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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 128

The First Match

On the afternoon of August 1st, all members of the Chinese national team came to the competition venue. The competition venue for this Asian Championship was the Tokyo E-sports Center, which was similar in scale to the Imperial Capital E-sports Center in China. It also had an upper and lower structure and could accommodate tens of thousands of spectators.

There were several entrances to the e-sports center and players had to bring their participation cards and work badges when going backstage. Alphas required the use of masking sprays and an omega’s pheromone date was also monitored at all times. If something was wrong then they would be taken to the infirmary by the on-site doctor.

Jiang Shaoyu had been marked by Pei Feng and there was the smell of Pei Feng’s pheromones on his body. This meant he had been using an alpha concealing spray during this time. When people smelled the spray, they subconsciously thought he was an alpha.

There was a match between Japan and Indonesia at 2:30. The local people came to the scene to cheer for the Japanese national team. The banners and flags in the audience were dazzling and the cheers were endless.

The Chinese team’s match was the next match and it started at 4:30.

Jiang Shaoyu brought everyone to the venue earlier in order for the players to adapt to the environment as soon as possible.

There were hosts at the scene who were warming up for a draw and the audience’s emotions were high. The cheers came in wave after wave. Vice-chairman Qi saw this scene and couldn’t help sighing lightly. “Alas, when will our country be able to hold a world-class event?”

Old Chang asked curiously, “Have we applied for it?”

Vice-chairman Qi smiled bitterly and shook his head. “If we can’t get any results, we don’t even have the qualifications to bid for the World Series.”

How nice would it be to one day hold the World Series in their country? The players wouldn’t have to travel long distances abroad and encounter cold eyes. There would be their fans at the scene to cheer them on… Unfortunately, they didn’t get good results before and won’t be eligible to apply to host the World Series. It wasn’t known when they would be able to ‘fight at home.’

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “There will be that day.”

Qi Heng smiled and nodded. “Of course. Maybe we can play at home next year, haha.”

Everyone followed the staff members to the backstage lounge where the screen was airing the match live in real time. Jiang Shaoyu sat down and said, “Everyone, watch the match between Japan and Indonesia and get to know the opponent. Tomorrow, we will play these two teams.”

The match started very quickly. Japan had no difficulty against Indonesia and easily won two consecutive games.

Jiang Shaoyu whispered to Pei Feng, “Have you noticed their sniper?”

“Yes, that sniper named Kit played well.” Pei Feng looked at the replay of the wonderful scenes and said, “He got three kills in both games.”

“That person should be the commander of the Japanese team. Once the time comes to play the Japanese team, you focus on him.”

“Understood.” Pei Feng nodded. His master’s eyes were sharp and he could see the tactical arrangement of the Japanese team throughout this match. They were fighting around the sniper and imitating the core sniper play of the American team. The positions of the teammates created conditions for the sniper.

There was still one hour before the official match for the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu beckoned and asked everyone to gather together. He said, “You should hand over your phones to Sister Yu for safekeeping. Don’t drink too much water before the match and go to the bathroom together later. Don’t think too much. If you are nervous, close your eyes, adjust your breathing and divert your attention.”

At 3:30, Jiang Shaoyu asked Pei Feng to take everyone to the bathroom.

After they came back, Jiang Shaoyu stretched out his hand. “Come you, let’s give a cheer.”

Pei Feng preemptively put his hand on the back of his master’s hand. The others also neatly placed their hands and shouted in unison, “Jiayou!”

Everyone followed Jiang Shaoyu to the big stage. The light on the stage was dazzling. The two soundproof rooms were made into the shape of ‘wooden houses’ and were quite distinctive. The host introduced them in Japanese. “Let’s welcome the next players, the Chinese team and the Vietnamese team. Please enter the soundproof room.”

At this time, two commentators, a man and a woman appeared on the screen of the domestic ‘Asian Championship Live Stream Zone.’ “Hello, everyone, I am the commentator Xiao Xi. Welcome everyone to the live stream of the group match of the Asian Championship.”

“Next up is the group stage match between our Chinese team and Vietnam. It is the first match of the Chinese team in this Asian Championship. We can see that Coach Jiang has led the players to the soundproof room and everyone is checking the equipment.”

“You can bring your own peripherals for e-sports competitions so they have brought their own keyboards and mice to prevent the feel from being affected.”

“Yes, the rules of the Asian Championship are similar to the World Series. It is a BO3 format in the group stage, BO5 in the knockout stage and BO7 in the finals. The ranking in the group stage is calculated based on map points. Winning a map counts as one point.”

“The player information is displayed on the screen. CHN-Fred, the number of matches is 0 and the win rate is 0%. The position he is good at: unknown.”

A large barrage of ‘666’ appeared in the live stream room.

[Hahaha, Fred is a novice with a 0% win rate. I have a higher win rate than you [dog head.jpg].]

[Fred’s fan has arrived at the scene. If he dares to lose in the Asian Championship then I will immediately go to his live stream room!]

[It is so miserable. Fred has a 0% win rate and Hua Ran also has a 0% win rate.]

The two commentators saw the barrage in the live stream room and explained, “The information of players in world competitions is based on the data of international competitions. Domestic competitions aren’t counted. Moreover, Pei Feng and Hua Ran have no competition experience in China. They are pure rookies.”

“Vietnam consists of four veterans and one newcomer. In comparison, our side is really inexperienced.”

“We can only hope for the formation of the coaching staff.”

“Let’s look forward to what map and mode the Chinese team will choose.”

Some people sent cheers in the barrage area of the live stream room and some people were cynical.

This was until 4:30 Tokyo time (3:30 China time) when the match officially started. The live stream room was pushed to the home page, many netizens clicked in to see the liveliness and Jiang Shaoyu’s fan army finally arrived.

[Can I say that I am here to see the coach? [dog head.jpg].]

[+1 to seeing the coach.]

[God Wing appeared, wu wu wu. I haven’t seen him appear in public in a long time!]

[It is a pity that Ah Yu can’t play but his successor Fred can. Fred definitely won’t let his master down!]

Jiang Shaoyu’s face was shown on the screen. He was wearing the national team’s uniform of a red pattern on a white background with the national flag on his chest. He had white skin and delicate facial features. The camera focused on his face but this didn’t affect his appearance at all.

The head coach of the national team had a calm expression. He held a black cowhide book in his hand. He looked at the book with a thoughtful expression and it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

The random result of the system quickly appeared on the screen. For this team, the Chinese team was the blue side and could choose first.

The BP rule of Gun King was that the first player (the blue side) could choose the mode of the match. The second player (the red side) could ban three maps in this mode. Finally, the first player could choose one of the remaining maps as the game map.

The first player had the advantage of choosing the mode, but it was also possible that the opponent would ban the map that they had prepared for a long time on.

The Chinese team soon submitted the mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

It consisted of fast-paced small group battles. The team members immediately started a new game when all players were dead and a total of five rounds would be played. Whoever won three rounds first would win.

The coach on the Vietnamese side hesitated for a moment before banning three maps in this mode: Hope Port, Skyscraper and Cross Street.

The Chinese team selected the final match map: Winding Corridor.

In the live stream room, the two commentators looked at each other in surprise. “Winding Corridor? It is the smallest map in the entire game!”

“Yes, this map is connected by the four corridors of east, south, west and north. There are no obstacles on the map and it is suitable for frontal shooting. If this map is used in Endless Bloody battle mode, it is very dependent on the ability to command.”

“It is forbidden to carry grenades because the space on this map was too small. Let’s take a look at the players’ firearms choices.”

“Pei Feng brought a sniper rifle, the Sand Eagle pistol and a dagger. Hua Ran brought a submachine gun, smoke bombs and poisonous gas bombs. Xueyao brought smoke bombs, a dagger and a pistol. Chen Chen brought a shield, first aid kit and double pistols. Xiao Bin…”

“Wait a minute. Xiao Bin is carrying a submachine gun, a bulletproof helmet and a medical bandage? What type of equipment is this?”

Had they ever seen a charger with medical bandages on the battlefield?

Seeing Shi Xiaobin’s strange equipment, it wasn’t only the domestic audience members who were stunned. The Vietnamese players were also a bit confused. “What does this charger called Time intend?”

“Isn’t this too much? Playing a charger with a helmet and bandage?”

The Vietnamese coach said with a smile, “I remember this one. In the last World Series, he was beaten by the American team to hide and he didn’t dare to take a head. He should be the most cowardly charger in the world. You don’t have to worry about him. He is especially afraid of death. In This round, focus on Fred and Flower, the two newcomers.”

The team members nodded one after another. “Received!”

Jiang Shaoyu closed his notebook and told everyone, “Fight well. I will accompany you below the stage.”

Everyone immediately straightened their backs and sat upright one by one.

The coach was offstage. It might give them motivation but it would also give them pressure!

Did they need to write a self-criticism if they played poorly?

Jiang Shaoyu left the soundproof room, came to the coach’s bench and sat down with the substitute player Xiao Gui.

Xiao Gui sat along with his ‘grandmaster’ and the pressure was a bit high. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at him and said casually, “You don’t have to play today. Watch the match well. Once we go back for a review, come and tell everyone what you noticed.”

Xiao Gui replied, “…Oh, okay.”

On the big screen, the players of both sides finished checking their equipment and the competition officially began. It was a closed corridor with the ‘回’ structure. The Chinese team refreshed in the lower right corner while the Vietnamese team refreshed in the upper left corner. Pei Feng said calmly, “Hua Hua, go to the left. Xueyao, go to the right. The others should stay put and stand by.”

Hua Rn quickly ran to the upper left corner and Xueyao went to the right. At this time, the audience with the god’s perspective could see that the Vietnamese team was collectively coming to the right. Xueyao would be the first to encounter them.

Xueyao’s positioning was very vigilant. She heard footsteps and immediately retreated quickly. She accurately reported the data. “Five people on the right.”

At the same time, Hua Ran threw a smoke bomb at the upper left corner and blindly fired a shot. Countless bullets mixed with sparks shot out of the thick white smoke. Most of them hit the wall but they didn’t even touch the corners of a person’s clothes.

All the members of the national team, “?”

Are you firing at the air, rookie?

The commander of the Vietnamese team immediately ordered, “They are on the left. Pay attention to cover!”

Everyone immediately set up a formation. The medic crouched and set up a shield while the others set up their guns one by one. They waited for the moment the smoke cleared to destroy the people from the Chinese team.

They didn’t know that Hua Ran was just a decoy.

Hua Ran fired chaotically. One person had the fierce momentum of ‘there are countless brothers behind me. This made the Vietnamese team make the wrong judgment. At this time, Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin switched to their weapons. They took advantage of the time when the gunshots were covering their footsteps and quickly came to the right corridor to join Qin Xueyao. Pei Feng quietly walked in another direction.

On the left, the smoke cleared.

Hua Ran, who was fiercely firing, had no teammates behind him. He was instantly shot and killed by the four people of the Vietnamese team!

At almost the same time, deafening gunshots suddenly sounded from the left.

Bang bang bang!

Shi Xiaobin’s submachine gun, Qin Xueyao’s pistol and Shu Chen’s Red Cross double guns!

This surprise attack caught them off guard.

The kill notifications were displayed continuously on the screen.

Shi Xiaobin killed the assaulter and charger of the enemy side with indiscriminate bullets while Shu Chen shot and killed the scout with two shots.

The Vietnamese commander hurriedly said, “Quickly save people!”

The medic was still alive at this time. For every small round in the Endless Bloody Battle mode, they would only be judged as the loser when ‘all members are wiped out.’ As long as the medic saved people then everyone could immediately fight back.

The medic was just about to carry the bulletproof light plate to save people when a clear gunshot was heard from behind him.

Bang, bang!

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘VIE-Dam’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘VIE-Tran’ with a headshot!]

At some point, Pei Feng had come around from the other direction. He stood at the end of the corridor like a hunter waiting for a rabbit. He waited for the moment when the enemy’s medic took action before calmly opening the scope and shooting.

He fired two shots in a row and the heads of the enemy medic and sniper were instantly taken away.

In the first game, the lurkers were wiped out.

The guardians won.

The Vietnamese team: “……”

A team battle ended in just a few dozen seconds and they couldn’t react at all. The Chinese team actually played a wave of 1 for 5?

Hua Ran excitedly exclaimed, “Nice!”

Pei Feng smiled slightly. “Your acting was good. In the next game, reverse things and completely stun them.”


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