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DCBS: Chapter 83

Ji Tong stared at the beautiful cocktail in his hand with a complicated emotion.

He had never drunk alcohol. He couldn’t drink it in the past. Then after becoming a system, he had always been in a child’s appearance and had no chance to drink.

Today, he saw a lot of colorful wine here that was very attractive at first glance. They seemed to have a fruity flavor. He thought about how there were so many people in life who liked to drink and thought that this thing would be very delicious. At the very least, it would be similar to Coke.

He hadn’t expected the wine to be so difficult to drink. It was astringent and spicy. Even if it was covered by a shallow sweetness, it still rushed straight to his brain like eucalyptus oil.

…He suddenly understood why the host sent him such a subtle look when he was enthusiastic about picking out a cocktail with the best name.

After peeling off the fruit candy handed over by the host, Ji Tong’s distorted expression finally returned to normal. He silently pushed the rainbow-like cocktail in front of him a bit further away.

The bartender behind the bar was wiping the cups. He couldn’t help laughing when seeing the boy’s vivid expression and his curious gaze moved between the two of them.

On the side, Pei Qingyuan had expected it a long time ago and looked at the bartender. “Help make him a non-alcoholic glass.”

There was a slight pause before he added, “The color should look good.”

“Yes, Sir,” the bartender responded with a smile. “Please wait.”

He chose a recipe suitable for the young customer in his mind. Then he saw a sales colleague not far away hurriedly approaching him and gesturing for him to make a glass of wine.

“Ho… Brother, do you like drinking?”

The slightly embarrassed Ji Tong tried to break the silence.

He was here for the first time but this didn’t seem to be the case with the host. At the very least, the host had answered calmly when hearing the somewhat difficult question from the employee and led Ji Tong accurately to the bar when he showed a desire for cocktails.

In the end, the host had lived in such a world and it wasn’t surprising that he had been to such a place.

“I don’t like it.” Pei Qingyuan understood what he meant. “I went there once a long time ago and left halfway.”

He didn’t like such a chaotic and noisy environment. He had no interest in what should happen on such an occasion.

“A long time ago?” Ji Tong thought for a while. “Can minors enter such a place?”

“No,” Pei Qingyuan said calmly. “But for some people, the rules are invalid.”

After listening to his colleague whisper a few words, the nearly busy bartender had a complicated expression on his face for a moment.

Ji Tong nodded in understanding. Then he looked at the beautiful cocktail that was neglected and pretended to say casually, “It isn’t good to waste it. Brother, do you want to taste it?”

Since the host didn’t like to drink, perhaps the host would show the same painful expression as him.

How could such a good photo opportunity be missed?

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a moment after seeing his shining eyes.

Ji Tong’s mind was easy to guess.

And Pei Qingyuan would never refuse his request.

The beautiful and bitter liquor entered his throat and soon brought about a feeling of drunkenness all over his body.

Ji Tong was initially dazzled by the host’s handsome appearance when drinking. Then he expressed disappointment. The host’s cold and indifferent expression didn’t change under the blessing of the glasses.

There were some regrets but he felt more handsome.

Ji Tong bowed to his stable xp and was about to create a suit special album in his host’s photo album when he saw the bartender slowly pushing a glass in front of him.

“Sir, this is the drink you want.”

The glass of non-alcoholic drink that looked good suited him well.

However, beside it was a glass of clear wine and a bottle that looked expensive.

The bartender carefully explained, “This was given to you by the gentleman sitting in the booth over there.”

Ji Tong looked over blankly before retracting his gaze blankly. “Why give it to me? Can I not accept it?”

He didn’t know anyone in this city. How could someone give him wine?

He also didn’t like the taste of wine.

The bartender’s face froze and he didn’t know how to answer. Saying this in front of the other person’s companion was enough to make him worried.

To explain it further, he was afraid that the bar wouldn’t be safe.

The young man was ignorant but the glasses-wearing man in the suit beside him obviously read the meaning behind the wine.

His fingers holding the wine glass suddenly tightened and loosened again.

In a place like this, delivering wine was a clear hint.

He had lived an ordinary and warm life for too long and almost forgot the other world’s penchant for new things and their usual style.

Pei Qingyuan raised his eyes and noticed that outside of the small lights present in the bar, others seemed to be staring at Ji Tong.

They were gazes that he had been forcing himself to ignore in recent days.

There was a feeling that had been faintly clamoring in his heart for a long time and it gradually became clear.

He got up and threw down a few banknotes, his voice rarely filled with unquestionable determination. “Let’s go.”

Ji Tong still didn’t know what happened but he had satisfied his curiosity about the nightclub and bar. This time, he was almost deaf due to the sound of the music and it was just right to go downstairs to the food area.

He took a sip of the drink the host had ordered for him. It tasted sour, sweet and refreshing. Then he obediently followed the host and prepared to leave.

However, someone blocked the way.

“You haven’t finished your wine yet.”

The strange man’s voice was magnetic. There seemed to be a trace of intimacy and warmth, but there was undisguised aggression in his eyes.

According to Fu Yinyin’s words, this was a specialist in extortion and robbery who were everywhere in the theme she worked on.

The other person had the same outstanding appearance as the host, an indifferent temperament and even a similar black suit.

But Ji Tong reflexively moved to Pei Qingyuan’s side.

He didn’t like this stranger.

“Are you scared?”

Gu Yinglan relaxed his tone and pretended to be concerned. He looked at the young man who was even more delicate and agile when looking closely and his eyes were full of interest.

It was a pity that the obstructive man blocked his line of sight.

Pei Qingyuan pulled Ji Tong behind him and said in a cold tone, “Get out of the way.”

Seeing this, the people behind him asked in a low voice, “Young Master Gu, do you want to…”

Gu Yinglan waved his hand and generously showed his last patience. “You have one minute to disappear.”

“If you like this type very much, I can give you a more suitable one.”

“However, this one doesn’t belong to you.” He concluded in a casual tone, “You aren’t qualified.”

These originally unnamed strange feelings completely surfaced due to the blunt conjectures of outsiders.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak. He stared at the group of strangers in front of him and emotions flashed in his eyes.

Ji Tong suddenly remembered the message he received not long ago.

Love wasn’t limited by gender.

It was the same for plunder.

In the silent stalemate, one minute passed.

The young masters let out happy sighs. They didn’t wait for the bodyguards to make a move and there were already people who couldn’t wait to step forward and bring prey to Gu Yinglan first. The bartender who was accustomed to such scenes had long disappeared. A place was vacated in the lively and crowded nightclub.

The man who could be called the leader had a gradually ugly expression.

Gu Yinglan rarely encountered people and things beyond his expectations.

But tonight, he met two such people at once.

There wasn’t the expected show of force and beginning for mercy. The first scream came from the young master who reached out to grab Ji Tong.

His hand didn’t even touch the boy who seemed easy to bully at all. It was pinched heavily by the man next to the boy and folded to the side.

Half a second before the miserable yell was heard, everyone heard a clear bone-cracking sound that made them terrified.

It wasn’t just the rich second generations with vain steps. Even the burly bodyguards who rushed in after them couldn’t last for half a minute.

In the turmoil and commotion mixed with screams, Ji Tong was well protected.

It wasn’t the first time he had seen the host fight and he was well aware of the host’s strength. It was difficult for anything to happen to him and only other people would be unlucky.

According to his usual habits, he should be excitedly recording this scene and sending it to his friends who were far away in distant worlds. He should describe the host’s extraordinary appearance with long sentences while also praising Fang Hao’s insight in helping to increase the host’s force.

But Ji Tong didn’t do so.

The sound of music spreading in the space became louder and louder. It permeated his non-existent heart and caused roars that almost made him breathless.

It was especially so after Gu Yinglan and the others showed fear on their faces.

No one could leave with the boy who was constantly watched and no one dared to say that his companion wasn’t qualified.

In the strange dead silence that suddenly permeated the restless space. The expressionless man grabbed the young man beside him and strode away through the mess.

After a restrained decision, it was no longer the wrist but the pale and soft fingers.

The body temperature of another person surged from the palm of his hand.

Ji Tong stared blankly at his hand that was completely held by Pei Qingyuan. His mind was blank and he stumbled as he was led to the moonlight.

He had rarely seen such a powerful host.

In his impression, Pei Qingyuan was indifferent to outsiders and seemingly untouchable. He just often responded with silent and restrained gentleness to the people around him.

The host tonight was unfamiliar. Perhaps it was because of the clothes he chose of his own initiative or the effect of spicy alcohol. Perhaps it was because of the adrenaline secreted during the fierce confrontation but… under the cold and bright moonlight, Pei Qingyuan looked completely different from the teenager on the bicycle.

He was now stubborn and sharp, with indiscernible strong emotions surging in his eyes. The sweat slipping from his neck into his collar was full of a warm summer breath.

Ji Tong’s gaze swept over the host who was close at hand and he looked helplessly at the moonlight behind the host.

From the lively and dark nightclub back to the quiet and clear night, he had many things to say.

He wanted to say that the host looked handsome just now when he unilaterally crushed those people. He wanted to say that he had accidentally let down his vigilance in the new environment and didn’t notice anyone observing them. He wanted to say that the beautiful non-alcoholic drink was really delicious and was as sweet and sour as the fruit candy that the host handed him.

In fact, he wanted to ask why the host held his hand.

He had grown up and was no longer the child who needed to be led around.

But for some reason, Ji Tong didn’t dare to ask such a question so he could only try some irrelevant dialogue.

He was already accustomed to the title used to hide his true relationship with Pei Qingyuan and he subconsciously said when speaking, “Brother…”

However, Pei Qingyuan was unwilling to accept it.

He interrupted Ji Tong’s words.

The streets were full of people but it was silent here. Under the dim streetlights that reflected two figures, so close that there was no extra air, Pei Qingyuan lowered his eyes. He saw the excessively fair face of the person in front of him. There was a faint redness from staggering all the way forward.

In addition, there were the eyes that seemed to be forever shining bright stars in the long, dark night, always staring at him so brightly.

Therefore, he became the only person in the world who owned the stars.

Drunk in the summer night, Pei Qingyuan never let go of the slightly cool body temperature in his scorching palm. His voice was slightly hoarse.

For the first time, he didn’t want to hear any rebuttal to his refusal.

“Stop calling me Brother.”


  1. Agape says:

    Damn, that’s agressive. I root for you, Ruan Ruan!!

    1. Bye_Bye says:

      Yeah !

  2. M&M's says:

    It was a meaningful experience for both of them, as Pei Qingyuan got to truly test out the fighting moves learned from Fang Hao and understand his emotions more clearly, while Ji Tong is seeing Pei Qingyuan in a new light as someone who is outgrowing the immature, weak teenager still subconsciously in his mind. I wonder how their relationship will develop from hereon out.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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