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DCBS: Chapter 91

The freshman meeting was held at 10 o’clock in the morning. Ji Tong ‘woke up’ on time at 9:30. He put away the camouflage item and opened the bed curtain with messy hair.

Tonight would be the class dinner. The group of students who had just met wouldn’t eat  too late and the time was almost just enough.

His other three roommates had already woken up. Pei Qingyuan had gone to the cafeteria to buy a hearty breakfast and put it on the table.

They were going to leave soon. Huang Wen and Cui Yinan were looking at their phones to pass the time and were chatting with their classmates.

They saw that Ji Tong, who had slept at 8 o’clock last night, finally woke up and the faces of the two people were full of reverence. Ji Tong’s sleep time was really breathtaking.

“Aren’t you tired after sleeping for so long?”

“I’m not tired,” Ji Tong replied without changing his expression. “I slept very comfortably.”

Last night, the host put him next to the pillow and made a small bed with a pillow towel. Ji Tong originally wanted to return to the host’s consciousness space after chatting. However, he thought it was fun so he really slept in the form of a plush doll for the night.

No wonder why Fang Hao liked to turn into a die and lie down in the flying chess box to sleep when he came to play before.

What a magical experience.

Yesterday, to the end, the host didn’t tell him what was so funny about Huang Wen’s name. Perhaps he was sleepy so he stopped talking after telling Ji Tong to sleep.

As the night passed, Ji Tong quickly put this matter behind him because he had a lot of new things to think about every day.

For example, what to wear and what to eat.

Once Ji Tong washed up in his pajamas, he ate breakfast at the speed of light. Then he took out the black shirt that Sister Yinyin had bought him from the closet and happily changed into it.

As for the host who would speak at the freshman meeting, Ji Tong finally decided to let the host wear a regular white shirt after a day of careful selection. This couldn’t go wrong and would match the host’s temperament.

The main reason was that black and white were more interesting.

Cui Yinan, who was watching the excitement, felt quite regretful. “The floral shirt yesterday looks good. How exciting would it be to wear this to speak in public?”

Ji Tong also liked the flower shirt that the host had never worn. “Next time!”

Pei Qingyuan, who let him play around: “……”

Ji Tong’s movements were very fast and everything was done in a quarter of an hour. Then he went out with everyone to the oversized auditorium of the school.

Along the way, everyone’s eyes were attracted by this black and white.

Huang Wen walked beside them and sighed. “Fortunately, I am not in the same class as the two of you.”

Cui Yinan laughed. “Think about the good things. If you stay next to the two of them, you don’t have to worry about your image problem. You can dress however you want and no one will pay attention anyway.”

“Yes, what about not wearing anything?”

“It is hard to say. Do you want to try it?”

Ji Tong was amused by the conversation of his companions. His skin color was originally white and the contrast after wearing a black shirt was even stronger to the extreme. He looked so white that he almost didn’t seem real. He frequently attracted the eyes and discussion of strangers.

Pei Qingyuan was originally habitually expressionless beside him but successfully evolved from indifferent to frosty after arriving in the auditorium. This brought about a better cooling effect than the air conditioner in the auditorium that was provided to students for free.

The only person who bypassed the cold air was Ji Tong.

He looked at the host with satisfaction and felt that his aesthetics were really great. This white shirt was just right.

High-end ingredients often required only the simplest cooking methods.

Given that there were other students sitting around, he whispered to the host, “Brother is really handsome in a white shirt.”

The unfamiliar classmate next door was about to report to the teacher that the air conditioning temperature was too low when he stopped. It suddenly felt less cold again.

The air conditioning in this auditorium was strange.

It was probably because there were too many people.

The huge auditorium was packed with freshmen. Today’s opening ceremony and the freshmen meeting were attended by nearly 4,000 freshmen, regardless of the faculty. The visual effect was very shocking.

After the speeches of the school leaders and teachers, the representatives of the freshmen spoke.

“Next, I will invite Pei Qingyuan, a freshman representative of the school of artificial intelligence to speak on stage—”

At the applause that resounded from the audience, Ji Tong skillfully turned on the video mode.

Today, he didn’t just use the built-in recording function of the system. He also brought the camera that Fu Yinyin gave to him and wanted to leave precious souvenir photos of this real world.

In the eyes of the countless people and the shallow discussions, Pei Qingyuan got up and walked to the most dazzling position.

This auditorium was many times larger than the banquet hall that had a similar scene at the beginning of the story.

Pei Qingyuan’s footsteps were steady. He stood behind the podium surrounded by flowers and his eyes looked at the crowd under the stage that had become very small. The teenager who was holding the camera to take photos was still in focus.

He started to speak.

Ji Tong quietly looked at the expressions of the people around him. This time, there was no complex pity or contempt. There was only quiet listening.

Time passed quickly.

It was a similar scene, similar people but completely different feelings.

Ji Tong’s environmental monitoring function allowed him to find many acquaintances. For example, there was Shen Yiming who was admitted to the astronomy department, Song Shixing, the beach volleyball master he met during his travels and some students he met when accompanying the host to participate in the exchange activities before.

For example, Pei Yan whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

He sat among the students of the school of finance.

The freshmen representative on the stage had cold eyes, an outstanding temperament and an unhurried voice. There was irrefutable persuasion and an intimidating aura.

Pei Yan, who was sitting upright, noticed that a few students turned to look at him with expressions that were eager to speak. Then they saw that he never reacted and looked away with slight disappointment.

He knew why these people looked at him and why they hesitated to stop what they were going to say.

It wasn’t a secret that the children of the Pei family were changed. Even though most students didn’t know about it, there were still people who knew the relationship between him and Pei Qingyuan.

This was supposed to be ‘interesting’ gossip, especially how the person who occupied the magpie’s nest became bleak little by little after returning to an ordinary family. This was something that people liked to talk about.

Now that person was standing on the stage radiantly, even more brilliantly than before.

All the noisy talk had lost its meaning.

Outsiders liked this type of drama the most. Therefore, they would harshly compare people who shouldn’t be opposed and turn the real pain of others into a light and airy conversation to fill their empty lives.

What’s more, they would use it to their own advantage.

For example, Xiang Jinyang.

However, all their hopes were dashed.

Pei Yan was thinking absent-mindedly until his companion who was secretly playing with his phone touched him.

“It is snowing where Brother Zhuang is. I’m really envious.” His companion showed him the screen of his phone and whispered, “I don’t know when he can return to China on vacation and get together with us.”

It was a beautifully composed photograph of Western-style buildings covered in snow. Young students holding books were walking down the path, long scarves blown by the wind. They had smiling, foreign faces.

Pei Yan smiled and also replied in a low voice, “It should be soon.”

At this distant snow, his thoughts also became calm and he turned his attention away from those few subtle eyes.

He was obviously jealous of Pei Qingyuan, before and now.

However, someone gentle and resolutely told him that jealousy itself wasn’t sinful. There were good and bad ways to vent jealousy.

He told Pei Yan what the right way was.

To Pei Yan, the other person was simply like a savior coming from the chaos.

Gradually, he thought that he might’ve really found the right way in this flashy new world.

After the freshman representative finished speaking, Pei Yan raised his hand and applauded like everyone else.

Enthusiastic and turbulent sounds filled the space.

After the freshmen meeting, Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong walked out side by side along with the flow of people. He immediately noticed that Ji Tong was in a good mood.

It wasn’t just pure happiness. It was like he let go of something.

He asked, “Did something good happen?”

Ji Tong nodded and told Pei Qingyuan in his heart, “Host, Pei Yan was also admitted to Jiangyuan College. He was sitting in the position of the school of finance just now.”

Pei Qingyuan was slightly surprised when he heard Ji Tong say again, “I have observed for a long time and feel that he has no hostility toward you. I think maybe he has grown up.”

In high school, Pei Yan had intentionally or unintentionally led his former classmates to cause trouble for Pei Qingyuan, who had just transferred to the 2nd High School.

In order to guard against Pei Yan doing something bad in the future, Ji Tong took the childhood diary that Pei Yan had forgotten and abandoned when moving away from Luo Xiuyun’s home in case of an emergency.

According to the law that childhood shadows would run through life, mastering the childhood of the enemy was basically equivalent to mastering their weaknesses.

Now it seemed that it might not be needed.

“If you have the opportunity later, you can return the diary to him.” Ji Tong added, “I didn’t peek at the diary.”

“Okay.” Pei Qingyuan agreed.

After all, they were in the same school and there would inevitably be times when they met. It was indeed a good thing if they lived in peace like ordinary students and let the mistakes made by the previous generation end here.

It was just that there were faint doubts in Pei Qingyuan’s heart.

Who helped Pei Yan get rid of the influence of Xiang Jinyang, who hated him so much?

This question flashed through his mind before his thoughts were quickly occupied by Ji Tong, who was looking around.

Taking advantage of the fact that classes wouldn’t officially start in the next few days, the recruitment activities of various clubs in school were in full swing.

The moment Pei Qingyuan saw the stalls recruiting new members for their clubs, he remembered Ji Tong asking yesterday if the baking club had many girls.

…In fact, he always thought that Ji Tong would like boys a bit more.

As a child, he obviously liked to look at the abs of the basketball team members. Why did he like to watch beautiful girls after growing up?

With this unsolved mystery, Pei Qingyuan prepared in advance to prevent Ji Tong from joining clubs such as the dance club and literature club.

As he expected, Ji Tong’s gaze really lingered on the signboards of clubs with more girls.

Ji Tong was judging which club the host would be more receptive to.

He deeply regretted that the host was reluctant to let him join the baking club.

It might be that he was afraid that Ji Tong would often bring back food and indirectly affect the host’s ability to keep in shape.

It was a pity that he couldn’t tell the host that he was responsibly looking for the positive peach blossom for the host.

The work manual suggested that after discovering the other half of the host’s emotional line, it was best not to tell the host directly to avoid causing rebellion.

Did dancing sound a bit healthier?

Ji Tong secretly observed the host’s expression white Pei Qingyuan also paid attention to the gaze of his system. There was a subtle atmosphere between the black and white shirt.

“Brother, I want to participate…”

The moment he spoke, Pei Qingyuan’s expression tensed. These words were like arrows on a string.

As a result, Ji Tong saw the signboard of the club next to the dance club and was suddenly hooked away. His eyes widened. “The mahjong club!”

Pei Qingyuan: ……?

“Okay.” He let out a silent sigh of relief.

He didn’t know the ratio of men to women in the mahjong club but it sounded hard for love to grow from this activity.

The senior in charge of recruitment for the mahjong club was flattered to receive these two freshmen who attracted the attention of 90% of the audience.

“Hello students, the main activity of our club, cough, is naturally to play mahjong. However, it isn’t the same mahjong used for entertainment in life. Ours is competitive mahjong. There are relatively complex rules and we can participate in a competition…”

Ji Tong happily filled out the registration form but Pei Qingyuan didn’t fill it in. He already had a clear plan for what to do during college and he probably wouldn’t have much time to play mahjong.

In any case, Ji Tong would definitely tell him through their connection when Ji Tong was having fun. He wouldn’t miss anything.

Every time Ji Tong won a flying chess game with Fang Hao before, Pei Qingyuan would hear his inner happy news first while sitting in front of the workbench assembling the jelly bean robot.

After joining the mahjong club, Ji Tong temporarily forgot the matter of helping his host find a relationship and prepared to see what other strange student clubs there were.

He stopped in front of a club stall full of beautiful potted plants.

Next to the potted plant lay a large orange cat lazily basking in the sun.

The senior sister of the gardening club said enthusiastically, “This is the cat raised by our club’s instructor. After joining our gardening club, you can not only learn the skills of planting and raising flowers but you can also pet the cat at any time.”

Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan originally had a cat, but Hua Hua had a special appearance and an even more special physique. He never shed fear. Out of fear of others discovering the abnormality of this fake cat, Ji Tong didn’t bring him to school. He put Hua Hua in the treasure chest and would summon Hua Hua after returning home on vacation.

Ji Tong crouched down and tentatively stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the orange cat’s head. “Hello.”

The orange cat didn’t avoid him. He seemed to be accustomed to strangers and generously let Ji Tong pet him.

Ji Tong smiled even happier with shining eyes. The senior sister of the gardening club turned slightly red and tried to get closer. “Junior, what flowers do you like? You can come to the club and learn how to grow them.”

Ji Tong thought for a while before saying seriously, “I want to grow mushrooms.”

The senior sister looked surprised. “Mushrooms?”

“Yes.” Ji Tong looked at the potted plants on the stall and described it. “White mushrooms. I want to plant them in a pot like this.”

The senior sister couldn’t help laughing. “The plants you like are very special.”

On the side, Pei Qingyuan was stunned.

He dreamed that ‘Ji Tong’ was holding a mushroom potted plant.

Pei Qingyuan had always thought that his series of dreams was an illogical deduction from the many fragments of reality.

It was because Ji Tong named his cat form Mushroom and the exchange students called out Mushroom all day long. Thus, there was a huge mushroom floating outside the window in his dreams.

However, before Ji Tong in reality said that he wanted to plant a mushroom in the potted plant, he first dreamed of the pale boy with the same face as Ji Tong, crouching in the shade of a summer tree and carefully planting a mushroom into a pot.


  1. CAEL says:

    I am so glad to finally catch up. Thank you SO much for the translations! This is my favorite novel at the moment. Your translations are smooth and beautiful to read and you definitely do the author justice.

    On another note, PQY is finally starting to realize that something is up. I wonder how long it will take him to fully come to the realization that JT isn’t what he presents himself to be.

  2. M&M's says:

    I’m glad that Pei Yan has let go of his hostility and is redirecting his jealousy in a healthy way, but I’m still concerned about Zhuang Wenbao (can’t exactly remember the name, but he was the student body president at his school who likes to watch people’s drama for entertainment). Unfortunately he’s going down the same path of fully trusting someone due to their “well-intentioned” kindness rather than using appropriate skepticism in the face of strangers’ unexpected goodwill.

    As for Ji Tong, it’s good he chose a club aligned with his interests so he won’t focus so much on trying to find a soulmate for Pei Qingyuan,lol. It’s even better, though, that Pei Qingyuan is finally having some doubts about the dream events compared to Ji Tong’s current thoughts and actions. Will he finally make the connection and start intentionally testing Ji Tong to confirm his suspicions?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  3. Monmonmoon says:

    Idk what to think of Wenbai like is this a potential side couple (with Pei Yan) or a potential villain’s plot?

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