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DCBS: Chapter 80

Ji Tong felt the host stop moving and deliberately observed his expression. He felt that the host probably gave up the struggle and let go of his hand with satisfaction.

Once he let go of his hand, Pei Qingyuan really didn’t touch his glasses again. His wrist, which was still slightly cool, paused in mid-air for a moment and slowly lowered.

Ji Tong was very satisfied with his aesthetics. “This appearance is very good-looking.”

He made a lot of outfit plans in one go, ready to let the host change one set a day during the next trip. However, it seemed that the suit, his favorite look, really matched this pair of mission reward glasses.

The best thing was that the host would definitely start a career in the future. In other words, he would really become a business elite in the future and his personality might change accordingly. For example, becoming deep and cold. However, right now, the host hadn’t reached a mature state and the youthfulness of a teenager was still on his body.

This subtle mix of youth and maturity gave him a vague glimpse of the wonderful progress of the future. It was also combined with a slight feeling of dressing up as a cool adult and made even the knowledgeable overlord collector, Fu Yinyin, sigh, “I really want to come to your world to play again.”

Therefore, Ji Tong was relentless when it came to memories. The album of precious moments of the host that he secretly created included a large number of ultra-clear videos with 360 degree close-ups. They were close range, medium range and far away without any dead angles.

Such summers should be cherished forever.

It was just that he treasured it from more angles.

Ji Tong held up the camera that Fu Yinyin had given him and snapped a photo of the host looking at something in a daze. He leaned toward the host’s ears and whispered, “It seems that it is no longer suitable to call you Ruan Ruan.”

This name was originally used to comfort the young version of the host who didn’t receive affectionate treatment from his mother. The current host had obviously emerged from that gloomy time. As an adult who was about to start his career, it wasn’t known if Pei Qingyuan would dislike this childish name.

Hearing this, Pei Qingyuan seemed to come to his senses. His gaze moved away from his suddenly empty wrist and whispered, “No, it isn’t suitable. What do you want to call me?”

Ji Tong thought for a while. “Let’s call you Brother first.”

It was strange to call him ‘Host’ or ‘Ruan Ruan’ when outsiders were present. It was more comfortable to call him ‘Brother’, just like when Ji Tong was a child.

His intention to let the host call him ‘Brother’ hadn’t died but there was a difference in height and appearance. It wasn’t convincing even if the host really called him this.

In the face of the cruel reality, Ji Tong could only comfort himself with the fact that he hadn’t passed his 18th birthday when he became a system.

Counting the days when he was a system, he was a bit older than the host. If he only counted the days when he was a human, he was a bit younger than the host. This was probably the magical elastic age that could flexibly switch between older brother and younger brother.

Pei Qingyuan paused when he heard the word brother and finally didn’t refute it. “Okay.”

Passengers swarmed down from the light rail when it arrived. The teenager holding the camera excitedly joined the crowd and turned back to wave at him.

“Brother, get off!”

This clear and cheerful voice was infectious.

Pei Qingyuan saw that there were many girls secretly watching him.

This made him get up, walk to the door quickly and walk toward the light ahead.

Surrounded by shade and flowers, the summer days here were cooler and not as hot.

The suit that Ji Tong pulled Pei Qingyuan to buy was made of a special fabric. It was light and cool so it wasn’t very hot even in summer.

Two tourists with different styles walked side by side through the streets of this mountain town, taking a new look at the scenery that was completely different from their home.

Once Pei Qingyuan noticed Ji Tong peeking at the ice cream in other people’s hands for the second time, he took the initiative to say, “I’ll buy it. Wait here for me.”

Ji Tong’s eyes lit up. He immediately nodded and obediently waited for him in the shade.

A minute later, another famous photo was born in his photo album.

“A boss in a suit quietly lining up in front of a cold desserts store, looking up at the menu and thinking about which ice cream flavor to choose.”

Ji Tong was appreciating his work with satisfaction in his mind. He was about to share it with his system friends when he heard a somewhat nervous female voice ringing in his ears.

“That… handsome guy, are you waiting for someone?”

The one who spoke was a pretty-looking girl with short hair. Her companion beside her was holding her hand, as if to cheer her up.

Ji Tong nodded blankly.

The short-haired girl’s eyes showed a hint of apprehension. “Are you waiting for your girlfriend?”

This type of thing was very distant from Ji Tong and he immediately shook his head. “No, I’m waiting for my brother.”

This tactful question didn’t receive a direct rejection. It seemed that this handsome guy shouldn’t have a girlfriend. The short-haired girl plucked up the courage and said, “Then can I ask for your contact information?”

On the other side, Pei Qingyuan had just arrived at the front of the line. He selected the ice cream flavor and reported it to the employee behind the cash register.

It might be due to the blessing of the prop glasses but his appearance and gaze were too cold. Pei Qingyuan saw with his own eyes that the employee holding the ice cream cone shook and he finally accidentally scooped out a large, colorful ice cream cone.

The previous customer who just received a normal cone looked shocked and was about to protest. Then he looked at Pei Qingyuan again and didn’t dare say anything.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

The effect of the glasses was really exaggerated.

He didn’t know if it was a good thing.

For Ji Tong, it should be. He would have the largest, colorful fruit-flavored ice cream.

Pei Qingyuan, a cold-faced man in a suit, took the ice cream handed to him by the employee and walked back. Then his steps suddenly stopped.

There were two unknown young girls standing next to Ji Tong and talking to him. They were very close.

It wasn’t known what Ji Tong said but the girl who was originally looking up at him with a shy face smiled and looked very happy.

Pei Qingyuan slowly gripped the sweet cone in his hand.

The companion of the short-haired girl was the first to smell the danger.

She tugged at the girl’s sleeve. “Do you feel that it is cold all of a sudden?”

The girl with short hair did feel a bit cold, but at this moment, her heart was more filled with regret. She didn’t care about anything else.

She still wanted the contact information of her favorite handsome guy. At the same time, she knew very well that the other person had tactfully rejected her.

“That… have fun in the mountain town!”

She was reluctantly pulled away by her companion. When she passed a man wearing silver-rimmed glasses and holding a cone in his hand, the cold value had almost reached its peak.

“Where did the coldness come from?” Her companion looked puzzled. “It is gone after walking here. Did I hallucinate just now?”

The short-haired girl secretly looked back and was surprised. “Hey, his brother is back… they are so different.”

Ji Tong happily took the exaggerated ice cream cone in the host’s hand and ate it intently before it was melted by the sun.

“Is this a mixed fruit flavor? It is delicious.”

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan was silent for a moment before asking, “Did you ask for directions just now?”

“No.” Ji Tong’s tone was full of novelty. “According to my understanding of human behavior, it seems to be a pick-up conversation. She wanted to ask me for my contact information.”

The moment these words came out, he suddenly felt that the temperature had dropped.

Ice cream was a really good way to cool off.

“Did you tell her?”

Ji Tong was addicted to the sweet cone when he heard the host ask this question.

“Of course not,” he answered very simply. “I don’t have a phone or the social media accounts that you usually use.”

Speaking of this, Ji Tong’s expression revealed a bit of pride. “I told her that I just graduated from high school and my family didn’t have time to buy me a phone. I only have the genius watch but I forgot to bring it.”

This was why the girl with short hair was amused.

Pei Qingyuan’s inexplicably tense mood relaxed a bit when he thought of the meaning behind Ji Tong’s words.

He had no contact information so he couldn’t give it.

It wasn’t that he refused.

This thought plunged him into an extremely strange and unreasonable anxiety.

When Ji Tong was still three and a half years old, the strangers he met would talk to him and tease him. Pei Qingyuan hadn’t felt any unusual mood at that time.

There was only the amused mood of being attracted by the cute child and the sprouting love for his peers.

It was a completely different look.

Pei Qingyuan waited for Ji Tong to finish eating the entire ice cream with relish before saying again, “I will accompany you to buy a mobile phone. I ignored it before.

“Phone?” Ji Tong was surprised for a moment before quickly laughing. “Thank you, Brother.”

His host was always so generous.

“What color should I choose?”

“There should be no colored phone but you can buy a phone case.”

“Then black. I’m going to transform it into a colorful black…”

The salesman behind the phone counter perked up when receiving the two customers.

First of all, one of the customers was too powerful.

Secondly, both customers were very eye-catching and their postures were intimate. They looked like they were on a date.

One was a refreshing and energetic young man and the other was a calm man in a suit.

The young man even called the other person ‘Brother.’

…But inexplicably, it made them better matched.

All types of domineering presidents falling in love with their canary, don’t think about escaping, sadomasochistic romance and deep pseudo-orthopedic literature flashed through the salesman’s mind. At the same time, he didn’t forget to introduce the mobile phone with excellent professionalism.

“The black body of this model is very special and the performance is also very good. The processor is the latest generation…”

Ji Tong always felt that the salesman’s gaze was strange.

Judging from the great power of the glasses, it was estimated that the other person was shocked by the host’s aura again.

After choosing the phone style and number, Pei Qingyuan paid for it and Ji Tong put the mobile phone card into it. Then he fiddled with the new phone that the host gave to him emotionally.

The first thing he did after receiving the new gift was to turn on the phone camera and take a selfie while the host was unprepared.

The host at the back of the photo looked unfathomable, as if he was thinking about something important. This unexpectedly matched his mature appearance.

Meanwhile, Ji Tong showed a big smile at the camera and extended his usual scissors gesture.

Ji Tong was satisfied with this handsome photo and set it as his wallpaper.

Pei Qingyuan saw what he was doing and his gaze moved from the contradictory yet natural photo toward Ji Tong’s obviously happy face.

He hesitated to speak.

Ji Tong found that a strange silence was spreading from today’s host.

“What do you want to say?” He asked proactively while gripping the phone tightly.

In any case, no matter what the host said, he wouldn’t delete this secretly taken photo.

Pei Qingyuan stared at the vivid and agile expression of his system. Then after a few seconds of silence, he replied, “Where do you want to go next?”

Ji Tong knew that it was difficult for the host to choose.

“Let me see your travel plan. How about going to the museum first? If you are tired after visiting the museum, you can go and eat more delicious food in the evening…”

The boy’s rambling voice was heard.

At the same moment, Pei Qingyuan clearly heard the voice in his heart that he had tried his best to suppress.

Don’t share your contact information.


  1. Fisukisuki says:

    Oohhh this novel is sooooo gooooood!!!
    Finally we get ML to feel some awareness…different kind of anxiety…yesss


    I Love it sooooooo muuuuch!!
    Heartwarming Cute novel… Sooo Gooooood!!!

  2. M&M's says:

    I’m glad that Ji Tong now calls him “brother” rather than “Ruan Ruan” because it pulls the relationship closer toward a more mature intimacy between them. I’m also happy that Pei Qingyuan is becoming more aware of Ji Tong as a young man rather than as a child, and as such, he’s unknowingly becoming more possessive of him. I can’t wait until he decides to analyze why he would have such thoughts and finally realize it’s because he loves Ji Tong. I think Ji Tong’s romantic emotions will start to take shape in college, though, where many beautiful women and handsome men will gather around Pei Qingyuan and he’ll start feeling the same anxiety that Pei Qingyuan feels right now.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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