

Xiao Pei did stabilize the team and immediately changed his thinking. The style of play between the bandits and police was different. If his reaction was half a beat slower after the identity trip then it was easy to miss the opportunity.

Pei Feng’s performance really satisfied Jiang Shaoyu.

In the second round, Pei Feng asked Qin Xueyao to go to Point A alone to scout while the others went to Point B to defend. Soon, news of Xueyao’s death popped up on the screen and she reported, “They gathered together and rushed to Point A!”

Pei Feng said decisively, “Return to defend. Hua Hua, go first. Brother Chen, open the way with the bulletproof light plate.”

The four of them returned as quickly as possible. At this time, the bomb had been placed and the South Korean team guarded the explosion point tightly. A smoke bomb was thrown over so they couldn’t see clearly. This was followed by Shu Chen rushing forward desperately.

He used a bulletproof light plate as cover to protect their snipers. Pei Feng crouched behind him and fired two shots in a row, forcing the South Korean team to quickly disperse. Following closely, Shu Chen rushed into the smoke as quickly as possible. The two snipers covered him as he defused the bomb.

Shu Chen quickly defused the bomb.

The smoke cleared. The Korean team quickly killed Shu Chen and the bomb fell.

Before they could pick it up, the bomb was taken away by Hua Hua.

The South Korean players, “…F*k.”

If the bandits wanted to win, they had to take back the bomb. Hua Hua was unrestrained and it wasn’t known where he took the bomb. The firepower blockade of Pei Feng and Gui Siyang made the Korean team unable to catch up with Hua Hua for a while.

The Chinese team’s police won.

The score was 4:3.

Coach Han asked for a timeout!

This explosion game was even more intense than he expected. He thought that the South Korean team could easily win against China. Unexpectedly, the Chinese team won two points in a row after the police and bandits swapped?

Coach Han called a timeout and instructed in a low voice, “This map isn’t easy to fight. Don’t rush to plant a bomb. Just act like there is no bomb and destroy the Chinese team as quickly as possible. No one will interfere with the bandits planting the bomb as long as you kill them.”

Everyone nodded in unison. “I got it!”

Just now, he was led by the Chinese team and deviated from the rhythm. Jeong Jiwoo quickly calmed down and told his teammates, “Able, go and kill their medic. Don’t let their medic save people. I will continue to find Fred and speed up the pace.”

In the third round of the second half, the South Korean team adjusted. The five people spread out and fought back. Shu Chen and Pei Feng were successively assassinated by the scouts, leaving three people alive. 3V5 was difficult to defend and the South Korean team won back one point.

The score was 5:3 and the South Korean team took the first set point.

In explosion mode, whoever got six points first would win. In other words, the Korean team would have three game points next while China would have to win three consecutive rounds to win!

The watching domestic audience was extremely nervous. “It is such a critical moment. Won’t Coach Jiang call for a timeout?”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t call a timeout.

He handed the field over to Pei Feng to lead and he believed that his apprentice would do his best.

In the fourth round, Pei Feng organized the Chinese team to defend the explosion point and they really repelled the Korean attacks, turning the score to 5:4!

The South Korean team once again requested a timeout.

Coach Han was sweating. On such a small map, China could actually play a 5:$ score with South Korea?

Coach Han said in a low voice, “We can’t lose the game point any longer! In the next game, Jiwoo will carry the explosives pack himself. The others will kill the Chinese players as quickly as possible and then plant the bomb after the kills. Don’t place it in advance and don’t go back and forth with them. Fight quickly, understood?”

Everyone nodded. “Understood!”

The game continued. The South Korean team continued to fight in two groups and played a fast guerrilla warfare. Teammates fell one after another and Pei Feng had no choice but to fight the South Korean scout + sniper combination 1V2.

Pei Feng was surrounded by opponents and calmly killed a person on the other side. However, he couldn’t kill both. The scout of the Korean team survived to the end and successfully planted the bomb.

The bomb exploded and the score on the screen froze at 6:4.

The coach of the Korean team let out a long sigh of relief.

There was no danger. They finally won this map!

At this time, the domestic controversy over Coach Jiang intensified.

[The Korean team called a timeout so many times but Coach Jiang didn’t call it?]

[I feel sorry for Fred. I almost cried when I saw it. The pressure on the field is all on him! The captain is resisting and he is surrounded every time!]

[I really can’t guess Coach Jiang’s mind. It is such a fierce game but he didn’t call a single timeout?]

[Is it because he wants to save the number of timeouts? Is it necessary?]

Jiang Shaoyu came to the soundproof room, walked behind Pei Feng and patted him on the shoulder lightly. Then he said in a low voice, “Xiao Pei, you commanded very well.”

Pei Feng raised his head with surprise. He had won so many times but his master never praised him. At most, he said, “You fought okay.”

The game was lost but Jiang Shaoyu said that his command was very good?

His master’s eyes were rarely gentle as he looked into Pei Feng’s eyes and said, “You played at a disadvantage and stabilized the mentality of your teammates. The score of 6:4 exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t matter if you lose. This map isn’t our advantageous map and there is no need to be discouraged.”

He looked at Pei Feng and smiled slightly. “You played this one really well.”

They lost but were praised by the coach. Everyone was a bit confused.

Then everyone soon figured it out. They fought South Korea and couldn’t actually fight to such an extent when they were losing. As long as everyone played to their true level, losing was still glorious!

Didn’t professional players hone their hearts through repeated setbacks?

Who hadn’t lost?

Pei Feng sighed with relief and said with a smile, “As long as Master is satisfied!”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The next match is the home of South Korea. Can you resist the pressure?”

Everyone took a deep breath and said decisively, “Yes!”

In any case, it was already like this. Let’s go out and fight.

They couldn’t go back to China with a score of 0:4, right?

Seeing that the team members had recovered their morale, Jiang Shaoyu nodded with satisfaction and told them, “Very good. In the next game, I will call timeouts depending on the situation. Let’s concentrate and see if we can win the Korean team’s home field!”


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