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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 122

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Pei Feng took everyone to the private restaurant near the base. In addition to his master and the players of the national team, he called the two assistant coaches, the teaching assistants, the team leaders and the recent sparring partner.

The environment of the private restaurant was very good. The large private room that could seat 18 people was clean and tidy and there was a leisure area for guests to play cards and entertain.

Pei Feng asked the waiter to order. Then he smiled and asked, “Do you have any taboos?”

Everyone said he could order casually. Pei Feng picked some special dishes. Then he considered that his master’s taste was light and specially ordered a few vegetarian dishes and a bowl of seafood porridge for his master.

Jiang Shaoyu put the cake on the table and asked, “Eat the cake first? Or eat it after the meal?”

Pei Feng said, “Let’s eat first or everyone won’t be able to eat later.”

Yu Mingxiang took out a lighter. He inserted two numbered candles with ‘2’ and ‘0’ on the cake. Then he said with a smile, “Xiao Pei is 20 years old this year. Time flies so fast!”

When ACE celebrated Pei Feng’s birthday last time, the cake had ‘1’ and ‘4’.

The 14 year old Pei Feng only reached up to Jiang Shaoyu’s shoulders and he followed behind his master all day, chattering and full of vitality. Now a few years had passed and the young man had differentiated into an alpha with developed facial features and a grown body. His personality was still cheerful and optimistic, but he was a bit more mature and stable.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the tall and handsome alpha in front of him and his mood was a bit complicated. He had only trained Pei Feng for a year, but that simple time had always been engraved in the depths of his memory.

Today’s Pei Feng really gave him a sense of hope that ‘my family’s apprentice has grown up.’

Jiang Shaoyu personally helped Pei Feng insert birthday candles and lit them with a lighter.

Yu Mingxiang turned off the lights in the room. In the dim space, the dancing candlelight illuminated Jiang Shaoyu’s face. The warm fire made his expression seem much gentler than usual.

He heard Jiang Shaoyu say softly, “Happy birthday, come and make a wish.”

Yu Mingxiang clapped while singing a birthday song. The others immediately followed. After singing the song, Pei Feng stepped forward with a smile and glanced at his master. Then he closed his eyes, clasped his hands together and inwardly whispered, ‘My birthday wish is—I hope Master’s wish can be fulfilled.’

He knew what his master’s wish was.

His master definitely wanted to make the environment of the Chinese Gun King e-sport’s circle more positive and healthy. E-sports players could find their value in this land and they naturally hoped that the national team could achieve good results in the World Series.

His master’s vision had always been broad-minded. As the only apprentice of God Wing, Pei Feng was also very proud. Therefore, his birthday wish was that his master’s wish could be fulfilled. If his master was happy then he was happy.

After making his wish, Pei Feng blew out the candle in one breath.

Yu Mingxiang turned on the light. Pei Feng cut the cake into over a dozen pieces before picking the middle piece with less cream and more fruit for Jiang Shaoyu. Jiang Shaoyu took it and ate it.

The group of people ate the birthday cake in a lively manner. Once they finished eating, Pei Feng smiled and said, “Today, there is another piece of good news I want to announce to everyone.”

He beckoned to Xiao Gui. “Come, serve tea to your master and formally go through the ceremony.”

Gui Siyang’s cheeks were red but his dark eyes couldn’t hide his excitement. He took a cup of tea and handed it to Pei Feng respectfully, calling out in a clear voice, “Hello, Master! Happy birthday to Master! I hope your wishes come true!”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

Everyone: “……”

F*k, Pei Feng actually accepted an apprentice on his birthday?

Did this count as a big gift to Jiang Shaoyu Jiang Shaoyu? God Wing was directly promoted to grandmaster?

Pei Feng patted Gui Siyang on the shoulder, drank his tea of respect and said with a smile, “Good.”

Then he looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Let’s toast Master as well.”

Jiang Shaoyu met the uneasy eyes of his ‘grandson apprentice’. He had to take the cup handed by Gui Siyang and take a sip of tea. “Not bad. Follow Pei Feng and study hard in the future.”

Gui Siyang nodded excitedly. “Yes! I definitely will!”

Next to him, Old Chang laughed loudly. “Hahaha, has God Wing become the most senior person in our e-sports circle? He has an apprentice and a grandson apprentice!”

Yu Mingxiang teased, “Ah Yu will not only have an apprentice to protect him in the future, but also a grandson apprentice. No one can afford to provoke him.”

Jiang Shaoyu chuckled without having an opinion on Pei Feng’s decision.

Xiao Gui was indeed a very talented newcomer and his attitude was undeniable. His goal was clear and he made serious efforts. He was the best inheritor of the ‘free person’ position of the national team in the future.

As the head coach of the national team, Jiang Shaoyu was very busy every day. It was impossible to personally tutor Gui Siyang. He asked Xiao Pei to teach this newcomer before. Now Pei Feng was willing to accept Xiao Gui as an apprentice, which was also very good.

Gui Siyang couldn’t be happier. God Wing was his grandmaster? Fred became his master? He wasn’t selected for the national team but he got more opportunities to grow. In the future, he must be more strict with himself and not disgrace his master!

In the corner, Xiao Yezi chatted curiously with Hua Ran, “How much older is God Wing than Fred?”

Hua Ran replied in a low voice, “Four years, right? God Wing was 18 when he won the championship and Fred was 14. Now Fred is 20 years old and God Wing will be 24 years old after his birthday.”

Xiao Yezi scratched his red hair thoughtfully. “Then how much older is Fred than Xiao Gui?”

Hua Ran replied, “It is also four years old!”

Xiao Yezi was dazed before realizing. “What a coincidence! My master is also four years older than me. This means it is better to accept an apprentice with a four year age difference. Then my apprentice… is still in elementary school?”

Hua Ran almost spat out a mouthful of tea. “You haven’t grown up yourself. You already want to take an apprentice?”

Xiao Yezi smiled. “Our Ye family also has things to pass on. I want to pass on the precious legacy that my master gave me. I will pass it on from generation to generation, to my disciple and grand disciple, until the day that Gun King collapses.”

Hua Ran didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Just that box of self-criticisms? Your master’s treasure is really special enough.”

The meal finished at 7:30 and Pei Feng asked for his master’s opinion in a low voice, “Master, it is still early. Do you want to go to the KTV for a few hours and relax?”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t like noisy occasions very much but today was his apprentice’s birthday. Everyone was really happy just having a meal. They had been busy during this time and it was good to relax. He nodded and said, “Okay, you can arrange it. However, alcohol is prohibited during training. Don’t let everyone drink and buy some other drinks.”

The Asian Championship was about to start in over ten days. They couldn’t drink and delay business. Everyone knew this in their hearts.

Pei Feng took everyone to the nearby KTV and found the largest private room for over ten people. The group played the game of guessing the card and those who lost went to sing.

Hua Ran and Ye Suian, the two ‘Rainbow Team fugitives’, sang and it could be called a ghost crying or wolf howling. The two singing together was simply a ‘double noise pollution’ and it caused Jiang Shaoyu to frown.

He saw Shu Chen hiding alone in a daze so he simply sat next to Shu Chen and talked with him.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “This Hua Ran is too active. You are often called by him to team up together. Can you stand his talking?”

Shu Chen whispered, “I-It is okay. Even if I don’t answer, he can talk to himself for a long time.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

A person with social fear and a very social person played the rankings together. One didn’t speak while the other talked to himself, but they seemed to get along very well?

The two of them were chatting when a sunny voice entered their ears. “It is my turn. I am going to sing the theme song of Gun King, ‘Light of the Long Night’ to everyone. It is a pleasure to get to know you due to this game.”

There were many versions of the theme song of this game. The lyrics of the Chinese version had been specially modified by the officials. The first half of the song highlighted the desperation of humans struggling to survive in a hail of bullets. Then the chorus became passionate and talked about the blood of life or death between teammates.

Pei Feng’s voice was clear and it was indeed very good for him to sing this type of song.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help stopping the conversation with Shu Chen. He raised his head and listened carefully.

Pei Feng also happened to look at his master. After meeting Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes, he showed a handsome smile toward his master. The young man’s straightforward and gentle eyes looked at him in the dark private room. At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu’s heart seemed to be lightly hit by something.

A fierce gunshot was heard in the background of the song. Jiang Shaoyu’s brain buzzed and his heartbeat inexplicably accelerated. He quickly looked away.

Pei Feng’s fast paced theme song aroused the enthusiasm of the audience and many people started to sing along with him. Hua Hua and Xiao Yezi, the two teenagers, stood up and did funny dance moves. The atmosphere of the private room was warm and Jiang Shaoyu felt a bit hot. After Pei Feng finished singing, he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

He washed his face with cold water and the heat of his body faded slightly. The strange thing was that his heartbeat was still a bit fast. He obviously didn’t drink. Was it because everyone was singing too noisily and the noise made his heartbeat accelerate?

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and went back to the private room. He drank a glass of iced orange juice to cool himself down. It was noisy around him but he was a bit sleepy and slept on the sofa. A very strange scene appeared in the dream. His entire body was soaked in the hot spring. The surroundings were steaming. In the hazy mist, there was a figure but he couldn’t see the other person clearly.

It wasn’t known how long it took but Pei Feng’s deep voice suddenly entered his ears. “Master, wake up. We are going back.”

Jiang Shaoyu was shaken awake. He met Pei Feng’s eyes and his heart inexplicably jumped. He took a deep breath and asked calmly, “You aren’t playing any longer?”

Pei Feng smiled. “We’ve played enough. It is almost time to go back. We have to train tomorrow.”

Jiang Shaoyu stood up and returned to the national team’s base with everyone.

After returning to the dormitory, he went to the bathroom to take a shower and soon realized that something wasn’t quite right with him. The blocking patch on the back of his neck was torn off and the exposed gland started to heat up. The heat rose higher and higher.

This familiar feeling made him think of his estrus experience in previous years—for the first five years abroad, every year in the summer of July.

In July of previous years, he would usually go to the hospital and use a large number of pheromone inhibitors to control it.

This year, during the Spring Festival, he experienced an unexpected estrus in Pei Feng’s house and was temporarily marked by Pei Feng. Jiang Shaoyu subconsciously thought that since his estrus had advanced, it wouldn’t come again this year.

Now it seemed that it hadn’t occurred in advance. It was an unexpected situation of the pheromone disorder.

Most omegas only had one estrus period a year. A very small number of omegas with unstable pheromones might also have it happen twice or even more times. If the one during the Spring Festival was an accident then was the one today the same normal estrus period as in previous years?

Jiang Shaoyu understood this and hurriedly dried himself with a towel. He casually put on a bathrobe and went to the dormitory to find his inhibitors. Doudou sensed that something was wrong and followed his master while barking nonstop.

At this moment, Pei Feng next door was about to change his clothes when he heard Jiang Doudou calling out. He was a bit puzzled and turned around and went to Room 404 to knock on the door. “Master, are you uncomfortable?”

When they left the KTV just now, he noticed that his master was pale and had a layer of sweat on his forehead. His brow was tightly wrinkled like he was very uncomfortable.

Now Jiang Doudou was calling out abnormally. Was there an accident?

Pei Feng thought of this and was even more worried. He continued to knock on the door. “Master? What’s wrong?”

Soon, Jiang Shaoyu’s voice was heard from the room. “Come in. You know the password.”

Pei Feng immediately entered the password and went in.

Jiang Doudou wagged his tail and waited at the door. He rubbed against Pei Feng’s leg and screamed to take him to his master, as if asking for help. Pei Feng followed Doudou and quickly came to the bedroom.

He saw Jiang Shaoyu half leaning against the head of the bed, covered in pajamas. A large area of fair skin was revealed, so sexy that it made his mouth dry.

The familiar smell of omega pheromones appeared in the room, awakening Pei Feng’s sealed memory.

The mint fragrance with a strong attack power was just as refreshing as last time.

Pei Feng instantly sobered up and asked in a dry voice, “Master, are you… in e-estrus?”

Jiang Shaoyu narrowed his eyes slightly. Obviously, his body had become weak under the torment of estrus, but his attitude was still cold and his voice was a bit hoarse. “Yes. I wanted to call Dr Xue and asked her to come over. Since you are here, I won’t bother her.”

Jiang Shaoyu pointed to the inhibitor on the bedside table, as if issuing an order. Then he said casually, “I don’t have much strength now. Take the inhibitor and help inject it into my arm. This disposable injection needle is very easy to operate. Ten is enough.”

Pei Feng: “……”

No bite this time? He directly called his apprentice to give an injection?


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    No bite this time? He directly called his apprentice to give an injection?

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