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DCBS: Chapter 77 Part 2

[Ah, I asked acquaintances and they said there was no such person. So the champion is lying… help.]

[His answers were very vague when he talked about it. He was asked what role this friend played and he didn’t say it clearly. It felt like he was hiding it.]

[According to the answering style of the entire interview, he also indirectly avoided any questions about his parents. So when it comes to his friend, he is either lying or it isn’t convenient for him to say.]

[What is inconvenient about talking about a friend he has a good relationship with? It seems that he can only be lying.]

Even if he had no clue, Fu Chengze didn’t think Pei Qingyuan would lie about this type of thing.

[I just said I don’t know. I didn’t say that there isn’t such a person. Don’t spread rumors.]

Once he snapped back, he still didn’t understand it. He stared at the negative comments and was about to say something else when his body trembled.

Due to a certain habit of thinking, from the beginning, Fu Chengze considered people close to Pei Qingyuan from the beginning and who met the conventional definition of a friend.

He had been ignoring a ‘person.’

[I didn’t think about it before, but Brother Pei does have a very cute friend around him who stays with him every day.]

[But it can’t be considered a ‘person.’]

At the question marks from the netizens, Fu Chengze typed a long reply only to suddenly feel a bit sad.

[It is very cute and smart. It has small flowers and ribbons on its body and greets and talks to us. It tells cold jokes, is very good at praise and sometimes speaks the truth in a serious manner. It has a yellow duck seat and this should be considered a friend… but it is actually just a smartwatch that Brother Pei wears on his wrist every day.]

This sentence was like a seemingly ordinary pebble falling into the water, setting off unexpected waves in the rapidly changing ocean.

From this moment on, the popularity of the interview started to grow wildly.

However, these turbulent voices were very far away from Pei Qingyuan.

He didn’t have time to care about the online buzz because he had more important things to do right now.

The third main mission was finally completed and he could claim the reward.

It was the long-awaited reward.

On the way to Xingyue Bakery, Pei Qingyuan heard Ji Tong’s broadcast. “Now there isn’t a single hahaha in the comment area. It is all crying. Ruan Ruan, do you want to hear me read the comments?”

“…No need.”

After the last episode of the video was broadcasted the day before yesterday, Ji Tong enthusiastically read to him with great interest the content of many netizens praising the champion. This made Pei Qingyuan feel overwhelmed.

The last episode of the video was released last night. After the short life turmoil, half of the netizens were looking for the champion’s friend and the other half were waiting for the mass production of weird robots. This way, the total number of views successfully reached the goal of 100 million. The mission was officially completed and Pei Qingyuan no longer cared about the news.

Ji Tong groaned in disappointment and said with lightning speed, “The champion is too miserable. Wu wu wu, I cried so loudly.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He couldn’t get angry so he reached out and rubbed the child’s head.

Ji Tong held his hair that was a bird’s nest and observed the host’s expression. Then he kindly decided not to read any further.

He paused and revisited the two videos in his head. Then he contentedly followed the host into the bakery.

Ji Tong quietly placed the two videos in the core of the system code data and treasured them.

His appearance was the luckiest thing for the host. Ji Tong was especially happy when he heard this. Unfortunately, he was an emotionless black and white ceramic cat at the time and could only obediently lie on the sofa, not daring to move.

From the moment he heard it until now, his human soul that was placed on endless data seemed to be surrounded by a warm spring breeze. It was like being soaked in a glass of never-ending gassy Cola that couldn’t be drunk.

Ji Tong didn’t know why he was so happy.

Perhaps it was because of a supreme acknowledgment of his value as a system.

The bakery was still busy but He Shiwen held his phone in a daze. Once he saw them appear, he suddenly stood up with a surprised face.

Today, Ji Tong came to bid farewell to He Shiwen.

Ji Tong beckoned to him. “Uncle He, good morning. I’m going to follow my mother abroad.”

He Shiwen’s eyes were already slightly red. After hearing him say this, He Shiwen looked even sadder.

Ji Tong was also a bit sad but he still smiled.

It had been stated in the system work manual that when the human form of the system was greatly upgraded and was extremely different from the original form, to avoid uncontrollable bugs and due to the special identity of the system, people who knew the original form would gradually forget him except for the host.

After all, he was a ‘person’ who would never appear again.

People would slowly forget passersby in their life but the rules of the world would make them forget the person played by the system even faster, leaving only a vague impression.

However, Ji Tong still decided to say goodbye to these acquaintances one by one. In the face of irresistible oblivion, he wanted them to at least know where their little friend went.

Later, the host would take him to find Fu Chengze and the others.

He Shiwen was stunned for a long time before finally sighing in a restrained manner. “I really can’t bear it.”

Pei Qingyuan was admitted to college. Even if it was the same city, he would no longer pass by the bakery every day after school. the child who often stayed by his side would go to a far away foreign country and they might never see each other again.

A time he loved was coming to an end.

He Shiwen responded to this ending with the sweetest food in the world.

Pei Qingyuan’s hands were full of bread and snacks for him and Ji Tong when they left the bakery. Ji Tong was also holding a cute-looking cream cake.

It was made by He Shiwen, who squeezed next to the busy pastry chef.

The cake was decorated with flowers and had a small blue and white dinosaur.

The child holding the small dinosaur cake smiled with crooked eyes.

“Goodbye, Uncle He!”

He would come back to this bakery with a new look.

Ji Tong quietly added in his heart.

“Goodbye, Tong Tong!”

He Shiwen pretended to be affected by the sunlight and took off his glasses to rub his eyes.

“Xiao Pei, if you have time after going to college then bring your new friends to play! I’ll take you to eat delicious food!”

Seeing the two backs getting further and further away from him, he suddenly couldn’t help calling out loudly.

Time seemed to go back to a certain night long ago when he called out to stop the teenager who was always riding his bicycle and wandering outside the glass window.

In the crowd, Pei Qingyuan looked back at him and replied, “I will, Uncle He.”

Distant voices crossed long distances.


Ji Tong felt that He Shiwen, who had red eyes just now, was probably reading the news.

His appearance alone was enough to attract people’s attention to the provincial college entrance examination champion. Then he had a cold personality, a bumpy life experience, a warmly furnished home, the talent to make intelligent robots with his own hands and a friend who was extremely important in his heart.

This originally wasn’t a very surprising story.

Then it turned out that the friend people had been guessing about for a long time was also an intelligent robot.

In the eyes of netizens, the current host was a lonely, abandoned young man who could only be accompanied by AI. He was a genius but also strange. He would even create an AI for another AI.

But in a sense, it was true.

No one knew that a human soul was carried in the smartwatch, not even Pei Qingyuan himself.

He really regarded meeting an AI system as the luckiest thing in his life.

It was also true that another artificial intelligence called Xiao Mei was created for an artificial intelligence called Ji Tong.

The host was accompanied by a system while he possessed Xiao Mei again.

Ji Tong hugged the cream cake hard. The host beside him slowed his steps to match the speed of the child’s walking.

In the future, the host wouldn’t need to walk so slowly.

“The Tong Tong they know is the happiest child in the world,” Ji Tong said with a smile. “But from tonight, I am the new Ji Tong.”

This time, Ji Tong had the appearance of an adult and would generate an identity information that could be found. It was a type that could have a legal ID card and he could live in this society as an ordinary person. Thus, it was best that his appearance could be traced.

In light of the fact that he would be inseparable from Pei Qingyuan in the future, he needed an encounter with the host.

It was like the cat called Mushroom who came in from outside the campus wall and ran all the way to the host.

“What about the street boy picked up on the side of the road?” Ji Tong suggested. “Sister Yinyin said that this is the most trouble-free method. It can be set to be selective amnesia so I don’t remember a lot of past events.”

“You kindly took me in and took me to the police station. They found my identity information after checking my fingerprints. Unfortunately, I am an orphan with no family. I was put in an orphanage when I was very young, so I have a household registration.”

This arrangement meant he didn’t have to fill the gap in his family.

‘Okay.” Pei Qingyuan had no objections. “Is the name still Ji Tong?”

Then he heard that Ji Tong had even thought of the details and made up a story completely.

“Yes, it is probably because there is a big paulownia tree in the orphanage.”

Pei Qingyuan remembered saying this to Ji Tong a long time ago and he still thought so. “The paulownia flowers in spring are beautiful.”

“Where should I find you?”

Ji Tong, who was originally speaking clearly and logically, got stuck for a moment. “Let me think about it.”

He thought for a long time before whispering, “It is just… the side of the road?”

From this inexplicably lighter voice, Pei Qingyuan guessed that his system had started to become tense again.

He still remembered the first time Ji Tong restored his robot shape. He hid behind the door and didn’t dare to come out completely.

At that time, Pei Qingyuan didn’t speak immediately. The little robot maintained the posture of carefully sticking out his head from behind the door and he asked nervously, “Is the host afraid?”

He wasn’t afraid.

No matter whether it was a cold mechanical shell or a new human appearance.

“I’ll find you.”

The long day passed and night arrived.

In the middle of summer at the end of June, the evening breeze carrying the heat wave blew through the flapping corners of his clothes.

The bicycle drove on the familiar streets and the scenery he had seen many times came into view.

His hands holding the handlebar slightly oozed sweat. At this moment, Pei Qingyuan was actually nervous.

On which street would Ji Tong appear and what was he doing? In addition, what would he become?

Could he recognize the grown up Ji Tong?

Pei Qingyuan moved alone through the lonely streets late at night while complicated questions swirled in his mind. His eyes swept over the colorful scenery, distinguishing every strange face. He looked for the homeless boy who was destined to be discovered by him.

Once he saw the back of the figure standing in front of the bakery, Pei Qingyuan realized he didn’t need to look for it.

After closing, the store was dark. Beautiful and delicate cake models were displayed in the moonlit windows.

The boy of unknown origin was looking at them intently. Moonlight followed his line of sight and diffused over his fair face and clear eyes, vaguely outlining his thin figure.

Maybe he was even looking at the model and thinking of the dinosaur cake he ate during the day.

The bicycle slowly stopped and Pei Qingyuan suddenly thought that this was Ji Tong.

He always stared through the transparent glass at the grand world behind the glass that seemed to be within reach.

Pei Qingyuan walked toward this strange yet familiar back. He completed the task of taking in the homeless teenager as planned.

As he got closer, the strong evening breeze blew in his ears. Out-of-control branches and leaves grew in the originally determined story.

It was on this night when the moon was bright like a butterfly was about to fly away.

The world was clearly silent but he heard his own pounding heartbeat.


  1. Agape says:

    Ahhh!! There’s so much on my mind right now! Firstly, goodbye little Ji Tong. I’m going to miss you 😭 Secondly, hello little Tong 2.0!! I’m excited about what is going to happen next hahaha. Thank you for the chapter!!! ❤️

  2. milui says:

    He Shiwen is honestly so sweet… I’m sad that everyone has to say goodbye to the little Tong Tong! He’s made such a big impact on so many people! Also, looks like Pei Qingyuan will really start seeing Ji Tong as a potential love interest hehehehe. I wonder how he will handle falling in love with an “AI”

  3. M&M's says:

    He Shiwen is such a caring person and it’s sad that he, along with everyone else, will forget about Ji Tong’s child form, but they’ll see him again in an older teenage form and he’ll probably still act the same, so it should be okay, lol.

    Now I’m just excited for the new story behind Ji Tong’s older form and how Pei Qingyuan just instinctively knew it was him standing in front of the bakery! I’m also really looking forward to Pei Qingyuan’s feelings developing more along the romantic path now that Ji Tong’s physical body will match his age, so it’ll be easier to view and treat him differently.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  4. Octachus says:

    Why should you create a new backstory for the new form, Tong Tong? You already have a solid backstory! The mysterious friend who gave Pei Qingyuan his smartwatch! You can use that backstory, and it can even explained on how you can become a tutor for the little son of a very mysterious rich tyrant!

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