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DCBS: Chapter 82

On the way through the food city, the usually talkative Ji Tong was uncharacteristically quiet as he followed the host.

In the hazy night of the neon lights, the slightly shorter boy was distracted. He slowed down as he walked and fell behind his companion.

Pei Qingyuan, who occasionally looked back at him, slowed down without showing it.

The completely different temperaments of the two people were particularly eye-catching, forming a unique scenery on the crowded streets at night.

However, contrary to the silent expression on his face and his lowered head that made him look very obedient, Ji Tong was really turbulent in his heart.

The system chat group was covered with his screams.

[President Ji: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!]

[President Ji: The host! Wears! A suit!!!]

[Brother Hao: ?? What’s wrong with you?]

[Brother Hao: When you first started traveling, didn’t Brother Pei wear it? You showed us the photos.]

[President Ji: It is different! It is the same clothes but a completely different feeling! This time, it was the host who took the initiative to wear it, ahhh!]

[President Ji: After so many matches, the host chose this one of his own initiative! Does this mean that the host has preliminarily confirmed his future style? Will I be able to see such a host every day in the future?]

[Brother Hao: How can the same clothes have different feelings? What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? ==|||]

[Yinyin: Pfft, from President Ji in a black shirt to Xiao Pei in a suit. Your xp really stable.]

[President Ji: ⊙o⊙! What is xp?]

[Yinyin: In view of the presence of minors, it is the special preference in humans or non-humans.]

[Brother Hao: So is my xp raising crayfish?]

[Yinyin: …Ahem, let’s change the subject.]

[Yinyin: Xiao Tong, you have been in that world for almost a year. Have you ever noticed the host having a good impression of others?]

[Yinyin: A type of affection that should be close to love is very common at this age.]

[President Ji: No, the host’s heart is just studying. He has received many love letters but rejected them all. In my impression, the host has no contact with girls other than studying.]

It took a while for Fu Yinyin to reply.

[Yinyin: It doesn’t have to be a girl. Love isn’t limited by gender.]

Seeing this sentence, Ji Tong froze for a moment and involuntarily stopped.

He pondered over this line of words and was about to ask something else. Then he remembered that the host was still next to him and quickly moved to catch up.

As a result, his forehead slammed into the host’s back.

In this clear breath, Ji Tong raised his head blankly and found that the two of them had walked into a building with a rather magnificent appearance. There were several landscape elevators in front of them.

Just now, he kept his head down and didn’t pay attention to it. It turned out they had already arrived at their destination.

Pei Qingyuan noticed the strange situation behind him. Once he turned around, he saw that his system was rubbing his forehead blankly.

He subconsciously wanted to reach out but stopped abruptly.

At an extremely close distance, Pei Qingyuan asked, “Does it hurt?”

Ji Tong blinked a bit weakly while trying to hide his distracted mind just now. “It doesn’t hurt.”

At this time, the landscape elevator stopped on the first floor. The elevator door opened and the salesman in a shirt and trousers saw this scene. Their eyes suddenly flashed.

He put on a standard business smile and greeted him warmly. “Good evening, gentlemen. Please come with me.”

After being welcomed into the elevator, the salesman expertly pressed the floor before turning his back to them. He stayed in the elevator corner very quietly and pretended that he didn’t exist.

Ji Tong couldn’t help thinking that the quality of the people welcoming guests in this food city was really good. They wouldn’t chat awkwardly with guests.

He looked at the long night outside the transparent elevator door and remembered that when he looked up just now, he saw the starlight reflected in the host’s eyes and felt he was handsome again.

It was worthy of the appearance that the protagonist of the novel should have.

On the side, Pei Qingyuan seemed distracted too.

Thus, no one noticed that the food area was clearly on the fifth floor but the welcoming employee with excellent professionalism pressed the seventh floor.

The elevator door opened and they were greeted by the faint sound of restless music. Some fashionably dressed men and women were gathered in the corridor to chat. The cigarettes between their fingers were clearly lit and the smoke wafted over faces with different emotions.

The employee bowed and asked them to get out of the elevator first. He asked Pei Qingyuan very politely, “Sir, are you opening a table by yourself or did you come to find a friend? Looking at your face, it is the first time you’ve come to play, right? Just call me Xiao Li.”

Pei Qingyuan frowned slightly. This obviously wasn’t the food area.

They seemed to have gone the wrong way.

Not far away, the heavy door was pushed open from the inside. A man and a woman in an intimate posture came out. The sound of music suddenly amplified and spread throughout the entire space, accompanied by screams and laughter.

Seeing this, Ji Tong reacted consciously.

This should be a place similar to a bar or nightclub.

It was said that half the long nights in the city were full of delicious food and the other half with alcohol.

The host was probably treated by this welcome employee as a guest who came to this entertainment venue for consumption.

He had to say that the host quite looked like a rich second generation who would go in and out of such places.

Thinking of this, Ji Tong couldn’t help laughing while a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes at the same time.

He had never been to this type of place before and it looked very lively.

In the past, some college students mentioned their experience of walking into a large nightclub with lingering fear. It could be summarized as: deafness, tinnitus and a heart attack at the same time.

Ji Tong had always wondered how noisy it could be.

Pei Qingyuan wanted to turn around and leave directly, but he saw Ji Tong’s eyes and asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go in?”

Ji Tong also answered him in a low voice, “Do you have to spend money to go in? Can  I just take a look?”

After understanding what he meant, Pei Qingyuan looked at the employee waiting next to him and said concisely, “Looking for a friend.”

The employee Xiao Li immediately deflated. If they didn’t look for him to book a table then it wouldn’t be considered as part of his performance.

However, for the sake of the extraordinary temperament of this customer in a suit, he still stepped forward quickly, dutifully pushed open the door and introduced the two fresh-faced customers to the store.

The deafening sound of music disappeared into his ears. Ji Tong instantly experienced what it meant to have deafness, tinnitus and a heart attack at the same time.

The cast space was full of blurred faces and the overall lighting was dim, apart from the DJ booth and dance floor with brilliant lights that illuminated the laughing faces.

The guests in the booths were talking to each other. From time to time, waiters passed by with drinks. The crystal drinks reflected colorful desires.

It was a strange world that only emerged at night.

Ji Tong covered his ears, instinctively moved behind the host who was taller than him and sighed. “It is really noisy.”

In such a noisy environment, Pei Qingyuan naturally couldn’t hear this emotion. There was a crowd of people around him and he reflexively held Ji Tong’s wrist to avoid him being bumped.

The two of them were shoulder to shoulder. With a strong sense of novelty, Ji Tong tiptoed to his host’s ear and said, “I seem to be going deaf.

However, he unexpectedly liked this feeling.

His heart was beating at the sound of music and his ears were filled with noise, but he was still standing upright and no one needed to worry about him too much.

Shallow breathing warmed his neck and the familiar voice pierced his ears through the vague noise. Pei Qingyuan tightened his fingers holding the pale wrist and forgot how to respond for a while.

As he was looking sideways a bit stiffly, he found that Ji Tong had already looked away. As usual, his eyes were shining brightly at the thing on someone else’s tray.

It was a glass of wine with a beautiful hue.

In this ambiguous world, the loud music seemed to cover all wandering thoughts.

The employee Xiao Li was almost terrified as he was taken by his colleague to a luxury booth in the corner.

It was relatively quiet here and this made his restless heartbeat more distinct.

He recognized the table of guests in front of him.

The handsome man being surrounded in the middle was Gu Yinglan, the most famous one in this group of local, wealthy people. He frequented this place often. Opening a six figure wine in one night was considered a type of restraint for him. Therefore, every employee was very envious of the colleague who first brought Gu Yinglan and the others into the story. It was simply like winning a lottery ticket with unlimited prizes.

Envy was envy, but Xiao Li had no dealings with guests at this level. He didn’t know why he was called over tonight.

He tried his best to recall if he had accidentally offended these young masters somewhere.

Just as he was in a state of anxiety, someone in the booth said with interest, “What are the origins of the two people you brought in just now?”

Xiao Li was stunned. He reflexively pondered on the usual taste of this type of person and quickly found the answer among all the guests he had received tonight. “Do you mean the boy in the white-sleeved shirt?”

The man clicked his tongue. “You are quite clever?”

Gu Yinglan, who was the most dazzling one in the middle, said casually, “Yes.”

“He isn’t a regular customer who booked a table with me in advance. It was a temporary encounter downstairs and I brought him up because he looked like a customer coming to the store to consume,” XIao Li said truthfully. “I don’t know where they came from but his companion said he came to find a friend, so he didn’t open a table with me.”

Someone immediately responded, “Young Master Gu, no one here knows that person.”

“He is either from outside or it is just a bluff.”

He was referring to the man who led the teenager in.

“I haven’t seen any friends greeting them. It can’t be that they can’t afford to open a booth, right?”

“His vision is good. Where did he find such a college student?”

“Isn’t it more like a high school student?”

Gu Yinglan ignored all the voices in his ears. He looked at the bar not far away, turned his head to the familiar employee and said, “Send wine.”

The employee responded with a smile and immediately went to the bartender quickly. At the same time, he reached out to touch the summoned Xiao Li and Xiao Li knew that his task was completed.

He bowed politely and quietly sighed in relief the moment he bent over.

But before turning to leave, Xiao Li couldn’t help looking at the side that Gu Yinglan had been staring at.

Working here, he had often seen seemingly expensive customers like Gu Yinglan or tonight’s unknown man. He could always see people like them leading beautiful young men and women into the store.

Some deliberately pretended to be innocent and simple while some were really ignorant of the world, like a canary who had strayed into prosperity and hastily leaned on the side of the person closest to them.

Meanwhile, the boy who was noticed by Gu Yinglan tonight was different.

Perhaps it was more than just Gu Yinglan who noticed him.

Beside the dimly lit bar, a fair-skinned young man held a glass of freshly mixed cocktail. He took a sip carefully and wrinkled his face in discomfort. The man with a cold temperament seemed to have expected it and handed him a fruit candy taken from the bar counter. He peeled off the candy wrapper with his slender fingers and soon, a smile appeared on the boy’s face again.

Anyone could see that this was his first time walking into such a place but he wasn’t disturbed at all. His expression was filled with a pure curiosity and type of cherishment, like he would never tire of looking at the surrounding scenery. Everything in it, even the most ordinary wine glass, seemed to be full of new meaning.

This happened to be what people who often lingered in such places lacked the most.

He had never seen such a person.

Xiao Li had a complicated expression and stood in the crowd. He didn’t know how long it took before he suddenly saw Gu Yinglan standing up.

The absolute center of the booth had left. Everyone glanced at each other and got up to follow with great interest. Only a few young men and women who accompanied them in the beginning were left at a loss and stayed where they were.

The man walked in silence to the bar full of crystal wine bottles. In his unhurried footsteps, there was an inevitability that didn’t need to be described in words.


  1. M&M's says:

    Oh, no! Pei Qingyuan needs to quickly take Ji Tong out from that place. This may be a good experience for Ji Tong, though, since he’s still too naive and gullible to the ways of the world. Not everything is happy in the world that he’s excited to learn about and even if he’s a system that technically can’t be hurt by humans, it still isn’t necessarily safe nor an enjoyable experience for him. I can only hope there won’t be too much trouble brought about by their encounter with Gu Yinglan.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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