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DCBS: Chapter 76 Part 1

The whole picture shook with the cameraman’s retreating action and a low ‘f*k’ came from outside the screen.

In the suddenly blurred and out-of-focus frame, the jelly robot in a cap looked strange and interesting. However, before the audience could see it again, a static play button popped up in the center of the screen.

This was the end of the video.

Another netizen whose mind hadn’t returned after watching this video tapped out a line on his phone.

[Why is it over???]

After posting the comment, he scrolled down. The comment area of the video titled ‘Interview video of Pei Qingyuan, top student of the college entrance examination in Province A (Part 1)’ was full of unending question marks and ridicule, mixed with hahahaha.

[Help. I clicked in after reading the text interview and I never thought it would be so funny. Hahahaha.]

[What about the follow-up? I want to see the follow-up!]

[I heard the terrified swearing of the cameraman, hahaha. I laughed so much that I wanted to die.]

[Is it a human thing to stop here? Li Yayi, quickly release the next episode!]

[I’m asking out of curiosity, who is Li Yayi?]

[She is the female reporter who wrote the interview and the one who appeared in the video. Both the interview and video have her name.]

[Li Yayi, what are you doing? Come out and post the video! It has been five minutes. I want to see the follow-up to this ‘amazing’ robot!]

Looking at the new comments popping up on the screen as well as the congratulations sent by her colleagues in the chat software, Li Yayi still had an unreal feeling like it was a dream.

The interview with the top champion, which couldn’t cause a splash, turned out to be really popular.

In front of the screen, Li Yayi took a deep breath. She ran to the bathroom and washed her face with cold water to keep herself calm. Then once she returned to the computer, she couldn’t help once again opening the blog post that had been called the source of all evil by the netizens.

[@Strange Events Collection Box: Read this article first and then watch this video. You will definitely come back and leave a series of hahahaha/salutes.]

This blog post was published by a well-known entertainment account and was accompanied by a seemingly ordinary news report and interview video.

A week ago, the provincial champion interview written by Li Yayi was published in local newspapers and websites. As she expected, this plain and dignified news report didn’t cause much waves.

In order to avoid the consequence of the ‘college entrance examination champion becoming famous due to his appearance’ which might bring about adverse public opinion, Li Yayo didn’t even put a close-up photo of Pei Qingyuan. She used a distant view photo of him during a basketball game that was provided by the 2nd High School. It was used to express the good mentality of the provincial champion who insisted on combining work and rest usually.

Yesterday, she posted this video of the interview that she had been working on with her editing colleagues for several days onto the official Weibo of the newspaper that had few fans.

It had been edited for a long time but the content of the interview hadn’t changed much. Only some scenes that might reveal personal privacy had been cut off. The conversation between her and Pei Qingyuan had basically been preserved. In addition, only subtitles were added and there weren’t any special effects. It seemed like an authentic documentary.

After this video was released, there weren’t many comments at first. Most of them expressed ‘Why is the atmosphere of this interview a bit funny’, ‘Why is there only half a video?’, ‘the champion of Province A is so handsome!’, ‘What is that last thing? I don’t understand,’ and things like that.

This was until a comment appeared.

[After being caught by his handsomeness, I went to search for other reports about him and almost died of laughter. Once I looked up the name, it was actually an interview done by the same reporter. I can only say that reporters don’t have it easy…]

Different netizens responded one after another.

[What is it? I’ll stick a hand in this!]

[I also went to search when I saw this and I laughed until my phone smashed into my face. Hahahaha. Help, it hurts so much QAQ.]

[Is this real? I will also search.]

[Squatting. Is there a class representative?]

[I came back from my search. Now I just want to say… Li Yayi, where is your next episode?!!!]

Immediately afterward, the popularity soared. Some people spontaneously submitted it to various well-known accounts of an entertainment nature. Among which, the one released by the Strange Events Collection Box was the most widely circulated.

It was because there was an enthusiastic class representative in the comment area who put up a video/text version comparison.

#On the broad and profound language art# #Journalism is a really amazing career# #Learning to write with Li Yayi#

In the interview:

“…Despite achieving excellent results in this year’s college entrance examination that set a provincial record, Pei Qingyuan’s performance was quite calm. His joy was filled with restraint and humility that are rare for young people.”

Live footage:

(At first, the reporter’s tone was full of expectations.)

“Can you talk about your current mood?”

(The champion expresses joy with an expressionless face.)

“I am very happy.”

(At this point, the reporter waited for the champion to continue but there was only a long silence in response.)

(A minute later, under the puzzled eyes of the champion, the reporter changed the topic a bit bluntly.)

“Cough. Then is it convenient to reveal which college you chose in the end?”

②In the interview transcript:

“As a prospective college student who obtained the qualification for the artificial intelligence major of Jiangyuan College, Pei Qingyuan still chose to participate in this year’s college entrance examination and he frankly said that after facing some competition from various famous schools, he still felt that Jiangyuan College was the best choice. This consistent ambition that has gone through a baptism of ups and downs will definitely allow Student Pei to make a more solid step on the road to the future.”

Live footage:

(The reporter’s tone gradually became apprehensive.)

“…Can you tell me why you still chose Jiangyuan?”

(The champion continues to be expressionless.)

“It is the most suitable place.”

(The reporter pressed strongly.)

“Where is it suitable?”

(The champion remains cold.)


③ In the interview transcript:

“Student Pei Qingyuan not only has excellent grades, but also pays attention to developing extracurricular activities. He is a main member of the school’s basketball team and also often reads books of different fields. This allowed him to broaden his horizons, increase his knowledge and appreciate a wider landscape.

Live footage:

(The reporter’s tone carries a vague sense of despair.)

“…What else do you do in addition to studying?”

(The champion continues to be cold.)

“Play basketball and read books.”

(The champion is really handsome but can you show some expression? Wu wu wu.)

(The reporter is dying.)

“ What type of books does Student Pei read?”

(The champion steadily outputs two word answers.)

“A lot.”

(The video falls into wordless silence again. Then we hear the reporter say to the photographer in a tone filled with the vicissitudes of life, “Stop for a moment.”)

(Next, we’ll have the climax in the first half of the episode.)

④ In the interview transcript:

“…In addition, Student Pei was noticed by the artificial intelligence department of Jiangyuan College before he was ranked first in the country for the college entrance examination. In high school, he already started to learn relevant knowledge in this field by himself and has shown extraordinary talent. The author found a small robot made by Student Pei in his home. It is very amazing. I believe that in time, he will become a rising star in the field of artificial intelligence.”

Live footage:

(The cameraman brother seems to have spotted something good. The camera slowly moves toward the suspected desk,)

(High energy warning ahead.)

(A strange robot wearing a cap with an oval body, short hands and long legs comes into view. We can hear the cameraman brother asking a naive question to the reporter next to him.)

“What do you think this thing is?”

(A second later, a lively light flashed on the robot. A polite-sounding mechanical female voice was suddenly heard.)

“Hello, are you calling me?”

(The picture shakes violently and moves backward, accompanied by a clearly audible curse from the cameraman.)

[Interview transcript: Very amazing.]

[Live foot: Frightened blur.]

[Thanks for reading. The first episode is over.]

—To be continued—

At the end of this text commentary, there was even a serious ‘to be continued.’

This magical news commentary, which was excavated and summarized by netizens themselves, received tens of thousands of forwards in half a day and there was a growing trend.

[Unexpectedly, in my lifetime, I can actually see a pair of antonyms more outrageous than a buyer and seller show: the interview transcript and live footage.]

[I want to know how this reporter managed to make the content of the interview and the transcript so different while still completely expressing the same meaning… teach me, teach me, teach me!]

In the initial comments and forwards, apart from some playful one-liners, one half consisted of laughter and the other half consisted of protests at the video’s abrupt end.

Later, more and more netizens had their interests aroused. Some people went to the newspaper’s official Weibo to urge Li Yayi to hurry up and release the next episode. Some people tried to find out more public information related to this Province A champion.

Soon, someone found the news that the 2nd High School’s basketball team won an excellent ranking in the city and provincial leagues.

[I thought ‘member of the school basketball team’ was a type of implicit glorification and it actually referred to the champion who is focused on studying and occasionally playing after school.]

[In fact, ‘a main member of the school’s basketball team’ means: it is a shameful downplay. Actually, the champion led the team to 1st place in the city league and 2nd place in the provincial league in his spare time. He was repeatedly named as MVP of the games (P.S the court photo is really handsome, ahhh)]

[I thought I just watched a silly video showing a handsome guy. I never expected that after watching the video with a silly smile, I actually knelt down to watch the comment area…]

[Reporter Li! How many secrets are you hiding in your pretending to be calm interview script? I want to see a complete champion! Let the cameraman brother hand over the memory card of the camera!!]

[Am I the only one curious about the strange little robot at the end of the video? It was actually made by the champion himself.

[Curious +1. After being brainwashed and looping the video several times, I found that the arrangement of the champion’s house is so cute. Oh, it looks completely incompatible with this silent appearance. The stereotype isn’t good but I really can’t imagine why this cool male high school student would design such a robot…]

[Ahh, I noticed that too! There is a black and white ceramic cat ornament in the corner of the sofa where he is interviewed. It flashed in a few shots. It was so cute that I took a screenshot to search for it. I didn’t find the same model. It should be made by himself?]

[An indifferent god who doesn’t like to talk + hidden sports department + manual expert who likes a cute style. What a complex combination of attributes.]

[He isn’t indifferent. I see people on their school forum saying that he is usually very enthusiastic. He will help students answer questions and push everyone to improve their grades. Their school’s overall score this year is particularly good.]

[D*mn, it is obvious that his high score of 737 points alone is enough to catch people’s attention. Why are there so many mysterious highlights in addition to the results?]

[Thousands of words merged into one sentence: Li Yayi, hurry to work!!]

[I want to watch the next episode!! Next—episode—]


  1. milui says:

    Li Yayi, hurry to work!! I’m getting quite heated too! I don’t want anybody to work overtime though hahaha

  2. M&M's says:

    Haha! That reporter certainly knows how to find the needle in a haystack when it comes to searching for things to expound upon with Pei Qingyuan’s curt answers. I love the netizen who compiled the stark difference between the interview transcript and the interview video with the latter having text commentary describing Pei Qingyuan’s responses and the reporter’s moods throughout the process. It was just perfect!

    Thanks for the funny chapter! 😀

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