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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 133

End of the Group Stage

After the Chinese team finished the match, there was another group match between Japan and Vietnam at 9:30 in the evening. Japan defeated Vietnam 2:0. So far, the first day of Group B was over.

In the Group B standings, both China and Japan had 4 points while the other countries currently had 0 points.

In Group A, the South Korean team led by an absolute advantage and had 4 points. Singapore and Thailand tied for second with 2 points each and India had 0 points.

After returning to the hotel that night, the head coach of the Japanese team, Koizumi Yoyama, called the players for an emergency meeting in the meeting room. The organizer’s hotel had provided them with a separate meeting room with six computers where they could practice.

While reviewing today’s matches, Coach Koizumi analyzed it. “Our results are the same as those of the Chinese national team. We both have 4 points. The other teams have no hope of qualifying. Tomorrow night, our match against China will be crucial. This match will determine who will be first in Group B.”

“The first place in Group A will undoubtedly be South Korea. The rule of the semi-finals is that first place in Group B will play against second place in Group A. The first place in Group A will play against the second place in Group B. Therefore, we have to finish first in the group to avoid South Korea in the next match and make it to the finals. You know what I mean?”

The team members nodded one after another. “I understand!”

The Japanese players hated the Korean team but they had to admit that South Korea had dominated Asia for the ‘Gun King’ e-sports project for five years. The Korean team had won many championships and runner-up trophies in the World Series.

The Japanese team wasn’t the opponent of the South Korean team at all. Their goal this time was to win the runner-up.

They originally thought that the Chinese team was here to join in the fun, but on the first day of the competition, the Chinese national team surprised the coaches of various countries. They actually won two matches in a row and it was won neatly with a score of 2:0?

Japan’s Coach Koizumi hadn’t paid attention to the Chinese national team at all, nor did he seriously study them. As a result, tomorrow they would compete with the Chinese team for first place in Group B.

Coach Koizumi opened the video replay of the game and carefully reviewed it. “Everyone, focus on the sniper Fred. He is the commander of the Chinese national team and has accurate marksmanship. In particular, in the match against Malaysia tonight, Fred alone got more than 70% of the heads?”

The sniper of the Japanese team, Hideyoshi Takano heard this and said softly, “His shooting skills are indeed excellent but the other members of the Chinese team are average. As long as we kill Fred, the output of the Chinese team won’t be enough.”

Coach Koizumi smiled and nodded. “Yes, they have a dual medic system and are good at a battle of attrition. After killing Fred, don’t rush to find the medic. Leave one person to guard the corpse. The others will kill the medics.”

There was a time limit for the medic’s rescue. The corpse would become completely cold after some time and the first aid kit would become useless. Therefore, ‘guarding the corpse’ was a good way to break the dual medic system.

Coach Koizumi followed up by saying, “In addition, the Chinese team didn’t choose the Life and Death Explosion mode at all on the first day. Obviously, this mode is their weakness. At that time, we can choose the Life and Death Explosion mode. Their medics will have almost no effect in this mode.”

Victory or defeat in Life and Death Explosion mode had nothing to do with how many people were killed. It depended on whether the bandits could set the explosives pack on time and whether the police could defend against the bandits’ attack.

The shortcomings of the Chinese team’s ‘lack of output’ would be infinitely amplified in the Life and Death Explosion mode. If they played the bandits, the firepower of the Chinese team wasn’t enough. It was impossible to break through the blockade of the police to place the explosive packs. If they played the police, they couldn’t hold out against the attack of the Japanese team.

Coach Koizumi analyzed it confidently. “Look at the results of the draw tomorrow. If we are first, we will choose Life and Death Explosion in the first game. If the Chinese team goes first, they will definitely choose the Endless Bloody Battle in the first game. Once the time comes, pay attention to the opposite Fred. Kill Fred and then go and clean up their medics.”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

The Chinese team was a ‘single core lineup’ and the sniper was the key output position. The front row lacked a main output assaulter and the scout called ‘Snow’ had no output ability. Against such a lineup, they would definitely lose as long as their core was scrapped.

The players of the Japanese team practiced how to surround the enemy sniper in the meeting room. They adjusted some details of the coordination and slept peacefully.

At 2:30 the next day, the match between Japan and Malaysia officially began. Malaysia was stunned by the Chinese team yesterday and it seemed like they hadn’t adjusted their mentality well. Their condition was obviously inferior to the Japanese team’s players and they lost 0:2 to Japan.

So far, Japan had won three consecutive matches in the group stage and had 6 points.

The people at the scene cheered excitedly. Posters and national flags fluttered and it was as lively as a festival.

At 4:30, the group stage match between China and Indonesia began.

Indonesia was the weakest team in Group B. They failed to crack the dual medic system of the Chinese team and lost two consecutive games.

The Chinese team also won three consecutive matches in the group stage.

At this point, there was only one match left in Group B. Both Japan and China had won three consecutive matches and the final showdown was at 9:30 in the evening.

The reporter interviewed the audience in Japanese. Many people thought, “The Japanese team is in particularly good condition this time and they will definitely reach the finals!”

“The Japanese team is playing at home and has an advantage. There is no suspense in winning against China, right? Maybe they can beat South Korea to win the Asian Championships this year!”

The crowd was full of confidence.

The players were equally confident.

It happened to be Friday and many domestic office workers and students could rest at night. After hearing that the Chinese team won three consecutive victories in the group stage of the Asian Championship and had locked a qualification place in advance, netizens came to the live stream room excitedly to watch.

Many players on Weibo also reposted the event information.

Liu Shaozhou: “At 9:30 tonight, cheering for the national team!”

Ye Zi: “I have subscribed to the live stream of the ‘Asian Championship Live Room’ at 9:30 tonight. Everyone, come and watch the match with me.”

Lao Lin: “We will fight Japan at night. Are you ready?”

Countless Gun King streamers had opened the Asian Championship live stream room to watch the match.

The news of tonight’s match between China and Japan quickly spread through the Internet. The audience who were afraid to watch the abuse and didn’t dare to watch the match previously found a bit of confidence due to the Chinese team’s three consecutive 2:0 games and opened the live stream room with anticipation.

The amount of attention for the official ‘Asian Championship Live Stream Room’ was shooting up like a rocket. It was from 2 million followers in the beginning while tonight it was directly increased by tenfold to over 20 million!

The barrage area was densely filled. Some people were shocked, some people were questioning it and many more people were encouraging the players of the national team.

[Did the Chinese team really win 2:0 in three consecutive matches? I can’t believe it!]

[On the scoreboard, China and Japan are tied for first place in Group B!]

[F*k, this is the first time to win three consecutive matches, right? In the past, it was a three match losing streak and they rolled home [dog head.jpg]]

[It is just the Asian Championship. What is there to be excited about? South Korea is the only one who can be seen in Asia. The other countries are all just younger brothers in the World Series.]

[Yes. What is there to be proud of in winning against Vietnam and Malaysia? Let’s see if they have the ability to win against South Korea!]

[If they can win against Japan, I will eat my keyboard. If they win against South Korea, I will wash my hair while upside down!]

[How many people want to live stream washing hair while doing a handstand? Can they line up first?]

[Brother Feng, Hua Hua, Xueyan, Xiao Bin and Xiao Chen, jiayou. You guys are the best!]

[Can people who are bad-mouthing them not pour cold water before watching the match? You can talk on the Internet but if it was you guys, I’m afraid you won’t live for more than three seconds.]

[It is good that the national team can improve. This time, they can reach the final four. Maybe they can win a trophy next time, right?]

[Sisters, be bold. Perhaps they can win a trophy this time~]

At 9:!5, the players entered the soundproof room in advance to check their equipment.

The seating order of the Chinese team was Hua Ran, Qin Xueyao, Pei Feng, Gui Siyang and Shu Chen.

Coach Koizumi of the Japanese team quickly noticed something was wrong. “Wait… Wait, they aren’t playing the dual medic system? Why isn’t Shi Xiaobin playing today?”

Shi Xiaobin sat on the bench in the audience.

The captain, Hideyoshi Takano couldn’t help but wonder, “They changed their starting lineup?”

Coach Koizumi hurriedly told his assistant, “Go and check the information of the player who has been replaced.”

The assistant quickly opened the tablet and called up Gui Siyang’s information. “Xiaogui, Gui Siyang. There is no record of any competitions in China. He is a pure newcomer. Today should be his first time participating in the competition.”

Sending a newcomer with zero experience to such an important match?

Coach Koizumi scratched his head doubtfully but he soon figured it out. “I see. The coach of the Chinese national team feels that it is hard to win against Japan, so he sent a newcomer to gain experience.”

Everyone thought about it and found that it made sense. If they couldn’t win anyway, it was common to send a newcomer to enrich their experience.

Coach Koizumi smiled. “Don’t worry about Xiaogui. We will follow the previous strategy and kill Fred first!”

In the domestic live stream room, everyone was stunned after seeing Gui Siyang on the field.

[Shi Xiaobin is changed and Xiao Gui is on?]

[F*k, I thought that Xiao Gui was just here to join in the fun, but they really put him on!]

[This newcomer is asking, who is Xiao Gui?]

[The runner-up of the Rising Stars Cup. In the selection, he was a few fractions of a point lower than Mo Hantian and failed to enter the national team!]

[Coach Jiang is bold enough to send newcomers with no game experience to play against the Japanese team!]

[Even the domestic league wouldn’t dare to do such a thing!]

In the domestic league, youth trainees who wanted to play in the main team needed some experience in secondary competitions. If Gui Siyang went to a domestic first-tier club then he might not be able to play as a starter.

As a result, Jiang Shaoyu was so good. He directly let this little guy go to the Asian Championship to play as a starter!

Gui Siyang’s expression was a bit nervous.

It was too exciting to make his debut directly against the Japanese team. ‘Grandmaster, as expected of you!’

Pei Feng smiled and leaned toward the ear of his apprentice, whispering, “Master let you go because he believes in your strength. The Japanese team must’ve studied our tactics and thought that China only has me as the main output. They will frantically target me. That is why Master kept you as a trump card. In this game, I am the bait and you are the core.”

Gui Siyang’s eyes turned red… he was so trusted by his master and grandmaster. How could he, as a little apprentice, embarrass his master?

Pei Feng patted the young man’s shoulder and his voice was gentle. “Xiao Gui, you are very talented and your strength is no problem. What you lack are competition experience and a stable mentality. Listen to my commands later and don’t think too much. Just treat it as a practice match and play at your level.”

Gui Siyang nodded vigorously. “Understood!”

Jiang Shaoyu felt complicated when he saw Pei Feng help Xiao Gui adjust his mentality in a low voice.

The apprentice who was brought up by himself was now someone else’s master.

Xiao Gui didn’t need Jiang Shaoyu to worry about him. It could be left to Pei Feng. As for the others, everyone knew how to cooperate.

Jiang Shaoyu adjusted the headset and said calmly, “It is about to start. Get ready.”

Everyone sat up straight and stared intently at the computer.

At the scene of the match, the commentator was excitedly introducing the players from both sides. “The coach of the Japanese team, Yoyama Koizumi has been coaching for three years and has rich experience!”

“Hideyoshi Takano is Japan’s starting sniper of the last World Series and currently has a 100% win rate at the Asian Championships!”

There were deafening screams and cheers at the scene.

Hideyoshi Takano’s ID was Kit and he was very popular in Japan. His idol was Kevin, the world’s number one sniper and a member of the American team. Therefore, he had the title of’ Little Kevin’ and had good strength.

“Morita Ozora, the ace partner from the same team as Hideyoshi Takano!”

Moria Ozora was very good-looking and showed a bright smile to the camera. The audience immediately shouted like crazy. Pei Feng and the others had buzzing ears even though they were sitting in the soundproof room.

The terrifying sound represented the enthusiasm of the Japanese home audience.

They were playing at home in Japan and the psychological pressure would indeed be great.

Jiang Shaoyu’s clear voice sounded in the earphones. “Don’t pay attention to the audience. The louder they scream, the more uncomfortable they will be when they are blown up later. You should think of it as the audience cheering for you.”

Hua Ran said excitedly, “Hahaha, the coach makes sense! In any case, I don’t understand them. Just think of it as them cheering for us!”

The audience was very excited when the two commentators introduced the Japanese players but the atmosphere was obviously cold when introducing China. Many viewers whispered, “I haven’t heard of them. Are they newcomers? Then they will lose.”

The first game officially started.

The system randomly drew lots and the Japanese team drew the first hand.

Coach Koizumi was overjoyed. “Choose Life and Death Explosion mode!”

In the previous three matches of the Chinese team, the Life and Death Explosion mode had never been selected. This mode would be difficult to play if their output wasn’t enough, right? Coach Koizumi thought confidently.

At this time, Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly from where he was standing in the soundproof room. Sure enough, it was as he expected. The coach of the Japanese team stepped into his trap.

‘We deliberately didn’t choose Life and Death Explosion mode because we wanted you to take the initiative to choose it!’


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