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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 135

In the official match, as long as the players of both sides weren’t exchanging gunfire then they could request a timeout after each game. However, throughout a match, the maximum number of timeouts that could be called by the coach was two times.

Coach Koizumi had wanted to call a timeout when the score was 2:0 at the end of the second game. Then in the third game, the Japanese team won and he sat back. Since the commander Hideyoshi Takano had recovered his rhythm, he should be able to win back several games in a row. As a result, the Japanese team somehow lost the fourth game and the coach couldn’t react. Then they lost the fifth game again.

If he didn’t call a timeout then they would be finished!

Coach Koizumi hurried to the soundproof room and said, “You can’t fight like this. Don’t keep killing Fred. He is deliberately interfering with you, drawing your attention and creating opportunities for his teammates.”

The coach was sitting in the audience and watching from a god’s perspective, so he could definitely see it better than the players.

Every time, the Japanese team would be led astray as long as they stared at Fred.

In the first game, Fred used himself as bait in the air corridor to cover Xiao Gui on the other side. In the fourth game, Fred’s guerrilla warfare misled the Japanese team. In the fifth game, it was Fred who led Takano out so that Takano was killed by Xiao Gui.

This Fred of the Chinese team was simply full of bad ideas!

Coach Koizumi paused for a moment before saying, “Fred and Xiao Gui both have output capabilities. For their lineup of dual snipers, you must find a way to kill both snipers so they don’t form a crossfire cover.”

In the fifth game just now, everyone had seen that when Fred and Xiaogui covered each other, the Japanese team forcibly broke through but failed to break through the blockade of the two snipers.

The lineup of double snipers could stare at each other’s back and almost achieve a 360 degree coverage without dead ends. If they wanted to take down two sniper points at the same time, they would have to send very powerful dual scouts to sneak attack both at the same time.

Japan didn’t have a dual scout system. They had a regular lineup.

Coach Koizumi started to think about strategies and finally came up with a style of play. “You must pay attention to the next few rounds. Charger and assaulter, use the cover of smoke bombs and rush through from the sides in one wave! The weakness of the Chinese team is that their melee output isn’t enough. Snipers will find it hard to shoot if you get closer.”

Everyone knew that the advantages of snipers were their long range and high burst ability. However, as long as they got close, the sniper wouldn’t have time to open the scope to shoot. It was easy to be swept to death by the fierce melee fire of the charger and assaulter.

The advantage of the Chinese team was their long-range outbreak and their weakness was melee combat!

However, it wasn’t easy to get close.

Coach Koizumi said softly, “Let the medic sell himself if necessary. Carry the bulletproof light shield and forcibly go forward!”

The medic, Matsumoto Riko nodded solemnly. “I understand, Coach.”

The commander Hideyoshi Takano said, “I understand. We have to rush over and fight them in close combat. We can no longer scatter around and be killed by their snipers.”

Coach Koizumi said, “Yes, fight close combat with them!”

Compared to the nervous and sweaty Coach Koizumi, Jiang Shaoyu looked much calmer. He held the thermos and drank water slowly as he said to Pei Feng, “Your command is good. Keep up the good work and win this map.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master, rest assured.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the little apprentice next to him and said, “Xiao Gui, adjust it. You are too nervous.”

Gui Siyang’s hands left the keyboard, his palms covered in sweat. He wiped his palms on his clothes in an embarrassed manner and said in a low voice, “I-I am afraid that the bullet will miss. I didn’t dare breathe in that atmosphere.”

Jiang Shaoyu patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be afraid and believe in your own judgment. A sniper relies on instantaneous reaction ability. No matter whether you can hit the enemy or not, just fire and don’t hesitate.”

Xiao Gui took a deep breath. “Okay.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Xueyao again. “Xueyao, you are very critical to the bandits’ style of play. Pay attention to your position.”

Qin Xueyao nodded seriously. “I got it, Coach.”

During the five minutes timeout, Coach Koizumi nagged with a bunch of tactical arrangements while Jiang Shaoyu only briefly encouraged the players. The players of the Chinese national team drank water to adjust their state.

Once the timeout ended, the coaches of both sides left the field and the game continued.

In the sixth game, the police and bandits swapped.

The Chinese team became the attacking bandits and the Japanese team needed to defend as the police.

The refresh points of the two sides had always swapped. The Chinese team (the bandits) was closer to the school building. Meanwhile, the Japanese team (the police) refreshed on the playground side. It was the opposite of the previous five games.

Hideyoshi Takano said calmly, “All members, rush to the air corridor and attract them from the front!”

According to the coach’s instructions, they had to grasp the weakness of the opponent’s ‘not enough melee combat’ in order to break China’s system. They had to quickly break through the defense line in the front row and fight the snipers at close range!

The charger’s and assaulter’s guns fired fiercely and could fire more than a dozen bullets in a row to kill the opponent. Meanwhile, the sniper needed to open the scope and shoot. They could only fire one bullet at a time and the speed would be much slower than the melee firearms.

What snipers were most afraid of was close range and not having time to shoot.

The Chinese had two snipers but there was only Hua Ran for close combat. If fighting head-on, their firepower was far inferior to the Japanese team. It was such a simple truth that Hideyoshi Takano should’ve figured it out earlier.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late. The score was 1:4. They just had to fight well in the second half and they could still reverse the situation!

The five members of the Japanese team clumped up the gymnasium as fast as possible and reached the air corridor.

At this time, the Chinese team was sneaking into the teaching building.

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang each guarded a corner to cover their breakthrough. At a corner of the second floor, the window had a gap that could be used as a sniper point to fire and kill the sniper in the distant air corridor.

Bang, bang!

There were two clear gunshots in a row. Pei Feng and Gui Siyang fired from different angles, one after another!

Hideyoshi dodged Xiao Gui’s bullets but failed to dodge Pei Feng’s bullet that came from the other side.

Not long after the start, Takano was killed by the two snipers of China.

Fortunately, the Japanese team had a medic and the medic came to rescue him immediately.

Once Takano was rescued, the medic rushed forward quickly with the bulletproof light shield on his shoulder. The five members of the Japanese team rushed into the school building one by one and hit from top to bottom.

Hua Ran dropped smoke bombs to evade and delay time.

Once the smoke dissipated, a grenade exploded immediately and blocked the opponent’s way!

The two sides engaged in a fierce gunfight in the school building and the shortcomings of the Chinese team’s insufficient melee output was quickly exposed. Hua Ran was instantly swept to death by the enemy’s charger and assaulter. Shu Chen tried to save him while raising a bulletproof light shield. Unfortunately, his bulletproof light shield was also quickly destroyed by dozens of bullets from the other side.

Hua Ran and Shu Chen fell into a pool of blood one after another. Hideyoshi Takano’s eyes were red. He had played in an extremely frustrating manner in the first half. Now in this game, he could finally show the demeanor of the Japanese team!

He yelled as he pushed forward, “Go after the two snipers. Don’t let any of them go!”

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang had fled separately and the Japanese team continued to pursue them to the second floor.

However, at this moment, a red light suddenly flashed on the screen.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

[It will explode after a 30 seconds countdown.]

All the members of the Japanese team were simultaneously stunned.

Morita couldn’t help cursing, “F*k! The scout stole the house!”

Coach Koizumi in the audience was about to die. He wanted to fly into the game site to strangle the scout ‘Snow’ who secretly placed the bomb.

At this time, Qin Xueyao had secretly placed the bomb alone at the explosion point of the playground. She immediately retreated after placing it and hid at the entrance of the gymnasium.

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators were excited. “Xueyao stole the home!”

“Making a sound in the east while striking from the west. The Japanese team was deceived!”

“They didn’t notice that the Chinese team still had the scout. This scout looks like an invisible person and has never taken a head from beginning to end, but Xueyao has a strong view of the overall situation. She avoided the route where the two sides were exchanging gunfire and secretly sneaked to Point B. Then she successfully placed the bomb.”

“Yes, it is a very beautiful stealing of the home! The Japanese team wants to go back to guard it but it is too late!”

“Xueyao is at the entrance of the gymnasium. The Japanese team wants to disarm the bomb but the path of the gymnasium is blocked and the time is too slow.”

“It is a 15 second countdown! The Japanese team had no choice and directly jumped off the air corridor to take a shortcut!”

“Falling from a high place will cause health loss. In addition, our snipers are still alive and won’t let them dismantle the bomb so easily… Beautiful! Fred killed the scout Morita who jumped downstairs with one shot!”

“The Chinese team switched from attack to defense. The two snipers are on the left and right and are guarding the explosion point of the playground. The Japanese team can’t get close to defuse the bomb—the countdown is only five seconds!”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1—


Flames burst out in the playground. The bandits had successfully detonated the bomb.

In the sixth game, the bandits won.

The Chinese team’s Qin Xueyao successfully stole the home.

The audience in the live stream room was immediately excited and the barrage area was filled up.

[Miss Xueyao 6666!]

[The other side didn’t realize that she went to steal the house, hahaha.]

[The Japanese team are idiots. Five people rushed to Point A in a group and Point B was stolen. Awesome!]

[Sister Xueyao is amazing! What about the person who just said that she is useless?]

[In any case, I think she is sneaky. She doesn’t kill people but that makes her more powerful. A scout who can avoid the other side’s field of view is also very powerful!”

The faces of the Japanese players were becoming uglier and uglier.

Was their strategy wrong? There were two snipers in the Chinese national team. If they didn’t gather up and rush forward, it would be difficult to fight the dual sniper lineup.

Unexpectedly, the Chinese team feigned an attack on the teaching building while sending the scout to steal Point B!

It was too risky to steal the house alone. If Qin Xueyao was discovered by any member of the Japanese team when walking into the playground and Hideyoshi Takano turned around to shoot her, she would die and the explosives pack would fall.

In Life and Death Explosion mode, the explosives pack had to be picked up by teammates when it was dropped.

If the person who went to steal the house died and the teammate who went to pick it up was easily killed then they would lose.

However, the result was…

There were five of them and five pairs of eyes, but they actually didn’t notice Qin Xueyao’s existence!

How did this girl move? How did she perfectly avoid everyone’s sight?

Hideyoshi Takano felt a chill go down his spine.

Coach Koizumi in the audience gritted his teeth and gave up on calling a timeout.

The Life and Death Explosion mode seemed to have been lost. The score of the small games was already 1:5. If the Japanese team wanted to win, they would have to win five consecutive games. It was a waste to call a timeout. He could only forget this map and wait for the next one.

The seventh game started.

Hideyoshi Takano took a deep breath and said, “Scout, keep an eye on Point B to prevent them from stealing the home. The others will rush with me to kill the snipers of the Chinese team.”

The 4-1 deployment this time was much more cautious than the five person group just now. Even if Qin Xueyao went to Point B to steal the house, the Japanese team’s Morita had first-class marksmanship. In 1V1, he could easily handle Qin Xueyao.

After the game started, the Japanese team rushed to the teaching building as quickly as possible while the scout went to Point B to defend.

Morita was very cautious and hid to the side. He waited for a moment and heard deafening gunshots come from the side of the teaching building. Apparently, the two sides had met in the corridor and were fighting.

At this moment, a flexible figure secretly emerged from the other side of the woods.

Morita was overjoyed. Sure enough, the girl was here again.

It was too much to think about stealing the house a second time!

Morita narrowed his eyes and pulled the trigger of the Sand Eagle in his hand.


[‘JPN-Morita’ has used the Sand Eagle-Ice Flames to kill ‘CHN-Snow’ with a headshot!]

Xueyao instantly fell into a pool of blood.

Then the next moment, a clear gunshot rang in his ears.

[‘CHN-Chen’ has killed ‘JPN-Morita’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

Behind Qin Xueyao, another person was standing impressively.

It was Shu Chen, the medic of the Chinese national team!

Shu Chen didn’t care about Xueyao. He headed to Point B as quickly as possible and raised the bulletproof light panel.

Morita anxiously said, “There are two of them! Kill the medic quickly!”

Takano of the Japanese team sensed what Shu Chen was going to do and immediately opened the scope to fire. However, the bullet was blocked by the medic’s light panel and Shu Chen used this time to successfully put down the bomb.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

[It will explode after a 30 seconds countdown.]

The players of the Japanese team: “……”

The captain Hideyoshi Takano had already sent someone to defend Point B. They didn’t expect that the Chinese team had another wave of tricks. Qin Xueyao tricked out Morita and Shu Chen, who followed behind her, counter killed Morita and put down the bomb.

In this game, the bomb wasn’t on Xueyao’s body at all.

It was on the body of the medic Shu Chen!

In this round, Shu Chen wasn’t a doctor who saved people but a real bandit who went to put down a timed bomb!

The 30 second countdown ended. Pei Feng and Gui Siyang tied up the main force of the Japanese team and the Japanese team failed to defuse the bomb. There was the dazzling fire of another explosion and a notification appeared on the screen.

It was 6:1. The Chinese team won.

In the live stream room, the netizens were excitedly typing 666!

Jiang Shaoyu sat in the coach’s seat and the corners of his lips raised slightly.

Who said that the Chinese team couldn’t play the Life and Death Explosion mode?

Making a noise in the east and hitting the west, luring the tiger from the mountain, false and real…

Life and Death Explosion was the game mode with the most tactics.

The Japanese team really couldn’t play it!


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