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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 134

Life and Death Explosion

The game maps available for Life and Death Explosion were much fewer than that of Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel modes. This mode required the map to be relatively balanced and the area shouldn’t be too large, otherwise, it would be difficult to defend. At the same time, the settings of the two explosion points of Point A and Point B were relatively strict. The distance between the blasting points and the police and bandits must be very close, so that one side couldn’t have a clear advantage.

The explosion maps opened by the professional league included two five star difficulty maps, Civic Center and Xishan Prison. These two maps had the dynamic influence of NPCS. The former was full of zombies while the latter was the riot of prisoners. Players would find it harder to fight due to the interference of NPCs.

In addition, there were five maps with four star difficulty: Guanghua Middle School, Bewitching Town, Kunlun Bridge, No 7 Warehouse and Antai Community.

Among them, the terrain of Antai Community was the most complicated while No 7 Warehouse was the simplest.

Jiang Shaoyu pondered on it for a moment. The Chinese team usually did daily positioning training on five star difficulty maps, but they trained alone and there was no team cooperation training. For the remaining four star maps, they had focused on preparing for Guanghua Middle School, Bewitching Town and Kunlun Bridge.

Jiang Shaoyu directly banned the three maps of No 7 Warehouse, Antai Community and Xishan Prison. He left the five star difficulty map, Civic Center, and the three maps that the Chinese team had focused on practicing.

The Japanese team could only choose from these four maps. Even if they chose Civic Center, Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao had played on this map in the trials. In the civic center full of zombies, Hua Ran’s ability to cause trouble was better than on ordinary maps. In addition, Xueyao’s overall view was very strong and she once commanded on this map.

Besides, the Japanese team might not dare to choose a five star difficulty map. If they chose a four star map then it was just right.

Coach Koizumi thought for a moment… Finally, he selected Guanghua Middle School.

Hua Ran couldn’t help laughing. “Great, we have focused on practicing this map!”

For these regular maps, the Japanese team must’ve practiced on them and everyone was very familiar with them.

It was all about the details.

Jiang Shaoyu whispered to Pei Feng, “You will attract the attention of the other side while Xiao Gui will be the main output.”

Pei Feng replied, “I got it!”

Jiang Shaoyu turned around and returned to the coach’s bench. He sat with the substitute Shi Xiaobin and looked up at the screen.

The map was loaded and the game would soon start.

The Life and Death Explosion mode was to play 10 small rounds. The police and bandit roles would exchange after five rounds each. The first to score 6 points would win. If the score was tied at 5:5 after ten rounds, there would be an overtime game to determine the winner.

The Japanese team randomly became the bandits and the Chinese team the police. In other words, in the five games of the first half, the Japanese had to place the explosives package while the Chinese team had to defend. In the second half, the two sides were exchanged. The Chinese team would be the bandits and the Japanese team the police.

In the first small game, the Japanese team adopted a 1-3-1 division strategy. The scout and sniper acted alone while the other three people rushed into the school building as a group.

The Japanese sniper Hideyoshi Takano and the scout Morita Ozora had played in the World Series last year and had relatively rich experience. Morita Ozora circled around and quickly concluded, “They are all near Point B of the playground!”

The moment these words fell, Hua Hua threw a smoke bomb toward the gymnasium, blocking the opponent’s vision and making it easier for his teammates to move.

There was a gymnasium next to the playground of the Guanghua Middle School. It could be used to climb up and occupy the key air corridor. The air corridor connected the gymnasium and the teaching building. The view was wide and they could hit the enemies in the teaching building to the left and defend the playground to the right. This was a must-have place for snipers.

Hideyoshi Takano said, “Report Fred’s location.”

Morita replied, “He went to the corridor.”

Hideyoshi Takano chuckled. “Sure enough, leave it to me.”

He stood at a corner of the second floor of the teaching building and quietly stuck the barrel of his sniper gun out the gap of the window, aiming at the location of the air corridor.

The moment the smoke cleared, Hideyoshi Takano fired immediately.


The bullet shot from the window of the teaching building and burst through the air. The angle was extremely tricky!

[‘JPN-Kit’ has used the DSR-Conquer to kill ‘CHN-Fred’ with a headshot!]

Deafening applause burst out at the scene. Many Japanese spectators applauded Captain Takano excitedly.

The next moment, a message appeared on the screen.

[‘CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Fred’ using the first aid kit!]

Hideyoshi Takano frowned. “The enemy medic is following the sniper. Go and solve him.”

He couldn’t see Shu Chen at the angle he was located, so he could only let the scout go around and kill the medic.

Morita said ‘I got it’ and quickly walked around the gymnasium to climb up to the air corridor. Once he was about to arrive, he hit ‘1’ in the team chat and Hideyoshi Takano immediately opened the scope.

They were old teammates and cooperated tacitly.

The moment Morita appeared behind him, Fred would definitely turn around to kill him. Fred would shift his attention and give Takano the opportunity to snipe Fred. Then Morita would kill Shu Chen. The two people cooperated and could instantly kill the sniper and medic on the enemy side. As long as the air corridor was lost, the Chinese team would lose this game.

The script deduced in Takano’s brain was perfect. However…

Before Morita could shoot, a bullet instantly pierced his brain!

[‘CHN-Xiaogui’ has used the AWM-Meteor to kill ‘JPN-Morita’ with a headshot!]

It was actually Xiaogui!

Gui Siyang had been hiding silently on the other side of the corridor. He opened the scope and aimed in the direction of the gymnasium. Then he killed Morita with a single shot the moment he came up.

Pei Feng smiled slightly. “Nice.”

Gui Siyang’s eyes lit up with excitement. He hit it!

Coach Jiang was correct that the instantaneous reaction ability formed from the usual hard training would be shown in the field. He was staring intently at the gymnasium at the end of the corridor just now. The moment Morita appeared, he immediately pulled the trigger. Sure enough, he killed the opponent in seconds with a headshot!

It was just like killing the smart AI in seconds during daily training.

Hearing his master praise him, Gui Siyang felt particularly happy in his heart.

In fact, just now, Pei Feng was deliberately used as bait to lure out the sniper and scout of the Japanese team. He gave his apprentice the opportunity to quickly move. The Japanese team’s strategy today was ‘kill Fred first’. At a time when Takano was aiming at Fred, Gui Siyang ran quickly from behind his master to the other side of the corridor.

The Japanese team didn’t detect Gui Siyang’s actions at all.

They mistakenly thought that there were only Pei Feng and Shu Chen in the air corridor, so they wanted to surround these two people and kill them.

Unexpectedly, Gui Siyang was already waiting at the other side of the corridor!

Morita was caught the moment he came up and he couldn’t react to what happened. Once his mind returned, he hurriedly said, “There are three people in the corridor!”

The two snipers of the Chinese team were here.

This was a double sniper point!

Hideyoshi Takano’s expression changed and he immediately shouted at his teammates, “Quickly stop!”

However, he shouted one second slower. The three people he sent to the teaching building to place explosives had rushed unimpeded to the rooftop of the teaching building. As a result, the charger received a bullet from Gui Siyang the moment the charger appeared!

Gui Siyang directly kicked open the door connecting the roof and the corridor. He guarded there like a door god, preventing them from passing through.

The Japanese charger and assaulter moved back and forth. The moment the charger died, the assaulter immediately raised the AK and fired fiercely. Gui Siyang was swept to the ground.


What was waiting for him was a bullet from Fred at the other end of the corridor.

Pei Feng killed the assaulter and Shu Chen followed closely to help Gui Siyang up.

The master and apprentice, two snipers aimed at the corpses in the front row of the Japanese team and the medic of the Japanese team couldn’t save them at all.

Hideyoshi Takano gritted his teeth. He extended his sniper rifle out the window and was about to aim at Pei Feng. The next moment, there was a sudden explosion behind him!

Hideyoshi Takano’s location was a narrow corner. This corner was relatively safe but it wasn’t easy to move from it. Hua Ran’s explosion directly blew him into meat paste!

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang quickly moved forward and disposed of the last medic of the Japanese team.

In the first game, the bandits were destroyed and the police won.

Hideyoshi Takano’s expression was a bit ugly when he looked at the results of the small game that popped up on the screen. “Scout, pay attention to the number of people on the opposite side.”

Morita was ashamed. “Sorry, I missed it.”

Hua Ran started the game with a smoke bomb, covering his three teammates who headed to the air corridor. Meanwhile, he and Qin Xueyao moved through the woods to reach the teaching building. Morita couldn’t see clearly and thought there were only two people in the air corridor.

Takano said, “It’s okay. Let’s change the strategy in the next game. The medic will follow me to the corridor and the others will go to Point B!”

At the beginning of the second game, Takano rushed from the school building to the air corridor with the medic. He wanted to occupy the sniper point of the air corridor as soon as possible to cover his teammates. However, the Chinese team directly abandoned the air corridor this game and Takano found that he rushed for nothing when he reached the corridor.

At the same time, deafening gunshots were heard in the distant woods.

Bang bang bang!

The five members of the Chinese team went to the woods as a group, just in time to stop the three members of the Japanese team. It was 5V3 and they directly wiped out the Japanese group. Takano set up a gun in the corridor. He sniped Pei Feng but…

Shu Chen helped Pei Feng up again.

The five members of the Chinese team came to the corridor as a group and counterattacked from behind.

Takano and the medic fought 2V5 and weren’t their opponents at all.

In the second game, the police won.

Takano was hit up to here and his expression became uglier.

What to do? The Chinese team had a double sniper lineup. Kill one snipe and there was another! The strength of their medic was always very strong and could always resurrect his teammates.

There was no chance of winning unless the Japanese team could kill the medic as quickly as possible and kill the two snipers in a row.

Hideyoshi Takano gritted his teeth. “The five of us will rush directly to Point B. Morita, kill the medic first. The charger and assaulter will take out Xiaogui. I’ll deal with Fred!”

After arranging the division of labor, the Japanese team played a wave of head-to-head team battle in the third game with all five players. This wave worked well. Morita found Shu Chen in the crowd and assassinated the medic.

Immediately afterward, Takano specifically picked Pei Feng to kill while the others went to kill Xiaogui. The two sides exchanged fierce gunfire. Finally, the Japanese team won the team battle 3:5 and successfully placed explosives at the explosion point.

Takano shouted excitedly, “Beautiful!”

The score was 2:1. They finally won a game.

Pei Feng raised an eyebrow and said with a smile, “In the next game, I will lead them away with Hua Hua. Split up 2-3 and attack the front and back.”

Everyone replied, “Understood!”

In the fourth game, the Chinese team exchanged their strategy. Pei Feng took Hua Ran to fight a two person guerrilla battle. Pei Feng fired continuously and his movement was too fast. One person played with the momentum of two snipers. Hua Ran could perform the unrestrained style of ‘there are four teammates behind me.’

The two of them rushed into the teaching building with sparks and gunpowder all the way. It was a crackling output that caused the Japanese team to make the wrong judgment again. Hideyoshi Takano said firmly, “The five of them are rushing into the teaching building as a group. pay attention to defense!”

Everyone immediately guarded the rear of the teaching building vigilantly.

Unexpectedly, the other three members of the Chinese team quietly circled around from the other side. Pei Feng waited for the two sides to converge before simply ordering, “Fight!”

Shu Chen’s double pistols, Xiao Gui’s AWM, Qin Xueyao’s pistol and Pei Feng’s accurate shooting with the MSG. The five people of the Chinese team shot back and forth and directly wiped out the Japanese team.

Hideyoshi Takano: “……”

D*mn! The two of them acted like the whole team was in the teaching building?

It was playing with him!

The score was 3:1.

The last game of the first half.

This time, all five members of the Chinese team went to the air corridor in a very simple manner. Pei Feng and Gui Siyang guarded the left and right, respectively setting up their guns. One stared at the teaching building and the other stared at the playground. They covered each other.

The gesture seemed to say, ‘Do you dare to come?’

The Japanese team… didn’t dare come over for a while.

Hideyoshi Takano said with a calm face, “Wait until I kill a sniper on the other side. Then go around the playground.” He stretched out his sniper rifle through the gap in the window and waited patiently for an opportunity.

At this moment, Fred sensed his position and shot at the window. Hideyoshi Takano immediately dodged. He dangerously dodged the bullet and turned around to fire a shot back at Pei Feng.

He failed to kill Pei Feng.

The moment he emerged, Gui Siyang shot a bullet from the other side and instantly pierced his head.

The cooperation of the two snipers was like a ‘cat catching a mouse’, pinching him from the left and right in seconds.

The scout went around and tried to kill Xiao Gui, but Pei Feng shot Morita again!

The two domestic commentators said excitedly, “It is crossfire cover. Fred and Xiao Gui’s tacit understanding is too great!”

“Yes, you stare at my rear and I will guard your back. The two people cover each other and no one could break through the blockade of the double snipers!”

This was the tacit understanding of the master and apprentice double snipers.

The Japanese team broke through three waves in a row and was beaten back by the two of them!

In the fifth game, the police won.

The Chinese team played against Japan and actually played a 4:1 crushing score in the first half.

The one with the highest head count wasn’t Fred but an unfamiliar face—the newcomer called Xiaogui.

Coach Koizumi was sweating profusely and hurriedly walked into the soundproof room after calling a pause.

Who said that the Chinese team couldn’t play the Life and Death Explosion mode?

Was this called not being able to fight?


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