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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 139

Coach’s Psychological Warfare

Endless Bloody Battle mode was a quick battle with five rounds and three victories.

Now the Chinese team had won two small games and was the first to control the game point.

Singapore’s Coach Zhang was in a dilemma.

Originally, he chose the fast-paced Endless Bloody Battle to rely on Singapore’s powerful advantage in close combat to crush the Chinese team as quickly as possible and take one map first.

Who would’ve thought that their quick battle would be perfectly solved by the Chinese team?!

Should he call a timeout?

Coach Zhang clenched his fists nervously. If he didn’t call a timeout, the Singapore team would lose this map of No 7 Subway Station. Then it would be the home game of the Chinese team and the Chinese team was likely to take advantage of victory to chase and take another map.

Under such circumstances, it was almost impossible for Singapore to recover.

In the group stage that was BO3, the coach had two timeouts.

In the BO5 knockout round, the coach had four chances to call a timeout.

Thinking of this, Coach Zhang immediately pressed the timeout button at the coach’s seat. The red light lit up again on the big screen and the referee’s prompt sounded out at the scene. “The Singapore team requests a timeout.”

In the domestic live broadcast room, netizens were dumbfounded.

[Is it necessary to call two timeouts in one game?]

[This map is Singapore’s home team. It will have a huge impact if they lose it.]

[Don’t you feel that the coach of the Singapore team is very nervous?]

[In comparison, our God Wing is very calm and he flipping through his little notebook again~]

Jiang Shaoyu held a black notebook in his hand and the audience was very curious about what was written on it. At this time, the camera was right on the soundproof room of the Chinese team. He was indeed looking very calm.

In the opposite soundproof room, Coach Zhang said to the players, “The second game was played well just now. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and stay calm. Next, according to what I said before, grasp the key point of Fred. Fred is their absolute core!”

“Just now, the two opposing chargers were shooting wildly at the carriage to interfere with your position and disrupt your rhythm. Ignore these two chargers, dodge their firepower and go straight to the core, killing Fred! Just kill Fred and their lineup will disperse!”

Several players took a deep breath, adjusted their state and replied in unison, “Understood!”

Coach Zhang stretched out his hand and said, “Come on, jiayou!”

The five people collectively turned their heads, clasped their hands together and shouted, “Jiayou!”

This loud roar eased their anxiety and apprehension a lot. The morale of the team was also recovered. The coach was very particular about when to call a timeout during the game. Coach Zhang felt that he handled the timeout well. If the team members could adjust, the map of No 7 Subway Station could still be taken.

There were 20 seconds left until the end of the timeout.

The moment when Coach Zhang was about to walk off the big stage, a red light suddenly lit up on the Chinese team.

The referee’s notification sounded at the scene. “The Chinese team has requested a timeout.”

Coach Zhang: “……”

The audience: “……”

Continuous timeouts. Was there such an operation?

A timeout was five minutes and consecutive timeouts extended it to 10 minutes.

In a game, it was rare for a coach to call a timeout and then the other side to call a timeout to extend it, unless it was a very crucial tiebreaker that required a lot of time to adjust the tactics.

But now it obviously wasn’t that time, right? Why did Jiang Shaoyu call a timeout?

The audience didn’t quite understand but there was sweat flowing on Coach Zhang’s forehead.

Since the Chinese team had a 2:0 lead in the small game, the longer the pause, the more the Singapore players would think and the greater their anxiety would be!

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “In the third game, everyone will take the initiative to play more proactively. Shu Chen, Xiao Bin and Hua Hua will rush forward together. Xueyao, pay attention to the position of the sniper on the opposite side and release Pei Feng.”

He looked at his apprentice and said in a low voice, “Xiao Pei, come to be bait.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Okay.”

Didn’t the players of the Singapore team want to kill Pei Feng? Okay, Pei Feng would take the initiative to use himself as bait to create opportunities for his teammates.

Who said that the Chinese team only had Pei Feng as the output?

Shu Chen, Shi Xiaobin, Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao could all be used as output.

Their performance wasn’t as impressive as Pei Feng but their bullets could still kill people.

The third small game started.

The players of the Singapore team had just been encouraged by the coach and regained their fighting spirit and enthusiasm. Then Jiang Shaoyu’s continuous timeout was like a basin of cold water was suddenly splashed on their heads.

The Chinese team led by 2:0 and Singapore could only win if they pulled back three small games in a row. In other words, the Chinese team had three chances to make mistakes but they couldn’t even make one mistake!

After thinking about this point clearly, the players became nervous instead. They tried to maintain the calm on their faces but the 2:0 score was like a sword hanging above their heads, making them not dare to relax in the slightest.

At the beginning of the game, the commander gritted his teeth and said, “It is carriages three or four, Rush over to kill Fred. Sniper, cover us!”

The charger and scout rushed from carriage three while the assaulter and medic rushed from carriage four. Everyone was in pairs and maintained a formation as they searched for Pei Feng.

Soon, they saw Pei Feng’s figure.

The one with the name ‘CHN-Fred’ above his head dodged behind a pillar. The four players quickly outflanked him to the left and right. The gunfire was deafening and they shot Pei Feng into a hornet’s nest.

[‘SIN-Luna’ killed ‘CHN-Fred’ with the Uzi MAC-Venom!]

The moment Pei Feng fell to the group, the commander of Singapore finally sighed with relief.

They solved the sniper and had a chance to play.

Just as he thought this, smoke bombs exploded from the left and right and thick white smoke completely obscured their vision. At the same time, gunfire came from all directions.

Bang bang bang bang!

Hua Ran and Shi Xiaobin turned to the left and right, shooting fiercely at the pillars.

The players from Singapore were blocked by smoke and couldn’t see where the players from China were. However, the two members of the Chinese team had already seen their position clearly just now. This wave of gunfire swept over a wide range and injured all opponents.

At this time, only Singapore’s sniper could see the location of Xiao Bin and Hua Ran on the opposite side of the carriage.

Just as he was about to set up his gun to shoot, Qin Xueyao nimbly drilled through the carriage and fired two shots in the direction where he was hiding. This made him not dare to show his head.

The smoke cleared and the three people with low blood in Singapore immediately fought back.

Hua Ran wasn’t afraid of their bullets in the slightest. He chased and beat them fiercely. ‘I have more health than you. Am I still afraid of your guns?’

Hua Ran swept away the charger on the opposite side and still had half his health remaining.

Shi Xiaobin thought the same thing. ‘I am full of health, you have low health and I still have bandages. Why should I be afraid of you?’


Shi Xiaobin moved in an S-shape while facing the assaulter of the Singapore team. After all, he was a former charger. Even if he was now a medic, he was still very skilled in the operation of the submachine gun. He used to be timid and afraid of death and was called a coward by netizens. But today, he needed to stand up and fight. He couldn’t be cowardly!

In this game, the little character who was less than 1.6 meters tall carried a huge submachine gun and shot at the assaulter of the Singapore team, directly sweeping the opponent to death.

He might have low health but he raised a shield on the spot and wrapped bandages around him.

Domestic netizens who saw this scene were about to die of laughter.

[Xiao Bin is so funny. It is okay to heal injuries on the spot after a wave.]

[Is this the world’s best healing charger?]

[This is an omega cutie who goes into battle with a bandage.]

[He is full of healing. Xiao Bin, who is full of health, is a hero!]

Singapore’s charger and assaulter were killed at the same time and the scout was left with a trace of health. This was wiped out by Shu Chen’s gun. On the other hand, the medic carried a light shield and wanted to save the captain, but Hua Ran and Shi Xiaobin rushed toward him at the same time. In the blink of an eye, they shot his light shield and surrounded him to the left and right, forcibly killing the medic.

In the end, the Singapore team only had the sniper left.

The sniper killed Qin Xueyao while he received a bullet from Qin Xueyao. He had residual health as he hid behind a pillar.

The Chinese team was 3v1 and Shu Chen ran over with two chargers. The sniper shot Shu Chen but he was killed by Hua Ran and Shi Xiaobin.

The guardians were wiped out and the lurkers won.

The lurkers were 3:0 and the Chinese team won.

In the domestic live broadcast room, the two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for defeating Singapore in the Extreme Bloody Battle mode. They won the first map No 7 Subway Station and took the lead in getting one point!”

“Next will be the home of the Chinese team and we have a big advantage!”

“That’s right. It is very rare to play the away team and take the other side’s map. I think the key reason is that Coach Jiang is well prepared. For No 7 Subway Station, this map was obviously practiced by the Chinese team.

“Just now, the Singapore coach called a timeout and adjusted the mentality of the players. Then Coach Jiang continuously called a timeout to disrupt the opponent’s plan, which was quite surprising.”

“Our God Wing seems to be a master of psychological warfare?”

Jiang Shaoyu had no experience as a coach and he didn’t know how to fight psychological warfare, including the timing of timeouts. He was slowly learning. It was just that he always remained calm and was able to analyze the opponent’s strategy and psychology in the beginning to counterattack.

He just felt that after the timeout of the Singapore coach, the morale of the Singapore team improved. This made him continue to call a timeout and pour cold water on the other side.

The effect wasn’t bad. In the third game, the Singapore players were visibly nervous and played very tensely, only to miss the opportunity and lose the match.

There was a five minute break after the first match and the coaches of both sides came to the soundproof room again.

At the last minute, a green light suddenly came on for the Chinese side.

The referee’s notification was heard at the scene. “The Chinese team has requested a substitution.”

In the soundproof room next door, Coach Zhang talked for a long time about the strategy of dealing with the Chinese team. For example, how to target Pei Feng, how to crack their dual medic system…

As a result, they had just finished speaking when the Chinese team asked for a substitution?!

They saw Gui Siyang move all the way to the soundproof room, sit in Shi Xiaobin’s position and log into his account. Shi Xiaobin got up and walked to the bench in the audience.

Substitutions could be made at the end of a game. Jiang Shaoyu’s sudden substitution at the last moment caught the Singapore team off guard. Coach Zhang talked about a strategy for dealing with the dual medic system for a long time, which was equivalent to talking for nothing. His expression changed and he said, “They have replaced it with a double sniper and there is a high possibility that they will choose Life and Death Explosion mode in the next round.”

Coach Zhang felt a chill go down his spine as he remembered how the Japanese team had been abused by China in the Life or Death Explosion mode. He took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible, “If they choose Life and Death Explosion, remember to focus on Snow and don’t let her steal the house…”

The break time was up and the game started.

The mode submitted by the Chinese team at home was: Extreme Duel.

Coach Zhang was stunned. “…What about the explosion mode?”

Jiang Shaoyu thought to himself, ‘How can it be possible for you to guess so easily?’

In Extreme Duel mode, how to fight against the double sniper lineup? Coach Zhang felt numb when he thought about it.

He hurriedly gave the ban to the complex and huge ‘Yuehu Park’ and ‘Hope Port’ with many obstacles that weren’t conducive to melee play. Then he gave the final ban to the full sniper map, Skyscraper.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the map: Cross Street.

The moment this map came out, the domestic commentators couldn’t help saying, “There are four sniper points on Cross Street.”

“Our two snipers can form a crossfire coordination!”

Southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest. There were four sniper points. Pei Feng and Gui Siyang each occupied one and could cross cover each other. The range of the sniper gun could cover almost the whole map.

Was this okay?

Pei Feng brought two sniper rifles, the Balot and MSG. Meanwhile, Gui Siyang brought two sniper rifles, the DST and AWM. There were four sniper rifles for two people and more than 80 rounds of ammunition. As long as they held the sniper point, it was simply a weapon to collect other people’s heads!

If the other side couldn’t get two sniper points then they would fall into a vicious circle.

At the beginning of the game, Qin Xueyao immediately sneaked into the complex to scout. Her existence was like opening a god’s perspective. She could see how the opponent split up and their positioning as soon as possible.

Pei Feng gave a signal. “Xiao Gui, go to the left.”

Gui Siyang replied, “Received!”

The two of them, one went to the left and one to the right. They occupied the sniper points in the northeast and southeast corners respectively and set up a defense.

Hua Hua was carrying smoke bombs and grenades and making trouble everywhere. Shu Chen hid in a safe area, ready for rescue at any time. The moment the people of Singapore appeared, they would be sniped by Pei Feng and Gui Siyang!

Their first wave of charge failed to break through the blockade of the double snipers and they were directly destroyed. After the resurrection, they wanted to sneak up from the rear. As a result, Pei Feng and Gui Siyang flexibly changed positions.

The heads ratio was quickly pulled apart.

The two sides in Extreme Duel mode were fighting fiercely and the coach wasn’t allowed to call a timeout.

Coach Zhang sat anxiously in the audience.

The heads ratio was 15:10…. 20:13… 25:16…

It got bigger and bigger.

In the end, the gap widened to the point where it was difficult to catch up.

In the 15 minutes of the game, the Chinese team won Extreme Duel mode with a score of 50:37.

The commentator said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the home map of ‘Cross Street.’ In this way, the Chinese team has taken two maps in a row and got match point first!”

After one year, this year’s Chinese team was really impressive.


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