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DCBS: Chapter 9

Ji Tong sadly smelled the pineapple sweet and sour pork and hot spicy chicken, which entered his nose through the TV.

The food in the cafeteria of the 2nd High School wasn’t bad. At this moment, it was crowded and the entire space was filled with the high or low voices of students talking.

However, the excitement was all human and there was nothing else.

Ji Tong sat on a small cold bench in the consciousness space and watched the host line up for food while feeling like he was in a prison.

He even started to think about the feasibility of stealing dishes after becoming the cafeteria chef’s big iron spoon.

No, he had to find an opportunity to cultivate the good habit of the host sneaking out for a late-night meal.

Pei Qingyuan took the dinner plate and found an empty seat to sit down on. Yet after he sat down, the noise around him immediately decreased.

The entanglement between Pei Yan and Pei Qingyuan’s life experience had spread through the campus in one day. Almost everyone was gossiping about this matter in their spare time, but Fu Chengze’s statement in the morning meant they didn’t dare speak too badly. They were worried they would be beaten up by this school tyrant.

In particular, in front of Pei Qingyuan, they didn’t dare to be as unscrupulous as they were in the morning. Who knew if he would complain to Fu Chengze, who inexplicably started to protect him?

A quiet depression suddenly appeared in the noisy cafeteria. Pei Qingyuan didn’t care about this and concentrated on how to deal with tomorrow’s cleaning.

During the lunch break, the head teacher Zhou Fang found him alone and reassured him not to be influenced by the rumors in the school. She encouraged him to study hard. Now he had become the class monitor and it was an opportunity to prove his ability.

Pei Qingyuan hadn’t taken the entrance test for various results, but when Zhou Fang accepted this student, she asked the school leader about his previous results. She was surprised to learn that he was the first in the grade of the private high school with great competition pressure. His learning ability far exceeded the students of the 2nd High School by a large margin. In addition, the third class wasn’t the class with the best grades in the third grade.

Zhou Fang was actually very happy to have such a student transfer to her class. If it weren’t for the hostility of the other students, she would’ve really wanted Pei Qingyuan to be class monitor and set an example for everyone so that the results of the third class would rise to another level.

Thus, she patiently enlightened Pei Qingyuan so that this top student wasn’t too negatively affected. If there were any classmates whose behavior was too much, Pei Qingyuan could tell her at any time.

Tomorrow afternoon, the whole school would have a general cleaning. Each class would be arranged by the class monitor and the labor committee together. This would be the first official confrontation between Pei Qingyuan and the group of students in the class.

There was a 100% chance that this group of students wouldn’t listen to his arrangements.

In this regard, Ji Tong’s suggestion was to let Lin Zihai, who took the lead in making trouble today, clean the toilet next to the third class.

“Ruan Ruan, tomorrow you should pick a fault on his paper and don’t tell him what is wrong unless he goes to clean the toilet. According to my analysis of his character, he will definitely agree.”

Ji Tong was now very hungry and fragile. The moment he became fragile, he wanted to get closer to the host and facilitate the implementation of the late-night meal plan.

Pei Qingyuan heard this overly cute title again and his finger holding the chopsticks paused. He gave a reminder. “The character Yuan is pronounced as Yuan, not Ruan.”

“Okay, Ruan Ruan,” Ji Tong casually said. “The pinyin module has gone wrong. I will kill the virus tomorrow.”

“……” For some reason, Pei Qingyuan actually felt it was a pity to kill the virus. “No, it’s okay.”

This was probably the only person in the world who would call him Ruan Ruan.

No, it wasn’t a person, it was a system.

Pei Qingyuan thought of a question. “Besides 0587, do you have any other names?

The system was just an artificial intelligence but the way he usually spoke was very human. Pei Qingyuan didn’t want to call his system by a cold number.

Ji Tong heard the host’s question and sighed in an even more melancholy manner.

If he had another name, he could report his name openly like Fang Hao, an elementary school student, so the name he used in his previous life could still be mentioned by others instead of being slowly forgotten.

However, his name was just a polyphonic character for system and the host definitely wouldn’t take it seriously.

“Systems don’t have a name. Naming ourselves is the behavior of elementary school students.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He vaguely read subtle aggression from this sentence.

“If the host isn’t used to calling me a number, you can also call me Ji Tong,” Ji Tong said listlessly. “It is the Ji of season and the tong of Paulownia tree. Isn’t it very creative?”

“Yes.” Unexpectedly, Pei Qingyuan answered very seriously. “The spring paulownia flowers are very beautiful, like purple clouds.”

…Ji Tong suddenly became happy again.

The little robot’s head couldn’t stop showing two crooked smiles. He immediately decided to plant a large patch of mutant paulownia trees next to his bedroom that could bloom all year round.

In the consciousness space, he could do whatever he wanted.

“The host really has vision.” Ji Tong flattered the other person. “My favorite flower in the future will be paulownia flowers.”

Pei Qingyuan heard the young male voice in his mind suddenly become happy and his mood seemed to brighten up.

At this moment, a tall figure suddenly sat down on the originally empty seat next to Pei Qingyuan.

Fu Chengze slammed the dinner plate full of staple food and meat on the table. Then he took the initiative to greet Pei Qingyuan, who hadn’t moved for a long time. “Hey, don’t be angry. They are just a group of idiots. Ignore them.”

After a whole day of reflection, Fu Chengze felt that he was even stupider in the morning.

Pei Yan was transferred away during the summer vacation and the two of them had no contact over the long summer vacation. Then they were suddenly called out by Pei Yan for a party together with other friends on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, none of the 2nd High School were invited to the grand banquet used to disclose Pei Yan’s identity at noon.

It didn’t matter how stupid he was. Fu Chengze could still find the abnormality in this.

At this time, he saw Pei Qingyuan sitting isolated in the cafeteria, eating in a trance at the dining table. Fu Chengze thought about how the news was stupidly spread by his group of friends and felt even guiltier.

“I’m sorry.” He thought about it and decided to formally apologize. “I shouldn’t have said those things in the morning.”

“Don’t be angry with people who don’t deserve it. Hurry up and eat. It isn’t delicious if it is cold.”

Pei Qingyuan was confused for a while. He was shocked by this concern that was filled with a lot of made up things, and couldn’t help asking, “Are you looking for me?”

“Oh, there is something. Do you play basketball?” Fu Chengze believed in the truth that eating more led to growing taller. He finished off a chicken leg with lightning speed. “A member of our basketball team was injured in an accident. It is quite serious and now there is a shortage of people. I see that you are quite tall. Do you want to join?”

There happened to be a vacancy in the basketball team and Pei Qingyuan was being isolated. He felt that this was a good way to make things up to the other party.

Fu Chengze thought of this and added smoothly, “You might not be as tall as me but it should be enough to deal with the group of dwarves in the 1st High School.”

Ji Tong heard the last sentence and couldn’t help laughing.

As expected of a student who was 1.85 meters tall.

Pei Qingyuan could play many sports and basketball was among them. However, he didn’t know about the conversation between Ji Tong and Fu Chengze in the morning, so he didn’t understand why the latter’s attitude toward him suddenly changed.

Ji Tong sensed the cautiousness of the host and quickly testified. “Ruan Ruan, I saw an ambulance coming to school in the afternoon to pick up a student. It was when you were in geography class. He isn’t lying to you and he probably isn’t trying to trick you.”

Watching high school students play basketball was one of the rare ways to legally appreciate the abs of underage students. Ji Tong couldn’t allow himself to miss it.

Pei Qingyuan heard this and was even more puzzled. “Afternoon? Weren’t you in the meeting?”

It was after Ji Tong was brutally attacked by the elementary school student and lost all interest in listening to the nonsense of the main brain. He slacked off and enjoyed the remote video of Pei Qingyuan’s class. From time to time, he would adjust the angle to look at other scenery, such as students sleeping and snoring. The window next to Pei Qingyuan happened to face the school gate so he saw the scene of the ambulance coming.

“I have a feature to watch the host’s situation remotely. This way, I can avoid any accidents that are too late to deal with.” Ji Tong tried to fool him through some flattery. “Host, you did a good job when facing other people’s conspiracy this morning. I am very relieved.”

Pei Qingyuan heard this and ignored Fu Chengze, who concentrated on eating after giving the invitation. Instead, Pei Qingyuan keenly heard the key point from Ji Tong’s words.

“From morning to afternoon… so you’ve been watching me remotely during today’s meeting?”

The little robot’s expression froze.

…He was exposed.


  1. Iceowl says:

    Lol our shameless MC is trying to “legally appreciate the abs of underage students”.

  2. M&M's says:

    Ruan Ruan is such a cute nickname for Pei Qingyuan! It’ll be Ji Tong’s future pet name for him, lol. I just wonder what nickname he’ll receive in return? I also think Ji Tong is just adorable for “legally” eyeing the abs of underage kids—I wonder what Pei Qingyuan will do when he finds out!

    I especially like that Fu Chengze is a smart kid who actually thinks things through logically. He’s actually starting to notice the discrepancies between Pei Yan’s kind persona and his actions. It’s just a shame that when Pei Yan was first starting to struggle with his new identity he didn’t first seek help from his supposedly close friends, but rather from the stranger Zhang-something (the housekeeper’s son, lol). Even though his friends don’t understand the complexity of high society, you’d figure he’d still confide in them about his true thoughts and feelings—just goes to show how shallow his relationships were without his even realizing it.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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