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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 123

The Most Important Person

Pei Feng looked at the inhibitors on the bedside table and dusty memories flashed in his mind like a movie. During the Spring Festival, his master’s pheromones were disordered. Pei Feng had sent him back to the national team’s base but it was snowing heavily and the roads were closed. The situation got out of control. Pei Feng finally parked the car on the side of the road and marked his master in the car. That was their first intimate contact.

The scene of this snowy night often appeared in his dreams later. It was just that in his heart, his master was a very divine existence that he didn’t allow himself to blasphemy. Therefore, Pei Feng forcibly sealed that memory and didn’t think about it.

He thought this accident would be like a dream, forever sealed in the depths of the memories of the two of them. They still got along like master and apprentice and Pei Feng’s feelings for his master were still respectful and admiring. He didn’t dare to offend his master in the slightest.

Now seeing his master’s red face and weak body when tortured by pheromones, listening to his slightly hoarse and sexy voice, the memories rushed out like a faucet was turned. Pei Feng’s mind became blank and he felt the heart on the left beating violently, jumping in his chest as if trying to break free.

Jiang Shaoyu waited for a moment. He found that his apprentice didn’t respond. He simply stretched out his arm and said in a hoarse voice, “There is a new syringe in the box. Just open the lid of the inhibitor and put it on. This is a muscle needle. You need to avoid the blood vessels and inject it in the side.”

He usually injected himself, but under the torment of the pheromones, it was very rare to be able to maintain a clear consciousness. Now he had no strength in his body, his hands were weak and he couldn’t hold the needle at all. He wanted to call the team doctor of the national team and ask Dr Xue to come. As a result, Pei Feng had just knocked on the door. It was just an injection and he could let his apprentice help. Thus, he let Pei Feng into the room.

Pei Feng’s mind was pulled back by the voice and he looked down at his master’s arm. Jiang Shaoyu’s arm was very white. It was white under the light of the bedroom and due to the long-term injection of omega inhibitors, his arm had a large number of needle marks and bruises. These marks were shocking!

Pei Feng felt as if something had stabbed into the depths of his heart. He stared intently at his master’s arm and asked cautiously, “These… are they bruises left by the injection? How many years have you been receiving injections?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Five years.”

Pei Feng: “……”

Injections every day for five years? No wonder why this arm was almost wasted!

He couldn’t imagine how much torture his master had suffered over the years. Looking at the almost ‘non-human-like’ arm, Pei Feng’s heart throbbed. The long-term injection not long left a large number of needle marks and bruises on his arm, but also the muscles of his arm had started to shrink significantly. It was no wonder why Jiang Shaoyu wore short sleeves. Even in the hot summer, he mostly wore long-sleeved t-shirts… was it because he was worried that others would see his injuries?

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “It is okay, I’m used to it.” He closed his eyes, turned slightly sideways and exposed his entire arm. “Come on, do it quickly. It will be out of control if it drags out any longer.”

Jiang Shaoyu had just finished taking a shower and his hair was still wet. At this time, his pajamas was pulled down by him. It revealed not only his arm but also a large area of white neck and collarbone. Apart from the wounds on his arms, the rest of his body was flawless. This sharp contrast actually had a strange and messy beauty.

Jiang Shaoyu’s pheromones were very aggressive toward alphas. However, at this moment, Pei Feng couldn’t help wanting to get close to him and to hug this seemingly proud person who had silently endured his pain.

Pei Feng’s breathing became a bit disturbed. He quickly looked away, picked up the inhibitor from the bedside table, unscrewed the lid and tore off the plastic packaging of the syringe to connect the needle. This syringe was really easy to use and could be easily used by people who weren’t medical professionals. However, when he pointed the sharp needle of the syringe at Jiang Shaoyu’s marked arm… he couldn’t pierce it cruelly.

There was barely a patch of intact skin on his injured arm and there was redness, swelling and bruises everywhere.

He needed to do ten consecutive injections but Pei Feng couldn’t even do one!

Jiang Shaoyu closed his eyes and waited for a while. Then he found that his apprentice hadn’t made a move and urged him with a frown, “What are you thinking? Why take so long with the injection…” Before he could finish speaking, Pei Feng suddenly threw the inhibitor to the side and pressed hard on Jiang Shaoyu’s shoulder.

The young man’s warm palm touched his shoulder. Jiang Shaoyu’s whole body seemed electrified and he froze instantly.

Pei Feng’s eyes were red as he looked at Jiang Shaoyu and whispered, “I can’t do it.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s whole body was so hot that he was about to steam up. He heard this and had to say, “Then call Dr Xue to come over…”

Pei Feng interrupted him. “You will let Dr Xue give you ten injections to temporarily control your pheromones? Then what about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?” The alpha’s eyes were red and his voice was shaking with pain. “Injections day after day for a lifetime? How long are you going to torture yourself?”

“……” Jiang Shaoyu had a headache. If this dragged on, he would lose control. Couldn’t Xiao Pei distinguish between priorities? He looked back at his apprentice. Then he saw Pei Feng’s eyes that were red from sadness and his eyes softened inexplicably. He patiently explained, “I know that you can’t bear to see me suffer. However, it is just an injection. It isn’t surgery or amputation. It isn’t as serious as you think.”

He turned around to get his phone, but was gently stopped by Pei Feng. “One or two injections naturally don’t matter. However, you have received long-term injections. You receive injections every day and your arm muscles have atrophied. There is no intact piece of skin. Do you still think it doesn’t matter? Are you going to scrap this arm?”

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t refute it. After years of injections, his upper arm was slowly losing its feeling. The side effects of the inhibitors had also affected his metabolism and digestive function. He hadn’t slept well recently.

“In fact, there is another way.” Pei Feng took a deep breath before saying, “Last time, I temporarily marked you. Didn’t you not need injections for a long time?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and stared at the other person in disbelief. “You want to mark me?”

The tips of Pei Feng’s ears were slightly red but his attitude was very resolute. “You can just think of me as a better inhibitor. My pheromones can really help you. Wasn’t the Spring Festival marking smooth? Once an alpha temporarily marks an omega, it can stabilize the pheromones for months. At the very least, you won’t have to receive any more injections for the next few months, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

“Next month is the Asian Championship. Are you going to take a lot of inhibitors abroad? If something happens abroad, I really won’t feel at ease.” Pei Feng paused and asked in a low voice, “Is it okay, Master? Isn’t it better to give you a temporary mark than for you to take injections every day?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and shook his head. “Xiao Pei, this is my own business. I don’t want to repeatedly drag you into the water. A temporary mark is a very intimate act for an alpha and omega. You might be open-minded but you haven’t been in a relationship. If you hastily mark an omega, you will regret it when you have someone you like in the future.”

Pei Feng smiled. “There are no regrets. I will be happy to help Master solve the problem.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked up at Pei Feng in surprise. He met the young man’s smiling gaze and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated uncontrollably.

The alpha in front of him regarded him as an idol from a young age and was now an adult. He was willing to do everything for Jiang Shaoyu. As long as it was his master’s order, Xiao Pei never refused. It was just that Xiao Pei was very simple emotionally. He thought about helping his master and didn’t understand the meaning of the mark at all. How could he, as the master, repeatedly pull his apprentice into the water?

In the quiet bedroom, the master and apprentice looked at each other. Pei Feng’s eyes were straightforward and calm, but Jiang Shaoyu was in a complicated mood and he didn’t know how to explain it for a while. The next moment, Pei Feng simply turned Jiang Shaoyu’s body around and gently bit down on the back of his neck.

The alpha’s slightly cool lips pressed against the back of his hot neck. Jiang Shaoyu’s whole body trembled and his hands gripped the sheet hard.

He knew in his heart that this was wrong and he should stop it in time… However, once the alpha’s warm coffee-flavored pheromones reappeared, Jiang Shaoyu almost instantly lost the ability to resist.

He longed for Pei Feng’s pheromones.

Even as calm as he was, it was difficult for him to resist this physiological instinct.

Other times when he met alphas while in estrus, he just felt disgusted and wanted to beat them up. But for Xiao Pei, he didn’t have the slightest feeling of rejection.

The familiar cool aroma of mint and warm coffee mingled in the air. Warm pheromones poured into Jiang Shaoyu’s body from the back of his neck, flowing along the veins of his whole body and slowly and patiently soothing his irritability.

Gradually, the mint aroma was neutralized. The smell of coffee and mint mixed together was particularly refreshing.

Jiang Shaoyu’s brain also quickly regained its composure.

He turned his head and didn’t know how to face Pei Feng for a while.

This was the second time!

The Spring Festival matter was a sudden incident and couldn’t be avoided. However, it could obviously be prevented this time. There was obviously a better way…

He still let his apprentice mark him.

Pei Feng let go of Jiang Shaoyu. He saw his master turn his head away, not wanting to talk to him. This made Pei Feng smile, “This time, I took the initiative. If you are angry then I’ll go back and write a 1,000 word self-criticism. I’ll hand it over to you tomorrow.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Pei Feng’s voice was low and gentle. “Master, I said that you don’t have to carry everything yourself and I can help you share it. Since I can help you with the problem of pheromones, you shouldn’t use these inhibitors that are harmful to the body in the future.”

Jiang Shaoyu was silent for a moment before turning his eyes to Pei Feng and saying calmly, “You are still young and haven’t been in a relationship. It isn’t right for us to do this. In the future, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend then the other person will be very disgusted when they know you have marked me, understand?”

Pei Feng scratched his head. “In a relationship? I haven’t even thought of that. For me, Master is the most important thing. I don’t need to be in a relationship. I don’t have time to coax a boyfriend or a girlfriend.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

What nonsense was he saying? Xiao Pei’s blunt words made Jiang Shaoyu’s temples throb.

There would be no result from talking today so he simply issued an eviction order. “Go back and rest. Today’s events… you were being kind so you don’t have to write a self-criticism.”

Pei Feng nodded and stood up. “Then I’ll go first. If Master is uncomfortable then call me at any time.”

He turned and went out. Jiang took the initiative to send him to the door with a wagging tail. Pei Feng leaned over and touched Doudou’s head, telling him with a smile, “Yes, go and accompany your master.” Jiang Doudou turned and ran again.

Pei Feng returned to his room next door and immediately put away his smile. He rushed to the bathroom in a few steps and turned on the cold water to the maximum. He stood under the shower and let cold water pour on him, but Jiang Shaoyu was still on his mind.

He was obviously tortured by pheromones to the point of collapse, but he still maintained his pride and calmness. The man’s hair was drenched, revealing white shoulders and an extreme sexiness. His always divine master actually had such an alluring side, which made people couldn’t help but want…

Protect him and possess him.


Pei Feng stood under the cold water in shame. He should be d*mned for having such ‘disrespectful’ thoughts toward his master.

Then Pei Feng couldn’t help feeling distressed at the thought of his master facing all of this alone and injecting himself with ten needles every day without hesitation when his pheromones were disordered. He wanted to hold the other person and protect the other person.

Complicated emotions kept churning in his mind and he turned on the cold water more and more. Pei Feng stayed there for half an hour to extinguish the fire.

He thought of the question that his master had just asked him. “In the future, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend then the other person will be very disgusted when they know you have marked me, understand?”

He naturally understood but he was willing.

He was willing as long as he could help his master solve any difficulties and let him do anything.

If the other person minded his relationship with his master then Pei Feng would rather not be in a relationship. It was because no one could surpass Jiang Shaoyu’s position in his heart.

When he was young, he was full of admiration and worship for his master. His eyes always followed that person. Now those feelings were slowly deteriorating.

The first mark was too sudden and he didn’t think about it too much. But this time, he was surprised to find that he not only had a protective desire for his master, but also a strange possessiveness. He wanted to firmly hold onto his master.

What boyfriend or girlfriend? It was enough to have his master.

Subconsciously, Jiang Shaoyu’s weight in his heart was actually so heavy.

Was it possible that he didn’t just worship and admire his master?

But… it was adoration?


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