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DCBS: Chapter 71

Fang Hao’s voice fell and the surroundings suddenly became silent. Ji Tong immediately rushed into Fu Yinyin’s arms like an ostrich, leaving the embarrassment to others.

Fu Yinyin paused briefly before laughing helplessly. She looked at Fang Hao, who was very involved in the drama in front of her, and couldn’t help whispering, “Stupid.”

Ji Tong felt the same way. He nodded and agreed. “Stupid elementary school student.”

The neighbor little boy and his parents watching next to him were shocked. The little boy opened his mouth and let out a ‘wow.’

He didn’t know why he was wowing but he always felt like he should do this.

He turned around and asked his parents with a curious face. “Mom, what does it mean by ‘Madam, you are finally back?’”

The little boy’s mother was thinking of all types of dog blood drama series. In addition to being excited, she stared at the woman next to the luxury car without blinking and whispered, “Mother will tell you later.”

The little boy: “……”

Why did his mother show an expression of not being able to stop chasing a drama?

He sighed and turned his head. Then he continued to watch the liveliness with relish.

It turned out that the child was really waiting for his parents to come back. His mother was so beautiful.

Fu Yinyin had developed a strong psychological quality in the world of emotional minefields, so she ignored all eyes and walked toward the community according to Ji Tong’s guidance. The driver carrying large bags immediately followed.

Fang Hao consciously took a few boxes from the driver, who was also slightly confused. He vowed to perform his duties as a bodyguard to the end.

It seemed that no gossip could be heard.

A trace of regret couldn’t help rising in the hearts of the onlookers.

However, these parents seemed very rich and everyone in the family looked outstanding. It was more like a drama than an actual drama.

The group passed by Pei Qingyuan, who had just gone downstairs and walked to the door of the community. Pei Qingyuan’s mind returned and he silently followed.

He also asked Ji Tong in his heart, “What is ‘Madam, you are finally back?’”

Ji Tong thought about it and felt that it was a bit shameful to say the script of running with the baby.

He had an idea and said seriously, “Xiao Hao must’ve been affected by the fantasy world. In ancient times, wasn’t a woman with a strong aura like Sister Yinyin called Madam? He called her that in a moment of excitement.”

It was such a perfect excuse that he almost believed it himself.

Ji Tong was simply amazed by his wit.

Pei Qingyuan heard this and thoughtfully said, “Then should I call her this as well?’

“…No need!” Ji Tong immediately made a decision. “Host, you can call her Sister Yinyin like me.”

He wanted to stay away from the script of running away with the baby.

A simple family reunion script of returning home during the Spring Festival was enough.


After walking to the door, Pei Qingyuan took out the keys to open the door and invited the guests to enter first.

Fang Hao and the driver brought in the new year goods prepared by Fu Yinyin. She put Ji Tong down and was ready to change out of her high heels.

Ji Tong took the brand new female slippers that were put to the side.

Fu Yinyin touched his head approvingly.

They looked like a real mother and son.

Pei Qingyuan thought with some surprise.

He inexplicably felt that Ji Tong seemed to be enjoying this moment.

It was like really having a mother.

Fang Hao waited for the driver to leave before immediately crouching down in front of these shopping bags. He said stupidly, “Sister Yinyin, did you go to buy new year goods after you teleported over in the morning?”

Fu Yinyin, who was happy to be a mother, flicked his forehead mercilessly and replied, “Yes, most of it is food. You can open it to see if you like it.”

Fang Hao covered his head and didn’t dare to resist. Ji Tong moved a small stool to sit next to him and the two of them looked through the bags together while chattering. “So the luxury car and driver just now were hired? It is more handsome than when we did the parent-teacher meeting.”

“It must be. Sister Yinyin has a lot of savings and she can take some casually to exchange the currency here.”

“I’m so envious. When can I become such a rich person?”

“Let me see. This is a combination of nuts and mixed candies. This is a gift box of mooncakes.  Hey, there are also glutinous rice dumplings, green dumplings…”

There weren’t just regular new year goods. Fu Yinyin bought all types of popular foods for traditional holidays and all the gifts for visiting relatives were satisfied.

Pei Qingyuan went to pour water for the guests. Fu Yinyin introduced herself with a smile, “Hello, Xiao Tong’s host. I am System 0214. You can also call me Fu Yinyin.”

Pei Qingyuan remembered that Ji Tong was No 0587 and Fang Hao was No 0499.

Judging from the number, Fu Yinyin was indeed much more senior than the two of them.

He responded politely while thinking in his heart about how to ask Fu Yinyin more about systems later on.

The warmly decorated home was filled with gift boxes and snacks. There were only three special boxes that were unopened, each with a beautiful bow on it.

Fu Yinyin sat elegantly on the sofa while holding a water cup. Hua Hua, who was easily confused by beauty, lay meekly on her lap as she gave a reminder, “This is a gift for the three of you. There is one for each of you.”

It was a rare trip and gifts naturally must be bought.

Ji Tong and Fang Hao’s eyes lit up at the same time. Pei Qingyuan was a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected to also have a share.

Once the packaging of the first box was undone, a translucent gift box with a cool pattern was revealed. Inside was a robot model with a very exquisite and domineering appearance.

This was undoubtedly Fang Hao’s gift.

Fang Hao changed from a tall bodyguard back to a naive elementary school student. “So handsome. Thank you, Sister Yinyin.”

“This one looks a lot like the Gundam I’ve seen on TV,” Ji Tong commented.

“Yes!” Fang Hao couldn’t bear to put down the robot and there was a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

Pei Qingyuan still didn’t know what a Gundam was, but he remembered the Gundam juxtaposed with the jelly bean on the couplet stuck to the kitchen door. He thought that this should be a mysterious machine from another world.

Inside the second box was a piece of clothing. This obviously wasn’t Ji Tong’s, so Fang Hao handed it directly to Pei Qingyuan.

After Pei Qingyuan thanked Fu Yinyin, he opened the transparent plastic bag with some curiosity and shook out the clothes.

Then he saw a cute-looking blue and white dinosaur running through the entire outfit.

It turned out to be the adult dinosaur sweatshirt that Ji Tong had been longing for.

Fu Yinyin looked at the high school student’s sudden frozen expression with interest and added, “I don’t know what you like, but I remember Xiao Tong saying that you really want a dinosaur sweatshirt. He said that when guessing a gift, you guessed this first.”

Pei Qingyuan thought, ‘…I really didn’t mean that.’

However, he couldn’t say anything to refute it when he saw Ji Tong’s excited look.

“Host, we can wear it together!” Ji Tong immediately calculated it. “How about wearing it on the day we go to the amusement park? The color goes well with a mushroom scarf!”


Fortunately, it was winter and he could put on another coat outside to try and block this overly childlike dinosaur.

Pei Qingyuan put away the gift with a calm expression.

The last box naturally belonged to Ji Tong.

“What could it be? Snacks? Fishing rod? Doll?” The more Fang Hao guessed, the more outrageous it became. “Height increasing shoes? Giant rice bowl?”

Fu Yinyin heard this and stroked Hua Hua’s hairy head, smiling coldly. “Childish ghost.”

Pei Qingyuan originally wanted to guess because the gifts given by Fu Yinyin were prepared according to her understanding of everyone. She was very intentional. It was a pity that his mind was now full of mushrooms and dinosaurs.

Ji Tong didn’t care about fighting with Fang Hao at this time. He looked at the exquisite box close at hand and had a feeling close to homesickness.

The short child was stunned for a moment before carefully removing the bow from the box and slowly opening it.

It was a small and delicate black camera.

Fu Yinyin explained, “The entry-level model isn’t expensive and the weight is relatively light. You can use it in the current form and there is no need to feel distressed even if it is broken.

Ji Tong smiled with curved eyes. “Thank you, Sister Yinyin. I like this gift.”

The box was also equipped with a camera rope that could hang it around the neck and an instruction manual. Pei Qingyuan saw Ji Tong pick up the instructions and read them very seriously.

The sunlight from the balcony flooded into the living room, illuminating his silhouette that was staring down at the paper in his hand.

Pei Qingyuan always felt that he had seen this scene somewhere.

“If you like it.” Fu Yinyin seemed to sigh with relief before joking, “After all, you are the system that has used the video recording function the most frequently in the past two months. I guess you should like taking photos and it isn’t just to check the plot.”

Pei Qingyuan silently noted down her words.

He knew that Ji Tong often recorded videos, but he always thought that all systems were like this.

It turned out that this was Ji Tong’s own hobby.

Fang Hao stepped in. “How about the photo effect? Come, take a photo of me and the Gundam.”

Ji Tong finished reading the instruction manual and looked with disgust at Fang Hao, who was holding up the Gundam in a handsome manner. “No, the first photo should be kept.”

“What are you keeping it for?”

“I won’t tell you.”

The next day, it was the evening of New Year’s Eve. Pei Qingyuan was taking off his apron, Fang Hao brought the steaming dishes from the kitchen to the table, Fu Yinyin was setting the tableware and chopsticks and the cat Hua Hua was the first to sit on a chair.

The little bean green robot stood in the living room with a brand new black camera around his neck. He held the camera carefully in front of him with his round palms, the rounded mechanical fingers awkwardly pressing the shutter.

This was the first photo.

Everyone in the photo was doing their own thing. Fang Hao was walking in a hurry and had a few shadows around his body. The table contained a home-cooked meal full of color and fragrance. The golden slanting sun fell into the house and left a warm brilliance.

He liked this photo.

The little robot watched with satisfaction as everyone sat down.

Since Ji Tong’s human form could only last five hours, everyone decided to have a simple dinner and go through the process of the New Year’s Eve dinner. Then they would go to the central square to watch the fireworks show that started at 7 o’clock. After that, they would go home to have a sumptuous late-night snack and keep vigil. Five hours was just enough to reach midnight. He could persist until the new year.

Originally, Ji Tong wanted to repeat the old trick and imitate his actions on the host’s birthday to bombard the main brain with data in an attempt to gain permission to stay in his advanced form for a whole day. However, the main brain had already plugged this loophole and refused to accept any unknown data. He had to accept the reality.

Once it was completely dark, the three people and one cat appeared on time in the central square. It was called the central square but it was actually a small peninsula surrounded by a lake on three sides. Every New Year’s Eve, there would be a fireworks show and it was very popular.

Watching fireworks was the schedule that Ji Tong had written early on the calendar. Everyone agreed unanimously to it. There was no snow today, the weather was sunny and it was very suitable for watching fireworks.

In the bustling crowd, the group attracted a lot of attention.

Fu Yinyin’s burgundy coat was full of aura and she was gently hugging Hua Hua, who was wearing an off-white sweater to block the heart on his butt. She perfectly interpreted a noble lady and her white cat.

Pei Qingyuan was carrying a bright-faced child with one hand and held a bag in his other hand that was probably used to put a camera bag. At this moment, Ji Tong was at the same height as an adult and was looking down while fiddling with the camera in his hand. He perfectly interpreted a cute child and his handsome, humanoid ride.

Fang Hao stood in the middle and had a cold look on his face. He stared coldly at the tourists around him, perfectly interpreting… a man who looks handsome even when not talking.

The faces of strangers flashed around them and filled with various types of joy. Ji Tong held up the camera and took photos one after another.

Everyone laughed when the first fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

In this lively mix of cheers and wishes, brilliant fireworks lit up the rich night sky and cast colorful reflections on the sparkling river. It also cast dazzling light into countless pairs of bright eyes.

Ji Tong and the camera in his hand stared at the sky together, as well as the friends whose faces were illuminated by the fireworks.

He heard the host’s voice ringing in his ears. “The year is coming to an end.”

“Yes.” He nodded. “The host’s virtual age is around one year older.”

The college entrance examination in four months was almost in sight and the increase in growth came suddenly.

Ji Tong really wanted to grow up and he wanted time to freeze in this moment.

Growing up could better serve the host but he hadn’t experienced enough of the carefree, happy world of children and the colorful high school life of the host.

Ji Tong swept away a bit of the melancholy in his heart. Then he heard the host’s vague voice.

“I haven’t given you a gift yet.”

Ji Tong was startled.

It seemed that the host didn’t need to give gifts to the AI system that was supposed to serve him.

He was about to shake his head and refuse when he saw the dark blue scarf around his neck, revealing a bit of the snow-white mushroom embroidery. He understood it immediately.

He was the one who gave the host a gift first and the host was a very polite person.

Therefore, Ji Tong let go of the camera. He let it hang around his neck while spreading out his palms in a curious manner. “What is the host going to give me?”

He couldn’t imagine what a high school student like the host would give.

Could it be a beanie matching the scarf?

At the noise that filled the entire peninsula, Ji Tong clearly heard the sound of a paper bag shaking. Pei Qingyuan took out a square box that wasn’t too big from the bag and put it in Ji Tong’s hands.

He said, “It is a very simple gift.”

The gift was a bit heavy. The packaging seemed to have been processed in advance and it was very easy to disassemble. He just had to open the box.

Once the lid of the box was removed and the white cardboard was taken away by the host, a brilliant color instantly entered Ji Tong’s eyes.

It was a transparent crystal ball. In the center stood a smiling little boy with a freshly built snowman in front of him.

He reached out and held the crystal ball. The snowflakes that had gradually accumulated on the ground moved and snow suddenly fell in the small world.

Ji Tong subconsciously held his breath and stared brightly at the boy who built the snowman in the crystal ball. In the snowflakes that fluttered, the fireworks reflected on the glass also looked at him.

The snow and fireworks were intertwined. This radiant moment, the time he liked—it seemed to really be frozen.


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    3yo Ji Tong is so pure and adorable, I will miss this form of his…Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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    Haha! Pei Qingyuan finally has the dinosaur sweatshirt that Ji Tong has been trying to convince him to wear! It would be a cute momento if both of them could wear the matching sweatshirt and take a pic of it while Ji Tong is still a child.

    Also, what a sweet gift Pei Qingyuan gave Ji Tong! It’s something to commemorate his child form and first time playing in the snow. I also realized from Ji Tong’s initial reaction to reject a gift given by the “host” that the first barrier to their relationship development is changing from the system-host relationship to something closer like a brother-brother relationship. It would be a good start if Ji Tong didn’t call Pei Qingyuan “host” anymore and viewed their relationship as more than just an AI serving his host.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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