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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 138


The Endless Bloody Battle mode was the fastest of the three modes. They played a wave of 5v5 team battles and won a small game if they wiped out the opponents. It was 5 games and 3 wins. It was simple and rough and the requirements for command weren’t that high.

The Singapore team had a passionate style of play and was very suitable for this fast-paced team battle.

Jiang Shaoyu banned all the maps they used in the group stage: Deep in the Jungle, Fountain Square and Winding Corridor. These three fast-paced maps could maximize the advantages of the Singapore team.

Coach Zhang didn’t hesitate and directly chose: No 7 Subway Station.

This map was relatively open. There were four pillars in the subway station that could be used to hide and the subway carriages could also be used for battle. However, it wasn’t friendly to snipers since there weren’t many sniper spots on the map.

China’s starting lineup today was Hua Hua, Xueyao, Pei Feng, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin while Xiao Gui didn’t play. After seeing the map, the players of the Chinese team quickly adjusted their equipment.

Pei Feng brought an MSG suitable for mobile guerrilla warfare, Shi Xiaobin brought a Thomson submachine gun and his secondary weapons were a medical bandage and bulletproof light plate. It was forbidden to use grenades on this map because of the narrow terrain in the carriage. Hua Ran simply brought two submachine guns and smoke bombs.

At the beginning of the game, the Singapore team fought fiercely. The five people rushed over in a group. Hua Ran immediately threw a smoke bomb to cover his teammates while Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen hid in the carriage. Pei Feng quickly walked out the door on the other side of the carriage and found a pillar to hide behind.

The Singapore team was unstoppable and rushed to the carriage in one go.

The commander ordered, “Kill the medics first!”

The two medics of the Chinese team saved each other. Once the two of them were allowed to drag the battle to the later stage, it would be difficult to deal with. Killing the medics first prevented them from constantly saving each other.

The five members of the Chinese team couldn’t fight head-on and quickly dispersed.

In the first wave, the Singapore team seemed to break up their formation. However, in the afternoon practice match, Jiang Shaoyu had instructed them to show weakness and lure the enemy deeper.

They spread out on purpose, allowing the Singapore players to rush into the carriage to kill the medic.

The first wave of the Singapore team went smoothly. The sniper gave cover fire from a distance while the remaining four people started an organized search in the carriage, trying to kill Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin.

Shi Xiaobin was close to several people and the wave of attacks from Singapore’s charger hit him hard.

Shi Xiaobin hurriedly blocked the door of the carriage with the bulletproof light plate and quickly ran out of the carriage. He bandaged himself as he ran and in the blink of an eye, he filled up his health again.

The charger of the Singapore team blasted his bulletproof light plate with a wave of strafing. This was followed by shooting fiercely at the back of the escaping Shi Xiaobin.

Bang bang bang!

[‘SIN-Luna’ killed ‘CHN-Time’ with the Uzi MAC-Venom!]

Shi Xiaobin was the first to fall in a pool of blood.

At this time, Pei Feng in the distance finally found an opportunity. The charger and assaulter of the Singapore team was attracted by Shi Xiaobin and happened to have their backs to him.

They didn’t realize at all that Pei Feng ran to the other side of the carriage.

Pei Feng emerged from behind the pillar, calmly opened the scope and fired.

Bang, bang!’

Following two consecutive gunshots, two skull logos popped up in the middle of the room.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘SIN-Luna’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘SIN-Carry’ with a headshot!]

In the domestic live broadcast room, the two commentators excitedly shouted, “Beautiful!”

“Pei Feng has seized this wave of opportunity very well! He took advantage of when the two members of the Singapore team went to kill Shi Xiaobin and sneaked behind them, winning the double kill!”

“The map of No 7 Subway Station is special. The terminus happens to be a transfer station and doors can be opened on the left and right side of the carriage. There is room for movement on both sides. Shi Xiaobin’s running direction happened to be the opposite of Pei Feng. He used himself as bait to create an excellent output environment for Pei Feng!”

“It seems that the Chinese team deliberately lured the members of the Singapore team into the carriage to catch the turtle in the urn!”

The moment the two commentators finished speaking, Singapore’s medic hurriedly stepped forward to save them. But at this moment, another smoke bomb was thrown at the Singapore team. This way, the medic couldn’t see the location of his teammates for a while.

At the same time, Hua Ran carried a subway gun and fired from the subway carriage window.

His marksmanship seemed disorganized and he couldn’t see where the Singapore players were under the cover of smoke, but the space in the subway carriage was narrow. The submachine gun fired through the window and there was nowhere to hide. Even if he fired the gun with his eyes closed, he could injure the opposite.

In the blink of an eye, the medic’s bulletproof light plate was exploded by him.

Just then, the smoke cleared. Shu Chen, who was hiding in the carriage, decisively raised the double pistols and shot the head of Singapore’s medic!

The Chinese team used Shi Xiaobin’s death alone to replace it with three heads on the opposite side.

There was only the scout and sniper remaining on the opposite side. Qin Xueyao’s voice was soon heard on the team channel. “The sniper is in the 9 o’clock direction at the pillar.”

Pei Feng smiled slightly. “Go to outflank the scout. The sniper will be handed over to me.”

Qin Xueyao and Hua Ran replied at the same time, “Received!”

Hua Ran was on the left side of the subway while Qin Xueyao was on the right. The two of them crossed positions one after another, blocking the door of the subway to prevent Singapore’s scout from coming out. In the end, Qin Xueyao found the opposite scout in carriage three!

The enemy scout shot Qin Xueyao in the head with a single shot. However, Hua Ran was following closely behind and used a wave of fierce strafing and turned the other person into a hornet’s nest.

On the other side of the subway, Singapore’s sniper hid behind a pillar and waited for an opportunity.

Suddenly, he saw a figure coming out of the subway carriage like the wind and instinctively fired. However, Pei Feng jumped in a flash and neatly dodged the bullet he fired. Immediately afterward, Pei Feng quickly used a Z movement to hide behind another pillar.

It was a sniper solo fight. Singapore’s sniper Abel wasn’t as strong as Pei Feng. The two of them shot at each other at the same time behind a pillar. It was just that Pei Feng’s marksmanship was a few tenths of a second faster and he hit accurately.


[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘SIN-Abel’ with a headshot!]

The guardians were wiped out and the lurkers won.

The netizens in the live broadcast room excitedly sent ‘666’ and the two commentators couldn’t help wondering, “Why do I feel like the Chinese team has practiced this map? There are a lot of tactical arrangements for it!”

“I think so too! For example, in the first wave, Shi Xiaobin looks more like bait.”

“Xueyao and Hua Ran crossed positions to find the enemy scout and cooperated very tacitly. One was in front and one was behind. The enemy scout can kill one person on one side but the other person can immediately kill him.

At this time, Lao Lin was watching the live broadcast and excitedly patted his thigh. “Beautiful!”

Had the Chinese team practiced this map?

Of course!

Who was Jiang Shaoyu? He had already guessed Singapore’s map!

In Extreme Bloody Battle mode, a five star difficulty map was too difficult to fight and Singapore probably wouldn’t choose it. Among the four star difficulty maps, Singapore had used three in the group stage and Jiang Shaoyu would ban them. Among the remaining maps, there weren’t many suitable for melee fighting.

No 7 Subway Station was the most unfavorable map for snipers to play.

The interior space of the carriage was narrow and it was difficult to open the scope to sniper the target. There were no sniper points at both sides of the carriage. If a sniper wanted to take advantage of this map, they needed the tacit cooperation of their teammates to create an output environment for them.

Singapore would definitely choose this map to target the ‘double sniper lineup’ that China might use.

Therefore, Jiang Shaoyu grabbed Lao Lin and the others as training partners and practiced this map hard in the afternoon. This included using Shi Xiaobin as bait to create opportunities for Pei Feng and Hua Ran and Xueyao jointly searching for people. All of it were things they had practiced.

It seemed that the practice before the match wasn’t in vain. On the field, there was no network delay and the strength of Singapore’s charger and assaulter wasn’t as high as Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou. This meant Pei Feng played even smoother than the practice match!

In the first wave, the Chinese team exchanged 2 for 5.

The score became 1:0.

Just then, a red light lit up at the match site. “The Singapore team asked for a timeout.”

This operation collectively shocked the domestic audience.

[F*k, directly calling out a timeout after playing one small game?]

[Is the coach of Singapore so stressed~]

[It seems that the other side has also noticed that the Chinese team is prepared. If they don’t press a timeout, they will collapse continuously.]

Coach Zhang Yuqing was indeed a bit nervous.

The first game was Singapore’s home game and losing would be a huge blow to the morale of the players. In addition, No 7 Subway Station was the map they had practiced on against China. Now it seemed that China had also practiced this map and found a way to counter them.

Coach Zhang took a deep breath. He walked into the soundproof room and said quickly, “The Chinese team has come up with a countermeasure method for us. Don’t care about the medic and just stare at Fred. Kill their main output first and send the sniper to guard the corpse. Melee combat will be used to solve the rest of the Chinese team.”

He tried to maintain a calm tone as he said, “The two medics on the other side save each other. This might be very troublesome but as long as the output is dead and you kill the medics, they won’t be able to save each other. Understood?”

Everyone nodded. “Understood!”

In the soundproof room of the Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “The coach called a timeout because he saw our style of play. He definitely won’t rush into the carriage again in the next room and should focus on Pei Feng. Shu Chen, you are responsible for Pei Feng’s personal protection. Sell yourself when necessary.”

Shu Chen nodded seriously. “Yes, I got it.”

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “Shi Xiaobin will switch to output and follow Hua Ran to intercept the front row. Don’t be afraid of dying and disrupt their rhythm. Create opportunities for Pei Feng to harvest heads. Xueyao, pay attention to finding the enemy sniper’s hiding place as soon as possible. It is best if you can solve the sniper. If you can’t solve him, report it to Pei Feng for him to gain the head.”

Everyone replied in unison, “Received!”

The short timeout ended, the coaches on both sides left the soundproof room and the game continued.

In the third round, the Singapore team listened to the coach’s guidance and didn’t rush into the carriage as a group. Instead, they surrounded the carriage and fired en masse, wanting to kill Pei Feng first.

This map wasn’t complicated. Singapore’s scout quickly found Pei Feng’s location and reported on the voice channel, “Fred is at the pillar in the 11 o’clock direction and a medic is following him.”

The commander ordered, “You kill Fred and leave the medic to the sniper. Act at the same time!”

In this round, Shi Xiaobin was no longer the coward in everyone’s impression. He picked up the submachine gun and walked beside Hua Ran. The two of them directly blocked the door with their submachine guns!

The bullets fired by the Thomson quickly hit the carriage with dazzling sparks. The fierce firepower suppression of the two chargers made Singapore’s close combat unable to break through the blockade for a while.

At this time, Qin Xueyao also found the location of the sniper on the opposite side.

Qin Xueyao’s marksmanship wasn’t good but during this period of time, she had been locked up in the little black room every day to practice shooting. She had passed level eight of shooting training. Even if she couldn’t get a headshot, she could injure her opponent.

Qin Xueyao calmly walked around the pillar and raised the Sand Eagle in her hand.

Bang, bang!’

Clear gunfire rang out almost simultaneously.

The sniper of the Singapore team killed Qin Xueyao with a headshot.

Qin Xueyao also shot him in seconds.

The two of them fell to the ground together.

Qin Xueyao was excited. It was a wave of 1 for 1. She had succeeded!

Pei Feng praised her. “Nice!”

The enemy scout also went around to try a snack attack, wanting to kill Pei Feng.

However, the enemy sniper was killed so Shu Chen was left alone. Shu Chen immediately rescued Pei Feng and Pei Feng killed the scout.

The two sides fought fiercely. Hua Ran and Shi Xiaobin were killed but the two of them managed to kill the enemy charger. In addition, the enemy sniper and scout had been killed by Qin Xueyao and Pei Feng.

It was 2v2 on both sides.

There were only Shu Chen and Pei Feng left on their side while the Singapore team had the low health assaulter and medic. The enemy medic was nearby. If he rescued his teammate then Pei Feng would immediately face a 1v3 dilemma.

Pei Feng thought for a moment and said in a low voice, “Brother Chen, cover me.”

The enemy assaulter used an AK and guarded the nearby carriage to assist his medic teammate in saving people. If Pei Feng went out, he was likely to be swept to death by the other party. Shu Chen hit a 1 before carrying a bulletproof light plate and running out first. As expected, the enemy assaulter really set up the AK and fired, turning Shu Chen’s light plate to pieces. Shu Chen also instantly lost health.

At this moment, Pei Feng rolled and tumbled into the carriage from behind Shu Chen in one breath. He had already seen the location of the enemy medic. He took advantage of the moment when the other person was crouching down to save his teammate—

-A headshot!

Pei Feng killed the enemy medic and the enemy assaulter killed Shu Chen.

Both sides were 4 for 4, leaving one person on both sides.

The enemy assaulter decisively turned around and shot madly at Pei Feng, only to see Pei Feng tumbling quickly and actually leaving the carriage in one go. The crackling bullets created a row of sparks behind Pei Feng but failed to kill him!

Pei Feng rolled quickly to avoid most of the bullets and had only a trace of health left.

After rolling out of the carriage, Pei Feng used half of the carriage to cover him and quickly turned the muzzle of the gun.

The moment the assaulter chased him out, a bullet instantly pierced the enemy’s head.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘SIN-Carry’ with a headshot!]

The guardians were wiped out.

The lurkers only had Pei Feng left and China took another small game.

In the live broadcast room, the two commentators trembled with excitement. “A 180 degree sniping, so handsome!”

“Fred’s mobile sniping is really quite like God Wing’s style!”

He rolled all the way to avoid the opponent’s strafing and the moment he found cover, he immediately turned around and shot back, actually hitting the enemy’s head. This reaction speed and marksmanship accuracy… wasn’t like a newcomer?

This was obviously the level of a world class sniper!


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