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DCBS: Chapter 94

Ji Tong sat by the window and was getting up to open the window, wanting to eat some fruit while enjoying the wind. However, he suddenly froze in place after encountering such a compliment.

He should’ve been happy.

Sitting in front, Ouyang Yu and his deskmate burst out laughing. This laughter seemed to be full of the falsehood of 182 cm.

It made him want to poke the backs of these two annoying people with a toothpick.

…But no matter what, it was still cool to receive exaggerated praise.

Ji Tong coughed lightly. He sat down slowly and said calmly, “Really?”

This senior had asked for an autograph from him and the host before school started and he should be quite discerning.

Ouyang Yu and the melon-eating masses also secretly listened to the excitement.

“Really.” Qiao Yunhe’s tone was sincere. “The clothes you wore on the day of the exam weighed you down. Today’s black shirt is more suitable and makes you look particularly upright. It is a pity that this type of clothing requires the right temperament and I can’t wear it.”

It was well-founded, convincing and without a trace of flattery.

The two front tables were shocked when they heard it. “Is this a senior of our school? Or is he from the school of management? He is too good at talking.”

Sure enough, he was very discerning.

Ji Tong’s eyebrows and eyes curved from a sudden smile and he took the initiative to hand over the fruit box in front of him. “Senior, do you want to eat fruit?”

In front of the sharp gaze of another junior, Qiao Yunhe immediately moved the fruit box to Pei Qingyuan. “You eat what you eat. By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Qiao Yunhe and I have just entered the third year. I am an artificial intelligence major like you.”

The captain knew that he had met the two of them when Ji Tong came to take the exam and they were relatively familiar, so he asked Qiao Yunhe to try and recruit the two of them.

However, the thinking in the team was that Pei Qingyuan’s personality meant it wasn’t easy to get close to him and it might take more work for him. Still, as long as he agreed, Ji Tong should also agree. It was because the senior students knew more gossip and knew that this talented auditor was introduced by Pei Qingyuan for the exam.

However, Qiao Yunhe had seen the two of them getting along with his own eyes and didn’t think so. His thoughts were exactly the opposite.

Having made up the Frankenstein grandfather and the deep brotherhood between disciples, he firmly believed that this junior brother was the key to the problem.

There was limited time so Qiao Yunhe got straight to the point. “You might know the basic situation of the RS Cup. There are many small projects in this competition and our school will basically participate in every project. My team specializes in the standard platform group.”

As the name implied, the standard platform group meant the team needed to use specified robots to participate in the competition. It used the same robot as a platform but was equipped with different intelligence algorithms to compete. It was similar to writing codes on the same development platform.

Therefore, the team members participating in the project were basically artificial intelligence students. Meanwhile, other projects involving self-made robots needed to cooperate with students from mechanics, control and other majors.

Take the jelly bean robot as an example. As an artificial intelligence student, Pei Qingyuan was actually more prominent in the field of machinery and control while the AI of the jelly bean robot wasn’t too good. However, the senior students knew that Xiao Jianping was preparing not to recruit graduate students this year in order to train these freshmen well.

In any case, this was definitely an awesome junior and was most likely to be an all-rounder. In short, grab him first.

Qiao Yunhe snatched it very skillfully. He placed his phone between Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan, played a short video and gave an introduction. “The standard platform group is the most interesting competition because the robot itself is stable. Safety is guaranteed and it is a qualified industrial product. It won’t fail like the self-made robots of the humanoid small group or fall after taking two steps.

This was a game video that lasted only a few dozen seconds. On a green field similar to a human soccer game, there was a group of humanoid robots with the same appearance. They could only be distinguished by the color of their jersey and they were chasing a small ball.

Of course, the movements of this type of robot couldn’t be compared with real humans. They couldn’t run but they walked quickly. They would also lurch and pause when they walked.

In the video, the robots on the mini soccer field were wearing numbered jerseys in a decent manner. Ji Tong saw a robot using small steps to quickly walk to the side of the soccer ball and raise its foot to kick the ball.

The ball rolled directly to the goal. The goalkeeper robot tried to block it when it detected the ball rolling but failed to stabilize its center of gravity. It fell to the ground, caught off guard. A dull light flashed on its round robot head.

The human audience on the side burst out laughing immediately and people shouted, “No 3 has an own goal!”

So cute.

Ji Tong laughed and the other students watching nearly were also amused.

Qiao Yunhe explained, “It kicked into its own goal. It is estimated that there was a problem with the image processing and recognition at that time.”

“Isn’t it super interesting?” He smiled and asked Ji Tong, who had started replaying the video. “Do you want to come to the team to play?”

Ji Tong’s eyes were full of longing and he immediately looked at the host beside him.

After all, he was a system and he had to respect the will of the host. He would go wherever the host went.

Pei Qingyuan initially planned to refuse directly after hearing about the group that Qiao Yunhe belonged to. He was more inclined to participate in the humanoid group in the soccer event and the competition involving bionic materials in the life event.

However, Ji Tong was obviously very interested in this group.

He also secretly said in his mind, “I want to try to turn into a robot and play with them when no one else is present.”

Small robots from a high-dimensional world would personally crush these robots while galloping over the green field.

It was indeed something that Ji Tong could come up with.

At his shining gaze, Pei Qingyuan nodded without any further hesitation.

In any case, there were no requirements in the mission that he could only join one team.

Ji Tong immediately said, “Senior Qiao, I want to try.”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak but Qiao Yunhe had already understood everything from the eye contact between the two of them.

He didn’t even need to ask if Pei Qingyuan was coming.

More importantly, it was necessary to correct what Ji Tong called him.

“That’s great.” Qiao Yunhe waved his hands in an excited manner. “You don’t need to call me Senior. Just call me Old Qiao.”

Senior and senior brother meant the same thing.

How dare he be this junior brother’s senior brother?

Five minutes were almost up. Qiao Yunhe got up on the spot and hurriedly walked out. “I won’t disturb your class. I’ll just say this first. I’ll contact you again when I go back!”

The senior came and went like the wind and the entire classroom fell into silence.

The students who were sitting far away didn’t hear the conversation between the two of them very clearly. Still, it could be seen that Qiao Yunhe was trying to invite this auditor who they thought was mediocre and didn’t even bother to ask Pei Qingyuan, who was known to be very powerful. He was also extremely excited after his invitation was successful.

This was completely beyond their imagination.

Just now, Qi Shao was obviously still asking if Ji Tong could adapt to the content of their class.

What about a student who got in using wealth?

Many eyes filled with curiosity or surprise looked over. Some people couldn’t hold back and wanted to ask directly.

But at this time, the class bell rang and the teacher had already entered the classroom.

Pei Qingyuan put away the fruit box that had been eaten clean while Ji Tong continued to resume the posture of holding his cheeks.

In this class, he intended to enjoy the football game in his hand to prepare for the future green field duel.

There was a subtle atmosphere in the classroom.

The students who heard the conversation between the two of them clearly were surprised that Qiao Yunhe valued Ji Tong but they also felt a strange admiration for Qiao Yunhe.

“I don’t know why but I feel like Senior Qiao is particularly powerful.” Ouyang Yu whispered to his roommate. He took a deep breath and had a longing expression. “It seems that he has mastered a mysterious communication skill. I haven’t figured it out for the time being but I really want to learn.”

His roommate deeply agreed. “It is really a shame that Senior Qiao didn’t go to the school of management.”

Pei Qingyuan was quiet on the surface but he also thought so.

With a few simple words, Qiao Yunhe made Ji Tong so happy that he even offered to share food.

He could only say: Very great.

…Joining Qiao Yunhe’s team might be the right choice.

Pei Qingyuan silently turned a page of the book and he rarely had the idea of wanting to learn from people.

Once all the classes for the day were over and everyone left the classroom one after another with tired or excited moods, someone took the initiative to ask Ji Tong, “Ji Tong, are you going to find that Senior Qiao later? The robot competition looks very interesting but it should be difficult, right?”

In fact, what this person really wanted to ask was why a senior student would come to invite him to join.

Ji Tong’s answer was very strong. “I won’t go. I am going to the mahjong club after dinner. The president said that there is a table of three missing one person tonight. Are you interested?”

Mahjong club, three missing one person.

Wasn’t this the time to show off his professional ability?

Sure enough, he was still a student who got in through money!

The students were in a complicated mood and didn’t know what to say. They only felt that their impression of this auditor was chaotic.

In the chaos, a cold snort of disdain was clearly heard.

“Playing around and losing one’s mind.”

Zhang Yun wasn’t loud but his words were very harsh.

Ji Tong looked at the lonely figure with the hedgehog hair going away and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

In any case, he was happy to add a new video to his black history video.

These classmates didn’t plan to fill in the gap of the three people missing one. Ji Tong walked to the cafeteria with Pei Qingyuan and tried to brainwash the host.

“You study every night when you go back to your bedroom. It is too hard. Do you want to relax?”

Pei Qingyuan skillfully understood the meaning of his words. “I will accompany you to the mahjong club.”

Ji Tong was satisfied. “Thank you, Brother!”

After solving the problem of three people missing one, he looked intently at the menu on the cafeteria window and thought about what to eat.

“Auntie, which of these dishes are more delicious?”

The aunt at the window treated him very patiently. “It is all delicious. What flavor do you like? Sour, sweet or spicy? Auntie can recommend something to you.”

Ji Tong thought for a moment. “I want to eat sour and spicy today.”

“Hot and sour? Then sour soup with fatty beef!” The aunt said enthusiastically, “It sells well and I really like to eat it myself.”

The name of this dish was very graphic. Ji Tong just imagined it and felt greedy. He made a final decision. “I want to order this.”

The other students next to him were also struggling with what to eat. They looked at his expression and the menu photo on the window before deciding to follow him. “Auntie, I also want sour soup with fatty beef.”

“I want this too.”

The auntie was overjoyed and responded one by one, “Okay, okay! Come and order. It will be ready soon!”

Ji Tong always had a wonderful infectious power to him.

Under the light of the window, the smile on his white face seemed to glow and even his plain black shirt looked expensive. From time to time, strangers passing by would look at him.

Pei Qingyuan remembered what Qiao Yunhe said in the morning. He also remembered that he knew Ji Tong liked this shirt but had never praised him directly.

He hesitated before whispering, “You look good in this shirt.”

Ji Tong looked stunned when he heard this. Then he looked Pei Qingyuan up and down and whispered a bit nervously, “If you don’t want to play mahjong then you can say it directly. It is okay.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Forget it.

Let’s eat first.

“Auntie, add another sour soup with fatty beef.”

“Are you learning from me too?”


Ji Tong let out a long sigh until Pei Qingyuan looked away with a calm expression. “What do you want to drink?”


Except for a few small flaws, Ji Tong liked this college campus life very much.

Club activities were fun, the food in the cafeteria was delicious and weekends and holidays were even more exciting.

He missed Xiao Hei who was alone in the garage of the mall next door.

Ji Tong had already selected Shen Yiming as the first guest to visit Xiao Hei, but he didn’t ‘know’ him yet.

It wasn’t until Deng Shu called Pei Qingyuan to tell him that the first samples of the jelly bean robot had been produced and was ready to send a few to him that Ji Tong found an opportunity.

The jelly bean robot authorized by Pei Qingyuan to Deng Shu was the same as the original, including the built-in Ai and the upgrade port, which could be continuously updated.

Only the jelly bean shell was different. The original jelly bean shell named Xiao Mei that was made for Ji Tong had a unique color. The mass-produced versions that would be sold were only a variety of monochrome colors.

Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan reached an agreement to give these advance products sent by Deng Shu to their friends in high school such as Fu Chengze, who once thought the jelly bean robot was an April Fool’s joke and Lin Zihai, who said before that he wanted to have a watch.

For example, Shen Yiming who was targeted by Ji Tong because he was admitted to the astronomy department. Ji Tong wanted to ask him to be the first guest to see Xiao Hei’s diamond starry sky.

In another boys’ dormitory building, Shen Yiming was both flattered and slightly confused to receive Pei Qingyuan and his roommate.

Pei Qingyuan, whom he hadn’t seen during the summer vacation, sent a message asking to see him for something. He thought that there was something to ask him for help, but after the meeting, Pei Qingyuan only asked him one question, “What color do you like?”

Shen Yiming replied uncertainly, “…Black?”

“Black is inconvenient as a color.” Pei Qingyuan’s roommate interjected. “A light color is more suitable for coloring.”

Ever since the news that the jelly bean robot was only in monochrome colors, the netizens were disappointed. Then they thought about how the only color version was given by Pei Qingyuan to a mysterious friend and were a bit moved. They no longer minded the difference and developed a new idea of free coloring magic to change the jelly bean shell.

Shen Yiming was naturally happy when he learned that Pei Qingyuan was going to give him a robot sample that many people were looking forward to. “Then I choose light blue. Thank you, Brother Pei!”

However, his gaze would subconsciously fall on Pei Qingyuan’s roommate.

He had obviously never seen this student before but he faintly felt a hint of familiarity.

In particular, when the other person smiled, it made him think of a cat lying on a balcony coffee table to bask in the sun, pink flowers blooming on a watch dial and vague laughter at the sports meeting.

Ji Tong reached out his hand and took the initiative to greet him. “Hello, my name is Ji Tong. It is nice to meet you.”

Shen Yiming was a bit dazed. Then after a pause of two seconds, he quickly responded seriously. “Hello, my name is Shen Yiming.”

“Then we are counted as acquaintances now.” Ji Tong’s smile brightened even more. “I am particularly curious about the astronomy department. Why did you choose this major?”

Due to the sense of familiarity for unknown reasons, Shen Yiming didn’t show his usual restraint that came from his introverted nature. He was quite willing to answer his new friend’s question.

“It is because I heard people chatting before. I realized that even though people are small, this type of insignificance is romantic in front of the endless vastness of the universe.”

Ji Tong remembered the lecture and the buffet dinner. He felt a bit emotional in his heart and asked, “Do you like stars?”

Feelings were feelings but he still had to do business.

“I like it.” Shen Yiming nodded. “They are beautiful.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw the eyes of the boy in front of him light up and he quickly asked, “Then do you like cars?”

“Uh…” The topic shifted unexpectedly and Shen Yiming looked dazed. “I-I like them?”


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    Pei Qingyuan can definitely learn a thing or two from Qiao Yunhe when it comes to sweet-talking Ji Tong, lol. The only thing is that he’s never really complimented Ji Tong in that way, so it’s funny that it had the opposite reaction.

    Haha! Ji Tong has finally found an opportunity to show off Xiao Hei. I only hope it’s not too much of a shock to poor Shen Yiming.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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