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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 125

Going to Battle

During meal time, Hua Ran asked Shu Chen doubtfully, “Brother Chen, why didn’t Coach Jiang come today?”

Shu Chen guessed, “H-He should be busy with a meeting, right?”

As they were talking, he saw Pei Feng walking toward the door with two takeout boxes. Hua Ran beckoned to him. “Captain, aren’t you eating here?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Yes. You guys eat. I’ll go back and eat.”

Seeing Pei Feng leave quickly, Hua Ran scratched his head doubtfully and asked in a low voice, “Brother Chen, did you find out that he packed two boxes?”

Shu Chen naturally noticed. The boxes used for packing meals in the national team’s cafeteria separated rice, vegetables and soup. Pei Feng carried one in his left and right hands. One was for himself and the other was obviously for someone else.

Shu Chen thought about how Jiang Shaoyu hadn’t appeared today and said, “The other copy might be for Brother Yu.”

Hua Ran sighed emotionally. “Coach Jiang is really busy. He even needs his apprentice to pack up and send him dinner.”

They all felt that ‘Coach Jiang didn’t appear, he must be busy.’

They didn’t know that after Jiang Shaoyu was marked by Pei Feng this time, he was sleeping in the dormitory to adapt to the alpha’s pheromones. He repeatedly had a low-grade fever.

Pei Feng entered the password and walked into the room. He first fed Jiang Doudou canned meat before following him to the bedroom.

Jiang Shaoyu fell into a dazed sleep. His pajamas slipped off, revealing a large area of white shoulder that was exposed under the quilt. His lazy appearance of sleeping with his eyes closed was really sexy.

Pei Feng looked at him like this and his heart pounded. His master was usually serious and indifferent, but when he slept, he looked like this. He didn’t know what he was like when he was in bed… Pei Feng couldn’t think about it any longer!

In the past when he looked at his master, he never dared to have any evil thoughts. He only had respect in his heart. Now ever since the two marks, in addition to respect, there were more… adult thoughts.

Yes, he was no longer the little boy from back then. He was an adult alpha who could protect his master. He could mark his master and possess his master.

If Jiang Shaoyu knew that his apprentice had such a disobedient idea then would he punish Pei Feng and make him kneel on the keyboard?

Pei Feng quickly chased away the chaotic thoughts in his mind. He walked to the bed and woke up Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, it is time to eat.”

The familiar voice in his ears made Jiang Shaoyu open his eyes. His eyes gradually recovered from their dazed state and regained clarity. Jiang Shaoyu pulled the pajamas on his body and sat up with a frown. He asked in a low voice, “What time is it?”

“It is 6 o’clock in the evening,” Pei Feng said while opening the packed meal box. “I came over at noon and I saw that you were sleeping very deeply. I didn’t dare to wake you up. It is dinner time and I thought you would be hungry, so I packed your favorite vegetarian dishes. By the way, I also fed Doudou.”

Xiao Pei handled everything properly. Jiang Shaoyu took the chopsticks with confidence, picked up the meal box and ate it.

“How was the afternoon training?” He asked as he ate.

“Master, rest assured, there was the assistant coach to supervise them and everyone is very serious. The evening practice match is also arranged. Today, the sparring team will imitate the tactics of the Korean team. We will try the double sniper lineup. During this time, I have been taking the time to team up with Xiao Gui and the cooperation is okay.”

“Yes. Xiao Gui is quite smart. Since you have accepted him as an apprentice, teach him well.”

“Of course.” Pei Feng smiled and said, “I will teach him like Master taught me back then.”

At this time, Gui Siyang was eating in the cafeteria and sneezed several times in a row. He inexplicably had a bad premonition in his heart.

At 7 p.m., all the players assembled in the training room.

Jiang Shaoyu slept for a day. Not only was his whole body comfortable but his spirit was much better. He came to the training room and watched everyone play the practice match in person.

Tonight’s practice match was very important. It was because the sparring team imitated the strongest opponent of this Asian Championship, the South Korean team. The national team’s lineup was Pei Feng and Gui Siyang’s double sniper, Shu Chen’s medic, Hua Ran’s charger and Qin Xueyao’s scout. They played a flexible guerrilla warfare.”

Xiao Gui was like a blank piece of paper. His ability to learn was fast. After Pei Feng accepted him as an apprentice, the little guy was particularly motivated. He stayed up late every day to practice. After this week’s practice, he was already able to keep up with Pei Feng’s rhythm.

Shu Chen and Pei Feng had already cooperated in ACE and he was soon able to adapt to Pei Feng’s command. Qin Xueyao was a player with a strong view of the overall situation. She could be Pei Feng’s eyes and open up the vision of the whole map.

As for Hua Ran… if there was no tacit understanding then there was no tacit understanding. Hua Ran was suitable for playing by himself. Just let him go to the front row and attract the attention of the Korean team, disrupting the rhythm of the opponent.

On the side of the sparring team, Xiao Yezi imitated the Korean scout’s style of play. The rest of the Snow Leopard team was also trying their best to imitate it.

However, they were just imitating after all and there was still a gap in level. The national team led by Pei Feng easily defeated them.

In the replay of the practice match, Jiang Shaoyu calmly pointed out a few problems. “The longer this lineup drags on in the front row, the more advantages that the double snipers in the back will have. Therefore, Shu Chen doesn’t have to care about the life and death of Pei Feng and Xiao Gui. You should specifically protect Hua Ran.”

Shu Chen said softly, “Okay.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng and Xiao Gui. “The two snipers need to have a bit of tacit understanding. Just now, you both shot at the same time to hit the same target. This is repeated and ineffective shooting. It is also easy to expose your position. Next, continue to spend two hours a day teaming up in the rankings to cultivate your tacit understanding.”

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang said in unison, “Understood.”

Jiang Shaoyu turned to Shi Xiaobin. “Xiao Bin, you don’t need to play in this lineup but the dual medic lineup that will save your teammates must be practiced in advance. The two of you shouldn’t appear at the same time to save a teammate. You should also spend two hours a day practicing cooperation against the machine. If you talk then it will interfere with the voice of the commander, so type in the channel to exchange information.”

Shu Chen always stuttered when he talked and couldn’t speak clearly, but he typed quickly. Shi Xiaobin was also cowardly and his voice wasn’t loud. Jiang Shaoyu let the two medics type and communicate, which would indeed make the communication between the two of them smoother.

Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen looked at each other. He nodded seriously and said, “Understood!”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “There are only 12 days left before the Asian Championship. Hurry up and practice.”

Once the coach left, everyone immediately trained in groups of two according to his arrangement.

They would inevitably bump into Korean players so Pei Feng and Xiao Gui went to the international server to play with their side accounts. Meanwhile, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen were in a double medic team and played the human-machine mode to cultivate their tacit understanding. Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao played their own matches to improve their consciousness.

Everyone practiced until late at night before returning to their rooms.

Pei Feng came to the 4th floor and found that the light in his master’s room was still on. He knocked on the door and asked, “Master, you haven’t slept yet?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “I am going to sleep right away.”

Then the lights in the room turned off. He didn’t seem to want to meet Pei Feng in private. This was a deliberate avoidance.

Pei Feng touched his nose and turned back to his room.

Next door, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t fall asleep… after sleeping for over ten hours today, he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Jiang Shaoyu lay in bed. He turned on the bedside lamp and chatted with his personal doctor on WeChat.

During the five years he was in California, Dr Zhou had been helping him. After knowing he was marked by an alpha, Dr Zhou said optimistically, “It is rare for you to meet an alpha you don’t reject. Isn’t it good if the other person is willing to help you?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “But if it goes on like this, will it have an impact on him? He is a very simple alpha with no emotional experience. He just wants to help me. He will always get married and have children in the future. I don’t want to delay him.”

Dr Zhou smiled. “I understand your concerns. In other words, you aren’t in a couple relationship?”

“Of course not. He is my apprentice in the game and he is much younger than me.”

Dr Zhou: “……”

A forbidden love between master and apprentice sounded very exciting!

Dr Zhou asked with concern, “Is he an adult?”

“…Of course. How can an underage alpha mark an omega?”

Dr Zhou laughed. “Isn’t it okay? You didn’t force him and he volunteered to help you. Why not accept it? I told you before that the side effects of long-term inhibitors being injected will become more and more serious. If you can find the right alpha to help you then this is the best treatment plan. If he chooses to marry and have children in the future, he can end this relationship with you and you can change to another alpha.”

Dr Zhou added, “Temporary marks can be covered up. Even if they have completely marked each other after marriage but want to divorce due to emotional incompatibility, they can go through surgery to clean the mark. Now omegas are very open-minded, not to mention that you are both willing. There is no need to have too much of a psychological burden.”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to the doctor’s advice and the stone that was pressing on his heart was finally removed.

That’s right. The ‘self-criticism document’ that Xiao Pei gave him had analyzed it very clearly. It was obviously better to let his apprentice mark him every few months than to use the inhibitors with strong side effects…

He would temporarily wrong Xiao Pei and find a way to compensate him later.

The next time passed very quickly. The more than ten days of intense training and cooperation practice made everyone tense, but they also made rapid progress.

The sparring team dutifully served as everyone’s sandbags. Under the personal supervision of Jiang Shaoyu, several sets of lineups in the national team became smoother and smoother.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of July and everyone was ready to go abroad.

Yu Mingxiang had already arranged the air tickets and hotel. Jiang Shaoyu decided to take everyone over two days in advance.

On August 1st, the Asian Championship officially opened. On July 30th, everyone came to the capital’s international airport.

This time, the members of the national team’s work group who went with them were Vice-chairman Qi, Team Leader Sister Yue, Head Coach Jiang Shaoyu and Assistant Coach Old Chang. Coach Cui stayed at the base and the other tactical consultants stayed in China to play the A-grade League and had no time to go abroad.

The national team had only six players.

Everyone took a group photo at the airport. The official Weibo of the national team also posted a promotional message. “The Chinese Gun King national team will go to Tokyo, Japan today to participate in the Gun King’s Asian Championship! I wish them all a smooth journey and a victorious start!”

Players from the national team who couldn’t participate forwarded it one after another.

Liu Shaozhou: “I wish everyone a smooth competition!”

Yezi: “I can’t go to the competition in person but my soul is with you~~”

Mo Hantian: “Jiayou, jiayou!”

Pei Feng also forwarded it. “The first Asian Championship, we will go all out!”

The large number of forwards made the news #China’s participation in the Asian Championship# quickly go on the hot search. Netizens were stunned.

What? The Chinese team actually registered for the Asian Championship this year?

“F*k, is this right? Is that Fred smiling in the photo?”

“Is God Wing the one next to Fred? God Wing looks so good! I want to be his fan!”

“Many players of the national team are playing in the playoffs, right? How can they participate in the Asian Championship? Are there enough people?”

“Captain Liu, Captain Zhou, Lao Lin and Yezi aren’t there… Xiao Mo and Xia Li don’t seem to be there either?”

“I counted. The only players in the national team are Fred, Hua Ran, Shu Chen, Shi Xiaobin, Qin Xueyao and the youth trainee Xiao Gui. There are only six people in total!”

“In other words, these six people are going to play in the Asian Championship? Is this going to make themselves a joke?”

“Hehe, Fred and Hua Ran have no competition experience, Shu Chen has sat on the bench for two years and Qin Xueyao is a player from the secondary league who has never been abroad. Shi Xiaobin just showed his face in the last World Series and there were no results. This is it? Aren’t they ashamed to go to the Asian Championship?”

“This group of newcomers is going to practice, right? They can’t go straight to the World Series with zero experience!”

The Asian Championship is scheduled for one round!”

“I think Coach Jiang can find a travel agency in advance. After the group stage, he can take everyone around Japan to soak in the hot springs and eat sushi.”

“I looked at the official website. There are nine countries signed up for this Asian Championship… can the Chinese team finish in the top four?”

“I think that has no basis. This is the first time for the Chinese team to participate in the Asian Championship. It is fine as long as they aren’t at the bottom. The requirements for them aren’t too high!”

“Top four? It is a dream! In the Asian Gun King project, the Korean team will always be the father! Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan are also popular national teams that are stronger than China. How shameful!”

“The full version of the national team might not necessarily win when going out to play, let alone the current ‘castrated version.’ The main players of Liu, Zhou, Lin and Ye aren’t there. They are sending a group of substitute newcomers. What results can be achieved?”

“I will sit and wait to be slapped in the face. If the Chinese team can win a prize, I will wash my hair live while doing a handstand!”

Jiang Shaoyu sat in the airport’s waiting hall and his voice was very calm as he read the comments below the official Weibo post.

Domestic netizens generally weren’t optimistic about the performance of the national team in world events. It was because the performance of the Chinese team in the past few years was too bad. Netizens had already lost confidence in the national team.

It didn’t matter. He would re-establish the confidence of netizens.

A ‘castrated version’ of the national team? No, in this national team, everyone was the main force.


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