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DCBS: Chapter 89

Ji Tong had wandered to the door of Room 701 and happened to hear them discussing the year size and the auditor. He guessed that the people in the dormitory should be in the same year as him and his footsteps paused. Then he was immediately stopped by a boy in the room.

He immediately shook his head. “No, I was passing by.”

Originally, Ji Tong wanted to greet these classmates in a friendly way. Then he thought about how they were talking about him just now and that the scene might be embarrassing, so he held back.

“Oh.” The other person seemed disappointed. He hesitated before asking, “Classmate, which major are you in?”

It was a good question.

JI Tong didn’t want to face the embarrassing scene and was in a hurry. He pretended that someone was calling for him at the end of the corridor and turned his head to look over. “I’m coming!”

The young man passing by the door disappeared like the wind.

The boy who spoke got up and looked at the door regretfully. Then he turned around and found that his two new roommates were looking at him with strange eyes, as if they had discovered a new land. He reflexively took a step back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Then the boy reacted in a conscious manner. “No, I don’t like boys.”

His roommate showed a look of understanding and started to play tricks. “First of all, I have to declare that I’m not gay, I just want to strike up a conversation with others. Secondly, I’m really not gay…”

The originally slightly restrained atmosphere between them suddenly became lively and laughter erupted.

“I’m really not!” The boy resisted but things became darker the more he explained. “I suddenly thought of the neighbor brother who came to play with me when I was a child. He also leaned on the door to look at me like this and I felt his temperament was very similar. He is quite cute.

“I was also worried that the student is in our major. There are few girls in our major so he must be a strong competitor, right?!”

“Yes yes, don’t explain it. We believe it, cute brother next door.”


The brother next door continued his plan to inspect each dormitory and left a deep impression on many people.

Ji Tong was familiar with the slightly loving gaze that occasionally fell on him. He didn’t hate it but he started to wonder if he should change to a handsome black shirt tomorrow.

He was only 16 years old when he went to college and almost all of his classmates treated him as a younger brother, a younger brother who needed to be handled with care.

They were good people but he was separated from them by a certain distance. There wasn’t the relaxation and wantonness of getting along like ordinary classmates. They didn’t dare take him to participate in any slightly stimulating activities such as playing basketball.

This time, he didn’t want that type of caution again.

Pei Qingyuan suddenly wanted to sneeze from where he was cleaning up in another bedroom.

After walking around, Ji Tong basically knew the situation of all the boys in the year.

Including him and the host, there were 14 boys in the year. Some of them seemed to have good personalities while a few of them seemed to have a lot of arrogance and like they weren’t easy to get along with.

After all, the students who could be admitted to the ace major of this top prestigious college were either outstandingly talented or extremely hardworking. In any case, their grades were excellent. In addition to Pei Qingyuan, there were two or three college entrance examination champions from different cities in the year.

Every student had experienced others being constantly compared to them since childhood. They were often the winner in the comparison and they were used as models for ‘other people’s children.’

Now that they had entered an environment full of such excellent students, some hose cautious humility and hid the pride in their hearts while some chose not to hide it.

Ji Tong was passing by Room 703 when he heard the people inside talking about the host.

He was the most famous person among the freshmen in the major and even the whole school. Therefore, Pei Qingyuan attracted a lot of attention compared to the auditor whose name wasn’t even clear.

Two boys were curiously discussing the news they saw during the holidays about this very topical freshman. It was a good opportunity to open up the conversation and get to know each other.

“What dormitory does that classmate live in? We didn’t see him in the three connected rooms.”

“I don’t know. Hasn’t he come yet? I’m curious about him.”

“Me too. Did he really make that robot? I saw the news that a company has already bought the license and is going to start mass production.”

A boy with an aggressive hairstyle suddenly interjected from the side. “How is it possible? it is just hype.”

Hearing his disdainful tone, the other two were startled. They looked at each other and didn’t know how to answer.

The most striking thing about the boy who opened his mouth was his hairstyle. It was obviously carefully groomed with hair wax and was quite firm like a hedgehog.

He didn’t feel it was strange when his roommates didn’t answer and emphasized in a condescending manner, “I learned about marketing when I was in high school. It is quite annoying. I hope he doesn’t spoil the atmosphere of the class. I didn’t come to school to learn gimmicks.”

There was a silence where his two roommates didn’t dare to talk to him. Meanwhile, Pei Qingyuan watched the 360 degree clear video that Ji Tong had played for him on his phone and was silent.

It wasn’t because of what this person said.

It was because of Ji Tong’s hobby of making black history videos hadn’t faded at all due to age.

Pei Qingyuan had just rejoiced for half a minute that there was no bgm that would brainwash him for three days this time when he found that it was changed to a narration.

“I hope this classmate’s mouth will be as hard as his hair wax.”

The video was frozen on the expression of the wax-haired man who thought he knew everything. Once the narrator said this, he paused and added with some embarrassment, “But his hair wax looks very good.”

Hearing this, Pei Qingyuan looked at Ji Tong’s fluffy short hair. He remembered that when he came to school in the morning in Xiao Hei, Ji Tong had been rubbing the roots of his hair high in a serious manner in the mirror. He couldn’t help saying, “Don’t use hair wax. This is good.”

“Really?” Ji Tong stopped the action of frantically collecting hair wax tests in his mind.


Once Ji Tong finished sorting out his hair, he couldn’t help touching his head for a few minutes. Then he found that his hair sank and his expression also became sunken. He sighed softly and took out the mirror to continue to struggle.

Pei Qingyuan watched quietly the whole time.

In any case, he could be casually distracted when driving.

Ji Tong didn’t know anything about the host’s psychological activities. Once his skills were affirmed, he happily opened the suitcase and started to arrange his own bed and table.

It wasn’t a bunk bed so it was actually the same no matter which bed he chose. It was nothing more than the difference between the door or the window, so whoever arrived first would choose first.

Ji Tong chose the bed on the side of the balcony while Pei Qingyuan chose the one next to him.

In the middle of the bedroom was a table and an aisle. The two empty beds on the other side would be occupied one after another.

The boy who arrived first was accompanied by his father. The father and son looked alike with dark skin and a wide face.

The boy was carrying a red bucket in his hand. Once he came in, he noticed that the dormitory was clean and was surprised. “Have you already cleaned it?”

Ji Tong was putting clothes in the cabinet. He heard this and was very honest as he pointed to the host who was putting books on the shelves. “He cleaned it.”

The boy said in a loud voice, “It was a lot of trouble. Thank you, thank you.”

His father also praised his new roommate for being very good. He soon left, leaving space for his son to spend time with his new roommates.

“My surname is Huang. Call me Xiao Huang,” The boy said enthusiastically. “Our bedroom seems to be one with mixed majors, right? The two of you don’t seem to be in the same major as us.”

Ji Tong was keen to meet new friends and chatted with him enthusiastically. “Yes, but why do you think we aren’t in the same major as you?”

The boy surnamed Huang showed a melancholy expression. “Intuition.”

“We are from the school of artificial intelligence,” Ji Tong said. “What about you?”

The boy surnamed Huang stretched out his finger and pointed to the red bucket placed under the desk. “You guess.”

After being infected by Ji Tong’s novel mood, Pei Qingyuan rarely participated in this childish guessing activity. “Art?”

He couldn’t think of any major that would use such a large bucket. Perhaps it was the art department that needed to clean brushes.

The boy surnamed Huang smiled and there was a hint of desolation in his smile. “Your guess touched me very much.”

Before Pei Qingyuan could figure out the meaning of his words, Ji Tong quickly searched in his mind before saying decisively, “Civil engineering!”

The boy surnamed Huang seemed to have met a friend and he answered excitedly, “Carry a bucket to run!”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Ji Tong had a cheat-like data search function and could open a topic with anyone in an instant as long as he wanted.

After a few minutes, Ji Tong was already close to this Student Huang whose full name wasn’t known yet.

“Isn’t running away with a bucket a joke you make when you enter the construction site after graduation?” Ji Tong was curious. “Why did you buy the bucket so early?”

“This was passed onto me by my father who said that it had accompanied him to complete many projects,” Student Huang said indifferently. “He said that I should’ve started to get used to the existence of this bucket earlier. After graduation, I can become much stronger than others in terms of psychological quality alone.”

The dark and shiny complexion of Student Huang’s brother immediately became great. Ji Tong couldn’t help admiring him. “Your father has worked so hard but he is still willing to let you join this industry that pays silently. He really has the spirit of dedication.”

Student Huang analyzed it rationally. “Maybe I am not his biological child.”

Ji Tong couldn’t stop laughing. “If you say so, your mother will beat you.”

“She did beat someone up,” Student Huang sighed. “But it was my father who was beaten up and she questioned why he passed onto me the gene of being addicted to staying in construction sites.”

“So what is your name exactly? Huang Gongdi?” (Gongdi=construction site)

“…Cough, let’s change the topic. Why don’t we guess what the fourth brother’s major is?”

Pei Qingyuan listened to this double crosstalk for half an hour for free until the last roommate came in.

This roommate had a normal appearance. He wasn’t holding a bucket and didn’t have waxed hair. He was sent here by his parents who looked like an intellectual.

He greeted everyone politely, “Hello, my name is Cui Yinan and I am from the physics department.”

Cui Yinan and his parents looked very serious, especially the middle-aged couple with a very scholarly temperament. They expressed in a serious tone that they hoped everyone would get along in a very serious tone. This made Ji Tong and Student Huang, who had been chatting happily, instinctively restrain themselves.

After his parents left, Cui Yinan let out a sigh of relief. He pushed up his glasses and told his new roommates, “My parents are gone. You can relax.”

Student Huang tried to relax. “Your parents are so strong.”

Ji Tong also tried to relax. “You are very good to be studying physics.”

Physics was a very theoretical major and made people feel great just listening to it.

“It’s okay.” Cui Yinan nodded before suddenly saying, “It’s okay, don’t be tense. The divination shows that my luck is good today, like a fish in water. My roommates should be quite fun.”

Ji Tong & Pei Qingyuan & Student Huang: “……?”

Why did he suddenly switch from physics to metaphysics?

Cui Yinan read their mood from their eyes and explained calmly, “It is said that the end of science is metaphysics. I guess that I can’t touch the end of science so I prepared metaphysics in advance. Then I will grasp both.”

“If you need it, I can help you calculate your fortune for free,” Cui Yinan said like he was very familiar with the matter. “I can read your palm and your face. Oh yes, if you like a Western touch then I know tarot cards.”

There was a brief silence full of exclamation points. Then Student Huang was the first to raise his hand with adoration on his face. “Can you help me calculate my relationship luck?”

“Yes.” Cui Yinan’s eyes slowly swept over his three roommates and he said sincerely, “But there is a scientific conclusion that if you stay with the two of them more often, it might be difficult to have good luck meeting a relationship.”

“I understand but people should always live with hope.” Student Huang wasn’t discouraged in the slightest. “Let’s leave science alone and take a look at metaphysics.”

Cui Yinan pushed up his glasses again. “No wonder why you dare to learn civil engineering. You are simply born for civil engineering.”

“Physics suits you too.” Student Huang couldn’t wait to urge him. “Okay, Brother. We are almost done praising each other so quickly help me calculate it.”

The dormitory was full of a happy air again.

A funny engineering guy who was keen on blackening himself and a superficial serious physics student.

Ji Tong liked the two roommates very much. He was originally a bit worried that he would meet someone with a personality like the man with the wax hair. This would cause the supposedly happy dormitory life to fall into an embarrassing situation.

Fortunately, fate was always generous to him.

Pei Qingyuan was also quite satisfied with his two new roommates because Ji Tong was always amused when chatting with them.

The appearance and dressing style of these two roommates were also completely outside of Ji Tong’s aesthetics.

They were very safe.

The remaining time passed quickly as they chatted and cleaned up. At noon, everyone was ready to go to the cafeteria to eat together. In the afternoon, each major had different arrangements. Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan were going to participate in the class meeting of their major to get to know the teachers, teaching assistants and the whole year.

Before going to lunch, Student Huang pulled Cui Yinan to try all sorts of horoscopes and tarot card readings. The result of the calculation was that he shouldn’t think about falling in love in the short term.

Student Huang couldn’t believe it. “I don’t want to question your professional level… but is it possible that the calculation isn’t very accurate?”

Cui Yinan was very generous. “Or should I calculate it for the two of them?”

Student Huang wanted to say that he didn’t need to calculate it to see that the relationship luck was definitely prosperous, but Ji Tong said without hesitation, “Okay! Help calculate my brother’s luck in love!”

Pei Qingyuan originally didn’t believe in these things. But for some reason, he heard Ji Tong mentioning luck in love and he gave his birthday characters to Cui Yinan and drew a tarot card according to what he said.

Cui Yinan snorted after seeing the eight characters. “It is a positive fate peach blossom.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Tong was more positive than Pei Qingyuan.

“To put it simply, it indicates that the fate of the relationship will be very happy but there might be some small twists and turns in the pursuit process. In the end, it must be a very good story, a very positive peach blossom.”

Cui Yinan skillfully walked between China and the West. “Combined with the Tarot card fortunate, your relationship luck is about to or has already begun. The twists and turns must exist and you are the frustrated party. I never imagined that you would actually need to chase people…”

Student Huang showed a disbelieving expression and Pei Qingyuan was also surprised.

He couldn’t help looking at the person beside him.

With Cui Yinan’s words, Ji Tong’s eyes widened slightly. He listened quite attentively and the light flashing in his eyes was exceptionally bright.

Pei Qingyuan’s heart suddenly moved. He was about to say something when he heard Ji Tong excitedly say, “I’m going to sign up for the baking club!”

“……” Pei Qingyuan gave up his illusions and started to believe in Charlatan Cui’s words. “Don’t go.”


  1. M&M's says:

    I didn’t realize Ji Tong went to college so young in his past life! He must have been a little study genius, although his carefree personality and simple demeanor seem to give the opposite impression, lol. It’s this personality that allows his to easily get along with others, though, especially his two new roommates.

    Student Huang seems like a frank, simple, and loyal person, while Cui Yinan is more of the casual, scholarly type who’s more practical in his thinking yet willing to believe in the mysterious. I just think it’s funny that Pei Qingyuan’s main concern with them was that they’re both out of Ji Tong’s aesthetics standard, so he’s not wary of them as romantic rivals, lol.

    Thanks for the interesting chapter! 😀

    1. Tacere says:

      From the description so far, it may not be that he was a study genius, but rather that he was in a controlled environment. Since the ‘Xiao Mei’ was a novel and exciting stimulus, it’s unlikely that he had access to a computer or online interactions, though it did mention him reading books, so clearly he had access to printed study materials. He had essentially spent his life locked in a small white room, with nothing to do to keep himself from going crazy for lack of stimulation except to study. Not a healthy psychological environment, but certainly conducive to rapid progress in his education. I still find his personality and personal traits annoying, but it seems viable given the glimpses of his past life experience.

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