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DCBS: Chapter 90

For the rest of today, Ji Tong never got a chance to approach the fragrant baking club recruiting stall.

It was okay. There were still a few days left for the recruitment activities of the clubs.

Ji Tong, who was always intentionally or unintentionally blocked by the host from looking at the beautiful college students, comforted himself in this way.

Even if he couldn’t enter the baking club, there were also the dance club, the literary club… all of which had many girls.

He couldn’t dance or write but he could try to get a crash course using the advantages of the system.

There was the blessing of Cui Yinan’s scientific temperament from the physics department so Ji Tong inexplicably believed his words.

The host’s emotional luck was about to begin or had already begun.

Then the host’s other half was likely to appear on the college campus.

He had to be conscientious and prepare early.

In the afternoon, Ji Tong and the host walked into the classroom where the class meeting was held. He looked around and regretfully found that the mission panel hadn’t responded.

It seemed that it wasn’t a girl in the class.

…Or a boy.

From the perspective of the appearance judgment method, there was indeed no one who needed special attention among the 22 students in their year.

Once the two of them came in, the eyes of the students fell more on Pei Qingyuan, whom almost everyone had heard of.

Only the boys in Room 701 who had been discussing the students in the morning glanced at him with surprise.

Ji Tong silently looked away and found an empty seat behind the host to sit down on.

There was a public list of freshmen on the school’s official website. Except for the people in their dormitory, the names of the others temporarily weren’t known and they were very unfamiliar with each other. There were occasional whispered discussions in the classroom and the overall atmosphere was relatively restrained.

This was until the young head teacher and teaching assistant entered the classroom and the eyes of many students lit up in admiration.

The head teacher of their year turned out to be Qi Shao.

He was a student of Xiao Jianping, the most famous boss in the school, and a rising star in the field. Now he was in his 30s and had many achievements. He was often regarded as a genius like his mentor.

Compared with the bigshots whose names were written into textbooks, this relatively young teacher made people feel admiration and a bit of closeness.

After Qi Shao walked into the classroom, he greeted the students with a smile. His gaze was much softer when it swept over Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong.

He attended a lecture at last year’s Chengde exchange week and met Pei Qingyuan.

Due to Xiao Jianping’s emphasis on this high school student and the recommendation, Qi Shao had long regarded Pei Qingyuan as a sure-fire junior disciple.

As for Ji Tong… it was because Qi Shao had participated in the auditor interview the other day.

Before the interview started, Qi Shao was planning how to get along with the junior brothers in this year as teacher and students in the new semester and how to do something interesting together.

After the interview, he froze for a long time and started to think about why the gap between people was so large.

Ji Tong was simply born for artificial intelligence.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ji Tong really didn’t look like a robot and that the technology of the current society hadn’t reached this level, Qi Shao would’ve wondered if Ji Tong was a human being.

He remembered that even when he was an undergraduate, people often half-jokingly complained that they didn’t want to be classmates with him and the pressure was too much.

Qi Shao suddenly felt some sympathy for the students in the audience who didn’t know what they would experience in the future.

After collecting his thoughts and talking about the history and prospects of the major, he introduced himself and explained, “The practice of our school is that the daily chores are the responsibility of the teaching assistant. The head teacher actually doesn’t have much contact with everyone. We mainly do some general direction and more metaphysical guidance. The teachers also have their own projects and are generally busy.”

“However, the head teachers of the other years are very powerful seniors. When it is my turn, you will suffer a slight loss.” He smiled and spread open his hands in a quite humble manner. “As compensation, I will try to find as much time as possible to communicate with everyone. You can come to me for any problems. We will discuss it together.”

If Qi Shao’s words were heard by the other head teachers then their eyes would probably be turned upside down.

The moment the only auditor in the year appeared, almost every teacher wanted to snatch him into their class. His unique views were likely to bring many subversive changes in this field.

It was a pity that there was the special situation of the auditor and he had to be in the same class as Pei Qingyuan. Qi Shao got him cheaply.

After finishing his speech, each student introduced themselves separately. The atmosphere slowly relaxed as laughter and applause broke out in the classroom.

It was only when Ji Tong introduced himself that the applause of the students was filled with a bit of hesitation.

This name wasn’t on the freshman list.

Ji Tong expected such a reaction and sat down with a calm expression.

Qi Shao specially added, “Student Ji’s way of getting into college is somewhat different from everyone else’s but his cultural and professional grades are very good. He passed the college’s exam with an extremely high score.”

The applause was a bit warmer.

However, Ji Tong still saw a trace of doubt and caution in the eyes of some classmates.

For example, the boy with the wax hair, Zhang Yun didn’t even move his hands and just raised his eyes lazily. He just scoffed at QI Shao’s words, obviously thinking that Qi Shao was trying to save some face for this ‘rich student.’

It was normal for this group of students with top grades in the college entrance examination to have similar thoughts.

Pei Qingyuan’s slightly cold eyes swept over Zhang Yun.

Ji Tong didn’t care. He saw the boy Ouyang Yu, who asked him a question in the dormitory in the morning, clapping very hard. This made him smile.

There were still lovely classmates in the class.

Ouyang Yu was cheering for the auditor with a bit of a compensatory mentality. Then he happened to meet Ji Tong’s eyes and was a bit embarrassed. His roommate sitting next to him immediately leaned over and teased him, “First of all, you aren’t gay…”

Ouyang Yu: “……”

The next second, Pei Qingyuan’s eyes swept over him without showing anything.

Ouyang Yu couldn’t help trembling.

Summer hadn’t passed completely yet. Why did he feel a bit cold?

On the podium, Qi Shao had a panoramic view of the expressions of many students and there was a flash of emotion on his face.

Explanations were always powerless. Facts would prove everything.

In this brand new environment, some people would gradually find that what they were proud of was nothing.

There were also people who would bloom with corresponding brilliance.

Once the head teacher finished speaking, the teaching assistant introduced the arrangements for the next few days. There were no other activities today. They could freely arrange their time, either visiting the campus or continuing to clean up the dormitory.

Tomorrow, there would be a freshman meeting during the day. Then in the evening, there would be a class dinner to get acquainted with each other and to choose the class monitor by the way. Then it was time to start the normal classes according to the class schedule.

The freshman representative to speak at this year’s freshman meeting was Pei Qingyuan.

He was the most suitable choice, no matter whether it was based on the college entrance examination or his popularity.

After the class meeting and after dinner, Ji Tong returned to the dormitory and started to actively rummage through the cabinets to help the host choose clothes.

Tomorrow, he was going to change his style and wear a suave black shirt.

What should a host who was going to speak on stage in front of thousands of freshmen wear?

Pei Qingyuan cooperated and became an emotionless clothes hanger, letting him compare clothes on his body.

Student Huang and Cui Yinan, who belonged to different majors, were taken aback when they returned to their dormitory one after another.

It was hard to accept the scene of their cold roommate shuttling between clothes of different styles.

…But the whole thing suddenly became very reasonable again when the person playing dress-up with the clothes was Ji Tong.

They did their own thing while chatting casually.

The conversation gradually returned to the unsolved mystery of the morning.

In fact, compared with Student Huang’s surname and major, they could immediately find his full name from the list of freshmen but his roommates didn’t search for it.

It was because Ji Tong was happily guessing the riddle. “Huang Gongtou (foreman)? Huang Tumu (building)? Huang Muyong (wood path)?”

“It is funny but too cheesy.” Student Huang smiled. “The origin of my name is very elegant and quite promising.”

Cui Yinan joined in the liveliness. “For example… Huang Tudi (land/local god)?”


Student Huang laughed dryly. He knew he couldn’t drag it out so he sighed and said in a deep tone, “There is an ancient saying after learning the dao in the morning and then dying in the evening. Have you heard of it?”

“I have heard of it. It means if you can see the truth, you can die without regrets. It is quite elegant. Your parents are very high-level.”

Cui Yinan suddenly realized. “The other words in this sentence aren’t very suitable so your name is Huang Wendao? It is full of energy.”

Student Huang’s voice descended softly and buzzing like a mosquito. “Hmm… there is no dao.”


Cui Yinan was stunned. After hearing these words clearly, his face suddenly became very strange and he laughed uncontrollably.

Pei Qingyuan, who didn’t participate in the guessing activity, realized it. He seemed to want to laugh but held back with excellent self-control.

Seeing everyone’s change in expression, Huang Wen tried to change the atmosphere. “My father said that a name with two characters is written more quickly. He deleted one character so that I wouldn’t scold him when filling out papers in elementary school.”

Cui Yinan gloated. “The result is that you want to scold him every day.”

At the strange reaction of the other two, Ji Tong’s expression was dazed. “Your father is right. Two characters are convenient to write and Huang Wen is also very atmospheric. Why are you laughing?”

Hearing him ask this in an innocent tone, Cui Yinan suddenly laughed regardless of his image. “Your reaction is too slow. Hahahaha. Why don’t you try reading it aloud a few more times?”

Ji Tong did as he said. “Huang Wen, Huang Wen, Huang Wen?”

At this call full of doubts, even the originally melancholy Huang Wen laughed. “Why is Xiao Tong so stupid?”

The confused Ji Tong had to look at the calmest host.

The host didn’t say he was stupid. He just looked at Ji Tong with eyes that flashed with a smile and said quietly, “It is nothing. Leave them alone.”

Huang Wen immediately forgot the pain caused by his name and said positively, “Does Xiao Tong really not understand? Come, I will give you your first serious lesson in college. You can learn a lot.”

Cui Yinan spoke intermittently through his laughter. “No, I want to calculate your relationship luck. You look like you would be popular with girls. I didn’t expect—”

Pei Qingyuan stopped the behavior of his roommates who were trying to pollute the thinking of the artificial intelligence in time. He said to Ji Tong in a tone that couldn’t be refused, “It is almost 8 o’clock. It is time to wash up and sleep.”

“Hey, how can there be a college student who goes to bed so early? You can’t use this as an excuse not to talk about it!”

“Brother Pei, you are too protective. What is the relationship between the two of you? Paternal cousins? Maternal cousins?”

Ji Tong almost forgot that his humanoid time today was about to run out. Fortunately, there was the host to remind him.

His grand camouflage technique hadn’t been shown to the host yet.

He temporarily put down the mystery of Huang Wen and quickly ran to the bathroom to wash up according to the standard procedure before his body expired. Then he rolled over on the bed.

“It is true. I am going to sleep,” Ji Tong specially emphasized. “I will fall asleep in seconds and my sleep will be very heavy. Don’t worry about waking me up. You can chat casually and even play rock music in public.”

This ‘bedtime’ was really too early and he didn’t want to affect the normal activities of his roommates.

Seeing his serious expression, Huang Wen and Cui Yinan were suddenly a bit unsure. “Is this really true? Are you the type when you fall asleep and won’t even wake up if there is an earthquake?”

When Ji Tong went to bed, Pei Qingyuan waited by his bed, saw him quietly gesture ‘OK’ and got into the quilt, remaining motionless.

At the same time, a small furry doll suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand.

‘Ji Tong’ in the quilt breathed evenly and looked soundly asleep.

It turned out that this was the great camouflage item.

The one on the bed obviously wasn’t Ji Tong. It should be an item that could create an illusion.

Pei Qingyuan observed for a while before closing the bed curtain with his free hand. Then he turned to his two roommates looking at him curiously. “Really.”

Huang Wen, who was holding his breath, heard a long breathing sound and subconsciously lowered his voice. “F*k, did he really fall asleep in seconds? Can I take a look?”

Pei Qingyuan expressionlessly told him the answer with the closed bed curtain.

“Don’t deliberately lower your face. He won’t be woken up.”

At first, the two of them were suspicious. They didn’t want to risk waking up their teammate and him scolding them. They played a piece of music and found that there was no movement from the closed bed curtain. The sound of steady breathing was the same. Thus, they really believed it and continued to chat with peace of mind.

“This biological clock and sleep quality are too godly.” Cui Yinan was amazed. “It is simply beyond the realm of science.”

Huang Wen was infected by the sleeping atmosphere. “Xiao Tong sleeps so soundly. and I am sleepy. Do you want to go to bed early today? Tomorrow, there will be the freshman meeting. I want to recharge my energy and release my charm.”

“Wash up first and go to bed to play with your phone. Sleep when you are sleepy.”

Pei Qingyuan held the small doll, returned to his desk and sat down.

Under the bright lamp, he slowly spread out his palm and saw a small white cat with a black love heart on its back. Blue, transparent glass-like eyes winked at him slyly.

Ji Tong turned into the doll version of Mushroom. At the same time, he asked the host in his heart, “Is this great camouflage technique powerful?”

“Yes, it is amazing?”

According to the custom, Pei Qingyuan would find time to read in the evening.

The cat doll Ji Tong was placed next to the familiar yellow duck and quietly accompanied him, occasionally helping him search or supplement some information.

Throughout the day, the roommates passing by behind him were already surprised by cute dolls that appeared from time to time on Pei Qingyuan’s table. They decided that it must be Ji Tong’s things placed here.

At the normal bedtime, Pei Qingyuan finished studying and was ready to go to bed. He hesitated for a moment before reaching out to take the cat doll.

Huang Wen and Cui Yinan got into bed separately. One played on his phone and surfed the Internet while the other closed his eyes to recuperate. Perhaps he was calculating tomorrow’s fortune.

The hustle and bustle faded from the whole bedroom and it gradually became quiet.

Pei Qingyuan held the doll and hesitated over where to put Ji Tong who was in this form.

He didn’t want to leave the cat doll alone on the cold tabletop.

Next to the pillow? Or should he make a mini hammock?

Before Pei Qingyuan could make a decision, he heard Ji Tong’s voice ringing in his heart.

“Host, host! Let’s chat.”

He stopped moving and replied, “Okay.”

Ji Tong hadn’t wanted to disturb the host’s studying and had been holding back for half a night. Now he finally found an opportunity and he quickly asked like a cannon, “Why did you laugh at Huang Wen’s name just now? I searched for the words Huang Wen but I didn’t find any jokes related to it. What were you laughing at?”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Ji Tong actually hadn’t forgotten about it.

However, the current occasion seemed even more inappropriate to answer this question.

Pei Qingyuan fell into a wordless silence.

The lights were turned off in the bedroom. The cold night was revealed through the gap in the curtain and faint moonlight spilled over the hazy phantoms. He could hear his own extraordinarily distinct breathing.

Seeing that he didn’t answer for a long time, the cat in the palm of his hand thought that the host was asleep and carefully moved his furry paw, poking the host to test it.

The soft fabric gently brushed against Pei Qingyuan’s palms and fingers, creating a warm touch in the long night.

It seemed to be scratching at his heart and there was an itching sensation.

After a while, Ji Tong heard the host’s somewhat somber voice.


TL: Huang Wen’s name should be a joke with the same pronunciation and different characters. I’m not completely certain since I’m not Chinese, but I think the joke here is that while Huang is a surname, it also means yellow. Meanwhile, wen can mean ‘literature.’ So another meaning of the name is yellow literature, which is also slang for p*rn or dirty literature.


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    I wonder if the system panel will go off for Pei Qingyuan’s destined romantic half based on the novel plot or his emotions. If it’s the former, then I wonder how Ji Tong will actually respond when he comes to the realization that it will be someone else who will be standing by Pei Qingyuan’s side in the future instead of himself. If it’s the latter, however, then maybe it’ll only go off once Ji Tong also falls in love with him. Both are interesting developments, but I hope it’s the former since it would push along the boat faster, lol.

    As for Huang Wen, I feel so sorry for the insinuation of his name! That’s an embarrassing name his father unfortunately didn’t consider, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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