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DCBS: Chapter 98

Ouyang Yu looked at the box of fruits and milk tea in front of him and really wanted to say to Pei Qingyuan, “Why don’t the two of us change positions?”

However, he was the perpetrator of the strange atmosphere between the two classmates and he didn’t have the courage.

He could only close his mouth and nod. Then he pushed the fruit box and milk tea toward his deskmate.

However, Ji Tong didn’t move at all from where he was staring out the window. It was as if he was thinking about something very important and didn’t notice the movement on the table at all.

Meanwhile, Pei Qingyuan on the right was watching him silently.

The messenger Ouyang Yu raised his right hand and was about to pat Ji Tong’s shoulder to remind him to check the gift when an instinct for danger due to years of persecution suddenly struck him.

His fingers stopped only a centimeter away from Ji Tong’s shoulder. He stiffly withdrew and continued to push the milk tea forward.

This was until he pushed the two begs to the edge of Ji Tong’s table, right next to the wall.

Ji Tong was interrupted by the sound of the plastic bags rubbing together and turned his head in surprise. He saw Ouyang Yu stretching his arm across the table in a strange posture.

He looked like a white crane spreading his wings.

At Ji Tong’s doubtful gaze, Crane Ouyang slowly withdrew his wings. He took a deep breath and gave an explanation, “Your roommate asked me to give these to you.”

He suddenly didn’t dare to call Pei Qingyuan by name.

Looking at the snack service that came as usual, Ji Tong was stunned for a moment. Then he turned his head to look in the direction where Pei Qingyuan was sitting. Ouyang Yu sensitively shrank back to make room.

Ji Tong’s eyes met the host’s for a moment before quickly moving away. He whispered, “Thank you.”

Then he looked out the window again.

His voice was very soft and Ouyang Yu wasn’t sure if Pei Qingyuan heard it or not.

He thought about it and conveyed it to Pei Qingyuan, “Your roommate said thanks.”

Obviously, they were all college students. Why did he have the feeling of helping bickering elementary school students pass on messages to each other?

Pei Qingyuan had no expression. “Yes, thank you.”

Just then, the class bell rang. Ouyang Yu sighed with relief while thinking that his ordeal was over.

It was a pity that he was still a bit too young.

Today’s professional course was taught by Professor Xiao Jianping.

Unlike what the other teachers said a few days ago, the most famous bigshot of this school gave this group of students full of confidence a blow as soon as he came up.

He presented the grand picture of the field of artificial intelligence in front of everyone, making people experience the indescribable beauty of science and technology. At the same time, he made them realize the difficulty and depth of this road.

Only two students were excluded.

Pei Qingyuan kept a calm face throughout the whole process and answered Xiao Jianping’s questions very well. It could be seen that he had taught himself a lot of content on artificial intelligence. He definitely wasn’t someone who relied on marketing hype.

Ji Tong was on the other extreme. His performance in each class had made people wonder if this auditor was distracted or listening carefully. This was until today when Xiao Jianping often asked him questions and he could always give a whimsical answer.

Most of the students in the class couldn’t even understand the conversation between them but they could see the excitement in Professor Xiao.

It was an equal exchange, not a one-way teaching between teacher and student.

It turned out that the head teacher Qi Shao praised Ji Tong when introducing him in the beginning wasn’t to save face for the wealthy student, but to save face for them.

Qi Shao asked him if he could adapt to the content of the lesson. It wasn’t because the course was too difficult but because it was too simple.

The previous stereotype of the auditor was completely washed away. Every student was shocked and the most shocked person was naturally Ouyang Yu.

He happened to be sandwiched between Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan. Every time Xiao Jianping asked a question or cast appreciative glances at the two of them, he always had the feeling that Xiao Jianping was looking at himself.

It was a pity that their approval was for them and he had nothing in his mind.

Ouyang Yu felt like an illiterate person.

It was also the type of illiterate who was surrounded by bizarre pink bubbles.

Every time Ji Tong answered a question, Pei Qingyuan would look over openly and listen attentively.

Ouyang Yu was very redundant and pressed back against the chair, exposing Ji Tong completely and minimizing his sense of existence.

Every time Pei Qingyuan answered a question, Ji Tong would use him as cover to secretly look over.

Ouyang Yu, who became a cover, didn’t dare to move a lot. He could only move his body over slightly without Ji Tong noticing, trying to let Pei Qingyuan see the concern of his roommate.

…How could he be so proficient even without a teacher?

During this period, Ouyang Yu received approval from this cold classmate for the first time.

He shouldn’t be beaten and perhaps he got a precious item: God Pei’s friendship.

Thinking about this, he was actually quite happy.

Ouyang Yu showed a smile full of the vicissitudes of life.

In the future, he would definitely stand out from ordinary classmates when talking to Pei Qingyuan and would get a reply longer than a single, indifferent word.

He felt very dignified as the class monitor.

The roommate sitting in the distance occasionally looked over teasingly. His eyes were filled with the big words: You are truly you.

That’s right.

He could also save money on lunch.

After half a day of class, Ouyang Yu felt very full.

Perhaps it was because he was no longer a carbon-based organism but a dog food-based organism.

Ouyang Yu had a tenacious vitality and he had seen through everything.

These two classmates were obviously in the ambiguous period of chasing and fleeing before the love period.

As the person who rashly broke through the window paper, Ouyang Yu felt that he had to take responsibility.

The moment the bell rang for the end of class in the morning, everyone sighed with relief and collapsed tiredly in their chairs to relax for a moment. Then they prepared to pack up and leave.

Ji Tong stared at the empty cup of milk tea that had been finished by himself and repented for two seconds for his weak willpower.

He was thinking about whether to have lunch with the host or not. If they did separate, what reason should he find? Then he heard the cheerful voice of the class monitor next to him. “What are the two of you eating for lunch?’

It was a good question.

Ji Tong immediately started to think. Then he heard a familiar voice answer, “There is a new dish at the same window as the sour soup with fatty beef. It is also sour and spicy.”

Ji Tong’s conditioned reflex made him say, “I want to taste it.”

“Okay,” Pei Qingyuan responded immediately.

Okay, there were no more struggles.

He obediently followed the host and walked out.

At Pei Qingyuan’s affirmative gaze, the deeply moved Ouyang Yu waved goodbye to the two of them.

Looking at the whole class, he was the only one who could take on the important task of coordinating the relationship between classmates in each dormitory.

Ouyang Yu noticed that since Xiao Jianping’s class, the hedgehog Zhang Yun kept looking over with disbelief from time to time. Now he was looking at the backs of Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan as they left and it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

Zhang Yun had always looked at others from the top before and was obviously unwilling to accept the limelight of these two people today.

The current Ouyang Yu, who was bursting with a sense of accomplishment, was unwilling to accept something wrong in this class where he was working hard to maintain peace.

Ouyang Yu walked past Zhang Yun’s side, patted him on the shoulder and praised him after meeting the other person’s stunned gaze, “You have a good hairstyle.”

Zhang Yun was stunned for a moment. The unhappiness in his eyes faded a bit before he heard Ouyang Yu ask again, “What hair wax do you use?”

“I just bought it casually. I didn’t pay attention to the brand.”

“Are you so lucky? Have you ever won the lottery?”

“It’s okay. I’ve won it before.”

“How much?”

“Only a few thousand yuan.”

“Wow. I only won five yuan at the most. Did you choose it yourself or was it picked by a machine?”

Zhang Yun’s thoughts were torn further and further apart and he couldn’t help falling into a trance.

…What was he planning just now?

Under the action of various inexplicable external forces, Ji Tong’s attempt to keep a distance from the host only lasted one morning before he declared a phased failure.

He sat at the same table as the host again in the afternoon, had dinner together and went to the robot team to find Qiao Yunhe.

Ji Tong couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

During this period, every time he quietly moved away from the host and kept their shoulders at a polite social distance, he would unknowingly be pulled closer by the host and returned to his former state.

In the end, he could only comfort himself in his heart, ‘At least we didn’t hold hands today.’

He had to take his time to change the host’s attitude toward himself.

After arriving at the event venue reserved for the RS Cup team, Qiao Yunhe and the members of the team warmly received them.

The captain of their team was a more introverted, technology freak. The social work was mainly done by Qiao Yunhe, who was an all-rounder.

In tonight’s cross-group robot competition, they invited a team that was preparing to participate in the humanoid competition.

As introduced by Qiao Yunhe before, the robots of the humanoid group were all independently designed and manufactured by team members. There was a certain gap with the commercial robots used in the standard platform group. They fell down as soon as they lifted their feet to try and get off the ground, causing everyone to laugh continuously.

The atmosphere in the room was very good. The robots on the green field were wrestling one after another and the onlookers were chatting excitedly.

After all, this wasn’t an official competition and had more of the nature of a game. On the one hand, it was to introduce and show the newcomers, Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan. On the other hand, it was an opportunity for different groups to exchange knowledge and improve their skills.

“How is it? Isn’t it better to watch the standard platform group?”

Ji Tong watched the soccer match excitedly while Qiao Yune was talking to Pei Qingyuan on the side.

Pei Qingyuan nodded. The stability of the self-developed robots in the humanoid group wasn’t even comparable to that of the jelly bean robot.

It had a huge gap with the ‘humanoid’ he imagined.

“Is there a stronger team in the humanoid group?” He asked directly.

Qiao Yunhe wasn’t surprised by this question. Based on tonight, Pei Qingyuan seemed more interested in the humanoid competition than the standard platform competition.

In any case, Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong had already agreed to join their team. It was completely their freedom if they had the spare power to join other teams in addition to this.

“To be honest, they are all around the same. I think the robots made by most humanoid teams aren’t as stable and flexible as your jelly bean robot,” Qiao Yunhe spoke honestly.

Therefore, it caused a small sensation among enthusiasts when he saw a design drawing on the forum.

Qiao Yunhe saw the disappointment in Pei Qingyuan’s eyes and added, “In fact, if you are interested, you can try to form a team yourself. Based on the design level of the jelly bean robot, you can basically sweep any college student competition in China.”

Pei Qingyuan understood what he was curious about. “I didn’t draw that design. It was given to me by someone else.”

Qiao Yunhe answered calmly.

The outrageous speculation of the Frankenstein grandfather felt more and more reliable.

“But you made the robot yourself and it is quite powerful,” he said with a smile. “I also heard students who study mechanics and control discussing whether you reported to the wrong major. You should’ve obviously gone to their class.”

Speaking of this, Qiao Yunhe suddenly had a flash of inspiration. “The humanoid teams in our school might not meet your requirements but there is a senior of the school next door who is particularly strong. Just like you, he isn’t only excellent in his major but also crosses majors.”

The more he spoke, the more it made sense. “Really. Why didn’t I think of it until just now? The two of you are quite similar and you can definitely chat.”

Pei Qingyuan became interested. “Which school?”

“A fourth year senior of the school of materials.” Qiao Yunhe’s eyes showed reverence. “From materials to machinery, there is nothing he can’t do. He became the main force of a team as a freshman and won two championships. In the third year, their captain graduated and went abroad and he stopped participating in competitions. Other teams came to him but they couldn’t move him.”

Materials was an area that Pei Qingyuan had to learn in his plan but he had no time to touch it for the time being.

This senior sounded like a suitable candidate for the team.

Ji Tong also felt the same as he silently observed the robots wrestling.

He took the initiative to ask, “Is this senior still in school now? What is his name?”

He could help the host search for his future teammate’s information in advance.

“He should be in school. I just saw him in the cafeteria the day before yesterday while wearing a formal suit. He might be doing interviews recently,” Qiao Yunhe recalled. “The senior’s name is Xie Yuchi and he is quite handsome.

Ji Tong suddenly heard a ding-dong sound and was accidentally distracted. He asked blankly, “Cafeteria? What to eat in the afternoon?”

Qiao Yunhe was amused. “It isn’t Xia Wuchi (what to eat in the afternoon). It is Xie Yuchi.”

The moment he heard the name, there was another ringing in his mind. Ji Tong realized that a mission had been triggered.

A new area had been created on the mission panel. It was a mission notification that only the system could see.

[Mission description: Facilitate the host and Xie Yuchi meeting and appreciating each other.]

[Mission time: One week.]

[Mission description: The initial mission of the relationship line. Only success is allowed, not failure.]

The love line mission was finally triggered.

Ji Tong quietly looked at the expression of the host but found nothing unusual. He obviously didn’t receive the mission notification.

In order to avoid giving the host the feeling of an arranged marriage, the emotional line tasks and progress were independently controlled by the system.

As for the selection of the love line target, the program left by the main brain would automatically find a suitable candidate according to the operating conditions of the projection world and trigger it at the right time.

If there wasn’t the accident called Ji Tong, this was a cool novel where the protagonist’s counterattack was the main plotline. Xie Yuchi sounded like a full-level boss and could complement the host’s career line. It was indeed the most logical choice.

So he was really thinking too much last time. It was just a coincidence that he came to this world.

Ji Tong couldn’t describe his mood at the moment.

He had to suppress his complicated thoughts and do the mission first.

The tone of this mission description seemed quite serious.

There might be punishment if the mission failed.

At the very least, this mission required only meeting and appreciating each other, not real feelings.

Even if there wasn’t the emotional line mission, the host must recognize the other person when choosing teammates.

Ji Tong comforted himself like this.

During the time when he was inexplicably silent, Pei Qingyuan had been paying attention to his movements and frowned slightly.

Originally, Ji Tong’s attention was mainly focused on the foolish robots playing soccer. Then his gaze shifted over since Qiao Yunhe said there was a senior who was quite similar to him.

After learning of the other person’s brilliant resume, Ji Tong directly asked for the name of this senior.

Then his mind wandered sharply when he heard that the other person appeared in the cafeteria in formal clothes and looked handsome.

…It sounded like all the elements that Ji Tong liked.

After listening to all of the introductions about Xie Yuchi, he even secretly looked at Pei Qingyuan with an apprehensive gaze, as if making up his mind.

Pei Qingyuan clenched his fingers.

It was especially so when Ji Tong looked slightly embarrassed as he made a request of Qiao Yunhe.

“Can you introduce him to us?”

Qiao Yunhe couldn’t help rubbing his arms when he heard this sentence. He felt that the weather had suddenly become cold.

Out of some instinct, he instinctively turned his head to look at Pei Qingyuan.

Then he gradually sensed an increasingly dangerous aura from this junior.

Pei Qingyuan said in an expressionless manner, “He is a fourth year senior student. He should be very busy.”


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    Ahhh!!! Pei Qingyuan’s plot-destined partner has arrived! I was waiting for a moment like this because it’s only when Ji Tong’s position feels threatened that he’ll acknowledge his feelings. I can’t wait until Pei Qingyuan and Xie Yuchi meet and feel a deep friendship and/or admiration for each other. Then again, Ji Tong’s apparent “interest” in him might just derail this predestined progress, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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