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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 10

Gourd Babies Squad

Jiang Shaoyu had seen the detailed information of the national team and the performance of the Chinese national team in this World Series. The only people who could carry the banner of this national team were a few experienced veterans. The newcomers might’ve performed well in the domestic competition but they dropped the ball in the World Series.

The teenage newcomers had never experienced the beating of a competition and were very nervous when going abroad the first time. The more that domestic audiences expected from them, the greater their psychological pressure. During the game, they were eager to perform and couldn’t hold back. Then after losing two rounds in a row, their mentality completely collapsed.

It was necessary to sharpen the spirit of these teenagers to make them grow up quickly.

Casually: I’m busy, I have to go out later.

Casually: Who among you will send themselves first?

Jiang Shaoyu spoke bluntly and each word was provocative. He really provoked the anger of this group of young teenagers.

SS777: I’m coming!

SS777: I will take your surname if I don’t beat you up today!

Casually: There are already two people with my surname.

Casually: Hantian is the oldest baby, Xiao Bin is the second baby. Do you want to be the third baby?

Everyone: “……”

It seemed that the nickname of this ‘Gourd Babies Squad’ couldn’t be washed away. Casually actually assigned them a number and it already reached the third one?

Xia Li, who was called the ‘third baby’, had wide eyes as she turned back to ask, “I have never seen such a poisonous person! Is he really that strong?”

The second baby who was destroyed, Xiao Bin scratched his head and lowered his voice with a weak heart. “He is quite powerful. You shouldn’t take him lightly.”

Xia Li excitedly rolled up her sleeves and typed quickly: Don’t talk nonsense and fight directly. Do you dare to just bring a pistol?

Casually: Okay, you choose the map.

Xia Li quickly picked a map: Port of Hope.

This was an abandoned human cargo port with a large number of containers of different heights. It made it so that the map was full of hidden obstacles, like a large maze of containers. It was very suitable for melee players.

It was required to only bring a pistol to the fight so Jiang Shaoyu cooperated and changed his weapon. He changed his main weapon to the Sand Eagle.

The moment he entered the map, Jiang Shaoyu started to wander quickly.

Xia Li heard footsteps not far away and hurried in that direction.

The onlookers watching could see the two of them chasing each other quickly between the containers. There was the occasional sound of gunfire and the tense atmosphere made it seem like the final showdown between the police and criminals in a cargo port.

Xia Li was the assaulter of the national team and her foundation was naturally good. She was very skilled with the most commonly used weapon, the pistol. The two people fought fiercely around the containers and the sound of gunshots was heard.

The two of them dodged too quickly so the bullets fired didn’t hit the other person. They just left many bullet marks on the container.

The onlookers held their breath nervously.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot from the rear right and Xia Li hurriedly crouched down to avoid it. A bullet almost grazed her head as it flew past, startling her into a cold sweat. Fortunately, she hid quickly enough or she would’ve been shot in the head!

Xia Li knew she had exposed his position and immediately retreated. She quickly hid behind a container around a meter high while listening carefully to the movement in his ears.

There were very light footsteps from the side. Xia Li prejudged the position of her opponent and jumped to decisively fire two bullets in a row.

Bang, bang!

[SS777 hit Casually with the Titan-Twin Stars!]

[SS777 hit Casually with the Titan-Twin Stars!]

Left and right hands, two shots in unison!

Jump shooting was a relatively difficult skill. Shooting while jumping and calculating the trajectory of the bullets. It was easy for the bullets to miss. The advantage was that she can fall back to the rear of the bunk immediately after firing, ensuring his own safety.

Xia Li’s actions were fast and accurate. Both bullets hit Casually’s body but unfortunately, it hit the body. It only made him bleed. At this point, Casually had less than 30% health left and would die with one more bullet.

Xia Li moved forward quickly, running and fighting.

There were sparks as the bullets fired from the pistol in her hands created a row of clear bullet marks along the path that Jiang Shaoyu passed through.

The surrounding containers were so complicated that Xia Li chased Jiang Shaoyu around in a big circle and still failed to hit the other person.

Just then, the sound of footsteps suddenly disappeared. Xia Li immediately hid in the gap between two containers and listened carefully while observing the surroundings.

Where was he? He was hiding due to his low health and didn’t dare to show up?

Just as Xia Li was wondering this, a clear and pleasant gunshot came from above her head.


[Casually has used Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon to kill SS777 with a headshot!]

This person actually jumped on the container above her head in the blind spot of her vision and fired from a high altitude!

Xia Li stared at the gray screen in a stunned manner.

The onlookers also couldn’t believe it. “How is this possible?”

“When did he climb up?”

There was a great deal of discussion among the group.

Casually: You lost.

Casually: Next.

Xia Li’s face was red . It felt like she had a suffocating breath stuck in her chest but she couldn’t exhale. The rest of the national team was aroused by the ‘taunting master’ and someone immediately jumped into the shooting training ground.

TKTK: Let me learn about the knife fighting skills of this master.

Casually: Yes. You choose the map.

TKTK was the side account of Tang Kai, a substitute scout of the national team.

He chose the classic knife battle map: Dark Swamp.

Dark Swamp was a water map that allowed the player to hold their breath and dive into the water. After the player dived underwater, an oxygen bar would appear above their head. They would drown the moment the oxygen bar disappeared. The timing of diving in and going out of the water must be grasped well or it would be easy to drown. Of course, this was a basic skill of professional players.

The Dark Swamp map was dimly lit. Guns weren’t allowed in this duel, only knives.

Knife combat tested the lurking and assassination skills of the scout.

Rotten lotus leaves that floated in the swamp could be used for hiding. The two of them lurked in the dim swamp, cautiously searching for their opponent’s location.

It was different from the deafening sound of gunfire and explosions. The entire map was quiet as a needle during a knife fight. In the silent swamp, there seemed to be a ferocious crocodile lurking that could bite the neck of an opponent at any time!

Time passed mute by minute. The onlookers watching broke out into a sweat, let alone Tang Kai who was playing the game.

He couldn’t find the other person! He couldn’t find Casually’s location even with a thorough and organized search.

The role of the scout in the game was to find the opponent, kill them if possible and provide information and the location to his teammates if he couldn’t kill the opponent.

He was useless on the field if he couldn’t find the opponent.

The boy’s face turned pale as he continued to thoroughly search the familiar swamp.

Then the moment his oxygen bar was about to disappear and his head emerged from the water for air, a sharp knife flashed with a cold light and suddenly stabbed him from behind!

One stab, two stabs!

It was a murderous assassination without hesitation!

[Casually assassinated TKTK with the Blood Blade!]

Everyone: “……”

Casually: Next.

Everyone collectively looked at the substitute charger Lu Xingyun. Under the gaze of his teammates, the teenager frowned and typed to accept the challenge.

This is a Side Account: I’ll come.

Lu Xingyun didn’t talk nonsense. He immediately switched to the gun selection map to enter the game.

The map he chose was: Deep in the Jungle.

The national team brought three chargers. Shi Xiaobin and Lu Xingyun were two newcomers with completely different styles. The former was cautious and careful while the latter was bloody and violent. Shi Xiaobin made only one appearance in the World Series. Lu Xingyun was a substitute and didn’t even have a chance to play once.

He was desperate to prove that he was no worse than Shi Xiaobin.

Lu Xingyun chose the Uzi MAC-Fanatic as the main weapon.

The Uzi series of submachine guns had a very fast firing rate. It could shoot 600 bullets in one minute. There were fierce, gorgeous visual effects and it could show a very strong firepower suppression in an instant. The disadvantage was that the damage of each bullet was low. It took a lot of hits to kill the opponent.

Jiang Shaoyu changed his main weapon to the Thomson-Flames again.

The two of them faced off in the map, Deep in the Jungle.

At the very beginning of the game, fierce gunfire sounded deep in the jungle.

Lu Xingyun truly did fight more violently. The bullets crackled as they shot forward fiercely, like they didn’t want any money!

The style of heavy firepower suppression made Jiang Shaoyu unable to get close for a while.

Jiang Shaoyu simply went into the jungle. He shielded himself with a large tree and continuously dodged in an S-shaped movement. He ran too quickly and was like a nimble rabbit. The bullets that Lu Xingyun fired wildly only hit the corners of his clothes.

[This is a Side Account has hit Casually with the Uzi MAC-Fanatic!]

[This is a Side Account has hit Casually with the Uzi MAC-Fanatic!]

The system notification that continuously appeared made Lu Xingyun feel full of confidence. The teenager’s eyes turned red as he pressed forward while fighting.

Just a little bit more, he would soon be able to kill this person!

He just needed to kill Casually and perhaps the new coach would find out about it. Then he would be allowed to play as a starter in the next competition!

In any case, the main charger of the national team was going to retire. The player who would start next season was still uncertain.

One magazine’s bullets ran out in the blink of an eye. Lu Xingyun immediately hid behind a tree to change the magazine.


The clear sound of the magazines changing entered his ears.

At the same time, there was fierce gunfire like the roaring of a dragon.

[Casually hit This is a Side Account with the Thomson-Flames!]

Jiang Shaoyu’s timing was just right. In the short period of the second where the other person changed his magazine, he suddenly emerged from the flank and the continuous gunfire instantly emptied Lu Xingyun’s health.

Lu Xingyun’s reaction was also quite fast. He used a Z-shaped movement to rush behind a tree to let the big tree cover his body. Then he turned around and fired back.

It was a pity that he was thinking too much. The three illusions of a gunfight in e-sports; He likes me, there is no one behind me and I can fight back.

Lu Xingyun failed to kill Casually.

The moment he emerged, a rain of bullets struck him.

[Casually killed This is a Side Account with the Thomson-Flames!]

The onlookers: “……”

Sometimes a reaction of only 0.1 seconds made a difference when experts fought against each other. Lu Xingyun wanted to fight back but unfortunately, the opponent shot one step ahead of him. Therefore, he was the one who died.

Casually: Next.

An eerie silence fell in the training room.

The faces of the group were pale. For a moment, they didn’t know what to say. There was no next. The output group was gone. They couldn’t let the medic go on, right?

The initiator, Mo Hantian, had a face as dark as the bottom of a pot. He thought that calling a group of people over would abuse this arrogant person to the point of uninstalling the game. The result was that they really became gourd babies. They sent themselves one after the other and died!

Casually: You finished the delivery?

Everyone, “………”

Since their debut, these newcomers had been evaluated as ‘the most promising newcomers’, ‘tomorrow’s rising stars’ and the ‘hope of XX team.’ They were all cared for and raised by their fans and coaches. They might have been scolded by the keyboard warriors when they lost games for China but newcomers always had to grow, right?

They had never felt so much frustration! Their group couldn’t handle this Casually? Did it make sense for them to be pressed to the ground one after another by Casually? The reputation of the national team was disgraced by them!

Casually: The key to a professional player isn’t the ‘player’ but the ‘professional.’

Casually: You should wash up and sleep. I can’t see where your ‘professionalism’ is at all.

Jiang Shaoyu made this final taunt before simply and neatly withdrawing from the battle room.

In the training room, some people slammed down on their keyboard in anger, some people looked stiff and some people had red eyes like they were going to cry.

How exactly were they professionals? They couldn’t even beat a passerby in the online game. How could they say they were players of the national team when they were casually defeated by one person?

Just as the group of gourd babies were feeling dejected, someone suddenly pushed open the door. He saw the group of teenagers with their heads hanging down and the national team’s captain, Lao Lin was stunned for a moment. Then he smiled. “Yo, you are still quite serious? I remember there was no training task today. Are you going to abuse the weak in the online game?”

Everyone: “……”

They wanted to abuse the weak. As a result, they became the abused ones!


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