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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 137 Part 2

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “You can’t be careless in the next semi-finals. I have a rather risky idea.”

Everyone looked at him in unison and listened seriously.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “If Singapore is randomly selected to play their home game first, they will most likely choose the melee map. Xiao Gui won’t play and Xiao Bin will play instead. We will try Xiao Bin’s charger style of play. Once it is our home field, we will let Xiao Gui replace Xiao Bin and use the double sniper lineup.

He paused and said in a low voice, “In each match, the coach has the right to make two substitutions. We must take advantage of this rule and disrupt their rhythm through substitutions. Once Xiao Gui comes on the field, there is a high possibility they will ban the full sniper maps, but we can use two snipers to fight a fast guerrilla warfare.

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang nodded at the same time.

The two of them had often cooperated using the double sniper quick guerrilla warfare when teaming up in the Korean server.

In Life and Death Explosion mode, they could cover each other, set up the guns and assist teammates in placing bombs. In Endlessly Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel modes, they could join forces to kill quickly and build an advantage for themselves.

Even if the full sniper map was banned, they could fight guerrilla battles on other maps.

Jiang Shaoyu continued, “There are too few of us in the Asian Championships and there aren’t many people who can be replaced. Shi Xiaobin, Shu Chen and Gui Siyang, the three of you should be ready to rotate at any time. I will have the sparring team accompany you to practice all day tomorrow. In addition, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou aren’t competing tomorrow and will come to be your sparring partners.

Everyone’s eyes widened when they heard this.

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou? The strongest charger and assaulter in the country were personally coming to be their sparring partners?

Wasn’t this to mimic Singapore’s melee style of play?

Not long ago, Jiang Shaoyu had sent a message to Lao Lin and Zhou Yiran. “After lunch tomorrow, vacate the time from noon to 7 o’clock. You will be the training partners of Xiao Pei and the others. Do you have any problems?”

The two of them hurriedly replied, “No problem!”

“Very happy!”

When Coach Jiang spoke, who didn’t dare to come?

What’s more, they were anxious about not participating in the Asian Championships and were happy to help.

Jiang Shaoyu carefully arranged the tactics of the next match and opened the man-machine mode on the computer to personally demonstrate to everyone.

At the same time, the players were gathered in the room of South Korean head coach, Han Changho, to review the match.

They weren’t replaying their opponent Japan in the next match but the first place of Group B, China.

Coach Han said, “There is no need to put too much effort into playing the Japanese team. You can win by playing normally. China is more important. I didn’t expect China to become the biggest dark horse in this Asian Championship and that they would win against all of Group B.

He looked at the assistant coach next to him and said, “Tell me about their head coach.”

The assistant coach had asked the information center of the Korean national team to find Jiang Shaoyu’s information as quickly as possible. Once he heard this, he immediately opened his phone and gave a serious introduction. “The head coach of the Chinese national team is called Jiang Shaoyu. He once used the game ID of ACE-Wing and he was the captain of the ACE team.”

“In the S3 season, he led the ACE team from the secondary league all the way to the finals and won the championship of the A-grade League. However, after winning the championship, he suddenly announced his retirement and disappeared for many years. This year, the Chinese Gun King Professional League brought him back and he took over as coach of the national team.”

Jeong Jiwoo, the captain of the Korean youth team, frowned and said suspiciously, “Retire after winning the championship? Was he too old?”

The assistant coach replied, “No. He won the championship when he was 18 years old and he is only 24 years old this year. He is the youngest national team head coach in the world.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Jeong Jiwoo couldn’t help scratching his head. “18 years old is the best time. Why did you retire?”

The assistant coach shrugged. “We can’t find the reason for the retirement. This person seems to have many mysteries.”

Coach Han interrupted the gossip about God Wing. “We don’t need to care about why he retired back then. What mattered was what exactly he did after taking over as coach of the national team.”

The assistant coach said, “He completely changed the way the national team is selected. Fred, Flower and Xiao Gui who are participating in this Asian Championship are the top three of the Rising Stars Cup held by him. They have no competition experience. Time was a charger of the previous national team. Chen was a former member of ACE and a substitute medic of China’s TNG Club. Snow is from the secondary league and her popularity in China is very low.”

The more people listened, the more confused they became.

Jeong Jiwoo whispered, “It sounds like he chose a motley team?”

Coach Han touched his chin thoughtfully. “A team of strange people can actually play a complete victory in Group B? It seems the countries in Group B didn’t investigate and understand them enough. They didn’t pay attention to this country and suffered a loss due to underestimating his enemy. This allowed their team to pick up a bargain.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The Chinese team this year had five players they didn’t know and the head coach had changed. The countries in Group B didn’t put the Chinese national team in their eyes at first and were beaten by the Chinese team.

Meanwhile, South Korea was different.

They had ample time to review, summarize and investigate.

Coach Han said with a smile, “In any case, China’s e-sports level is far behind ours. I hope they win against Singapore in the next match and meet us in the finals. Don’t underestimate the enemy and play well. Show the attitude of playing in the World Series and let them see the strength of our Korean team.”

Everyone nodded excitedly. “Yes, Coach!”

In the room of Singapore’s head coach, Zhang Yuqing, the players were also seriously studying the Chinese national team.

Coach Zhang was of Chinese descent and was good at speaking Chinese. It was just that he was too lazy to pay attention to the Chinese national team based on their previous performances in the World Series. This season was different. As early as when the Chinese team had changed the head coach, he had been paying attention to the situation in China.

He knew that Fred was now a very popular streamer and he also knew that Hua Hua and Xiao Gui had entered the national youth training camp through the Rising Stars Cup. He wasn’t familiar with Qin Xueyao and Shu Chen but he roughly understood their situation after watching a few matches in the group stage.

Coach Zhang said seriously, “Tomorrow, we will play China and everyone must go all out. Don’t be careless. The current Chinese team is no longer the rookie team we remember. What happened to the teams in Group B who despised them? Four consecutive matches were lost 0:2 and they were collectively hit.

The collective overturning of the teams in Group B in the hands of China was indeed unexpected. The Chinese national team rose from a ‘small invisible team’ in the very beginning to becoming the focus of major coaches.

Coach Zhang said, “The main output of the Chinese team is two snipers and they are very strong in Life and Death Explosion mode. Once they choose this mode at home, we must keep an eye on Qin Xueyao. The scouts should pay attention to defending with a 1-to-1 method to prevent her from stealing the home. The double sniper lineup isn’t easy to solve so don’t procrastinate when the time comes. Make a quick decision and kill their sniper.”

“If it is our home game, we will still play the usual violent melee and break through their defenses in one go. The weakness of a sniper is hand-to-hand combat. We are strong in close combat. As long as we don’t get kited by them, we don’t have to be afraid of their double sniper lineup. If they use the double medic lineup, the priority is given to kill the medic.”

“As for the match map…”

Time passed every minute and second. The teams eliminated in the group stage could prepare their tickets to go home. For the teams that entered the final four, the coaches were nervously laying out tomorrow’s tactics.

Jiang Shaoyu held the meeting until 2:30 a.m.

He rarely stayed up late but the competition was imminent and the players were also very energetic. If he made all the tactical layouts now, tomorrow’s time could be freed up in the practice match.

At noon the next day, Jiang Shaoyu woke up and ate with the team.

The meals that Pei Feng ordered were very delicious. The restaurant owner delivered the food on time every day and everyone was motivated after eating and drinking. They opened their laptops in the dormitory and connected their keyboard and mice.

The Japanese organizers didn’t provide them with a training venue but they brought their own gaming laptops, keyboards and mice. They could practice at any time as long as they connected to the Internet.

It was a Japan and China cross-border practice match so everyone could only go to the international server to log in.

Pei Feng logged into the international server and couldn’t help saying when he saw the red network delay signal in the upper right corner. “Master, the network speed of this hotel is unstable. In addition, tonight is the semi-finals and my guess is that the Korean, Singaporean and Japanese players are also playing and taking up the hotel’s WiFi traffic.

Jiang Shaoyu saw that they had to play the game against the network delay and was also very helpless. He simply said, “Don’t care about winning or losing. Just practice tactics. On the sparring team, Lao Lin is in charge of commanding and bringing out the strongest firepower.”

Lao Lin typed: “Received’!”

Both sides entered the custom match room.

The training team included the strongest charger in China, Lao Lin, and the assaulter Xiao Zhou. There was also Xiao Yezi, who was lurking and assassinating everywhere, and Yu Feng, the sniper of the Snow Leopard team whose strength wasn’t inferior to Xiao Gui. Plus, there was the irritating network delay…

This practice match was undoubtedly lost.

The players were obviously a bit depressed but Pei Feng quickly adjusted their mood with a smile. “The strength of Singapore’s strongest charger is far worse than our Old Lin! We can’t beat the charger lineup led by Old Lin and Xiao Zhou and it will be much less difficult to play Singapore.”

Jiang Shaoyu originally wanted to say something to comfort them, but looking at Pei Feng’s calm appearance, he took the words back again.

He glanced at the record on the game video and said, “Adjust the position and don’t be too aggressive when playing Singapore. We will use a more conservative defensive counterattack strategy.”

Sometimes they had to fight hard in the game. Once that breath was let go, it would be difficult to organize the attack again.

Through the practice match just now, Jiang Shaoyu found that the front row of the Chinese team was indeed very weak. Old Lin and Xiao Zhou joined forces to press forward and almost instantly broke through the defense line of Hua Hua and Shi Xiaobin. In addition, Qin Xueyao didn’t have the ability to defend.. Rather than being broken by the opponent in an instant, it was better to let them come in.

Pei Feng said with understanding, “Lure the enemy… deeper?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “That’s right. Show the enemy weakness and lure the enemy deeper. Let them rush in and fight back after the first wave.”

Pei Feng sat up straight. “Okay, try it.”

In the second practice match, Pei Feng’s side withstood the network delay and fought the sparring team led by Old Lin. Hua Hua and Qin Xueyao also regained their confidence and became more and more enthusiastic as they fought.

It was a whole afternoon of practice sessions where they repeatedly experimented with the lineup.

At the end, Lao Lin typed: “Jiayou, you will definitely win!”

Zhou Yiran also said, “Jiayou, everyone. I will be watching the match in China.”

Looking at the screen full of ‘jiayou’ typed by the sparring team, several people also typed back: “We will fight hard!”

The training team members couldn’t play, especially Old Lin and Xiao Zhou. They also had a match tomorrow, but they found time to patiently accompany the players of the national team to repeatedly experiment with the lineup play…

The six of them were playing as far away as Japan but behind them was a large number of teammates supporting them!

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the semifinals of the 6th Asian Championship officially began.

The first match of the day was the showdown between Japan and South Korea.

The audience was enthusiastically cheering for the Japanese team. Unfortunately, the e-sports strength of Japan and South Korea was too far apart. After the Japanese team lost 0:2 to China, they lost 0:3 to South Korea in the BO5 format of the knockout round.

The Japanese players walked off the stage with tearful faces.

The audience unceremoniously let out boos. Some even shouted in Japanese to refund their ticket money!

South Korea secured a place in the finals ahead of schedule.

But the South Korean team didn’t leave the venue. The coaches and players sat in the audience to watch this match between Singapore and China. It was because the winner of the match would be their opponent in the finals.

At 9 o’clock on Saturday, the semifinals between China and Singapore officially began.

The online views of the domestic ‘Asian Championship Live Broadcast Room’ instantly exceeded 10 million. Many rich fans gave rockets to cheer for the Chinese team. The barrage area was even more filled with dense ‘jiayou, China team’ messages.

At the scene of the match, the players and head coach of the Chinese national team collectively wore their uniforms and walked into the soundproof room.

Pei Feng was still smiling and he didn’t look nervous at all.

Jiang Shaoyu always looked cold. No emotions could be seen as he held the black book in his hand.

At 9:30, the semi-finals officially began.

The system drew lots. Singapore was the home team first and could choose the mode and map.

The mode chosen by Coach Zhang was: Endless Bloody Battle.

—It was as Jiang Shaoyu expected.


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