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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 104

Ask For Proof and Receive Proof

Jiang Shaoyu’s group of four to the elevator to the office on the top floor. In addition to the chairman of the league, there were several acquaintances for the Disciplinary Inspection Committee. Vice-chairman Qi was also present today to explain the situation of this selection competition. Qi Heng had already reported to the league.

Vice-chairman Zhang saw them and smiled. “Everyone, sit down.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked bluntly, “Are you looking for me again because of the complaints?”

This ‘again’ was really embarrassing. Jiang Shaoyu had been in office for only half a year and there were really a lot of twists and turns. The complaints received by the previous national team coaches weren’t as many as what he received alone.

Chairman Zhang said helplessly, “Yes, today a large number of netizens complained to the league, saying that the coach of the national team is cheating for personal gain and has no professional ethics. His selection for the national team all depends on personal relationships. They also suggested that the league dismiss Coach Jiang.”

He looked at the assistant next to him. “Xiao Li, show Coach Jiang the letter of complaint signed by 10,000 people.”

The assistant handed a printed piece of paper to Jiang Shaoyu. Pei Feng leaned over to see that it was actually ‘10,000 people jointly asks the national team’s coach, Jiang Shaoyu, to resign and apologize.’ These fans signed their names through the online signature system and the dense signatures almost made Pei Feng laugh.

They actually had tens of thousands of signatures. He didn’t know which brain-dead fan took the lead in organizing this?

It was really like the fan circle. Big fans called on small fans, relying on public opinion and Internet violence to kill those they didn’t like.

Chairman Zhang sighed. “This incident is very loud. Among the top 15 hot searches on Weibo, eight of them are related to the national team. There are more and more voices questioning the national team. Short video platforms and bloggers have analyzed various unreasonable aspects of the national team and have received hundreds of thousands of likes, going onto the hot search. The leaders above are telling me to seriously and thoroughly investigate to give an explanation to netizens as soon as possible.”

After the announcement of the national team’s roster, public opinion quickly fermented in a short period of time. In addition to Weibo, it spread to other major social platforms and short video platforms. Many bloggers took advantage of the popularity and scolded the national team’s coach. There were also people who rationally analyzed the lineup of the national team. These videos received hundreds of thousands of likes and the comment area was even bloodier. Tens of thousands of people jointly requested for the coach of the national team to resign. This was really unprecedented treatment!

Jiang Shaoyu put down the printed signatures, looked at Chairman Zhang and said calmly, “The lineup of the national team is determined according to the results of the tryouts. This tryout adopted a double-blind scoring rule. Before the results came out, the judges didn’t know the players corresponding to each number. There is no such thing as selecting people based on relationships.”

Qi Heng agreed. “Yes, I explained this to you just now. I was there during the selection process and seven coaches scored together. The highest and lowest scores were removed when calculating the average score and it was impossible for Ah Yu to change the results of a particular player alone.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Qin Bo. “Give the videos to the leaders.”

Qin Bo nodded and handed the USB drive containing dozens of gigabytes of videos to the staff members of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The scoring process has been recorded. If you have any questions, you can carefully review these videos.”

Chairman Zhang originally didn’t suspect that Jiang Shaoyu was showing favoritism. He felt that Coach Jiang wasn’t that type of person. It was just that things had become bigger and the leaders had to come up with a plan to deal with it. He asked people to save the video materials and said with a smile, “Fortunately, you recorded the entire process or it really would be unclear. By the way, tell me, why did you choose Pei Feng as the captain of the national team? After all… Pei Feng is a streamer and doesn’t have enough experience in major competitions. His qualifications in the e-sports circle aren’t sufficient.”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at Pei Feng and explained it. “The national team needs a full-time captain to assist the coaching staff in realizing various tactical plans. Captain Liu, Lao Lin, Ye Zi and Xiao Zhou are captains of big teams and will lead their teams to play in the competition in the second half of the year. They can’t be distracted by managing the national team. Mo Hantian, Xia Li, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen aren’t suitable for being captains. Hua Ran is a newcomer and Qin Xueyao is from the secondary league. It will be difficult for them to convince the public. Therefore, all things considered, only Pei Feng is suitable.”

Pei Feng sat next to his master and heard his master defending him in front of so many people. He couldn’t help feeling warm in his heart. It was as if he returned to his youth where God Wing supported him, allowing him to learn and grow as quickly as possible.

But now he had grown up and would fight side by side with his master.

Pei Feng looked at the leaders with a slight smile. “I only found out the day before yesterday that Coach Jiang chose me as the captain. There is no such thing as discussing it in private. In addition, I have many advantages as the captain. First of all, I can use my status as a streamer to do some positive publicity for the national team. Secondly, I will stay at the national team base to participate in the coaching staff’s tactics seminar, organizing players to come to the base and grinding various tactics as soon as possible. Thirdly, I am the only free person of the national team and I can switch positions at any time according to any needs. I will get to know every player of the national team as soon as possible and prepare the lineup for future matches to be fully prepared with the tactical command.”

He paused and looked calmly at Chairman Zhang. “The other ten members of the national team can’t do the three times I mentioned. Please rest assured that I will do my best to cooperate with the coaching staff as the captain of the national team.”

The leaders present: “……”

Pei Feng spoke clearly and coherently. He had 88 million Weibo followers and was the most popular streamer on the Internet. He could give some positive publicity to the national team as the full-time captain of the national team. In addition, Pei Feng had a first class tactical awareness and could play five professions. Was there anyone more suitable for the position of captain than him? No!

Chairman Zhang laughed. “Of course, we respect Coach Jiang’s decision! It is just that it is better to explain to netizens.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Don’t worry, we will explain.”

After coming out of the league headquarters, Pei Feng couldn’t help sighing. “The fans of these star players actually signed 10,000 signatures asking for Master to resign. In addition, they shouted for the national team to announce the process of the tryouts, giving them an explanation… it is too funny.”

Yu Mingxiang looked at Jiang Shaoyu. “Won’t their idols be publicly executed in this announcement process?”

Qin Bo said with a smile, “Is it a classic case of fans making trouble and killing their idol? Can it be written as a negative teaching material for the fan circle?”

Jiang Shaoyu said lightly, “Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue shouldn’t want the national team to publish their results and videos. However, since their fans are clamoring to see the videos, let’s ‘reluctantly’ publish some and show them.”

Pei Feng praised him. “That’s right, who told them to ask for proof?”

That night, the hot search of the ‘shady scenes behind the national team’s selection’ intensified. Fans constantly swiped the screen asking for Coach Jiang to resign. These people seemed to be ‘moral guards’ and accused Jiang Shaoyu of ‘selecting people based on connections.’

Countless short video bloggers took advantage of the popularity to analyze the irrationality of the national team.

“This lineup is too funny. There are three snipers in Liu, Mo and Pei. There are also three chapters in Lao Lin, Hua Hua and Shi Xiaobin. There is only one medic, Shu Chen. In order to pull Shu Chen, who was sitting on the cold bench, into the national team, Coach Jiang really worked hard. Taking just one medic to play the World Series. I am going to die of laughter.”

“The lineup of this national team is too strange. Let me analyze it for everyone…”

The traffic of the short video platform was extremely large and all types of e-sports bloggers entered the field one after another. Many people outside the circle also became curious about the name ‘Jiang Shaoyu’ and searched for his information. They found his Weibo and left messages saying, “The national team’s coach won’t give an explanation?”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t come forward to explain. He stayed still and calmly drank tea.

Pei Feng’s plan was very complete. In the first step, the official website of the national team announced the players and their detailed scoring results.

In the second step, the official Weibo of the national team would release some blind selection videos.

The third step was a complete reversal of the trend of public opinion.

At 8 o’clock that night, the official Weibo of the Chinese Gun King national team posted a message. “The national team’s selection adopted double-blind scoring rules. Each player was randomly assigned a number and randomly matched to a match. The judges didn’t know which number corresponded to who and the judges were composed of six professional coaches and one league vice-chairman who scored the players according to their performance. The highest score and lowest score were removed when calculating the average score. For detailed transcripts, please click here: [Webpage link].”

Pei Feng forwarded the Weibo. “I am the No 1 sniper and my average score in this national team’s tryout was 95.4.”

Liu Shaozhou followed closely. “I am No 161 and I am 0.1 points behind you~”

Ye Zi, Lao Lin and others quickly forwarded it as well. In the blink of an eye, the report card of the national team’s tryouts were transferred to the home page of Weibo and countless people clicked on the link. Then they saw the detailed report card of this year’s national team’s tryouts.

After clicking on each player, they found that there were three rounds of scoring records from seven judges. Surprisingly, Jiang Shaoyu gave Pei Feng the lowest score and it was removed when calculating the average score based on the rule of ‘removing the lowest score!’

Netizens: …What happened to the good master working hard to raise up his apprentice?

“God Wing gave Fred only 91 points while the other coaches gave 95 points. Is this called favoritism?”

“It is a double-blind method, random and there are seven judges. The highest and lowest scores are removed, excluding cases where the judges recognize a contestant. I think this is fair enough, right?”

“Everyone, take a look. Lu Xingyun is No 16 and he is ranked 16th among chargers. He is simply 666!”

“F*k, his score for three rounds never exceeded 80 points. He is really weak!”

“What are Lu Xingyun’s fans saying now? Your brother was collectively suppressed by seven coaches? Or seven coaches became blind at the same time?”

“Shi Xiaobin is actually in the medic group! I thought he was a charger?”

“Did the blogger who received 500,000 likes receive a slap in the face? It is unreasonable for the national team to bring one medic but Shi Xiaobin is also a medic!”

“These people are just chasing the heat. They all seem more capable than the national team’s coaching staff.”

“Zhang Yue is ranked 15th among medics, scoring around 75 points in all three rounds? How can our Brother Zhang be so bad?”

“Tang Tang is 10th among the scouts? Is there a mistake?”

Just as netizens were feeling doubts, the official Weibo of the national team released several videos.

Qin Bo specifically picked the matches where the people selected by the national team and the star players who weren’t selected were matched together.

For example, Shu Chen and Zhang Yue were once matched together. Then…

No 180 Shu Chen killed No 190 Zhang Yue a total of three times!

Zhang Yue saw this match released on the official Weibo and couldn’t wait to crush his fists together. F*k! The video of the game where Shu Chen specifically killed him was released. The national team did this on purpose, right? Taking him out for a public execution?

This was equivalent to telling all netizens, “Do you know why the national team chose Shu Chen?”

They were both medics but Shu Chen could save people and kill people.

Meanwhile, TNG’s main medic only died again and again.

No 178 Tang Kai was disturbed by the smoke of Hua Ran and wandered around the map like a headless fly. He died twice under the gunfire of Hua Ran and he was so weak he seemed to be playing in the bronze segment.

The national team’s official Weibo also released the three matches where Lu Xingyun appeared.

In the first match, No 16 Lu Xingyun was disconnected from his team alone. He rushed out and was blocked by Pei several times. Shi Xiaobin was his teammate and rescued him twice, but still couldn’t save him. In the second match, Lu Xingyun was the commander and asked his teammates to give him heads. Then he made a mistake to the side and directly led to the collapse of his entire team. In the third match, he bumped into Lao Lin and was beaten into a hornet’s nest by Lao Lin.

The fans, “……”

No 16 was God Lu? How could it be?

Some of Lu Xingyun’s fans came for his good looks but there were also some e-sports fans who were deceived by his record and could understand the match. After watching the video, they immediately felt they were idiots when complaining for the sake of Lu Xingyun before.

This group of fans started to step back one after another.

“Are you No 16? God Lu? I think it is right to call you Stupid Lu.”

“The number 16 who either gave your head or asked teammates to give you heads is actually you?”

“Don’t tell me that the national team got the wrong number? No 16 is really weak. First, he rushed out and was sniped in seconds. The medic raised him up but he didn’t know how to withdraw. He delivered himself wave after wave. Is he here to deliver dishes?”

“I am a fan turning black! You and Zhang Yue are really a combination of two weak players. I don’t know how your popularity came about? Your face?”

“Other players in the game play with their hands but our God Lu plays with his face on the keyboard. He naturally has to delay on his face to make his debut.”

Lu Xingyun: “……”

The bloggers who pretended to be reasonable and analyzed the shady scenes of the national team’s tryouts deleted their Weibo and videos, becoming shrunken turtles.

The bloggers and big verified accounts who rationally thought the national team was fine immediately came out to express their support. “Coach Jiang’s selection method is unprecedented and absolutely fair. The atmosphere of the e-sports circle should be changed.”

“God Wing is really courageous! There is hope for the national team. I will pay attention to the World Series this year!”

“Those who said that God Wing will stop at nothing to reunite ACE, have you been slapped in the face? I looked at it and Coach Jiang didn’t give too high a score for the several members of the ACE team. However, the other coaches gave a high school. They are so strong, there is no way!”

“Shu Chen deserves to be the first ranked medic. He is so good. Why did he sit on the bench at TNG? I think it should be thoroughly investigated.”

“Qin Xueyao is also good. I watched the three matches she participated in and the scout reporting locations is the same as opening up a god’s perspective. She is a very powerful young lady. She is much better than the headless fly called Tang Kai.”

“So what are the shady scenes of the national team? Is it the ‘star players’ failure’, causing fans to cry?”

“I’m laughing to death. The national team is based on strength, not appearance. Besides, in terms of appearance, Lu Xingyun isn’t even as good as Lao Lin and Hua Hua!”

At this time, in the TNG Club, Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue saw the overwhelming comments on the Internet and were so angry that they almost vomited out blood.

These stupid brainless fans, why did they have to let the national team release videos and publicly execute them?

Didn’t they already feel ashamed enough?

Did they have to thank the fans who begged for proof, directly smashing their idols to death?


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