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DCBS: Chapter 73

The countdown to midnight sounded on the TV. In the midst of the increasingly noisy fireworks and firecrackers, the bell rang melodiously, indicating that the new year had officially arrived.

On the balcony, a family of five exchanged new year’s greetings repeatedly.

Ji Tong seized first place and said excitedly, “Happy New Year!”

Fang Hao wasn’t any slower than him and just said the last word after he completed it. “—Year!!”

Pei Qingyuan’s tone was calm but revealed a bit of emotion. “Happy New Year.”

“Meow meow meow meow!”

Fu Yinyin took out four red envelopes from her pocket and handed them to the four children with a smile. “Happy New Year.”

Fang Hao took it in surprise. He smiled like an ordinary elementary school student and the air of a Long Aotian was completely gone. “There is actually lucky money. Thank you, Sister Yinyin.”

“This is the first time I’ve received a New Year’s red envelope.” Ji Tong pinched the delicate red envelope with a sense of curiosity before poking Hua Hua beside her. “This is also the first time that Hua Hua has received it.”

Hua Hua meowed happily and fiddled with the small red envelope placed in front of him with his paws.

Pei Qingyuan was very surprised. He hadn’t expected to receive money from his elders today. He also followed the two systems to thank Sister Yinyin.

Fang Hao looked curious. “How can Hua Hua use the red envelope?”

Fu Yinyin said, “He can hold it for a while and then use it to buy toys tomorrow.”

Ji Tong originally wanted to use the money in the red envelope to buy clothes tomorrow. Then after thinking about it, he couldn’t bear it. He turned his head and asked the host. “Host, what are you going to use the red envelope for?”

“Nothing yet,” Pei Qingyuan replied. “The New Year’s money should be put away.”

Ji Tong nodded in understanding. “Where are you keeping it?”

“Press the whole red envelope under the pillow, at least until the end of the first month,” Pei Qingyuan patiently explained. “The meaning is to suppress evil and bless peace. It is just like my grandfather told me when I was a child.”

Hearing this, Ji Tong immediately rushed to the bedroom. “I’ll go press it underneath now.”

That night, the little robot who fell asleep with the New Year’s money had a fantastic dream of driving a mecha to fight against the New Year’s beast.

It was because before he went to bed, he read a bunch of folklore about lucky money.

It was so much so that Ji Tong still couldn’t react when he woke up the next day and put a dinosaur sweatshirt on himself.

Today, they were going to the amusement park during the day. According to the previous agreement, Pei Qingyuan also had to wear the same dinosaur sweatshirt.

There was no need to wear a coat at home. Once he came out of the room a bit cautiously while wearing the dinosaur sweatshirt, he saw the subtle eyes of Fu Yinyin and Fang Hao, who wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh.

Ji Tong’s gaze was even more complicated. Pei Qingyuan always felt like he was going to beat him up.

“Is it strange?” He couldn’t help asking.

“It isn’t strange. Host, you are handsome,” Ji Tong comforted him firmly. “It is just that the dinosaur looks a bit like the New Year’s beast I saw in my dream last night.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

In order to protect his increasingly shattered worldview, he decided not to ask Ji Tong why he saw the mythical New Year’s beast in the middle of the night last night.

The amusement park on the first day of the new year was decorated with lights and colors. The Spring Festival atmosphere was strong.

Fang Hao entered the amusement park and was no different from ordinary people. Fu Yinyin, who walked with him, could only remind him to maintain his image as an adult as much as possible.

She had already felt the eyes of passersby looking at them and gradually downgrading them from a couple to a brother and sister. It faintly moved closer to a mother and son who were too mature and too young.

It was really complicated.

She didn’t have such a big, stupid son.

However, Fu Yinyin still bought it for Fang Hao when he insisted on eating strangely-shaped cotton candy.

There was the mentality that solo happiness wasn’t as good as everyone’s happiness so she bought four in one go and distributed them to the two children behind her.

Pei Qingyuan was wearing a black dark jacket with a dark blue mushroom scarf hanging from his chest. He looked normal on the outside. Only the cuffs revealed a small, sharp corner of an unknown origin.

As he was holding Ji Tong, Ji Tong used his other hand to tug on the small, sharp corner. He stretched out his tone, “Dinosaur tail—”

Ji Tong wore an off-white cotton coat and the camera bag hanging around his neck was exposed under the mushroom scarf next to the sleeves of the same dinosaur sweatshirt that were also showing small, sharp corners.

The two of them walking together were particularly eye-catching. They were more eye-catching than the handsome man and beautiful woman walking in front of them. The four of them ate cotton candy together and the tourists simply didn’t know where to put their eyes.

Pei Qingyuan quietly tucked back the dinosaur tail protruding from his cuffs. However, it was pulled out again in a few seconds by the sharp-eyed Ji Tong.

After repeating this several times, Pei Qingyuan decided to give up the struggle and accept the gift of fate. He obediently showed the dinosaur tail and ate the colorful flower-type cotton candy that Fu Yinyin handed him.

Very sweet.

Then he looked at Ji Tong, who was eating the cotton candy with a focused face, and felt that the cotton candy wasn’t that sweet.

Ji Tong brought a lot of goods and there was a long queue in front of the cotton candy stall. Envious children grabbed the corner of their parents’ clothes and shouted to eat.

Two girls who came to play with each other stopped nearby, whispering and hesitating over whether to buy cotton candy or not.

This cotton candy was really sweet at first glance and the sugar content exceeded the standard. However, the children looked really happy when eating it.

The two girls were struggling when they heard a clear child’s voice from beside them.

“Beautiful big sister, can you take a group photo for us?”

They looked down and saw a short little friend holding cotton candy in one hand and a camera in the other. He stared at them brightly while feeling a bit embarrassed.

The two of them immediately scrambled to nod their heads. “Yes, yes!”

Big sister was fine, beautiful big sister was even better.

Don’t talk about just taking one photo. They could take as many as the child wanted.

The two girls not only took a group photo for Ji Tong but also took the initiative to take double and single photos for them. Finally, they almost reluctantly returned the camera to Ji Tong.

Some of these tourists were beautiful, some were handsome and some were cute. In any case, they looked good no matter how they were photographed. It gave people the illusion of becoming master photographers.

After seeing the group thank them and then leave, the two inexplicably excited girls looked at each other and ran to the cotton candy stall without hesitation. “Go and buy the same style!”

Ji Tong finished the cotton candy and looked through the photos on the camera with interest.

Once he went back, he would print out the photos and put them in his room. He would also store them in his data and treasure them.

In the photo, he and the host couldn’t hide the dinosaur tail next to the cotton candy. In addition, there was the same colored mushroom scarf and it was very consistent with the temperament of the amusement park. Sister Yinyin ate the cotton candy very elegantly. Fang Hao just happened to be captured with a relatively normal expression and it was quite in line with his appearance.

It was a pity that this was Fang Hao’s last handsome moment today.

The elementary school student who threatened to ride the roller coaster three times in a row had never been on a roller coaster before. He was filled with ignorant and fearless boldness and excitement while Fu Yinyin accompanied him on the roller coaster with a sense of responsibility as a guardian.

Pei Qingyuan refused to get on it and Ji Tong couldn’t get on it, so they watched from below while also signing up for other rides.

The roller coaster started slowly. The moment it climbed to a high place and started to descend, Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong clearly heard the screams of many tourists. Just watching was very exciting.

Ji Tong pondered on it. “This voice shouting to let him come down seems a bit familiar.”

Pei Qingyuan also heard it. “It seems to be Fang Hao.”

The two of them looked at each other for a second. Then Pei Qingyuan lifted him up with a tacit connection and he raised the camera to start recording.

Later, according to Fu Yinyin’s description, she witnessed the scene where the vivid smile gradually disappeared.

At the end of the long five minute period, Fu Yinyin’s expression was the same as she helped Fang Hao, who had survived the disaster, leave the roller coaster.

Pei Qingyuan kindly handed over a bottle of water and specially reminded him, “There are two left.”

“……” Fang Hao looked like he had lost his soul as he said blankly, “Let’s ride the merry-go-round. I want to bring back my soul.”

His expression was so funny that the three of them couldn’t help laughing.

Ji Tong didn’t forget to use the camera to capture the host’s laugh at this moment.

It was a clear, hearty laugh.

The host’s originally gloomy world became distant and blurred. In his supposedly bright and unrestrained youth, he at least had a brilliant ending.

Seeing the blue tail protruding from the black sleeve, Ji Tong felt satisfied from the bottom of his heart.

His childhood was also coming to an end together.

As time passed quietly, the Host Domestication Log stored in the virtual space became longer and longer. It was almost as thick as a book.

[January 22nd, the weather is fine and I am very happy.]

[After going to the amusement park, we went to the mall. I thought there wouldn’t be enough time, but I didn’t expect Sister Yinyin to buy things so quickly. She directly paid for what she liked.]

[Everyone’s aesthetics are very different. The host chose blue and white clothes for me. He was probably brainwashed by the color scheme of the dinosaur sweatshirt. Sister Yinyin chose a richer color style and it is overall very vibrant and sunny. Xiao Hao grabbed a bunch of golden clothes. I have reason to suspect that he is getting revenge for the roller coaster photo I gave him.”

[Of course, a black shirt is a must buy. It feels so special to have many people accompanying me to choose clothes.]

[The only thing I’m not very happy about is that the host asked me why everyone chose a default size for the clothes. Did they know how tall my future adult form would be?]

[Oh, I won’t say it.]


[On January 25th, it snowed.]

[In the blink of an eye, it is the 4th day of the new year. Today, Sister Yinyin and Xiao Hao are going back. If only time could pass a bit slower.]

[After sending them away, the host also looked a bit lost.]

[However, my friends are now friends of the host. Thinking about it makes people feel better.]

[I have a wardrobe full of gifts. Perhaps they can see me wearing these gifts when they come to play again next time.]


[January 29th, the weather is fine and I woke up early.]

[The senior year of high school starts earlier than other years. Winter vacation is over and the days have returned to the previous tense and busy rhythm.]

[Today, the host went to pay the tuition by himself but was told someone had already paid it. The other person also gave a living allowance to the class teacher for safekeeping.]

[The host didn’t ask for it, but in any case, isn’t this a good thing?]

[At the very least, she apologized to the host and tried to make amends. I hear that some adults never learn this.]


[February 14th, the weather is cloudy and chocolate is delicious.]

[Today is Valentine’s Day. It is also a day when Fang Hao’s farming crayfish encountered a second mass extinction. I don’t know when he will succeed but I don’t think the prospects are very optimistic.]

[The host passed by the bakery after school and Uncle He gave him a bag of beautiful-looking chocolates. He said that it is the first time he is cooperating with the tong sui store next door to develop a dessert. He even told the host that if the host likes someone, he can give the chocolates to her.]

[Of course not. Right now, the host only has studying and jelly beans in his heart. All the love letters received in the new semester were returned on the spot.]

[The new chocolates were delicious. The host tasted a piece while everything else went into my stomach. I wonder what type of person the host will give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day in the future?]


[March 2nd, the weather is cloudy. Remember to look back on this page!]

[The training career for the seniors on the basketball team has come to an end. The league is over and now they must prepare for the college entrance examination.]

[The weather is getting warmer and I no longer need to wear a jacket. I can wear the dinosaur sweatshirt alone.]

[The host eventually agreed to wear the dinosaur sweatshirt as home clothes. I secretly took a lot of photos and I’m ready to show them to him when the host becomes a cold-faced elite in a suit later on.]

[I’m really looking forward to the host’s expression that day.]


[On March 19th, it rained and I spent the weekend at home.]

[The more the host cooks, the better it tastes. Fortunately, I can’t gain weight.]

[Now in addition to Hua Hua, there is an extra jelly bean watching us eat. The jelly bean’s body assembly is all completed. The host completed it well and the robotic arm movements are very smooth. Now it is necessary to debug the chip to make the jelly bean slightly smarter than the common stupid artificial intelligence.]

[By the way, I did a height measurement again after dinner. The host is already 186 cm. He can almost stop. Don’t grow a lot taller!]

[Alas T-T]


[April 1st, the weather is fine and we are celebrating a festive season.]

[Today is April Fool’s Day and it is the fifth time that Fang Hao’s crayfish farming has failed. When will I see those fasting monsters in the valley lose their armor under the charm of the spicy crayfish?]

[Under the guidance of Professor Xiao and me, the chip transformation of the jelly bean robot is basically completed. The host recorded a small video of him talking to the jelly bean and letting it play music. Then he sent it to Fu Chengze as a test.]

[Fu Chengze really likes this jelly bean robot wearing a cap. He excitedly asked the host where to buy it. The host said that he made it himself and to keep it a secret for the time being.]

[As a result, Fu Chengze was silent for a while. He exclaimed that this April Fool’s joke was so realistic. He almost believed it but the video must be edited. Then the host had an expression like he didn’t know how to continue. Finally, he replied indifferently with a lone ‘oh.]


[It won’t be long before Fu Chengze can see the jelly bean dancing with his own eyes.]


[May 6th, the weather is cloudy and intense.]

[It is the last holiday before the college entrance examination. There is only one month left before the college entrance examination.]

[The host temporarily put aside the learning of artificial intelligence and concentrated on reviewing the cultural lessons. He looks calm.]

[But I’m so nervous.]

[I’ve already inquired about ten types of nutritious stew recipes from the aunt downstairs, but the host won’t let me cook in the kitchen.]

[However, I believe that the host will definitely be able to complete this task. This also means I will soon become a human being.]

[…Although I can only grow to 179 cm.]

[Growing up is also a stressful thing.]


[June 1st, the countdown to the examination is six days.]

[After a full month of nervousness, I almost lost my knowledge of this word.]

[Six days left. It feels like six seconds but also six years.]

[Fishing and listening to cold jokes can no longer relieve my tension. Thinking about it, there is only one thing left to do.]


In the class of the senior year of high school, the teachers had stopped emphasizing grades and were trying to calm everyone down. The more relaxed they were, the better.

The students couldn’t hide their anxious expressions at the thought of going to the examination room in a few days. In the entire classroom, the one who seemed the calmest was Pei Qingyuan, who was still quietly answering questions as usual.

“The class monitor’s mentality is so good. If only that calmness could infect me…”

Pei Qingyuan was indeed calm now. In fact, he had been a bit nervous before, but the tension had suddenly disappeared in the past two days.

He glanced at the black dial on his wrist. He remembered Ji Tong, who was trembling even when using Xiao Mei in the past two days, and asked curiously, “Where are you?”

Soon, a somewhat hazy voice was heard. “In the garden.”

A small robot wearing a spacesuit patrolled the garden and pulled out the quietly emerging weeds.

Ji Tong was afraid that his own mood would pollute the host’s emotional zone so he dressed tightly like he was going to the moon.

But some emotions would leak out of irrelevant sentences even if they weren’t actively expressed.

The white butterfly that flew out of the host’s heart was still hovering over the flowers. Once it stopped on the spacesuit, it heard the robot mutter to himself, “Would he like to listen to some music and relax?”

The butterfly: “……”

Good question. It was a pity that it was just a butterfly who didn’t need to take the college entrance examination.


  1. M&M's says:

    I’m happy to learn that Pei Qingyuan’s mother is still trying correct her mistakes by at least paying for his tuition and living expenses, but I hope it doesn’t end there between them because she has the potential to be a better parent if given the chance. I just think that chance is pretty much gone, so maybe they can at least keep a shallow mother-son relationship.

    On a brighter note, it’s so cute that Ji Tong is wondering who Pei Qingyuan will give his future Valentine Day’s chocolates to when he’s the one currently eating them that year. It’s also cute that Ji Tong has pictures as proof that Pei Qingyuan wore the dinosaur sweatshirt, but if he plans to show them to him after he’s become a “cold-faced elite in a suit” just to see his expression at that time, then I’m pretty sure he can expect Pei Qingyuan’s retaliation on the bed, lol.

    As for Fang Hao, I can only hope that one day he’ll succeed in his crayfish farm. The day he does and the resulting spicy crayfish revolution will be a day to remember!

    Thanks for another fun chapter! 😀

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