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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 129

Speed Push Tactics

Out of the five players of Vietnam, the medic Dam was the commander.

Medics didn’t need to do much on the field and they had more time to observe and analyze the situation.

In the first wave, Dam was a bit confused by the Chinese team’s tactic of ‘striking from the east and attacking the west, making quick decisions.’ However, this was his second time participating in the Asian Championship and quickly realized that he was deceived.

Dam hurriedly said, “Their main force and Flower are acting in reverse. Don’t be disturbed by that charger!”

At the beginning of the second game, the refresh point of the Vietnamese team was still in the upper left corner and the Chinese team was in the lower right corner.

In this game, Hua Ran acted in turn and took the right side while Qin Xueyao took the left side.

Not long after the start, Dam saw Hua Ran drop a smoke bomb on the right side. Then he raised the submachine gun and fired into the corridor. Dam thought to himself, ‘It is the same scheme. Do you think I will be fooled a second time?’

In the last game, Hua Ran deliberately put on a fierce posture of ‘there is someone behind him’ and made Dam mistakenly think that the Chinese team was acting collectively, only to be attacked by the opponent. Of course, he wouldn’t be fooled again in this round. Dam immediately gave instructions. “They must be going to the left. Pay attention to defense!”

However, the moment the smoke cleared, deafening gunshots suddenly rang in his ears.

Bang bang bang!

[‘CHN-Time’ has killed ‘VIE-VIVI’ with the Thomson-Flames!]

[‘CHN-Flower’ has killed ‘VIE-Tran’ with a headshot from the UMP-Chameleon!]

[‘CHN-Chen’ has killed ‘VIE-Dam’ with a headshot from the Red Cross double guns!]

Shi Xiaobin and Hua Ran pressed forward side by side with the submachine gun on their shoulders, wiping out every member of the Vietnamese team in one go. Shu Chen saw a gap and fired with a precision burst, directly hitting the enemy medic!

Hua Ran said, “I’m sorry, I’m not acting this time. There is really someone behind me [smile.jpg].”

The members of the Vietnamese team: “……”

You guys have a lot of routines!

The three people on the right directly suppressed with a wave of 0 to 3. The remaining two of the Vietnamese team immediately fought back. They killed Hua Ran in time and Shi Xiaobin was hit to a critical state, but Shu Chen timely resisted using the bulletproof light plate and saved Hua Ran. Meanwhile, Shi Xiaobin quickly retreated and hid in a corner to bandage himself.

In China, the audience was speechless when they saw the ‘’charger’ who hid and wrapped himself in bandages.

[The cowardly charger. Rush forward in one wave and hide and increase health when he gets injured?]

[Hahaha, why is this cowardly omega a bit cute?]

[He hides there and silently bandages himself, regardless of his teammates…]

In fact, Shi Xiaobin didn’t need to worry about his teammates at all because Shu Chen had already quickly rescued Hua Ran in time. Meanwhile, Qin Xueyao and Pei Feng came from the other direction and were also present. Qin Xueyao was in front and Pei Feng was behind.

There were two clear gunshots and blood-red skulls continuously popped up in the middle of the screen.

Pei Feng got another wave of double kills!

In the second game, the lurkers were wiped out.

The guardians won.

In the live stream room, the audience immediately became excited.

[F*k, did Fred get injected with chicken blood today? There are two consecutive double kills.]

[It is a headshot every time. The marksmanship is terrifyingly accurate!]

[MSG is his master’s original weapon and he also used the Aurora skin. It is probably that the Master’s buff is full?]

[The Japanese cameraman isn’t giving us a shot of God Wing. So angry!]

At this time, the cameraman’s footage wasn’t given to the soundproof room at all or the coach’s seats, but to the Vietnamese players. The loss of two consecutive rounds made the players of Vietnam look a bit confused> This was too fast!

Left and right, east and west.

They fought as soon as they met and didn’t drag things out as well. It was so fast that the Vietnamese players didn’t have time to react at all.

If they lost the third small game then this map would be lost.

Commander Dam gritted his teeth and said, “We will also fight separately. The sniper will be in a group with me. The charger, assaulter and scout will be in a group.”

The third small game would soon begin. Pei Feng said calmly, “Hua Hua, it is time for your poisonous gas to play.”


Hua Ran heard the command and rushed to the left side alone. A smoke bomb was thrown over to cover the opponent’s field of view, followed by a poisonous gas bomb that was thrown right into the middle of the corridor. This was equivalent to forcibly separating the five people of the Vietnamese team with the poisonous fog.

The poisonous fog wouldn’t block people’s vision but they would quickly lose health when within the range of the poisonous fog. They would be poisoned to death in just five seconds. At this point, Dam was faced with two choices. He had to either force himself through the poisonous fog to join the rest of the teammates or join forces with his teammates to kill this annoying charger first!

Dam chose the latter. He fought with the sniper Tran and quickly killed Hua Ran.

The thing that made him uncomfortable was that even though they killed Hua Ran, the three people on the right side were facing the raid of four people from the Chinese team! Shi Xiaobin carried the submachine gun in front to suppress the enemies while Shu Chen and Qin Xueyao used their pistols to fire through the gaps. Pei Feng was standing at a distance and making accurate shots.

The Vietnamese team couldn’t fight 3 against 4 on the right side and were all killed in the blink of an eye.

By the time the medic and sniper turned back to save them, it was too late! The four people of the Chinese team rushed over against the poisonous fog. Pei Feng shot the sniper on the opposite side and then it became a cruel situation of four people killing the medic.

In the third game, the guardians won.

The Chinese team won the ‘Winding Corridor’ map with a score of 3:0 and took the lead in gaining one point.

At the scene, the Japanese commentators looked at each other and were silent for a moment before saying, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for taking the lead in winning a map!”

Meanwhile, the two domestic commentators were obviously excited. “This game is beautiful! False and real, real and false. Don’t just look at the fact that Hua Ran gave his head in several waves. He was the key to the tactical interference and he beat the Vietnamese team into a daze.”

“Yes, Hua Hua’s acting skills should be praised. One person can play with the momentum of five people!”

“The Chinese team’s strategies for these three games are different. In the first small game, they caught the opponents off guard. In the second small game, they went the opposite way and guessed the enemy’s routine. In the third small game, they split up the battlefield to beat them with a numbers advantage. But overall it is a quick battle strategy. This should be the coach’s arrangement?”

Finally, the camera at the scene was given to Jiang Shaoyu.

They saw him stand up and walk to the soundproof room with a calm expression. He came behind Pei Feng and his lips moved slightly. It wasn’t known what he was saying.

However, the sharp-eyed netizens from China quickly read his lips.

[Coach Jiang said: You played okay.]


[Is this called okay? God Wing is too demanding!]

[But Fred seems very happy!]

In the camera, Pei Feng was indeed smiling. He didn’t have the nervous appearance of participating in the competition for the first time.

Hua Ran was a bit nervous at first and was afraid that his smoke bombs would be thrown in the wrong direction and he would affect his teammates. Qin Xueyao’s nervousness was hidden in his heart and Shu Chen wasn’t good at expressing himself. Shi Xiaobin’s palms were covered with sweat and his face was slightly white.

How could they play in an international competition without being nervous? Then after the first game, everyone sighed with relief. They played quite smoothly. It was mainly because the captain commanded them calmly, allowing them to return to the rhythm of the training match.

In the Gun King competition, points were calculated according to the map. Winding Corridor was successfully won and the score on the big screen became 1:0.

In the group stage, there were three maps to be played. The second game was the home field of the Vietnamese team. Jiang Shaoyu once again took out a black book. He spoke while writing and drawing in it, “The Vietnamese team will most likely to continue to choose the Endless Bloody Battle mode and pick a large map. Xiao Bin, you will switch to a pure medic’s equipment in the next round. We will use the dual medic system to fight them. Shu Chen, protect Hua Ran. Xiao Bin will follow Pei Feng. Xueyao will scout and report the location alone. The main output will rely on Pei Feng. It is guerrilla warfare with the sniper as the core. You have practiced it before with the training team. Do you remember it?”

Everyone immediately nodded. “Remember!”

The second round would soon start. The Vietnamese team really chose the Endless Bloody Battle mode.

Once it came time to ban the maps, Jiang Shaoyu banned three in a row: Yuehu Park, No 7 Subway Station and Antai Community.

The coach on the opposite side froze slightly. It was because the coach of the Chinese team just banned the maps they had mainly practiced. This was too coincidental, right?

Fortunately, they had alternative maps.

In the end, they chose Ghost Castle.

Hua Ran was stunned. “F*k, why did they choose this map? Didn’t we focus on it?”

Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly. “Isn’t this just right? Keep up the good work and maintain your form from the previous game.”

Everyone replied in unison, “We understand!”

Jiang Shaoyu returned to his seat. Gui Siyang hesitated for a moment. Finally, he couldn’t help asking, “Coach, why did they pick this map by chance?”

Jiang Shaoyu explained in a low voice, “The commander of their lineup is the medic and there will be an advantage when playing large maps. They can save people to drag out time.”

Gui Siyang suddenly realized. “So you banned three large maps!”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes. In the last game, they banned many maps such as Skyscraper and Cross Street. This shows that they don’t play with the sniper as the core. The scout of their team also doesn’t have the strength to focus on a scout score like Ye Zi. If they want to seek stability, they can only play on large maps. This is easy to guess.”

Gui Siyang looked dazed. It was… easy to guess?

Presumably, this was the difference between a player and a coach? The players could only see the game in front of them while the coach had to look at the overall situation, guessing and analyzing the opponent’s next combat ideas.

In Jiang Shaoyu’s notebook, there wasn’t only the information of the Vietnamese team’s players. There were also their historical BP records of their coach. This could be said to be ‘knowing oneself and knowing the enemy.’ On the Vietnamese side, the understanding of Coach Jiang and the Chinese national team was zero!

This was also the reason why they were directly beaten by the Chinese team in the first place.

The second game started quickly.

The Vietnamese team believed that they definitely had an advantage on this home map. After all, the map of Ghost Castle was dimly lit and their medic captain was more powerful. Even if a teammate died, they could be rescued immediately.

What they didn’t expect was—the Chinese team brought two medics?

Moreover, what about the scout of the Chinese team? Her figure couldn’t be seen at all!

Qin Xueyao had learned the essence of Old Chang’s hide and seek. For her appearance in this game, she changed to black clothes, black hair and black shoes. She lurked on the dimly lit map and simply became an ‘invisible person’.

How scary was an invisible scout? It was equivalent to opening a god’s perspective for her teammates without the enemies knowing!

In the blink of an eye, Pei Feng knew the position of the five members of the Vietnamese team well.

Pei Feng calmly commanded, “Hua Hua, go up and fight in the direction of 9 o’clock. Lead away the three melee fighters.”

The duo of Hua and Chen started to quickly attract the enemy’s attention with smoke bombs and grenades. The people of the opposite side were quickly disturbed by Hua Hua.

Shi Xiaobin seized the opportunity and took the initiative to run out as bait. The sniper on the enemy side really appeared. Pei Feng had long known his location and had been secretly staring at the other person. The moment the other person fired, he pulled the trigger at the same time.


The Vietnamese team’s sniper, Tran, failed to kill Shi Xiaobin and was neatly counter-killed by Pei Feng!

The people of the Vietnamese team were fighting and inexplicably found… this rhythm was so chaotic! It was a mess!

The charger running all over the place threw smoke bombs to blur people’s vision and grenades to injure people. The sniper in the distance shot coldly to kill their key players from time to time while the scout of the Chinese team had never been seen?

Jiang Shaoyu saw it clearly from a god’s perspective.

Pei Feng took the light sniper rifle, the MSG, and was cooperating with Qin Xueyao to fight a quick guerrilla battle.

Hua Ran’s position was very chaotic, but after Hua Ran caused chaos among the opponent, Pei Feng could find the best time for assassination.

Inside the dim Ghost Castle, Pei Feng’s actions were as fast as the wind. Almost every time Qin Xueyao reported a location, he could kill a person.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘VIE-Tran’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘VIE-VIVI’ with a headshot!]


Skulls kept flashing on the screen. Pei Feng fired five shots in a row and actually took five heads in a row!


Compared with the enemy’s messy and disorderly style of play, Pei Feng was terrifyingly calm. He was like a hunter hiding in the darkness, seizing the best moment when his opponent was messed up to shoot and snipe the target.

In the first small game, the Chinese team won.

In the second small game, the Chinese team won.

In the third small game…

The Vietnamese team was completely confused.

The rhythm was so fast that they didn’t know how to deal with it at all. If they didn’t care about Hua Ran at all, the combination of Hua Ran and Shu Chen had a strong output ability and they could fight 2V3. However, as long as they cared about Hua Ran, they would be forced into chaos by him.

It was useless to kill the sniper. He had a medic god by his side and he could be resurrected immediately when he died.

This was unless they sent three people to cover him, but then the field would be cleared by the enemy sniper.

How to crack it? This messy style of play couldn’t be cracked at all!

The Vietnamese team’s rhythm was completely disrupted and the third small game couldn’t restore the situation.

Pei Feng had a record for 10 kills and 0 deaths in the entire round. He looked at the golden ‘Victory’ on the screen and took off his headphones with a smile.

In the domestic live stream room, the audience was also a bit confused when they saw this.

The match seemed to be over. The players all stood up and hugged each other.

This… they won?

Oh my god?

Winding Corridor and Ghost Castle. They took two maps in a row and won!


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