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DCBS: Chapter 77 Part 1

In the same style as the previous episode, the interview video with only subtitles and a bit of editing was released. After the release of the next episode, the first thing that appeared in the comment area was laughter.

[Reporter Li regaining her composure and quickly asking back questions is so funny. Hahahaha, it is really excellent professionalism!]

[This weird thing can actually dance? It is so strange that I want to see it!![

[…We can’t see it because a password needs to be entered. F*k.]

[What is open sesame? Hahahaha.]

[A one-on-one communication robot. Such an interesting idea. I want it! Waiting for the link!]

[Upstairs, I have searched and there is no similar robot for sale. This must be made by the champion himself. There should be only one. He is really powerful.]

[The only one! Gave it to a friend! Named by a friend! Ahhh, can I sneak a bite here (whispers).]

[Okay, the interview continues! Let’s see how long Reporter Li’s new round of toughness can last in the face of the coldness of the champion!]

[What is the name of this robot? What is the dance? D*mn, I want to know! Ahhh, I suddenly thought that it must be a robot specially designed by the champion according to his friend’s preferences. Is this why it looks unsuitable for him?]

[So the cute dolls piled up on the sofa are also…]

[This year’s netizens are really good at shipping.jpg.]

[I feel that Reporter Li is like us and is very curious about this friend. Hahahahah. She has been trying to bring the topic to this friend.]

Then the laughter gradually disappeared.

[However, the champion answered so simply when the reporter asked about the help and support from his family. He gave such a precious gift to his friend but never mentioned the contributions of his parents. Emmm, it doesn’t feel like he has a conscience. What is the use of being handsome and studying well? He won’t go far without a good moral character.]

[…? He just said a few words. How can you make up so much in your brain? Didn’t he say that his parents aren’t home at this time? If it was me who was the champion of the exam and was interviewed by reporters then my parents and grandparents would definitely be hiding in a corner out of the camera’s reach, wiping away tears and listening.]

[Indeed, there is a picture of it.]

[Has anyone found a detail? In the door-to-door robbing session of the prestigious schools, the head teacher was there to help the champion as a reference… so what about his parents?]

[After watching it, I laughed a lot at first. Then I somehow felt sad later, especially when he said he liked the name that his friend gave to the robot.]

[I don’t know why but the last answer makes me want to cry T^T]

[In the video, the sun is so bright and the furnishings are very warm. But it feels a bit lonely… That friend should be the most important person to the champion. Does he have a normal relationship with his family?]

[There is a feeling of confessing to a friend (?). The luckiest thing in life isn’t becoming the provincial champion but knowing you.]

[No matter what, I will ship it first!!]

[Has anyone who knows the champion revealed who this friend is?] Are they male or female? A classmate? I swear, I am only secretly shipping it in my heart!]

The number of forwards and comments on the video had steadily increased, but it was always maintained at a level that wasn’t exaggerated. According to Li Yayi’s estimation, all the related news combined would eventually reach almost 100 million views.

This topic wasn’t considered a big hit. Compared with the real focused news with billions of views, many netizens hadn’t seen this or cared about it. It mainly spread among user groups dominated by young women, but this was already the hottest report that Li Yayi had ever handled while working the local news.

In the vast majority of events that had a certain popularity, as the content continuously spread, there would be a variety of ‘acquaintances, classmates, friends and relatives’ who would appear and more related news scattered on the Internet would be rediscovered. This interview with the champion was no exception.

[I went to their school forum to look at it again. There are many people discussing the video but a lot of them are whining and also guessing who this friend is. I was confused.]

[After looking through lots of comments, I can basically confirm that there is a problem with the champion’s family environment. They all seem to have tacitly acquiesced to him not mentioning his parents. I see that some people said that the children were switched or something, but it was quickly deleted. Others will also take the initiative to stop the discussion in this regard. It faintly has the meaning of protecting the champion.]

[I don’t know how to say it but I feel that the people of his school really admire him. This is why they are all spontaneously protecting him. So at the very least, it can be seen that the character of the champion is absolutely fine. As for the family, if it is really something like being switched from birth then this isn’t something that he decided on his own.]

[D*m, I found the archives. Most of them have been harmonized but I can still find a little bit. The champion used to be a rich second generation.]

[Yes, a private high school + financial entrepreneur.]

[Previously? So he was the child of an ordinary family who mistakenly entered a rich family? Then he was driven away after their identities were exposed? No wonder he seems to have a good temperament and has the leisure to study robots. It turns out that he enjoyed a good life that shouldn’t have belonged to him.]

[The malice in your words is going to rush out of the screen. Being jealous like this…]

[I am from the 2nd High School so I have mustered up the courage to say something. I hope everyone can stop digging into Senior Pei’s family background. He is very good himself. It is hurtful to dig out the past and make wild speculations. This is personal privacy.]

As one of the first batch of people who talked about the bloody storm of switching the child of a wealthy family after Pei Qingyuan transferred, the students of the 2nd High School knew best how everyone would react to this eye-catching, strange story.

When they were part of it, they would be infected by the collective atmosphere and not feel that there was anything wrong with them. They were just eating melons. Then after getting acquainted with the main party and watching another group of people do similar things, they could deeply experience the overwhelming sense of suffocation.

[2nd High School student +1. There are so many advantages to the class monitor. Why bother to stare at the family that he has nothing to do with?]

Fortunately, this was an interview about the top student of the college entrance examination. People had some love for students with outstanding grades and a recognized good character. This could surpass the instinct of curiosity.

Moreover, this type of discussion mixed with malicious speculation wasn’t a good thing for the Pei family, Pei Qingyuan or the platform. Some overly private discussions were quickly dealt with so that they didn’t continue fermenting.

The wind of discussion gradually returned to Pei Qingyuan himself.

[The champion took the exam by himself and wasn’t helped by his parents. Why pick up on other people’s family affairs? Are you so idle? Do you have to pick out thorns out of good things so you can have a special sense of existence?]

[I don’t care about those who are there or not. I just want to write a blood letter asking for the champion’s robot to go on the market! I! Want! To! Buy! A little machine that belongs to me. It is very exciting to think about!]

[Two blood letters! By the way, tell me the name of the robot in the video. Ahhhh!]

[Since those of the 2nd High School are here, can you reveal who the friend of the champion is? Describe them with hundreds of millions of details without exposing the person’s privacy. For example, what they look like and how they interact with the champion on a daily basis.]

[Eating sugar. How wonderful, add me. I want to know the height difference!]

The 2nd High School student, who received many replies to their comment, only reappeared after a long time.

[Okay, don’t poke me. I don’t know. I’m in a different year from Senior Pei and I’m embarrassed to talk to him. We don’t know each other… In fact, the senior usually spends a lot of time alone. We are also curious about how his friend is.]

[D*mn, so it isn’t a classmate? But high school students basically stay in school every day. Is it online dating? What about the one who called out class monitor just now? Are they in the same class?]

[I’m here. He isn’t from our class. The class monitor has a good relationship with everyone, but no one can teach the class monitor many things or help him a lot. It is the other way around for us…It shouldn’t be online dating. Our school doesn’t care about having mobile phones but the class monitor doesn’t take it out very often.]

[Good guy, it is becoming more and more confusing.]

[Ahhh, I found someone who might be a bit familiar with the champion! A friend on the basketball team!]

Fu Chengze was surfing on the Internet when he was startled by the sudden influx of messages.

Fu Chengze received a video from Pei Qingyuan on April’s Fool Day this year. The jelly bean robot in it could talk, play music and gently twist with the music. At that time, he thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Then once he saw the news, he knew it was really a robot made by Pei Qingyuan.

So when he saw the netizens being curious about the jelly bean’s dance, Fu Chengze responded with a ‘it is silly’ comment and was discovered by sharp-eyed netizens.

He posted a lot of basketball-related news and selfies on his account. There was also a photo of him forcibly hooking an arm around Pei Qingyuan’s shoulder when they won the league before.

Under that group photo, many people rushed over excitedly to leave messages.

[Is it you? Is it you? The champion’s friend! So handsome!]

[It is a boy. On the same basketball team + knows that the robot dances in a silly manner. It must be you! You are both adults! Then I am going to start shipping hard!!]

[But this guy doesn’t seem like he likes plush dolls… I feel that the champion’s friend should be very cute.]

[No stereotypes allowed!]

[! I bet on the wrong height. It turns out that the friend is taller!]

Fu Chengze returned to the subject of his height first.

He was very dissatisfied with the fact that Pei Qingyuan’s height had gradually surpassed him but facts were facts.

[This was a photo taken before. Brother Pei has grown taller and is one centimeter taller than me.]

Without waiting for the excited netizens to reply to this matter, Fu Chengze replied again.

[It isn’t me. I don’t know what the name of the robot is. I have just seen the robot video that Brother Pei sent me.]

He was as curious as the netizens about this. He had specially asked Pei Qingyuan and got the same answer as Li Yayi.

[…My smile suddenly froze.]

]Wu wu wu, you call him Brother Pei. You must be very familiar! Handsome guy, do you know who this friend is? Please, this is important to us QAQ.]

Fu Chengze thought about it. He was indeed familiar with Pei Qingyuan and had participated in Pei Qingyuan’s 18th birthday party. He often went to the bakery where Pei Qingyuan worked to eat some new products and would chat and come out to play on the rest days when they weren’t in class.

But he never found such a person.

For him and his friends on the basketball team, the only one he had seen who was by Pei Qingyuan’s side from time to time was Ji Tong.

But this was just a three year old naive child.

No matter how he thought about it, this didn’t fit the description of being very lucky to meet him.

[I don’t know. I have no clue.]

The netizens were struggling.

[Handsome guy, do you want to think again? We think it must be a cute boy or girl. Their features must be super distinct!]

Fu Chengze was also curious about this mysterious friend and tried to cooperate.

[The child that Brother Pei tutors is very cute.]

[!! There is something. How old? Is it a middle school student? Or a freshman or sophomore in high school?]

[Three years old.]

[…Wu wu wu, that’s okay. Next one.]

[I don’t know anyone else.]

Fu Chengze finished answering and was about to close the page when he saw the latest comments that appeared and frowned.


  1. M&M's says:

    I love that the shipping has already occurred so early! I wonder if Pei Qingyuan will come across these comments and finally have some faint ideas about his true feelings for Ji Tong. I can only hope at this point!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Your_Laoge says:

    “[!! There is something. How old? Is it a middle school student? Or a freshman or sophomore in high school?]

    [Three years old.]”

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