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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 103

Public Opinion Turmoil

Once the official Weibo of the national team made the official announcement, the professional players rushed to forward it.

Liu Shaozhou: “I am very happy to be able to join the sixth national team.”

The fans collectively scattered flowers and applauded. They congratulated Captain Liu on his successful selection.

laolin: “My ID is Lao Lin but I’m not old, nor am I surnamed Lao. Lin Haoyan is me, hahaha.”

Fans: “I just wanted to ask why Lao Lin didn’t make the selection. Then I saw a man called Lin Haoyan and I put away the knife in my hand.”

YY-Leaf: At the end of the month, the suspension will be completely lifted and I can go to the national team to train+play. Did you miss me?”

Fans: “Congratulations to Ye Zi on his successful release from prison!”

“The half year sentence has expired and Ye Zi has been released. Congratulations.”

Ye Qingming: “……”

He was suspended, not jailed, right? Why were they making him seem like a criminal?

Mo Hantian was extremely excited. He typed and deleted, typed and deleted. Finally, he wrote a small essay very seriously. “Thank you to the coaching staff for giving me this opportunity to join the sixth national team. I didn’t play well in the last World Series. This time, I will definitely work hard to live up to the trust of the coaching staff and everyone’s expectations.”

Fans: “Princess Mo, jiayou! Last time, you walked off the field crying. I hope you will cry less this year!”

Black fans: “I persuade you to quit as the ambassador of Gun King. You are responsible for being the vase of the national team. How many advertisements have you filmed this year?”

Fans in the comments area and the black fans fought fiercely. Mo Hantian was the last ‘Gun King Image Ambassador’ and he really ruined the image of the national team. He was ashamed himself so he pretended not to see the comments of the black fans.

Relatively speaking, Xia Li and Shi Xiaobin’s comments area was much more harmonious. They were congratulated for being selected again.

Shi Xiaobin’s fans were happy. “Xiao Bin’s old club, RED, has cooled down. Xiao Bin will concentrate on playing in the national team in the future!”

“Jiayou, Binbin. You are the only omega player of the national team. Take care of yourself~”

Shu Chen didn’t know what to say, so he just forwarded the Weibo post with a happy emoji.

He didn’t have many fans, but those who remained were all old ACE fans. Everyone was very surprised and said, “Can I finally see Chenchen in the competition?”

“I thought Shu Chen had retired. How long has it been since I saw you?”

Shu Chen was a bit sad when seeing these comments.

Fortunately, his career on the cold bench was over. He would be back on the field in the future!

Pei Feng also reposted the official Weibo. “The next national team, a new journey!”

He was a top streamer with over 88 million fans and was unmatched in popularity. After seeing Fred forward it, fans left excited messages. In the blink of an eye, the number of comments broke 100,000. “Fred is awesome!”

”It is unprecedented for a streamer to enter the national team!”

“Brother Feng is the captain of the national team. So cool!”

“Fred really gives a lot of face to the streamer world.

“Brothers and sisters, go and buy shares in Little Bear TV. It will definitely rise tomorrow!”

“The boss of Xing Network must be regretting it. Little Bear TV is lying down and winning in this wave~”

“Go and follow the live broadcast room. In the future, can Fred give us a live stream of the national team’s training so we can see?”

Of course, there were some black fans in the comments area who were giving sarcastic remarks. “The master is the coach and Fred is the captain. This nepotism is really awesome.”

“If it wasn’t for Wing being the coach, would Fred have been selected so smoothly? So many professional snipers in the league aren’t as good as a streamer? How funny.”

Of course, the fans weren’t happy and rushed up one after another. “Can’t Fred enter the national team with his strength? Isn’t he the champion of the Rising Stars Cup?”

Due to the large number of Pei Feng’s fans, these negative comments were quickly suppressed and didn’t set off any storms.

Netizens with the desire for gossip followed the list of players on the national team’s Weibo. Soon, everyone found that the name ‘Qin Xueyao’ was very unknown. They found her Weibo and found that… it was actually a small, invisible player with only 800 fans?

Qin Xueyao also forwarded the Weibo post and said seriously, “I am honored to be selected for the national team. Thank you to the national team for giving me this precious opportunity.”

Her profile read: Snow Leopard team captain, Gun King E-sports Registered Player, XB-Snow.

Curious netizens went to search for the Snow Leopard team and found that it was a team in the secondary league.

Some netizens left a message saying, “Little sister, you are so powerful. You can actually be selected for the national team!”

There were also many keyboard warriors who started to question it. “How can a small player with 800 fans in a minor league enter the national team? What type of backstage does she have?”

“This year’s most powerful relationship turns out to be here. Can the wealthy backer behind her be a bit more attentive and buy her a few more fans? This way, it won’t be so ugly.”

Qin Xueyao had long known that her selection for the national team would be questioned. Compared to players like Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng, who had over 80 million fans, she only had 800 followers. Her Weibo was too cold.

She was the least popular and unknown one on the national team and it was normal for netizens to wonder how she was selected. However, she had a clear conscience and it didn’t matter what others said. Qin Xueyao didn’t reply and calmly turned off Weibo.

The old fans of ACE were excited like it was the Spring Festival! After five years, a legendary team that had long been disbanded could actually be reunited in the national team! The coach, God Wing and the team members Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, Ye Zi and Chenchen. There was also the youth trainee Xiao Pei and the team leader Yu Mingxiang. One wasn’t bad but all of them were there!

ACE fans wept with excitement. “The soul of the group is here. ACE is reunited in the national team!”

The number of ACE fans in its prime was far more than any club currently operating the star-making model. Once this group of fans was awakened, the topic of #ACE reunion# reached the hot search in just an hour. Countless old players posted the ACE merchandise they bought in the past and even edited a lot of ACE team match videos.

For the ACE of five years ago, the five players were all teenagers who rose from the secondary league. They had vigor, edge and no fear, conquering countless e-sports fans. Now God Wing had become the coach of the national team and Xiao Pei the captain. Wasn’t this way of reuniting in the national team a ‘dream come true’ for the ACE fans?

The old fans of ACE celebrated together. Due to this, the fans of the star players who failed to be selected started to be unhappy.

Conspiracy theories gradually appeared online.

In particular, Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue and Tang Kai were three popular players of the previous national team and they had a good fan base.

There were thousands of comments on Lu Xingyun’s Weibo. “Why wasn’t my Brother Lu selected?”

“God Lu participated in this tryout, right? How could he not be chosen?”

“Zhang Yue didn’t get selected. Hey, I really don’t know how this year’s national team was selected.”

“Why is that Hua Ran selected? Just because he has dancing cherry blossoms and colorful lights?”

“I really don’t understand. Our God Lu is excellent. Even if only two people are chosen as chargers, it should be Lao Lin and Lu Shen.”

“The chuunibyou with purple hair can enter the team but God Lu can’t enter? @Coach Jiang Shaoyu, aren’t you going to come out and say a few words?”

“Our Tang Kai has always been ranked in the top three of the league’s scouts list. As a result, you chose a small, unknown scout called Qin Xueyao. This is too strange!”

“Isn’t there a shady scene behind this tryout? Hehe, it is under the guise of fairness and justice, but he is actually operating things in the dark.”

“Obviously, this isn’t the national team. This is the Jiang family’s team. Jiang Shaoyu wants to reunite his old teammates.”

“TNG’s main medic wasn’t chosen but a substitute like Shu Chen was chosen to go to the national team. Everyone understands.”

“Coach Jiang really worked hard to get together ACE’s old teammates. He would rather choose Shu Chen than Zhang Zhang!”

“The coach of the national team actually has this type of virtue. The selection of people depends on relationships, right?”

“I am the first to refuse Pei Feng as the captain. Why? He is a streamer with no experience in the game. Becoming a captain just because he is Jiang Shaoyu’s apprentice? What about Captain Liu, Captain Lin, Captain Zhou and Captain Ye? Who among them isn’t more senior than him?”

“In order to raise up his apprentice, God Wing really worked hard. The Rising Stars Cup was specially set up for Fred to go to the youth team. There was a special tryout and Fred became the captain. I feel sorry for our Brother Lu who doesn’t have such a master.”

“He really loves ACE deeply. He pulled all of his ACE old teammates to reunite in the national team. I have gained knowledge!”

“Is this called the national team? Rename it to the ACE team.”

“Has no one complained to the league? How fair is it when there is such a national team coach?”

“Brothers and sisters, the league’s complaint phone number is 800883XXXX. Everyone, call it!”

Jiang Shaoyu had long known there would be huge controversy when the list of the national team was released.

In previous years, the club recommended players and let the popular star players go to the national team. Star players had many fans and the right to speak. For those who were strong but couldn’t be selected, they felt unconvinced in their hearts but didn’t dare compete with these star players.

But this time, Jiang Shaoyu directly rejected three super popular star players in Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue and Tang Kai.

The three of them hadn’t spoken but their fans already started quarreling excitedly. The number of comments on Lu Xingyun’s Weibo continued to rise while public opinion on Zhang Yue and Tang Kai’s side started to ferment. It didn’t take long for the hot searches to appear. There were a lot of entries about this year’s national team.

#Gun King’s national team officially announced the roster#

#Fred was elected captain of the national team#

#ACE reunion#

#Shady scenes of the Gun King National Team tryouts#

#Coach Jiang Shaoyu will do anything to support his old teammates#

#Entering the national team depends on your backstage#

#Reasons why Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue lost the tryouts#

#Coach Jiang, please resign immediately#

At lunchtime, Pei Feng opened the hot search topic list and was speechless… the Gun King Pro League had been held for so many years and this was the first time that eight topics related to the Gun King national team entered the top 15 of the hot search. It was even more terrifying than the divorce of a top couple in the entertainment industry.

Even if Master was being slandered, it was such a grand scene!

Pei Feng quickly clicked into the topic area and took a look. The fans of ACE were very happy about the players being reunited and fans of those who were selected were throwing flowers to celebrate. The most controversial ones were the fans of the star players who failed to be selected as well as some ‘passersby.’

They expressed strong doubts about the selection process and some extreme fans even called on the league to dismiss Jiang Shaoyu. The reason was that Jiang Shaoyu played tricks out of selfishness. In order to reunite ACE, he sacrificed the ‘excellent candidates’ and wasn’t worthy of being the coach of the national team.

Pei Feng laughed angrily. If they knew the terrible results of the ‘excellent players’ in the tryouts, their jaws would probably drop in shock.

The players cultivated by the star-making model weren’t strong but their fans were crazy. Lu Xingyun’s hot-blooded and handsome assaulter, Zhang Yue’s sunny and cute medic and Tang Kai’s gentle and friendly scout were all very attractive. Their fans were relatively brainless and didn’t understand e-sports competitions. They only knew that Brother Lu had taken a head and called out ‘666.’

As a result, this time the list was announced. Lu Xingyun himself didn’t say anything but their fans felt sorry for their idol first. They complained for their idol, sent Jiang Shaoyu to the hot search and frantically exploded the league’s reporting hotline.

Seeing Jiang Shaoyu come down from the dormitory in a hurry and the team’s car parked downstairs to pick him up, Pei Feng walked over quickly. He blocked the car door and asked in a worried manner, “Master, are you in a hurry to go out? Does the league want to talk to you again?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked cold and his voice was calm. “Yes. The league has received a large number of complaints and the fans of some players have collectively signed a petition for me to resign as the coach of the national team and apologize. I have to go there and explain to the league.”

Pei Feng carefully examined his master’s face. He showed no signs of anger or sadness. His expression was quite calm, as if going to the league was just ‘going to work.’ Pei Feng sighed with relief. How could his master’s psychological quality be defeated by a few keyboard warriors? It was estimated that in the eyes of God Wing, the fans topping the hot search and making complaint phone calls were as ridiculous as children throwing and rolling around in candy.

Pei Feng smiled. “I’ll go with you.”

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it and made room for him. “Okay. You are now the captain of the national team and should go to the league to let the leaders know why you were selected as the captain. Then there will be justification in the future.”

Pei Feng got into the car and sat next to Jiang Shaoyu.

In the front row were Yu Mingxiang and Qin Bo. Qin Bo carried a laptop with all the video materials on it.

Pei Feng said in a low voice, “Master, have you read Weibo? Eight topics are topping the hot search list. In addition to the fans of Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue and others that are going crazy, there are also some rhythmic keyboard warriors fishing in troubled waters, instigating these immature fans to target you.”

Jiang Shaoyu said indifferently, “I guess. Their ultimate goal isn’t to let Lu Xingyun, Zhang Yue, etc. be selected. They have already lost the selection of the national team. It is to let me resign as the head coach of the national team.”

The coaches of the previous national teams were all defeated in the World Series and were scolded by netizens into resigning.

But… wanting to scold Jiang Shaoyu? They were thinking too much.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “In this tryouts, there were seven professional judges and I videotaped the whole process. Since they don’t know how to live or die and insist that I am being unfair, I have to ‘reluctantly’ release some videos and transcripts so they can be convinced.”

Pei Feng smiled. “It seems that Master is already prepared? However, I am better at a public opinion war. After dealing with the league, shall I help Master make a beautiful turnaround?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay. I will use this opportunity to completely solve these tumors.”


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