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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 110

Broken Filter

Ye Qingming’s mood was very complicated when he was locked up in the little black room for two. He was originally gloating and watching the play. As a result, he acted in a big drama? This was really extreme joy turned to sorrow!

The coach smiled and put on a ‘warm welcome’ attitude. Ye Qingming had to bite the bullet and sit down in front of the computer.

The double training room was like a couple’s private room in an Internet cafe. There were two computers side by side, which was usually used for one-on-one training by coaches for a player. Ye Qingming became the first contestant to be locked up in the little black room. He was really honored!

Coach Chang patted Ye Zi on the shoulder and said cheerfully. “Jiayou! God Wing told me to accompany you for special training. The rule is that you have to find me within 10 minutes and kill me. If you can’t find me, you have to repeat the exercise and change to another map.”

Ye Qingming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Got it.”

Coach Chang sat in front of the computer and quickly logged into the account. Ye Qingming had to sit next to him, log into his account and put on his headphones. It was inevitable that players would peek at the computer screen during special training so a special screen was placed between the two computers.

After being pulled into the training room, Ye Qingming was surprised to find that—

The first map was Yuehu Park, the four star difficulty map with the most complex terrain. It was hard to find someone in this big park, let alone Coach Chang, who was particularly good at hide-and-seek!

The moment the training began, Ye Qingming switched to a dagger and quickly moved.

He searched the flower beds, forest and building complexes…

He searched all the scenic spots and still didn’t find any traces of Coach Chang, but the ten minute countdown was quickly approaching.

Coach Chang laughed. “You didn’t find me? Again!”

Ye Qingming rubbed his temples helplessly. “Where were you?”

“I won’t tell you.”

In the second game, Ye Qingming continued to conduct a thorough search of the park. However, Old Chang was especially good at exploiting loopholes. He sometimes sneaked underwater and sometimes hid in a certain blind corner of his vision. Ye Qingming looked for him everywhere on the map and was almost dizzy after finding Old Chang.

He never thought that one day, he would actually come to the national team to play a game of ‘hide-and-seek.’

At this time, in the big training room the next day, Hua Ran saw that Ye Qingming’s seat was empty the entire time. He couldn’t help scratching his head nervously. “It’s over, it’s over. Did I implicate Brother Ye? Coach Jiang called him over for so long. Why hasn’t he come back?”

It was almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Pei Feng saw that Ye Qingming’s avatar was lit up in the online training software but Ye Qingming wasn’t in the training room. Pei Feng thought about it and soon understood. He said with a smile, “Brother Ye was probably dragged to the little black room.”

Hua Ran asked nervously, “What is the little black room?”

Pei Feng explained, “The two person room next door is usually used for one-on-one special training. Brother Ye hasn’t come back but his avatar is online. He must be in the little black room’s special training.”

Once he said this, his eyes swept over the training room. “If you don’t want to be locked up in the little black room, you should all take training more seriously.”

Everyone heard this and straightened their backs. They sat upright as if listening to the lecture.

Today, the movement training of the group had reached level eight.

According to Jiang Shaoyu, snipers and medics just needed to pass level eight. For close combat positions like chargers, assaulters and scouts, the firepower of the front row was fiercest in the game. If they couldn’t dodge grenades, they could easily be killed when they rushed out. Therefore, they needed to pass level ten.

However, level 10 wasn’t something that could be passed overnight. Everyone was already about to collapse at level eight.

By the evening, everyone had finally passed level eight one after another. The snipers and medics could go and practice other items but the chargers, assaulters and scouts couldn’t just pass level eight.

After dinner, everyone returned to the training room and continued to work overtime to clear level nine.

Level nine was the five star difficulty map, City of Ice. The large area of clean ice made everyone’s jaws drop. Lao Lin couldn’t help swearing. “F*k, there isn’t the most difficult level. There is only more difficulty! City of Ice came out?!”

The reason why this map was a five star difficulty was that the frozen road was very slippery and it was easy for players to fall when they walked. At the beginning of the level, the grenades hadn’t even been seen and everyone had fallen to the ground first.

Zhou Yiran said helplessly, “This map is rarely used in the competition, right?”

Pei Feng said, “As far as I know, it has never been used in the World Series.”

Most maps with a five star difficulty were actually designed to show the ‘highest level’ of the map production team. For example, there was the Pirate Base hit by waves that constantly shook, the Desert Ruins where buildings could collapse and sand and dust would blow, the City of Ice where the temperature of the apocalyptic world plummeted and the entire city froze…

These maps had too many uncertainties and were rarely used in the competition. Players usually didn’t focus on them during training. Unexpectedly, this time in the national team, the daily training was all five star difficulty maps!

Everyone understood what hell training was.

At this time, the sniper and medic who had passed changed their projects. Rather than attempting the City of Ice, they changed to practice marksmanship.

In the marksmanship project, players needed to accurately hit fast moving targets. Hitting ten targets in a row was considered a pass. For levels one to five, everyone passed quickly without pressure. Level six was slightly more difficult but they quickly passed after trying a few times.

Level seven, level eight…

The players with good marksmanship finally regained their confidence in the shooting training ground!

At this time, Qin Xueyao fell six times in a row in the City of Ice. She struggled for a while and decided to try the shooting training ground first. It was because Coach Jiang said there would be a test and surely there wouldn’t be only one subject in the test? She couldn’t practice only one subject and had to be familiar with all projects as soon as possible.

She opened the marksmanship training. She took a Sand Eagle pistol and started playing from level one.

The first five levels were normal and she could hit the target. At the beginning of level six, the speed of the moving targets increased sharply. Before Qin Xueyao could react, three targets flashed in front of her and she missed!

A notification popped up: The challenge has failed. Do you want to start again?

Qin Xueyao gritted her teeth and pressed the button to start again. This time, she concentrated and stared at the moving targets in front of her. However, the circular targets flashed quickly passed her eyes. She only had time to hit five and missed half of them.

[The challenge has failed. Do you want to start again?]

[The challenge has failed…]

The challenge failed notifications made Qin Xueyao feel a blow to her heart.

She glanced at the room list. At this time, there were three snipers, Pei Feng, Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian in the shooting training room. There were also the two medics Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen and the two assaulters Xia Li and Zhou Yiran.

Pei and Liu had already passed level nine and were now challenging level ten. The marksmanship accuracy of these two were the highest and they were both in the first-tier echelon. It was expected that they would pass quickly. Mo Hantian was slightly inferior to the two of them and was playing level nine.

Surprisingly, Shu Chen’s progress had reached level nine. He was a medic but he was so accurate when shooting with double guns. He had obviously practiced a lot during his time in ACE.

Zhou Yiran and Xia Li’s marksmanship was also very accurate and their reaction was fast. The assault rifle could strafe laterally and more than a dozen bullets directly swept all the targets. The two of them also reached level nine. Shi Xiaobin was stuck in level eight.

Qin Xueyao was the only one stuck at level six?!

Qin Xueyao gritted her teeth and opened level six again. However, these moving targets were as fast as afterimages that were difficult to capture. She shot first but she was half a beat slower every time. She wanted to hit the first target but when she shot, she could only shoot the third target. The two in front had already moved away quickly and there was no time to hit them.

The targets in the shooting training ground were a bit like the standard targets used in the Olympic shooting events. The most central bullseye was 10 rings and the inner circle was 9 rings and 8 rings, all the way to the outermost 1 ring. She could hit the target but every time, she shot near the 7 and 8 rings, never the bullseye.

Qin Xueyao became even more uncomfortable as she practiced. Just as she was doubting herself, Jiang Shaoyu’s calm voice was heard from her earphones. “Xueyao, don’t practice first. Come to the office and find me.”

Qin was stunned. She immediately paused the interface and ran to the coach’s office on the third floor.

The first to be called over was Hua Ran. It was said that he stayed up late to write a 1,000 word self-criticism.

Ye Qingming was the second person called over and he disappeared directly. He was taken to the little black room for special training.

What would happen when the third person was called over?

Qin Xueyao felt very uneasy.

She came to the office and knocked lightly on the door. She heard Jiang Shaoyu’s voice from inside the room. “Come in.”

Qin Xueyao pushed open the door and saw Jiang Shaoyu sitting at the desk. He was in front of the computer screen and the split screen on the right happened to be her game interface.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at her and said lightly, “Come and see. Does your terrible marksmanship look like a professional player?”

Qin Xueyao: “……”

Qin Xueyao’s brain was stunned by this sharp tongue. She stepped forward and saw that the statistics panel showed that her best result when challenging level six was to shoot five moving targets. Most of the bullets were shot between the 7 and 8 rings. There were only two times when she got good luck and hit the 9 ring in the inner circle.

Meanwhile, out of the practice results of Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou, eight out of ten bullets could hit the 9 ring or even the 10 ring! If this was changed to the Olympic shooting event and Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou fought with real guns, maybe they could win a medal. Meanwhile, Qin Xueyao was particularly amateurish.

Qin Xueyao lowered her head in shame and whispered, “My marksmanship really isn’t good enough. This is why I play a support scout.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Do you usually practice shooting?”

Qin Xueyao blushed. “Uh… I don’t practice much.”

Jiang Shaoyu said unceremoniously, “You know that your marksmanship is weak so you avoid your weaknesses and don’t dare practice them? However, once you get to the arena, will your opponent let you go because of your weak marksmanship and not shoot at you?”

Qin Xueyao was speechless.

Jiang Shaoyu tapped the table with his fingers. “How much water a wooden bucket can hold depends on the shortest piece of wood, not the longest. Your movement, overall view of the situation and grasp of the map is excellent, but your marksmanship isn’t at the level of a professional player at all.”

“The coaching staff chose you to enter the national team because of your supporting talent. However, in a shooting game, bad marksmanship is a taboo!”

“Have you ever wondered what you would do if all your teammates are dead and you are left alone with only one person on the other side?”

“At that time, one bullet you shoot is likely to determine the victory or loss of the whole team.”

“When I was in ACE, I forced Shu Chen to practice shooting so in case of extreme situations, the medic will have the power to fight. The probability of such extreme cases occurring is less than 5% but what if it just happens to occur in the tiebreaker of the finals?”

“The opponent hit you but you missed, making you lose out on the championship.”

“Won’t it be too late to regret it at that time?”

Qin Xueyao’s mind was buzzing and Jiang Shaoyu’s hypothetical scenario sent a chill down her spine!

She found that Coach Jiang wasn’t as gentle as she thought. At this time, Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were serious, his expression was cold and his mouth didn’t hold back. He completely had the image of a teaching director criticizing a student.

However, everything he said was correct!

Could she guarantee that this extreme situation wouldn’t happen? What if in the deciding game of the World Series, all her teammates were gone and she was the only one left to face off against the other person? Was she going to say, ‘I’m sorry. I have poor marksmanship so I will let you win this game.’

Would she be worthy of her teammates? Wouldn’t she become a sinner through the ages?

Qin Xueyao’s eyes were slightly red as she lowered her head, not daring to speak.

Jiang Shaoyu told her, “You aren’t slow to react but you lack confidence. You are afraid that your marksmanship isn’t good and you won’t be able to hit the target. You will always hesitate when shooting and this will make you fall into a vicious cycle. The targets won’t bite you. What are you afraid of?”

Qin Xueyao blushed and didn’t know how to answer. Coach Jiang saw through her thoughts at a glance. It was true that due to her poor marksmanship, she was afraid she would miss the target. She always hesitated when she fired, so she missed the best timing. She played support for so long and was in a comfort zone. She didn’t dare step out of it. In the final analysis, she wasn’t brave enough or confident enough!

Jiang Shaoyu casually told her, “Go back and write a letter of guarantee. During the half a month of training, you will practice your marksmanship well. Do you hear me clearly?”

Qin Xueyao was surprised. “A g-guarantee?”

“Yes. There are no problems with your training attitude so you don’t need to write a self-criticism. Ponder on it and write it yourself. Let me see your determination. In addition, starting tomorrow, you will go to the double training room for two hours every night from 8 to 10 p.m. Coach Cui will teach you the most basic marksmanship.”

Qin Xueyao was stunned for a long time before whispering, “I-I understand.”

It was over. She had to enter the little black room and write a letter of guarantee, which was worse than both Hua Ran and Ye Zi!

Coach Jiang in front of her was so strict and ruthless. Where was the gentle Coach Jiang? Why did he disappear before she knew it?

Or… was her filter so thick that she created an illusion?


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