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DCBS: Chapter 99

Under such a strong aura that couldn’t be rejected, Qiao Yunhe had to cooperate. “Yes, he is a senior, and he might be quite busy. He isn’t necessarily at school—”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Ji Tong’s slightly disappointed expression. “But Senior Qiao, you said that you saw him a few days ago in the cafeteria.”

Qian Yunhe involuntarily changed his words. “—Maybe he has been free recently?”

Pei Qingyuan looked over without saying a word.

It was hard to be human=.

Qiao Yunhe sighed silently while feeling like he was the sandwich biscuit between the double worlds of ice and fire.

However, this was also human nature.

It was very reasonable for a young, talented junior disciple to be curious about the geniuses of other sects.

As for the senior brother, it was normal to feel uncomfortable when finding out that his junior disciple, who had been following behind him, suddenly became interested in the genius of another sect.

…This logic was a bit too smooth.

On the one hand, Qiao Yunhe marveled at his brain supplementation power. On the other hand, he racked his brain to try and muddle through this situation.

“Do you want to invite Senior Xie to form a team? How about you first go to understand Senior Xie’s previous competition experience and works? See if the direction is suitable and tell me after you are certain. Then I will help you ask him if he is interested.”

He couldn’t middle in the matters between senior and junior brothers.

In any case, let’s drag it out and talk about it.

This was the wisdom of life that Qiao Yunhe had condensed after reading thousands of novels.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t object to this trick of procrastination, and his dangerous aura slowly dissipated. He calmly said, “I have to trouble Senior.”

Ji Tong originally wanted to ask Qiao Yunhe directly for Xie Yuchi’s contact information, but the host didn’t seem too interested in this matter at this time. Thus, he held back his words.

Moreover, why did the host seem to be a bit disgusted with this Senior Xie, whom he had never met?

Ji Tong couldn’t figure it out.

Ji Tong had been curious all night. After finally leaving the robot team and returning to the dormitory, Ji Tong waited until there was no one around before opening his mouth to ask, “Host, don’t you want to find Senior Xie to form a team together?”

Pei Qingyuan’s footsteps paused. He raised his eyes to look at the other person and didn’t speak.

Ji Tong said again, “I searched for his information, and he is really powerful. His ability in many aspects is excellent, and he can definitely help you.”

Even from the perspective of the career line alone, Ji Tong felt that Xie Yuchi was the most suitable main teammate of Jiangyuan College if the host wanted to complete the main task of winning the RS Cup’s international championship.

At his undisguised praise, Pei Qingyuan’s tone sank, and he answered the initial question. “I don’t want to.”

Ji Tong instinctively asked in a puzzled manner, “Why don’t you want to?”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak again.

Under the orange street lights, the fair-skinned young man with his hands in his pant pockets looked confused.

Since the host had the authority to enter the consciousness space, Ji Tong could no longer sneak in to see the scenery and judge the host’s mood at the moment. He might be caught on the spot.

He thought about it. Perhaps it was because the host was always so excellent that he instinctively rejected another great god-level student who suddenly appeared.

It made sense.

Ji Tong decided to change his thinking and took the exaggerated praise route again. “Xie Yuchi is very good but he is already a senior and has an age advantage. Once the host reaches your senior year, you will definitely be more powerful than him. If you can move him to build a team together this time, you can avoid some detours and let yourself become stronger as soon as possible.”

According to his past practice, sincere and well-founded exaggerated praise was always a great weapon for anyone.

The host’s cold expression really showed signs of melting.

Ji Tong continued his efforts. “He is the most suitable candidate at this stage. Host, you can try to contact him first. If you can’t talk to him then we can find someone else. There isn’t any loss.”

Once he finished talking, he deliberately stopped and cast a longing, affirmative look at the host. “Right? Captain Pei.”

Pei Qingyuan also stopped.

Hearing the sudden change in target for Ji Tong’s praise and this unfamiliar name and facing the bright and shining eyes of the young man in front of him, a smile finally appeared in his eyes.

Ji Tong put his hands in his pocket all the way, as if he was guarding against something.

Pei Qingyuan should’ve felt lost at this avoidance.

But in fact, he only felt a soft emotion running through his heart.

Pei Qingyuan often thought of the little robot whose usual liveliness had faded and who timidly hid behind the door to look at him.

He was cheerful and smiling but also quiet and timid.

Thus, Pei Qingyuan raised a hand and gently rubbed the head of the person in front of him.

Ji Tong was caught off guard and instinctively wanted to touch his hairstyle. He worried that the host would take the opportunity to hold his hand so that arm that had just raised a bit immediately hung down. His hands were firmly glued to his pockets like glue, and his expression was slightly vigilant.

Pei Qingyuan took in his whole set of movements and changing expressions, and the smile in his eyes was even stronger.

“Don’t hide from me anymore,” he whispered. “I promise you.”

Ji Tong hadn’t expected the host to say this. He was stunned and defended in a low voice, “I didn’t hide from you.”

He just didn’t want to affect the host’s original plotline.

Pei Qingyuan remained silent. “Okay, I will find a time to contact Senior Xie.”

…Ji Tong had achieved his goal, but he always felt that something was wrong.

He had always known that his host was smart. It had always been the case, and it was the same now.

It was just that the host’s intelligence seemed to be somewhat beyond his comprehension.

Ji Tong stood in place blankly for a while before walking toward the dormitory building again.

In any case, they didn’t hold hands today.

It was a great step forward, and it was gratifying.

Ji Tong silently comforted himself.

He secretly glanced at the host walking beside him from the corner of his eyes.

In the dimly lit night, the host was still very good-looking. He had a three-dimensional outline and cold eyes.

However, compared to his youth a year ago, he was much more mature now. There were more things in his life than just studying.

The host didn’t express his feelings directly, and Ji Tong didn’t dare take the initiative to expose them.

Perhaps they were afraid of being heard by this world with an established trajectory.

The host didn’t know yet that the emotional line mission had been triggered.

But as a system, he knew more rules and restrictions. He had to try and to correct the plot line that was gradually going off course.

Looking at the starry sky, Ji Tong sighed silently.

Being a system looked fun, but it actually wasn’t an easy job.

The next day, Pei Qingyuan contacted Qiao Yunhe.

According to Qiao Yunhe, Xie Yuchi had gone out of town and would come back in two days. When asked if he would consider participating in the RS Cup again, his first reaction was to flatly refuse.

Then after listening to Qiao Yunhe’s general introduction of the two juniors who invited him, Xie Yuchi seemed to show a bit of interest. He said they could meet and talk about it after he returned to school.

Calculating the time, they should make it in time within the one week mission time limit.

Meeting each other and appreciating each other. As long as there was no prejudice against each other, Ji Tong felt that this initial mission wasn’t difficult to complete. After all, both of them had outstanding abilities and would definitely have a common topic.

He was more entangled in how to keep a distance from the host without hiding from the host.

Ji Tong had no experience in dealing with relationship problems so he decided to try and ask for help from a friend.

The elementary school student Fang Hao couldn’t be counted on, and he didn’t dare to go to Fu Yinyin for the time being. He faintly felt it was a bit difficult to say.

After excluding his system friends, both roommates in reality were single, and they obviously liked girls.

Thinking about it, there was only one person who was most suitable. He was both enthusiastic and sincere. At the same time, he had discovered part of the inside story.

Ouyang Yu, who was watching a drama in his bedroom, got up to open the door, and his originally happy smile suddenly froze.

His classmate Ji Tong stood at the door in a slightly apprehensive manner.

He didn’t have an opinion about Ji Tong but…

Ouyang Yu poked his head out suddenly and didn’t find another indifferent figure in the corridor. He immediately sighed with relief. “Can I do something for you?”

Ji Tong looked inside. “Is there anyone else in the dormitory?”

“No, just me,” Ouyang Yu hurriedly said. “Please come in. You can take advantage of the fact that there is no one here now.”

Wait, that sounded a bit strange.

Ji Tong didn’t think much about it and asked him after walking in, “Class monitor, I have a more personal question I want to ask you.”

Ouyang Yu waved his hand. “Don’t be so polite. You can ask casually.”

“First of all, I want to ask you something.” Ji Tong was a bit embarrassed. “Do you like boys?”

…He knew this day would come.

Ouyang Yu put on a blank face and was too lazy to resist it. “It is about the same. Boys and girls are… No, boys and girls are the same.”

Was gender important?

He wasn’t a carbon-based organism anyway.

“It makes sense.” Ji Tong nodded and pondered on it. “If one day, you have feelings for a boy who can’t respond to your feelings, what should the other person do so that you give up on the liking without feeling hurt?”

Ouyang Yu had already grasped the intricate relationship of each dormitory. Now that he heard this, alarm bells rang in his heart.

This was definitely a dangerous question that he couldn’t answer.

Ji Tong finished asking and belatedly patched it. “It is a friend of mine who encountered this problem and doesn’t know what to do.”

It was the classic ‘I have a friend.’

He believed it.

Ouyang Yu said bitterly, “There should be no way to give up. Why don’t you try accepting the other person? If your… friend has a good impression of the other person.”

“No.” Ji Tong shook his head. “My friend can’t like him.”

“Can’t like him or doesn’t like him?”

Ji Tong was stunned. “Is it different?”

“Of course, it is different!” Ouyang Yu argued. “Why can’t he like the person? Is it because of gender? Gender isn’t important in the face of true love!”

He was really becoming more and more gay.

Ji Tong lowered his head. “It isn’t gender… In any case, I just can’t.”

Seeing Ji Tong’s somewhat dejected look, Ouyang Yu suddenly remembered the neighbor who often came to him to play when he was a child.

He had no resistance to this cute type.

Feelings were something that couldn’t be forced.

Ouyang Yu lowered his voice and said cautiously, “Will the person who likes your friend know about our conversation?”

Ji Tong raised his head and hand sharply in reassurance, “No!”

Ouyang Yu plucked up his courage. “Try indirect hints?”

“What hints?”

“For example, ask your friend to tell the person that he is single and doesn’t plan to fall in love with anyone, or imply that there will be no good ending between them…”

It was a bit cool to feel like a master behind the scenes.

Humans were indeed creatures that liked to pursue excitement.

As he burned incense and prayed for himself in his heart, Ouyang Yu couldn’t help looking forward to the next development.

Would he continue to chase and boil the frog in warm water or would the attacker suddenly make a big move?

College life was so colorful.

It was just a bit strenuous.

That night, Pei Qingyuan was sitting at the desk and flipping through the materials that Ji Tong had compiled in his mind when he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

[The receptive field of neurons are arranged along the depth… when Mary saw the special-looking butler for the first time, the carriage happened to stop. The strange butler came to meet her with a parasol. In the cool shade of the parasol, he politely stretched out his mechanical arm and let those beautiful, slender hands reach up. Mary gave a short exclamation because she was frightened by the cold skin.]

It seemed that a novel was inadvertently mixed in with the pile of hard-to-pronounce professional knowledge.

But the setting of the eldest young lady and the mechanical butler made Pei Qingyuan read it silently.

The cat doll sitting under the lamp stared nervously at the host, occasionally blinking.

An hour later, he heard a deep voice with an unknown meaning in his heart, “…Ji Tong.”

Ji Tong obediently responded. “Host, I am here.”

In the past hour, Pei Qingyuan read a love story about a human girl falling in love with a mechanical butler. It sprinkled sugar for the first 59 minutes and ended in tragedy in the last minute.

The sudden, extremely fast knife made people’s minds unable to return.

“Host, were you reading a novel just now?” Ji Tong pretended to be surprised. “I’m sorry, there seems to be a mess in the data I sorted. Let me quickly search the content of this book.”

Two seconds later, the premeditated system started to criticize it vigorously. “The mechanical butler is too ruthless. The previous goodness to Mary was all a performance. Everything was programmed. Sure enough, a human and a machine don’t have a future. Mary is really pitiful.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He didn’t know what to say and flipped back to look at the title of the novel.

“Silver Life and Death Love.”

It was a name that fit the temperament of the story very well.

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a long time. Then at the criticism of his own system, he asked, “Why silver?”

“Uh…” Ji Tong froze for a moment before whispering, “Because many of the early robots were silver?”

In fact, he originally wanted to use green in the title since it would give an easier feeling of substitution. After all, his mechanical shell was green.

But if it was Green Life and Death Love… something sounded weird.


  1. M&M's says:

    I’m glad Ouyang Yu pointed out the difference between “can’t like” and “don’t like” because Ji Tong needs to at least understand this distinction so he can more easily understand his feelings for Pei Qingyuan. Unfortunately his advice to give indirect hints didn’t go over so well with Ji Tong’s terrible attempt at subtlety, lol. I think instead it will push Pei Qingyuan to be more determined to become powerful so that he’s strong enough to openly pursue Ji Tong without fear of the consequences.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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