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DCBS: Chapter 79

Go on a trip together.

Ji Tong was stunned at first before quickly reacting.

The host had studied hard for so long and should take a good rest. Traveling was one of the most common choices for students who had finished the college entrance examination during the long summer vacation.

Now the host was very well-off. Not only was there the cash reward from the last mission, but he also won several scholarships from the 2nd High School during the winter vacation. After becoming the champion of the college entrance examination, Jiangyuan College promised him free tuition and gave him various awards such as scholarships. The 2nd High School and the city also issued high-value scholarships. It could be said that money kept being received.

It was exciting just thinking about the graduation trip that would be taken before the start of a new stage of life.

Ji Tong would take a lot of souvenir photos for the host.

“Okay!” Ji Tong immediately forgot about the clouds in the sky and happily answered. “Go and travel!”

He hadn’t been anywhere else in this projection world.

He was just about to say that he could use the advantages of the system to quickly collect various strategies and form the most perfect travel plan when he heard the host say, “I’ll make the plan.”

The host’s voice sounded serious.

Ji Tong thought about it and felt that it might be a sign of adulthood. The host wanted to control the right to plan his life more, so he agreed with a melancholy and relieved mood. “Okay.”

Pei Qingyuan didn’t know what he was thinking, but he could guess a bit from the subtle tone full of fatherly and motherly love.

He withdrew from his complicated mood. He wanted to do the same thing as the past and raise his hand to rub the head of his system. But at this moment, he was a bit hesitant when seeing Ji Tong who was almost as tall as himself.

The moment of hesitation passed. Pei Qingyuan resisted the urge to reach out and quickly clenched his fingers. He added, “We will go when the ID card is issued.”

Hearing this, Ji Tong looked at the receipt in his hand again and sighed in a low voice. “I want to have the ID card.”

This meant that he would look similar to an average person living in this world.

However, there would still be subtle differences.

“Before school starts in September, you have to go to Jiangyuan College for the exam.” Pei Qingyuan asked, “Are you sure you won’t take next year’s college entrance examination?”

“I won’t participate.” Ji Tong shook his head. “It is good to be an auditor.”

He was a system that can query any data at any time. There was always a feeling of cheating when taking the college entrance examination. Even if he only used his own knowledge to write the paper, it was still unfair to the other candidates.

It was because he wasn’t a native person of this world. Once he passed the college entrance examination and was admitted to a certain school, a student who should’ve been able to enter the school would lose his place.

Pei Qingyuan heard that his tone was resolute and didn’t try to persuade him again.

A few days ago during the competition among famous schools, Pei Qingyuan asked the admissions teacher of every college the same question: What are the rules for accepting auditors?

The admissions teachers who heard the college entrance examination champion ask this question were all at a loss.

Colleges generally didn’t care about this type of audit student who occasionally came to the class. However, for the regular auditors who needed to pay tuition fees, they were basically required to have taken the college entrance examination, have a score that wasn’t too bad, have an outstanding performance in their major or an introduction from the unit, etc, before they tried to apply.

It was only Jiangyuan College that accepted audit students through a professional written examination and interview. There were no other conditions.

The students who passed the exam to become auditors would usually be the same as ordinary students in the class. They needed to write homework and do examinations. They could participate in various on-campus activities and apply for dormitories. They would be treated equally by teachers. The only difference was that they couldn’t get a degree certificate and a graduation certificate. There was only a certificate of completion.

The failure to obtain dual certificates would have a huge impact on most ordinary people’s subsequent education or employment. This was why few people chose to go to college as an auditor. This meant that only pure knowledge could be obtained after four years.

It just so happened that these certificates weren’t important to the system.

Therefore, no matter from any aspect, Jiangyuan College was the most suitable choice in Pei Qingyuan’s heart.

-Wait until next summer and we will go to college together.

This was what he said to Ji Tong.

He didn’t want Ji Tong to linger outside the classroom where he was learning or hide in his watch and use mechanical sounds.

Pei Qingyuan wanted to fulfill this promise.

They would spend summer in a very different landscape before walking together on the college campus at the tail of summer, sitting in the same classroom.

He knew that Ji Tong would definitely pass this auditor exam.

Moreover, for the teachers of the school of artificial intelligence, perhaps JI Tong would be the student who would surprise them the most.

An AI that mixed into the crowd and learned artificial intelligence knowledge from human teachers.

Pei Qingyuan thought that this was the most incredible scene.

It was a secret that only he knew.

During the days when he was waiting for his ID card before the start of the trip, Ji Tong stayed at home obediently. Even if he wanted to go out, he didn’t dare to use his human form.

There were some childhood shadows in his adult form and his name hadn’t changed. He couldn’t appear around the host for the time being. It was because the natives of this world would only forget the role played by the system in around a week or so.

Ji Tong felt that taking advantage of this time to travel to other places where no one knew him was a suitable choice. By the way, he could do some psychological construction in advance and prepare to enter society as an ‘orphan boy with amnesia who was taken in by a well-wisher.’

At the same time, Pei Qingyuan also stayed at home with him most of the time. He occasionally went out to parties with classmates and friends from the basketball team, marking a complete and slightly sad end to this period of youth.

After the identity of the champion’s friend was ‘exposed’, the two videos that could only be regarded as popular suddenly went viral. Many people remembered this strange genius, especially the residents of the city.

One day when Pei Qingyuan went to the vegetable market he frequented to buy vegetables, he was surrounded by the uncles and aunts of the stall owner and asked many questions. This made the two of them deeply realize the impact of today’s news.

Over time, the focus of netizens completely shifted from the champion’s grades, background and appearance to the jelly bean robot that wasn’t too outstanding in the video.

No matter his outstanding appearance, the ups and downs of his life experience and his extraordinary talent, well-informed netizens had already seen it in others.

The news they had never heard before was the fact that an intelligent robot was made for another intelligent robot.

Reporter Li Yayi received the most messages during this time and hoped that she would interview a strange-looking jelly bean robot wearing a cap hat. If possible, it was best to interview the smartwatch that was regarded as the most important friend.

Everyone wanted to know what type of dance would be danced by a dancing robot that was made to accompany a cute smartwatch.

What was it called?

What was the world in the eyes of an AI that could be regarded as a close friend by a human being? What type of dance did it like and what type of name did it come up with for its robot companion?

This was a new story that no one had ever seen.

Li Yayi did contact Pei Qingyuan and tried another interview, but he refused on the grounds that he was busy recently.

Regrettably, she asked curiously if he was busy with college courses in advance. She knew that for some geniuses, taking a vacation was a waste and they would start communicating and cooperating with college tutors early.

As a result, Pei Qingyuan’s answer was: I’m traveling with a friend.

It was worthy of being Student Pei. He still had such a personality.

But… a friend?

Li Yayi was stunned like many netizens as she made up the image of Pei Qingyuan wearing a watch to travel. Then she sighed a bit sadly.

It was a story that made her want to laugh and cry.

She really wanted to interview those two robots.

Putting aside the countless distant and complicated emotions that were intertwined, Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong didn’t care about this at all and embarked on a relaxing journey together.

Today’s host looked very different than usual.

In the sunny vehicle, Ji Tong couldn’t help quietly looking at the host’s eyes. He smiled while looking.

Originally, Pei Qingyuan needed to think about how to avoid being recognized on the road. He might have to wear a hat, sunglasses and a mask when going out like a star. This was not only stuffy in summer but also had the depressing feeling of hiding.

However, the host was extremely lucky.

The moment the main mission of 100 million views was completed, the system reward that Pei Qingyuan chose for Ji Tong was his appearance growth while he also had a random reward belonging to the host.

According to Fang Hao, he often came up with bizarre options such as ‘handsome bangs that can’t be blown by the wind’ and ‘straw hat that won’t fall off when fighting. Pei Qingyuan had indeed seen a magical option like the cup of Cola. This time, there was a strange but very useful reward.

[A pair of plain glasses that makes you look like a different person after wearing them.]

Ji Tong saw this option and he was simply amazed. He quickly sent it to the system group to show off.

[President Ji: Look at what it means to find a pillow when feeling drowsy!]

[President Ji: This is the luckiest host I have ever seen!]

[Brother Hao: Oh, you’ve only seen one host.]

[Yinyin: Hahaha, I thought that this type of glasses would only appear in TV dramas that forcibly makes people look different. I really wanted to wear them but I didn’t know what type of effect they would have.]

[President Ji: I tested it and it is quite similar to the setting in dramas. It should blur the impression of the host’s facial features, which will produce an overall impression determined by the specific clothing.]

[President Ji: For example, if the host dresses fashionably and carries a skateboard, other people will think the host is a natural teenager skateboard, no matter how different his face looks. They definitely won’t associate him with the college entrance examination champion in the news.]

[Brother Hao: …I can’t imagine little brother Pei dressed very fashionably and wearing a skateboard to accompany you to the test.]

[Yinyin: It sounds interesting. So what style are you going to make Xiao Pei into?]

It was a good question.

Children made choices while adults naturally wanted everything.

However, the first choice of style that JI Tong liked could only be—

In the cool, air-conditioned vehicle, the shadows cast by the window panes and the staggered sunlight reflected on everyone in a flowing manner.

The first stop of Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan’s trip was a green mountain city. The light rail passed through the big city, passing through countless thick shades and trees and making the heat that should be steaming seem light and frivolous.

Many passengers involuntarily looked at the two teenagers sitting in front.

To be precise, it should be a teenager and a man.

The teenager on the left was wearing a short-sleeved blue and white shirt and very energetic light blue jeans. The black camera lanyard hung around his collarbone which set off his extraordinarily fair skin color. The camera hung down to his chest and his delicate eyes showed joy.

The man on the right had a pair of silver-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. He was wearing a black suit that wasn’t too formal. The tailoring was well-proportioned and it embodied his cold temperament as a business elite.

However, he looked a bit uncomfortable like he was wearing glasses for the first time. He always wanted to take the frames subconsciously. This type of reaction dispelled the sense of distance and made the two people sitting beside each other seem unexpectedly matching.

Sensing his movements, the refreshing and beautiful young man beside him immediately reached out in time to stop him.

“Don’t move around.”

A very soft voice flowed into his ears. Pei Qingyuan’s side glance saw the sunlight falling on his shoulders, which was so dazzling that it was almost dizzying.

The sound of wheels roared from through the windows and the light rail train passed through tall buildings and greenery, taking in the bright colors of summer. The occasional tunnel cast a dark shadow in the carriage.

Ji Tong’s slightly cool palm was holding his wrist and all the light stopped there.

So he really didn’t move.


  1. M&M's says:

    I like how Ji Tong’s physical growth is causing both of them to treat other more maturely because they can finally step away from the setup of “AI always planning for the host” and “host treating AI as a child” and treat each other more as equals. It’s a good development for their relationship in general.

    I also love how Ji Tong got Pei Qingyuan to dress in a suit! I thought for certain he’d dress more casual since it’s a trip, but since Ji Tong really prefers this type of man, it’s better for Pei Qingyuan to start impressing him early on, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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