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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 136

Group Qualifying

The smiles on the faces of the Japanese commentators gradually disappeared. The faces of the audience members also weren’t very good-looking and the cheers were significantly weakened.

They thought that the Japanese team could easily win against China but what happened?

They actually lost 1:6. Were they sleepwalking?

This was the home game of the Japanese team! The home team had the advantage of choosing the mode and map. If they lost at home, how could they play next?

The Chinese team won the map of Guanghua Middle School when it was Japan’s home field and scored 1 point first.

Next would be the home game of the Chinese national team.

Coach Koizumi had a headache. He thought at first that the Chinese team wasn’t good at the Light and Death Explosion mode and wisely chose it. As a result, they were very clumsy in front of the flexible Chinese team.

The score of 1:6 in the first Guanghua Middle School was simply a naked mockery. If they were beaten like this in their home field then their face would be lost!

What about the second one?

When it was the turn of the Chinese national team, what map and mode would they choose?

Coach Koizumi came to the soundproof room and his face was so nervous that it was slightly white. “In the second match, if they choose Life and Death Explosion mode again, we will split into two and three. Send two people to guard Point B and three people to fight them head-on!”

Coach Koizumi had a very bad hunch that the Chinese team might take advantage of the victory and continue to use this mode to play with them. However, he couldn’t think of a better way to crack China’s double sniper lineup!

At this time, inside the hotel room.

The coaches and players of South Korea who had played all their matches were watching the live broadcast of the game.

The second place in Group B would be their opponent in the semi-finals and it was necessary to know the opponent in advance.

They had played Japan several times in the Asian Championship with a win rate of over 90%. There was nothing to fear.

However, China was different. This year’s China was amazing. On the first day when they won two consecutive matches in the group stage, the head coach of the South Korean national team, Han Changho, noticed this dark horse. The next day, China went on to win 2:0 against Indonesia. Now it seemed they had a high probability of beating Japan 2:0.

This year’s Chinese team was simply different from the past Chinese team.

Coach Han touched his chin thoughtfully. “Why has the Chinese team changed so much? Isn’t the level of their domestic league always very poor?”

The assistant coach whispered, “They changed the head coach of the national team. Is it related to this?”

Coach Han thought for a while before saying decisively, “Check the information of the head coach of the Chinese national team for me immediately. The more detailed, the better!”

The assistant coach understood. “I got it.”

The second game started quickly.

Coach Koizumi of Japan and the head coach of the Chinese national team, Jiang Shaoyu, appeared again in the soundproof room.

Koizumi was sweating profusely from nervously but Jiang Shaoyu was as calm as usual. He was still holding the notebook with the black cowhide cover in his hand. He flipped through it and moved his lips, as if explaining something to the captain.

In the domestic live broadcast room, many fans frantically filled the screen when seeing Jiang Shaoyu look calmly at the camera.

[The best looking coach in the world is in our country!]

[In terms of appearance, the coach of our national team definitely won’t lose~]

[God Wing’s tactical layout is also super powerful. I reasonably doubt that the tactics for today’s Life and Death Explosion were all done by him.]

[What mode will the Chinese team choose for the second game that is their home game. Continue Life and Death Explosion?]

The mode that Jiang Shaoyu chose soon popped up on the big screen: Life and Death Explosion.

Coach Koizumi felt that his eyes were dark.

Did he grasp that Japan couldn’t beat China in Life and Death Explosion mode so he chose it for another round?

Originally, Koizumi wanted to use the Life and Death Explosion mode to put China. Now he lifted the stone and hit himself in the foot?

Jiang Shaoyu’s idea was very simple. Since they couldn’t solve the sniper in Life or Death Explosion mode at all, continue to pick it and seize the time to win the game. There was no need to change tactics. He had to keep more tactics to deal with the opponent later.

The maps to ban popped up on the Japanese side.

The used maps were automatically placed in the ban position. Guanghua Middle School from the first scene could no longer be used. The remaining six Life or Death Explosion maps were the five star difficulty map Civic Center and Xishan Prison and the four star difficulty maps Bewitching Town, Kunlun Bridge, No 7 Warehouse and Antai Community.

When the Japanese team played at home just now, the maps that Jiang Shaoyu banned were No 7 Warehouse, Antai Community and Xishan Prison.

Did it mean that China didn’t practice these three maps much?

Coach Koizumi gritted his teeth and according to the conventional BP idea, he banned all the maps released by Jiang Shaoyu in the last game. He instead released Antai Community, No 7 Warehouse and Xishan Prison that Jiang Shaoyu had banned last time.

Seeing this, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help smiling slightly. Coach Koizumi was really fooled.

He did this deliberately last time. He pretended that China didn’t practice these three maps and induced the opposite coach to release them.

The three maps of Antai Community, No 7 Warehouse and Xishan Prison were indeed not the key training maps of the national team but Antai Community was the largest of all the Life and Death Explosion maps—it was also the key map for the usual hide-and-seek training!

The players of the national team followed Old Chang every day and they were very familiar with this map.

Even if they hadn’t practiced it hard, Jiang Shaoyu believed in Pei Feng’s command ability to adapt to changes. After the first game, he had seen that the Japanese team’s command was far inferior to Pei Feng’s and his thinking wasn’t flexible enough.

The bigger the map, the richer the Chinese team’s playing style would be and the more chaotic the Japanese team would be.

Once the map was selected, the coaches of both sides left the soundproof room.

Koizumi sat back in the coach’s seat nervously. He secretly glanced at Jiang Shaoyu and found that this coach was calm from beginning to end.

At the beginning of the game, the Chinese team was randomly selected to be the bandits.

Antai Community had two blasting points, A and B, like other Life and Death Explosion maps. Points A and B were very far apart. One was the fitness square in the southeast corner of the community and the other was the property center in the northwest corner of the community.

The refresh points of the police and bandits were in the 3rd and 5th residential buildings respectively, separated by a green belt.

There were many ways to play on this map. They could fight directly in the residential buildings to destroy the opponents in a group. They could also avoid the opponents at the beginning of the match and choose Points A or B to attack as a group. They could also split into two groups to deal with the enemies respectively.

Due to the continuous theft of the house in the last game, the Japanese team’s commander had a psychological shadow of it being stolen. At the beginning of the game, Captain Takano said according to the coach’s instructions, “Split into two and three. The medic will follow me to Point A and the other three will go to Point B!”

The Japanese team quickly split into two groups.

They didn’t know at this time that the five members of the Chinese national team collectively bypassed the back of the residential building and ambushed in the flower beds around Point A. The moment when the sniper Hideyoshi Takano and the medic Matsumoto Riko passed by, clear gunfire rang out from all directions.

Bang, bang!

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang fired one after another. They each shot at a head and instantly killed the two members of the Japanese team!

Immediately afterward, Hua Ran ran to Point A to place the bomb.

The 30 second countdown ended and there was an explosion!

The familiar flames shot up into the sky. In the first round, the bandits won.

Hideyoshi Takano jumped to his feet in anger. “Why didn’t they split up again? All five people are at Point A!”

Matsumoto Riko complained in a low voice, “They didn’t go to steal the house and fought an ambush battle instead…”

Pei Feng smiled and said, “We are catching turtles in a jar and just waiting for them to deliver themselves.

The faces of the three people who headed to Point B were ugly. The map was too big and it was too late for them to return to defend. Why didn’t the coach ban the largest map in Life and Death Explosion mode, Antai Community? Why?

Coach Koizumi: “……”

He also wanted to ask why.

Jiang Shaoyu had banned this map and he thought the Chinese team wasn’t good at it. It turned out this was deliberately an act to show him?

The second round began quickly.

Hideyoshi Takano’s brain was buzzing. How was the opposite side going to fight? Should they gather together and fight in close combat, killing their snipers, or split up and defend to prevent their scout and medic from stealing the home?

As the commander, Hideyoshi’s brain was completely messed up.

He only hesitated for two seconds before he heard a deafening gunshot from the right.

Pei Feng led the team to block the door directly!

This time, the Chinese team didn’t go to steal the house or set up an ambush. They directly ran to the residential building to block the door and took the initiative to face the enemies head-on.

Hua Ran threw a grenade and broke down the door of the residential building. The five members of the Japanese team were blown up and fled in all directions. Gui Siyang, who was hiding among the flowers in the distance, immediately opened the scope and sniped at them, shooting a person in the head.

The wave of sudden attacks on the residential building caught the Japanese team off guard. They reacted in time and killed Hua Ran with a single shot, but the firepower of the Chinese team’s double snipers quickly wiped them out like chopping melons and cutting vegetables.

The police were wiped out.

The bandits could win by placing the explosives at any point.

The Chinese team took two small games in a row and the commander’s thinking was completely chaotic.

Coach Koizumi noticed that the morale of the team was affected and immediately called a timeout for everyone to adjust.

The Japanese team used the five minute timeout to regain their confidence.

The live commentator shouted loudly, “Let’s cheer for the players of the Japanese team!”

The audience shouted hoarsely in Japanese. “Ganbatte!”

The deafening cheers could be heard even in the soundproof room.

Hua Ran took off his headphones. He leaned toward Shu Chen and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, they are cheering for us.”

“…Cough. T-They are shouting in Japanese.”

Hua Ran said cheekily, “They are cheering for us in Japanese. It is support across countries. We can’t let them down.”

Everyone: “……”

Pei Feng couldn’t help smiling and said, “Your understanding is absolutely perfect.”

In the third round, the Japanese team adjusted their tactics and played more actively.

They directly came to the vicinity of the residential building with a group of five people to start a fierce battle with the Chinese team. They wanted to get close to gain the battle advantage and quickly kill the players of the Chinese team.

However, the troublemaker Hua Ran came out from time to time and threw a smoke bomb to cover his teammates’ movements. It was difficult for the Japanese team to kill Pei Feng and Gui Siyang as quickly as possible.

The two sides fell into a stalemate and fought for a few minutes without distinguishing the winner or loser. Then a warning notification popped up on the screen.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

The countdown was 30 seconds.

Takano was desperate when he saw this.

What about the scout of the enemy side? Was it okay to hit them and then run?

It wasn’t known when Qin Xueyao sneaked away but she once again successfully stole the house.

The fourth game…

The fifth game…

The Chinese team played more and more smoothly while the Japanese team played more and more chaotically.

Obviously, the confidence of the Japanese players had been shattered.

Once the commander’s train of thought became confused, Life and Death Explosion would become more and more difficult.

In the first half, the Chinese team played a crushing 5:0 game as the bandits!

In the second half, the police and bandits rotated and the Japanese team switched to the bandits.

In the first game, they had good luck and collectively rushed to Point B while the Chinese team focused on defending Point A. This allowed the Japanese team to win back one small point. Then in the second game, the two snipers of the Chinese team cooperated and directly defended the fork in the residential building, quickly killing the person on the Japanese team carrying the explosives.

The Japanese team wanted to pick up the explosives pack but they were shot by Pei Feng and Gui Siyang. They couldn’t recover.

In the end, the Chinese team killed all the players of the Japanese team in a wave of 3 for 5 and won!

The score was once again 6:1.

The Chinese team won the second map of Antai Community!

The Japanese audience collapsed en masse. They simply couldn’t accept this fact.

90% of the audience thought that Japan would win. Yet what happened? Did they lose two games in a row so badly?

The netizens in the domestic live broadcast room were directly happy.

[F*k, is this right? Two consecutive 6:1 victories in Life and Death Explosion mode? They took two maps in a row!]

[Is the Japanese team sleepwalking today?]

[Guanghua Middle School and Antai Community. These two maps are too exciting! Is it Fred who is directing? He is really awesome!}

[The strategies used in the two games are: leading the snake out of the hole, threatening the east and striking to the west, catching turtles in an urn, turning from passive to active behavior, feign one thing while doing another and there is also Sister Xueyao who keeps stealing the home! The 36 strategies are all better than the other!]

[Is Coach Jiang proficient in the art of war? The Japanese team is directly at a loss.]

[So happy! The Chinese team is finally standing up. They won the Asian Championship group stage 666.]

[I want to cry a bit. I am cheering for the national team this year. I will set an alarm clock to watch every match in the future!]

The domestic audiences had never been so happy.

Some old fans who followed the league for many years even shed tears of excitement.

In the past, every time they encountered a world-class event, the players would go abroad to compete and then the news came—the Chinese team lost. The Chinese team was eliminated in the group stage. The Chinese team just went abroad the day before yesterday and has gone home today.

As time went by, everyone really didn’t want to pay attention to the world competition of the Gun King project, so as to not be disappointed and sad.

However, this year, the national team led by Jiang Shaoyu personally participated in the Asian Championship for the first time. In the group stage, they won 2:0 against Vietnam, 2:0 against Malaysia, 2:0 against Indonesia and finally, 2:0 against Japan!

Two consecutive Life and Death Explosion modes were like ‘teaching the Japanese team how to be human.’

Flexible thinking, tacit understanding, rich tactics and accurate marksmanship.

Was this still the originally trash Chinese national team?

Not anymore!

The national team had completed a full transformation. The new national team was really reborn!


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