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DCBS: Chapter 92

Ji Tong happily filled out another registration form. He also exchanged contact information at the slightly shy request of the senior sister of the gardening club.

He crouched down next to the pot of flowers and played with the fat orange cat for a while. Then he remembered that the host next to him hadn’t spoken for a long time.

Ji Tong secretly looked back at the host and found that he seemed distracted. His gaze fell on Ji Tong a bit blankly and it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

However, Pei Qingyuan’s mind quickly returned after meeting his eyes.

There was hesitation in his voice. “Do you like mushrooms very much?”

Why was the host still stuck on this question?

According to Charlatan Cui’s words, his reaction speed was really long.

Ji Tong nodded. “I like it and the senior sister says that it can be planted.”

He loved the white mushroom that sneakily grew in inconspicuous corners after humid and rainy days.

Fortunately, the second floor wasn’t too high and he could see the small mushrooms through the window. He fantasized that he could one day touch it with his own hands.

He asked Xiao Mei what fresh mushrooms growing beside the tree felt like to touch. However, the stupid Xiao Mei would only say over and over again, “Sorry Master. Xiao Mei didn’t hear your question clearly.”

So Ji Tong helplessly poked the little bean-green robot on the screen. He could only guess by himself that this touch must be very good because even stray cats liked it very much.

Then he really lasted until the day when he could touch the mushrooms with his own hands.

On a summer afternoon, with a flower pot and a shovel, he thought that it was perhaps the softest thing in the whole world. It made infinite joy rise in people’s hearts.

It was so beautiful that it was like an illusion.

Later, Ji Tong came to a strange world and saw a butterfly flying out of the moonlight.

He also thought that a lone butterfly needed flowers, just like he wanted a mushroom.

Thus, he gave the beautiful white butterfly a hundred types of flowers to land on.

Those flowers really changed a desolate desert ravaged by tornadoes.

Ji Tong seldom remembered the past. Today’s scene was so coincidental that it made long-ago memories suddenly emerge.

The suddenly snubbed orange cat raised his head with a sad face and rubbed against Ji Tong’s palm that was stopped in mid-air in a dissatisfied manner. The cat was reminding him to pay attention to himself again.

Ji Tong put away his thoughts in an instant and was amused by the tickling touch against his palm.

“I will come to play with you next time. I have to go to lunch.”

The senior sister waved goodbye to him. “Big Orange is usually arrogant. I didn’t expect him to like you so much. See you in the club.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister. See you next time!”

After leaving the club stalls, Ji Tong started his daily routine conversation. “What do you want to eat at noon?”

He saw that the host beside him looked pensive, as if he was hesitating to speak.

…It couldn’t be that the host suddenly didn’t want him to join the mahjong club, right?

Today, there were many freshmen who came to watch the mahjong club and take photos to share with friends. However, there were relatively few people who really chose to join.

It was competitive mahjong but it always sounded like playing around. The recognition wasn’t as high as common chess games.

Everyone must be afraid of attracting strange eyes from others and afraid of wasting time. After all, the entire school was full of top students and the top students were competitive.

Thus, Ji Tong quickly pulled the host’s arm and tried to take him out of the club recruiting area as soon as possible. Then he strode toward the cafeteria. “How about eating tiger skin eggs? Looking at the coat color of Big Orange, I suddenly want to eat tiger skin eggs.”

The orange cat that continued to bask in the sunlight in the distance suddenly shivered.


Pei Qingyuan had always unconditionally adopted Ji Tong’s opinion on what to eat.

He let the boy in the black shirt drag him forward and his gaze subconsciously fell on his arm.

There was a faint heat through the thin shirt and it was the temperature of Ji Tong’s palm.

Sunlight fell on the back of his hand and the blood vessels under the fair skin could be seen.

It was as pale as in the dream.

Ji Tong got his wish and found the tiger skin eggs in the cafeteria of Jiangyuan College.

The class meeting in the evening was a buffet so he decided to eat lightly at noon.

Today’s host was particularly silent. Ji Tong secretly went into the emotional zone but didn’t find many abnormalities. There was only a faint fog floating in the garden.

Maybe he was thinking about his plans for the future.

This was normal for new students.

In addition, Ji Tong found that since the host determined his ambition to learn artificial intelligence, his personality had become more and more distinct. He had his own ideas and insistence on many things related to the mission and the future.

Ji Tong had fewer opportunities to provide advice and guidance, but he believed in the host’s abilities. Therefore, he felt that this was a good thing for both the host and the system.

He preferred to play a supporting function compared to arranging the host’s life in a condescending manner.

The host was originally a stubborn person who didn’t change at other people’s words. This was why his former mother disliked him so much.

He should continue to choose the path he wanted to take.

By the way, bring back the delicious food he saw on the road for Ji Tong.

In the warmly lit cafeteria, Ji Tong was chatting happily with his classmates and the plate in front of him was empty. Pei Qingyuan reached out to remove the empty place and replaced it with a plate full of steaming food that he had just taken.

At first, everyone was more reserved after taking their seats and didn’t know what to say. It could be called a collective, awkward group chat. Then interesting topics started to spread from the corner where Ji Tong was.

An outgoing girl had wanted to ask something since she saw Ji Tong at the class meeting yesterday. She sat close this time and finally couldn’t help her curiosity. She took the initiative to speak, “Classmate, what sunscreen products do you usually use? Or is it natural?”

Ji Tong’s skin was too white.

Several girls and some boys looked over.

Ji Tong thought for a while and replied, “I go out less and use an umbrella when going out. Is this considered physical sun protection?”

The girl suddenly sighed. “I can’t be idle and I like to run outside. I envy you. Sitting next to you, I feel like I just came back from digging coal.”

The person next to her laughed and added to the topic. “Me too. I bought several sunscreens after watching the online evaluation and they are all very different. Even so, I still turn dark.”

Ji Tong paused for a few seconds before saying with a smile, “Physical sun protection is the most useful but I know a few brands that aren’t bad.”

“Ahhh, tell me quickly! I’ll place an order now!”

Ji Tong used the golden finger that could search for information at any time and quickly narrowed the distance with the girls.

The topic became more and more divergent and many boys also joined in.

“In fact, I also want to use an umbrella in the summer because it is too sunny. However, I always feel embarrassed and afraid of being looked at by others.”

“What is there to be afraid of? Everyone has a heart for beauty. Perhaps the boys in our year should travel together with umbrellas in the summer so there is no need to be embarrassed.”

“No, don’t believe Ouyang’s nonsense. He is learning from a joke on the Internet. He wants a kind female student in the class to say that she can hold an umbrella and go with him.”

“…What nonsense! I really feel that it is too sunny!”

Laughter burst out at the increasingly harmonious dining table.

Many people initially had a bit of prejudice against the auditor. They thought that he had paid for the school and he seemed to have grown up in a pampered manner. They were worried they couldn’t get along with him.

As a result, after getting along with him, they found that they could talk about anything with Ji Tong. He knew a lot of things and was different from other people who had a very high self-esteem and always exuded a sense of pride.

Regardless of grades, at least he was a person who made the people around him feel happy.

Such people would naturally be popular.

In addition, the black shirt today looked really handsome.

It didn’t conflict with the way he looked focused while eating. He was handsome and cute.

When it came to eating, Pei Qingyuan seemed to have a good relationship with the auditor. He didn’t speak much tonight. He just got up from time to time to help Ji Tong get a lot of delicious food.

Due to the impression established from the interview video, everyone didn’t feel strange about Pei Qingyuan’s cold alienation. There were many people with such personalities in the school and he wasn’t the only one in their class.

It was commendable that this cold scholar seemed to have a unique eye for choosing food. Every time he took back some food, Ji Tong was very satisfied with it. This caused several hungry classmates to quietly copy him.

After a meal, the students were already getting along relatively well. Ji Tong basically chatted with everyone except for Zhang Yun, who often showed disdain.

He hated this wax-haired man.

The wax-haired man apparently hated him and the host as well.

The girl who asked Ji Tong about sun protection in the beginning whispered to her roommate for a while. Then she took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to say, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

At this bold question, the group of young people immediately shouted.

“What are you doing?” The girl smiled and glared at her classmates. “I’m just asking! I’m not the only one who wants to know.”

“No.” Seeing the eagerness in the girl’s eyes, Ji Tong added in time, “But I don’t plan to be in a relationship.”

“Eh, why?” The girls in the class were excited for a few seconds. Then they became disappointed when they heard this. “Do you have a single ideology?”

Ji Tong didn’t know how to explain it and he could only say vaguely, “Almost.”

He definitely wouldn’t fall in love with anyone.

The girl who asked sighed and said half-jokingly, “Okay, I’ll wait and see.”

“You said you were just asking!”

“No way? Ask first before waiting!”

Pei Qingyuan had been listening quietly all night. Now in the midst of the youthful laughter, his eyes filled with unpredictable emotions passed over the faces of his classmates.

After dinner, the students separated according to their dormitory. They took a taxi or walked back to school.

No one in the class lived in the same room as Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan. Thus, the two of them walked alone.

Ji Tong accepted the host’s feeding while chatting. He was unknowingly full again and decided to walk slowly back to the dormitory.

Looking at the figures of the students in front of him and the starlight overhead, Ji Tong was in a happy mood and reached out to poke the host’s arm.

“Has the host eaten enough tonight?”

There was no one else around and they could chat with peace of mind.

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan paused before suddenly saying, “I remember you said I was your first host.”

Ji Tong’s expression froze for a moment before he replied, “Yes.”

This was true but why did this statement sound a bit weird?

Hearing this, Pei Qingyuan was silent for a while before asking, “You… can you only exist as a system?”

Ji Tong didn’t understand. “In addition to staying in the host’s consciousness as a system, I can also disguise myself as a human like I am now.”

“Not as a disguise,” Pei Qingyuan said slowly. “When there is no host and no mission.”

“Will you enter a certain world alone and live like a normal person?” He tried to describe his speculation more accurately. “Perhaps as a test, you might temporarily block the memory of the artificial intelligence and act as a normal person. You face life, old age, illness and death.”

Since he was directly connected to Ji Tong’s consciousness, under the strange effect of some type of yin and yang, he dreamed of Ji Tong’s experience in other worlds.

This was the most likely conclusion that Pei Qingyuan came to after thinking about it for a day.

Most people’s hobbies and habits were stable and perhaps an AI was also the same.

So no matter what world he was in, Ji Tong liked an intelligent assistant called Xiao Mei. He liked mushrooms, cats and flowers and liked to use the same human appearance.

Ji Tong laughed after hearing him say this.

“No,” he replied casually. “We are here to serve the hosts.”

“This is the first world I have entered.”

In fact, Ji Tong did find out recently that since changing to his adult form, the host seemed to have become… domineering and stingy?

Ji Tong was very unfamiliar with this emotion and pondered on it for a while. He thought it might be because the host was a bit uncomfortable.

After all, now he was in a new environment. As an adult in the eyes of others, he might develop various interpersonal relationships. It was no longer like when he was a child and he could only stay by the host’s side.

Faced with the change, it was normal for the host to feel overwhelmed and start to think wildly.

As a good host that worked hard, it was necessary to appease the host at such times.

“You are my first host.” Ji Tong raised his hand and promised, “You will always be my favorite human being.”

Ji Tong hardly used the word always. It used to be too extravagant but it was very appropriate in this sentence.

Pei Qingyuan said in front of the camera that Ji Tong’s appearance was the luckiest thing for him.

He didn’t know that on the day of the interview, the black and white ceramic cat on the sofa who didn’t dare to move also thought the same way.

Under the reflection of the starlight and moonlight, Pei Qingyuan saw the young man beside him staring at him with the clearest eyes, his voice extremely serious.

“You are irreplaceable.”


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    Ahhh this chapter is making me feel things!! Thank you for the translation!

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    At least Pei Qingyuan can logically be appeased with Ji Tong’s assurance that he won’t fall in love with anyone, so he doesn’t have to be too wary of others’ approach, but emotionally I think he’ll still be on guard, lol. He’s also getting closer to the truth of Ji Tong’s past life by eliminating possible factors contributing to the dreams. I can’t wait until he unravels the truth!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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