Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 141

Pre-match Preparations

The Chinese team successfully advanced to the finals. In the backstage viewing area, Vice-chairman Qi rubbed his hands together excitedly and whispered to Yu Mingxiang, “Inviting Ah Yu back is indeed the most correct decision we have ever made!”

Yu Mingxiang had tears in her eyes as she nodded with a smile, “Yes, he can always create miracles.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s return made the entire national team gain a new look. They could finally expect more from the national team!

Coach Zhang from Singapore took the initiative to get up and greet Jiang Shaoyu. He stretched out his hand and said in fluent Chinese, “Coach Jiang, congratulations. You played so well today. I’m looking forward to your performance in the World Series.”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head and said, “Thank you.”

Coach Zhang was in his 30s and had been coaching for many years, but he really had some respect for the young Jiang Shaoyu. This person was really calm. For some reason, he had a hunch that the appearance of Jiang Shaoyu might really change the pattern of e-sports in Asia and even the world!

The players of the Chinese national team came back. After a brief interview with the reporter, Jiang Shaoyu took them back to the hotel for a review.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Our next opponent is South Korea, the most powerful team in Asia. They have won five consecutive championships in the Asian Championship and have also won the championship or runner-up in the World Series many times. Their main force didn’t come. All those who came are youth trainees or substitutes. However, South Korea’s e-sports training system is very perfect and the strength of their youth trainees is stronger than the main force of many countries!”

The Chinese team had also met South Korea in the World Series before and there was no way to fight back. In the final match of the Asian Championship, the South Korean team sent youth trainees and substitutes while the Chinese team was full of newcomers. The match between the two sides represented a head-to-head confrontation between the new generation of forces in China and South Korea!

Anna was proficient in Korean and had already checked the information of the Korean team members. Jiang Shaoyu looked at her and said, “Anna, send the detailed information of the Korean team to everyone to see.”

Anna compiled a form and sent it to the group while giving an introduction, “South Korea has six players like us in the Asian Championship. The captain Jeong Jiwoo is the best newcomer in the regular season of the Korean A-grade League in the first half of the year. He is a strong scout. There is the charger Go Heyeong, the medic Choi Jinsil, the assaulter Park Seungyu and the medic Cha Jeongwon, all of whom were substitute players for the national team. There is also the scout Ahn Taehyeong who is a newcomer.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “It seems that the Korean team’s goal in coming to the Asian Championships this time is the same as ours—to train for the World Series. They use a dual scout system and several players who participate in the Asian Championship are likely to go to the World Series at the end of the year. We are playing against their substitutes in advance.”

The opponents encountered in the past two days were all mobs. The next Korean team was the real boss.

South Korea’s e-sports prowess wasn’t on the same level as Singapore, Japan and Vietnam.

South Korea came to the Asian Championship to fight mobs for training. In their eyes, the Chinese national team was probably a ‘better performing mob.’

Jiang Shaoyu said, “For tomorrow’s match, don’t be afraid of losing. Let go when fighting and let me see the results of your training during this time. We made history by reaching the finals of the Asian Championship. Don’t put yourself under pressure and treat this last one as an additional practice match.”

If Jiang Shaoyu said at this time that we must win the championship, everyone would be under a lot of pressure. After all, they had never won against South Korea in history. However, Coach Jiang said it didn’t matter if they won or lost then let go and fight!

Pei Feng smiled. “I think the pressure on the Korean team will be greater than ours, right? They have won five consecutive World Championships. Once they lose, they will be scolded to death by the domestic media and netizens. They can’t afford the result of ‘losing the Asian Championship.’ Meanwhile, we are different. We have never won first place. Losing is a normal ending and winning is an unexpected surprise… right, Master?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded with satisfaction. “That is the truth.”

It seemed that Xiao Pei’s mentality was well-adjusted. He could always make Jiang Shaoyu feel relieved.

As long as Pei Feng’s command was stabilized tomorrow, it wasn’t impossible to win against South Korea. It was because Pei Feng was right. They could afford to lose but the Korean team didn’t dare to lose! If they fought with the mentality of ‘the poor have nothing to lose and don’t fear those in power’ then they would have an advantage.

Of course, the game couldn’t just rely on mentality. The hard power of the South Korean team was still there. if they wanted to win, they had to make more sophisticated tactical arrangements.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “We won very smoothly in the previous matches. The key lies in the lineup system of dual sniper and dual medic. This is difficult for other countries to crack. However, the Korean team is difficult. They have double scouts. As long as they use the dual scout lineup and forcibly kill our snipers or medics, it will be very difficult for us to fight.”

The dual scout system was the nemesis of the dual sniper system.

Long-range snipers were afraid of close combat while scouts had the strongest sneak attack, close range capability.

Once South Korea sent out two scouts to forcibly kill Pei Feng and Gui Siyang, the key systems of the Chinese team would easily collapse.

How should they fight?

Everyone had no idea in their hearts and looked at Coach Jiang expectantly.

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm and said in a low voice, “I have an idea on how to fight South Korea in my heart. Tomorrow, I will ask the big and small Yezi to serve as sparring partners for everyone, simulating the Korean dual scout system.”

Hua Ran’s eyes lit up. “The big and small Yezi are coming? Doesn’t Brother Ye have to play a match?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “The YY team’s match is next week and they happen to be idle this week. Ye Qingming’s strength as a scout isn’t inferior to South Korea’s main players and Little Yezi’s imitation ability is also very good. Their master and apprentice and imitate South Korea’s dual scout style to the greatest extent.”

He looked at Pei Feng and Xiao Gui and said in a low voice, “Xiao Pei will bring a sniper rifle, a pistol and smoke bombs as weapons while Xiao Gui will bring two sniper rifles and smoke bombs. Tonight, the two of you will fight with the big and small Yezi master and apprentice 2v2. Familiarize yourself with the skills in close combat. Then we will have combined team training tomorrow.”

Pei Feng and Xiao Gui looked at each other and nodded seriously. “Understood.”

The weight of pistols, daggers and smoke bombs was very light. In Gun King, the footsteps and movement speed of the players were related to the weight of their weapons. After switching weapons to a pistol, the movement speed would become faster and their footsteps would become lighter. After switching to a heavier weapon like a sniper rifle, submachine gun, etc., the movement speed would be slower and their footsteps heavier.

The weight of each weapon was different and professional players had their own habits when carrying weapons. Pei Feng used to like to bring two sniper rifles and smoke bombs, but he couldn’t do that when fighting against South Korea. Jiang Shaoyu asked him to bring a pistol so he could advance to attack and retreat to defend. Even if he was approached by the South Korean team’s scouts, he would still be able to fight. After all, Xiao Gui had no experience in close combat. Once he got close, he should throw smoke bombs and run away as much as possible.

After the replay ended, Jiang Shaoyu asked Pei Feng and Gui Siyang to fight with the Ye master and apprentice.

Little Yezi clicked into the room and typed excitedly. “How about waiting for me to accept an apprentice so you can upgrade to a grandmaster?”

Ye Qingming raised an eyebrow. “You aren’t weaned yourself. Who would want to recognize you as a master?”

Little Yezi said, “I’ll take in an elementary school student. How about training them?”

Ye Qingming refuted it, “An elementary school student won’t work. You will have to grab a baby in kindergarten.”

Everyone was speechless. For God Wing’s master and apprentice, each one was more serious and rigorous than the other.

For the Ye master and apprentice, it was a typical example of the upper one not being right so the lower one was crooked!

The training of dual snipers versus dual scouts officially began. Jiang Shaoyu watched them play a practice match from a sideline perspective.

When surrounded by scouts for a sneak attack, they had to decide whether to cover each other and retreat or cooperate with each other to counterattack. This was a test of the tacit understanding between the two people. It had only been a month since Pei Feng accepted Xiao Gui as his apprentice while the big and small Yezi had cooperated for over a year. Little Yezi’s style of play was taught by Big Yezi and they obviously had a higher tacit cooperation than Pei Feng and Xiao Gui.

In the beginning, Pei Feng and Xiao Gui had almost no power to fight back and were successively assassinated by this pair of master and apprentice. However, Pei Feng withstood the pressure and carefully studied countermeasures. In addition, Jiang Shaoyu was pointing out things from the side. In the end, he was barely able to tie with the Yezi master and apprentice.

Ye Qingming typed, “The South Korean team’s scouts are very strong. Xiao Pei, you should be more cautious when commanding tomorrow.”

Pei Feng replied, “I know, Brother Ye. Thank you for taking the time to help.”

Ye Qingming sent him a smile. “It should be. God Wing, if you don’t make me write a self-criticism then I am willing to be a sandbag for you every day.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “It is rare that you have this awareness. We will continue with the team practice tomorrow. Don’t be late.”


At this time, in the room of the Korean team’s coach, Han Changhao looked at today’s game review and frowned. He asked the assistant coach next to him in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that Fred has never played a match and is a game streamer?”

The assistant coach said, “The data shows that this is indeed the case.”

Han Changhao was thoughtful. “Looking at his performance when he plays, he isn’t at all like a newcomer but more like an experienced. The games where he is at an advantage are stable and steady while he doesn’t become flustered when he is at a disadvantage. This player has a strong psychological quality and is also calm and decisive as a commander.” He paused before suddenly asking, “Fred is Wing’s apprentice, right? In other words, for the Chinese national team this year, the master is the coach and the apprentice is the captain?”

The assistant said, “That’s right. Wing also played as a sniper and Fred’s fighting style was taught by him.”

The South Korean team’s information and intelligence department had received instructions from the head coach yesterday to check the players of the Chinese national team participating in the Asian Championship.

Fred was so famous and his information was naturally easy to find. The assistant coach added, “Fred was originally a youth trainee in ACE. After his master retired, he changed his career to become a streamer. Once his master came back, he entered the national team’s youth training camp through the Rising Stars Cup and formally joined the national team through the trials.”

Han Changhao was puzzled. “His master retired and he became a streamer. Then he went back to e-sports when his master returned? Does he follow his master in everything?”

How could a professional player waste his talent like this? Fred wasted almost five years and now he was back on the field… The players of the Korean team looked at each other and couldn’t figure out Fred’s brain circuits.

Of course, the people of the Korean team didn’t understand what friendship and righteousness were.

For Pei Feng, his master’s hard work was much more important than his career.

He didn’t follow his master in everything. He just wanted to use his own way to protect the pure land in his heart.

Coach Han frowned. “Let’s ignore these personal factors first. As you can see, the strongest player of the Chinese team is Fred. Not only does he have outstanding personal strength but he also has an excellent sense of the overall situation and command. Moreover, he is Coach Jiang’s apprentice. His playing style and awareness were personally taught to him by Coach Jiang. This means that their master and apprentice have a perfect understanding. The apprentice can perfectly present his master’s tactical thinking.”

For the coach’s tactical ideas to be presented on the field, they needed to be carried out by the players. If the planner and executor of the tactics didn’t have a tacit understanding and the players couldn’t understand the coach’s deep-seated thoughts, only 60% or 70% of the tactical power could be exerted.

But Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng had a master-apprentice relationship. Pei Feng was able to understand his master’s thoughts immediately and perfectly present his master’s tactical layout on the field. The master was behind the scenes while the apprentice was on the front stage. The tacit understanding of the two would be reflected in the overall tactical operation of the Chinese team. Jiang Shaoyu’s tactical power could be fully utilized under Pei Feng’s command.

This was the key to China’s five consecutive wins in previous matches!

For the first time, Coach Han felt a chilling threat. All coaches knew how important the commander was! The appearance of such a powerful commander in the Chinese team couldn’t be taken lightly.

The Korean team must not lose. They had to interfere with Pei Feng so that he had no time to command!

Coach Han thought of this and said decisively, “Fred is the core figure of the Chinese team. This means that when we fight against Fred tomorrow, the two scouts should specifically keep an eye on him. It is two to one. This way, he will be too busy running for his life and can’t command.”

The commander needed to look at the big picture to give clear instructions. Once the commander was entangled by the other side, they had no time to take care of themselves, let alone time to command. His other teammates wouldn’t know what to do and it was easy for the cooperation of the Chinese team to become a mess.

Coach Han believed that he had found the biggest weakness of the Chinese team. He smiled and said, “Our players have much better personal strength than them. As long as they are scattered and can’t form a cooperation, we can break them separately and they will have no power to fight back!”

In order to improve the enthusiasm of the players, Coach Han followed up with the words, “Perform well in tomorrow’s match. I will decide the players of this national team based on your performance. Don’t drop the ball for me, do you hear?”


The time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was 7 o’clock the next night. The match to decide the third place of the Asian Championship officially began, with Japan and Singapore fighting for third place.

The Singapore team was in particularly good form today. The Japanese team was beaten almost without being able to fight back. As the host country, Japan wanted to win the runner-up this year, but they only finished fourth and missed out on a trophy.

The audience was full of hatred when thinking of the Chinese team that disrupted all their plans!

At 9 p.m., the finals of the Asian Championships officially began at the Tokyo E-sports Center.

The applause at the scene wasn’t warm and the boos were deafening. The Japanese team felt really sour when watching the Chinese team play.

The coaches on both sides politely shook hands on the stage and led the players into the soundproof room.

Jiang Shaoyu discovered that the starting lineup sent by the South Korean team today was indeed the dual scout system.

Was this to target Pei Feng to the end?


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