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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 12

The New Coach

The car drove quickly to the headquarters of the E-sports League. Qi Heng pushed open the door of the room with Jiang Shaoyu and smiled. “Leaders, I’m sorry for making you wait a long time. This is Jiang Shaoyu that I’ve mentioned to you. Ah Yu, this is Chairman Li and Chairman Zhang of the E-sports League.

Jiang Shaoyu stepped forward politely and shook hands with the leaders.

Chairman Zhang was a middle-aged man in his 40s. He was all smiles and seemed to be easy to talk to. He asked Jiang Shaoyu to sit down and said enthusiastically, “ACE-Wing, right? I’ve heard Xiao Qi talk about you. It is very legendary! I am a layman and don’t know much about games. We have already decided to hire you as the Coach of Gun King’s national team so we will confidently hand over the national team to you!”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Thank you for your approval, Chairman. I will do my best to lead the national team.”

Initially, the leaders felt that the legendary story Qi Heng told them was just adding details to exaggerate a story. He was just an e-sports player. Even if he led his team to win the championship, could he have the ability to control the national team?

Then after meeting the real person, everyone’s thoughts changed.

This Jiang Shaoyu was too calm. He was as calm as a walking robot. It seemed that this was a powerful person who was very stubborn!

Next to him, Chairman Li smiled. “Coach Jiang, we had a meeting and seriously discussed the conditions you mentioned. You can take full responsibility for the selection of members, the daily training and the competition arrangements. As for the salary… to be honest, the national team has limited funds. What do you think about 10 million? The budget we have allocated for the coach can only reach this amount.”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly told them, “I don’t want a salary. I just need my food, accommodation and transportation taken care of.”

The people present were stunned and thought they had heard incorrectly.

Chairman Li stared at him with disbelief. “N-No salary?”

“It is my voluntary decision to return to China to work. In addition, I have no experience with officially coaching a team. I will be too ashamed to receive that much money as a salary if I don’t get any results. I won’t receive anything as my salary as long as the national team doesn’t win a prize in the World Series.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s attitude was serious. “You can give me what I deserve as a bonus once we receive the prize. Then I will be more at ease.”

Chairman Zhang raised an eyebrow with surprise. “Get the prize? Are you so confident?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes. I am the one choosing and leading the team and I am confident I can achieve results. We will advance to the final round next year and get a trophy back. If I remember correctly, the national team hasn’t won a trophy at the World Series yet. We must achieve this ‘zero prizes breakthrough’ as soon as possible.”

The leaders glanced at each other and were happy.

The national team really hadn’t won a trophy at the World Series. They had been looking forward to this ‘zero prizes breakthrough’ for too many years!

This person dared to issue a letter of guarantee. It didn’t matter if he was bragging or really was capable. This courage alone was rare. The last national team didn’t even make it to the quarterfinals. It wasn’t easy for such a team to win a prize. He was so confident. They might as well let him try it to see if he could bring out another dark horse team.

They exchanged looks and happily agreed to Jiang Shaoyu’s conditions.

They signed the contract and the league held a welcome party for Jiang Shaoyu. After the meal, Jiang Shaoyu followed Sister Yu and Qi Heng back to the base of the national team.

He had retired after the S3 season. In the year of his retirement, Gun King hadn’t held the World Series yet. There was no such thing as the national team. They were all teams of major clubs. In the S4 season, the first World Series was officially launched and the league established a national e-sports park.

The e-sports park was located in the eastern outskirts of the capital. It was a large area with pleasant scenery, as if it was located in a park. In addition to necessary areas like the player’s dormitory, the cafeteria, the training room and the meeting room, the entire park also had a large yard for running as well as a gym, swimming pool and other places. It had very complete facilities and was much better than the conditions of the major clubs.

The car drove into the e-sports park and stopped in front of the dormitory building.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the four story building in front of him and asked, “Do all the players live here?”

Yu Mingxiang answered, “Yes, the players and staff members live separately. Currently, all 11 players of the national team live here. Your room is in the corner on the fourth floor.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Is the national team equipped with a team doctor?”

“Of course. The team doctor is a female beta called Xue Wei. She graduated from the capital’s Medical University and also studied pheromone as a graduate student. Many players in the national team are young and might face the problem of an unstable state after differentiation. We took this into account and hired a doctor with strong comprehensive ability when looking for a team doctor.”

A female beta?

For alphas and omegas, betas were a relatively friendly gender that didn’t produce pheromone effects.

Jiang Shaoyu was relieved. In this way, he didn’t have to go to the doctor alone. If there was a problem, he would directly find the team doctor to resolve it. He thought about it for a moment before saying, “Give me Dr Xue’s contact information. I’ll personally go find her another day in order to consult on some questions.”

Yu Mingxiang nodded and sent the contact information of the team doctor to him.

The three people arrived at Room 404. Yu Mingxiang entered the password to unlock it while giving an introduction. “This is a single person suite with a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and separate bathroom. The password for the electronic door lock is 66. You can use your phone to reset it later. The sheets and quilt cover have all been replaced.”

Jiang Shaoyu examined the clean and tidy room. Yu Mingxiang had obviously let the logistics people clean up for him. The room was spacious and there was a soft sofa in the living room. Even the sheets and quilt cover were the dark blue color that he liked. His heart warmed slightly as he turned around. “Thank you, Sister Yu.”

Yu Mingxiang smiled gently. “Why are you being polite? If you have any life needs in the future, feel free to contact me.”

Jiang Shaoyu suddenly remembered his time in the ACE team. Yu Mingxiang was the team leader and in charge of logistics. This girl was very attentive and would properly arrange the hotel, itinerary and food every time they went out to play a competition. Team Leader Yu Mingxiang was indispensable when it came to the results of the ACE team.

These workers behind the scenes were unknown but they were working hard to contribute to the e-sports field that they loved.

The national team had Yu Mingxiang as the team leader so Jiang Shaoyu was very relieved.

He settled Doudou and fed Doudou some food. Then he turned around and went to the living room.

There was a clock hanging on the wall of the living room and the time pointed to 9 p.m. Qi Heng suggested, “Ah Yu, you have been on a plane for over 10 hours and went to the headquarters to sign the contract after returning to China. You must be very tired. Rest tired and adjust your jet lag. We can talk about other things tomorrow.”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “No, I took a nap on the plane and I’m not sleepy.”

He gazed calmly at Qi Heng. “Call everyone to the meeting room so we can get to know each other.”

Qi Heng and Yu Mingxiang: “……”

He just came to the base but he gathered all the players for a meeting in the evening. Jiang Shaoyu was just as resolute as they remembered.

Yu Mingxiang took out his phone and sent an announcement to the group: [@all members. The new coach has arrived. Immediately come to a meeting room. There is a meeting at 9:30 p.m.”

At this time, most of the players of the national team were training in the training room.

Captain Lin had told them that a new coach was arriving in a few days. They should all perform well in front of the new coach and leave a good impression on him.

They thought that the new coach wouldn’t look for them overnight but what if?

It was like when they studied late at night and the new homeroom teacher suddenly came to the class for an inspection. It was fine if they were seriously doing their homeroom. However, if they were caught being naughty, sleeping or chatting then they wouldn’t have a good time in the future!

Therefore, in the two days when the new coach was about to arrive, it was right to train seriously.

After seeing the announcement sent by Sister Yu, the uneasy newcomers typed quickly in the ‘National Team Newbies’ group privately built by Mo Hantian.

TKTK: [I just saw the car that went to pick up the coach drive into the park. Doesn’t the coach have to rest? Directly calling a meeting at night?]

Refined and Courteous: [Will he directly announce the disbandment and have us book tickets tomorrow to go home? T_T] (Pinyin is Binbinyouli so this is Shi Xiaobin)

Xia Xia’s Summer: [What are you afraid of? The new coach can’t eat people. If he is going to disband it then let it disband. We can come again to the next one.]

Xiao Lu: [The coach of the domestic club hasn’t heard about anyone accepting the position of the national team’s coach. Did they invite a foreign aid?]

Xia Xia’s Summer: [I don’t know! Xiao Lu, do you have any connections to inquire about it?]

Xiao Lu: [I don’t know either.]

Mo Hantian saw the messages in the group chat and a strong feeling of uneasiness suddenly rose in his heart.

The new coach rushed to the base to take office and called everyone for a meeting as soon as he arrived. This was different from the previously gentle and kind Coach Zhang.

The league actually dared to let him take full responsibility for the next national team. It seemed that the national team was about to undergo a major change.

People walked into the meeting room on the third floor one after another and obediently took their seats.

At 9:30 in the evening, Vice-chairman Qi and Sister Yu punctually came to the meeting room with another person.

Everyone saw the stranger walking in at the end and felt their eyes light up. He was so handsome! This was the most beautiful coach of the national team in history, right?

He also looked very young. He was tall, fair-skinned and had delicate features. It was just that his eyes were too cold… they seemed to have a faint murderous air?

The group of newcomers glanced furtively at him but no one dared to speak.

Meanwhile, Lin Haoyan’s jaw dropped from the shock. He stared at the man in disbelief. He rubbed his eyes vigorously and muttered in a low voice, “F*k.”

The player sitting next to Lin was also slightly shocked when seeing the new coach. He immediately sat up straight and his back was as stiff as a statue.

Yu Mingxiang smiled. “Let me make the introductions. This is the new coach of the national team, Jiang Shaoyu. He also has another name—Wing. You should’ve heard of it, right? He is the former captain of the ACE team and the MVP of the S3 season, God Wing!”

Qi Heng took the lead to clap. “Everyone, applaud and welcome the new coach!”

The newcomers: “……”

Oh my god!

They invited this founder-level figure?

God Wing! He was the legendary number one sniper in China who once killed Qi Heng with a headshot in the finals, crying the myth of a grassroots team winning the A-grade Professional League’s championship. He was a legendary figure that was known to everyone in the Gun King’s e-sports circle. Some of the people here were even die-hard fans of God Wing.

Mo Hantian’s eyes lit up with excitement and his cheeks were red. He played a sniper because of God Wing. Five years ago, he had just been a child and his favorite player was Wing. He had followed ACE’s games and cried when ACE disbanded.

Unexpectedly, God Wing re-emerged after a period of inactivity and came to the national team to be the coach!

Would it be too abrupt to run over to ask for an autograph now? Perhaps it would be better to wait until the meeting was over before secretly asking for an autograph?

Mo Hantian was overwhelmed with excitement while Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over them with eyes that were as sharp as a knife. The sharp look made the group of teenagers sit upright in an instant and their applause was filled with nervousness.

The applause stopped and Jiang Shaoyu asked casually, “Everyone isn’t here?”

There were 10 people sitting in the meeting room. There was indeed one person missing.

Yu Mingxiang carefully observed everyone present and wondered doubtfully, “What about Ye Zi?”

Lao Lin coughed softly and hurriedly tried to smooth things over. “I guess he didn’t see the announcement in the group.”

He took out his phone in order to secretly send a WeChat message. Then Jiang Shaoyu suddenly looked at him and ordered, “Call him and put it on speaker.”

Lao Lin had to force himself to turn on the speaker mode.

After the strange ‘Do you love me or not, love me or not’ brainwashing Divine Comedy ringtone, the call was picked up. It was followed by the low and lazy voice of a young man who seemed like he hadn’t woken up yet. “Hey, what is it, Lao Lin? You disturbed my sweet dream.”

Lao Lin lowered his voice with a gloomy expression, “Hurry up and come to the meeting. The new coach has arrived!”

The man yawned and replied lazily, “Take a leave of absence for me. I’ve been suspended and won’t be able to play next season. Why attend the meeting? The future of the national team has nothing to do with me. You should ask when the new coach will disband the team. Then I can book a ticket and hurry home.”

Jiang Shaoyu stared sharply at the phone.

There was silence in the meeting room as sweat dripped down Lao Lin’s forehead.

Little brother, you are seeking death. I really can’t save you!

Jiang Shaoyu took Lao Lin’s phone. His icy voice seemed to have been washed by the cold water of winter. He was expressionless as he clearly enunciated every word.

“Ye Qingming.”

“Is it an honor to be suspended?”

“Do you need me to use a palanquin with eight carriers and beat gongs and drums to personally invite you to the meeting?”

Ye Qingming: “?????”

Why did this cold voice and this sharp-edged tongue seem somewhat familiar? It was a bit similar to the former captain of ACe who scolded him every day when he was young!


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