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DCBS: Chapter 64

Once the Gundam finished his day’s patrol and returned home, he found that Pei Qingyuan, the only adult in the family, was looking at him a bit strangely.

“Do you do righteous deeds every day?”

After reading the news report sent by Fu Chengze, Pei Qingyuan searched the Internet again and found that more than one elementary or middle school student had been helped by the mysterious citizen surnamed Gao. The time was concentrated in the past few days after Fang Hao appeared. In these relatively young student groups, he had affectionately been called the cap brother.

Pei Qingyuan’s impression of the system called Fang Hao was basically childish and playful. He liked to play some games popular among children, so Pei Qingyuan thought he was at the game arcade every day. Unexpectedly, he was eliminating harm for elementary school students and cleaning up all types of hooligans.

Fang Hao heard this and took off the cap he used to cover his face during the day. He revealed a cold and handsome face as he said modestly, “It is just a matter of raising my hand.

He couldn’t affect the development of the main plotline in this world, so he couldn’t follow Pei Qingyuan all the time like Ji Tong. Ji Tong also couldn’t play with him all the time, so he had to find something to do by himself during the day.

Fang Hao was very curious about the elementary schools of this world. On the second day of his arrival, he went alone to wander around the nearby elementary school for a few days and bought a bunch of snacks such as spicy potato chips.

He accidentally saw an elementary school student being bullied by an older student and immediately took action. The result was out of control and he was addicted to helping others.

The gangsters and bad students who bullied children were prevented and punished. This obviously had nothing to do with the main plotline belonging to Pei Qingyuan, so Fang Hao didn’t receive any reminders or warnings. He simply showed his skills and punched hard. Ji Tong saw that he was having fun every time and was naturally supportive.

At this time, he saw Pei Qingyuan’s thoughtful expression. He felt that he could read the emotions and envy from the other person’s eyes and immediately said generously, “Do you also want to be as strong as me? I can teach you a few tricks.”

It just so happened that he had also voluntarily promised Ji Tong before to help the host increase his force value.

“……” Pei Qingyuan was a bit surprised. “Teach me a few tricks?”

He had been thinking about the news influence brought about by Fang Hao’s unintentional actions. He calculated that the total number of views on various channels exceeded tens of millions, but according to the growth rate and curve, the amount of dissemination had already come to an end. It was because the news only received a certain amount of attention in local media and there was no splash on the social media platforms in China.

This in itself was a good thing without too many gimmicks. The main group of people who paid attention to it was local middle-aged parents with children, not the younger generation with the highest willingness to spread the news and a loud voice.

The fact that this report was noticed and actively shared by a high school student like Fu Chengze was because Fang Hao’s back was captured in the photo and he looked quite handsome, plus the surname Gao.

Using this as a reference, he could see how difficult it was to achieve more than 100 million views as required for the main mission.

This event must go beyond the city and have a certain impact on a national scale.

Fang Hao didn’t know anything about what he was thinking and said proudly, “Yes, I come from a fantasy world where there are all types of training cheats. I integrated some basic exercises during the training period. I absorbed the essence of them and condensed several routines and killing moves. Not only are the moves neat and beautiful but they aren’t difficult to learn. After learning them, it is definitely enough to deal with ordinary people in a modern city.”

He was afraid of triggering a warning so he deliberately emphasized, “This doesn’t affect the main plotline. A modern world doesn’t rely on force to rule over the world and you won’t participate in any martial arts competitions, right? In any case, it is mainly for strengthening your body…”

As well as pretending to be a pig while actually being a tiger when necessary.

The topic suddenly shifted to a fantasy world and Pei Qingyuan was stunned when he heard it.

On the side, Ji Tong remembered the thugs in suits that he had fantasized about before and said excitedly, “I also want to learn! Host, do you want to learn? Let’s learn together. You must be more handsome than Xiao Hao after you learn it!”

Xiao Hao was dissatisfied. “Hey—”

Before Fang Hao’s protest could come out, Pei Qingyuan simply nodded. “I will learn.”

Ji Tong’s words made sense.

In addition, there was no man who could refuse to be a martial arts master.

But before that, he had one more question to ask.

“Why did you say that your surname is Gao?”

Fang Hao thought about it. There should be no Gundan in this projection world and Pei Qingyuan probably wouldn’t understand it. Therefore, he just waved his hand. “How can I leave my real name when doing good deeds? I am very tall so my surname is Gao.”

Pei Qingyuan heard this and silently shifted his gaze to Ji Tong, who played dumb.

Formerly, Fu Chengze also became Brother Gao in this way.

Ji Tong covered his face and laughed dryly. He pretended to be calm as he jumped down from the sofa. “Go and practice martial arts!”

With his short legs, he was seriously trying to move the clutter in the living room to make enough space.

Pei Qingyuan watched him push hard on the chair that was higher than himself and a smile flashed in his eyes. He immediately reached out to help lift the chair and easily moved it to the side.

“Xiao Ji, you are so young and you can’t use it even if you learn it. If someone locks your throat, you will lock onto their legs.”

“Don’t call me Xiao Ji! I am going to grow up soon and I will be able to use it then! Right, host?”


Therefore, he had to think harder about how to complete this small goal of 100 million.

In the quietly approaching winter atmosphere, the students of the third class of senior year started to wear sweaters under their school uniforms.

The windows of the classroom were tightly closed but everyone still inexplicably felt a chill that spread silently from the seats at the back of the classroom.

The boy sitting in the front row rubbed his arms and glanced back secretly. Then he whispered to his deskmate, “Do you feel that the class monitor is different now? He feels colder.”

Lin Zihai recalled the coercion he felt beside Pei Qingyuan when he went to Chengde and calmly analyzed it, “It seems that the aura of the class monitor is the same as his exam results. It can be improved.”

Pei Qingyuan’s results in the first monthly exam were already amazing. As a result, there was progress in the second monthly exam. He directly got full scores for mathematics, physics and chemistry and his scores in other subjects were close to full scores.

Therefore, almost all of the third class were secretly hoping that their class could have the city college entrance examination champion. Of course, they didn’t dare say it out of fear of bringing unnecessary pressure to the class monitor.

His deskmate sighed with admiration. “He is really powerful. He can even improve this. I can’t even improve the speed of taking a shower.”

“Speaking of which, I heard my mother say that the uncle who came to the parent-teacher meeting for the class monitor isn’t just handsome, but also has a particularly powerful aura. One look can make a person talking nonsense shut his mouth.”

Lin Zihai reasonably speculated. “Could it be that those who are close to vermillion turn red?”

The two of them looked at each other and suddenly realized.

Therefore, Pei Qingyuan gradually discovered that in his spare time, some students in the class would come to ask him about wrong questions and stay beside his seat inexplicably. Sometimes, they shivered from the cold but then they would show strong smiles, as if waiting for something good to happen.

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t figure it out.

He was currently learning fighting skills from Fang Hao. These improved moves that originated in the fantasy world had extraordinary momentum. He had just learned it and hadn’t managed to put it away, causing him to see a lot colder. Even JI Tong looked like a three year old martial artist.

Ji Tong, who was always monitoring everyone’s movements, noticed the host’s confusion and asked with a smile, “Ruan Ruan, do you want to know the reason?”

“…No need.” He buried his curiosity very sensibly and changed the subject. “Am I really going on a patrol alone tomorrow?”

In order to test Pei Qingyuan’s learning results, Fang Hao proposed to let him go alone to various alleys with high incidents of crime to see if he could find gangsters to practice on.

After all, Fang Hao’s force value was extraordinary and there was too great a height gap between Pei Qingyuan and his only junior brother Ji Tong. It was really impossible to fight.

“Not alone,” Ji Tong corrected him. “Xiao Hao and I will always observe your situation from a tree.”

“A tree?”

“Yes, we are going to turn into two leaves. If there isn’t a suitable tree then it is okay to turn into two small advertisements posted on the wall.”

It was such a commemorative moment that he naturally had to choose a position with the best view to watch the battle.

“By the way, Ruan Ruan, will you wear a suit tomorrow? You don’t seem to have a suit yet, right? Let’s go buy one!”

“……” Pei Qingyuan’s sanity won twice. “That isn’t good.”

The little robot stared at him eagerly. “Then will you wear it next time?”

Pei Qingyuan couldn’t refuse his gaze and had to say, “Let’s discuss it next time.”

His system seemed to enjoy watching humans in suits.

“What a nice host!”

Under the anticipation of the two childish ghosts, Saturday arrived.

Pei Qingyuan moved agilely through various alleys that he had never been to before, feeling a bit uneasy in his heart.

In the past, he basically didn’t have the opportunity to fight. The only time he almost fought this year was with Fu Chengze, whom he didn’t know at the time. However, this was defused by Ji Tong in advance.

He went to clean up some gangsters he didn’t know with the purpose of practicing his hands, but he didn’t know how to do it.

Should he start the action by hooking his finger at the punks like Fang Hao?

Moreover, under the guidance that Fang Hao relayed to Ji Tong, many places he went to were very calm and there wasn’t even the shadow of a person.

“Is it because my reputation has been too great during this period of time so they don’t dare to come out?” Fang Hao’s tone was very bad.

“It is already 12 o’clock. They aren’t still sleeping in, are they?” Ji Tong started to criticize them. “They are too lazy, even lazier than Hua Hua.”

Hearing these two voices from Ji Tong, Pei Qingyuan imagined the two leaves dangling from branches and Pei Qingyuan smiled.

He walked through a street corner and passed three or four laughing young men.

The sun was bright and the windows of the stores on the side of the street were bright and clean, creating a peaceful and tranquil scene.

As Pei Qingyuan turned a corner and walked to another road, he saw a boy who looked like a middle school student standing blankly in front of him.

This student was in a daze as he looked at his reflection in the glass window. His expression was uglier than crying and it was as if he lost the most precious thing he had.

Pei Qingyuan saw this childish face full of despair and seemed to see himself from a few months ago.

The smile on his face faded away and he instinctively stepped forward quickly to ask, “What’s wrong?”

The middle school student was stunned. Tears suddenly fell when he heard a stranger ask this of him. “They clearly said that last time would be the last time and they wouldn’t ask to borrow from me in the future…”

“Are they the young people who just walked away?” Pei Qingyuan asked him. “What did they borrow?”

“My money, my wallet,” the middle school replied with a tearful expression. “I thought they would only take money but they took away my wallet this time. There was a photo of my mother in it…”

Pei Qingyuan stared deeply at him. “Wait for me here.”

The yellow-haired boy was looking at the restaurant across the street and his companion beside him flipped through the wallet in his hand with a sigh. “Six bills. This kid is richer than me. I didn’t pay attention last time but this wallet looks good. Brother Sun, do you want it?”

“No, it is yours. Just give me the money.” The yellow-haired boy waved his hand. “It looks quite new. Clean up the useless things inside and go to the restaurant to take advantage of it.”

“Okay, Brother Sun. The next time we catch him, I’ll give Brother Sun a new one.”

The companion laughed and pulled out all the bills in the wallet, handing them over. He was about to shake the entire wallet into the trash when he heard a cold voice behind him.

“Give me the wallet.”

The yellow-haired boy’s group turned back in astonishment and saw someone who looked like a high school student. They looked at each other a few times before they couldn’t help saying, “Are you talking to us? Why? Do you want to imitate someone and do good deeds?”

Their tone was relaxed but their faces were full of cruelty. One of them threw away his cigarette butt and stepped on it, seemingly ready to take action.

But in front of these unkind gazes, the lone high school student didn’t show fear. He snorted lightly and took the initiative to approach them.

The brand-new banknotes were quickly scattered all over the place.

The treetops were blown by the cold wind and a leaf with a perfect texture shook very excitedly.

“I’m such a talented coach.” It shook and bumped the leaf beside it while sighing. “Your host is so handsome now and it is all thanks to me.”

Ji Tong bumped back. “That was learned by the host himself. The two of us can only share half the credit. The other half belongs to the host.”

As the host walked up to the middle school student who looked sad, it reminded him of when he walked toward the host.

“I don’t care. It is my credit.”

“It isn’t.”

Two leaves bumped back and forth and fell from the tree. They were carried by the wind to the corner of the street.

The middle school student stared incredulously at the wallet that had been returned to him. He quickly opened it and there was nothing missing inside. His mother smiled quietly at him from the photo.

He laughed first before crying again. Then he said incoherently, “Thank you, thank you!”

“It’s okay.” Pei Qingyuan saw him gripping the wallet tightly and suddenly asked, “Is your father good to you?”

“Yes!” The middle school student seemed to understand what he wanted to ask and whispered, “Dad is working too hard and I don’t want to make him angry… as long as they don’t ask me to borrow it next time, it is fine.”

“Don’t believe what the bad guys say and tell your father,” Pei Qingyuan advised softly. “He won’t be angry. It isn’t your fault and he will try to protect you.”

Communicate with your family or ask reliable adults for help when you can’t solve your trouble. Innocent people who have been hurt don’t need to live with guilt.

These were all things that his system taught him.

The middle school student’s expression became blank again when he heard Pei Qingyuan say this. He was hesitating, as if not knowing whether to believe it or not.

Pei Qingyuan looked at the child who was much shorter than himself and saw the confusion and bewilderment on the other person’s face. He reached out and patted the student’s head lightly. “Remember?”

At this slight warmth, the middle school student didn’t struggle any longer and nodded vigorously. “I remember!”

Lightly falling leaves flew past them.


  1. lavendidi says:

    Why do I feel like this student is the OG pair for Ruan Ruan and in the future, because of this accident, his personality would change thus also changing the course of Ruan Ruan’s love line either turning to Ji Tong or the system detecting that there needs to be no love line anymore (which Ruan Ruan would take advantage so he could end up with Ji Tong)….. or maybe I’m just overthinking it hahaha

    1. M&M's says:

      I think he’s not the original pairing with Pei Qingyuan because he’s supposed to end up with a big shot, which makes me think that person is older than him. Then again, by emphasizing the boy twice and giving more depth to his character with the mention of his mother’s picture, perhaps he would have originally played a significant role in the plot? Hmm…I’m not quite certain now. Either way, if he was going down the romantic route with Pei Qingyuan, that boat will sink without a doubt, lol.

      1. Spinthepickle says:

        I see it as a chance for author tonshow us how far PQY has come. He identified with the boy and passed on what he’d learned from JT.

        I can also see the author tying it into his mission task for views.

    2. Monmonmoon says:

      Not a love interest but he could be the key to their 100M views. The kid is well off with a mysterious mother and a doting father, the reason this character isn’t named yet but have a considerable depth could be a plot catalyst

  2. M&M's says:

    I’m surprised the concept of a gundam isn’t even a small existence in the plot with regards to anime fans in the world. What a horrible thing to imagine that anime doesn’t exist there either—that’s a world I would avoid at all costs, lol.

    On another note, now that Pei Qingyuan is learning some fierce martial arts, he’s slowly changing himself into Ji Tong’s ideal man with a cold, domineering temperament. There are only two ways into Ji Tong’s heart—food and being cool. Since Pei Qingyuan has pretty much gotten food down, he only needs to work on being extra cool in Ji Tong’s eyes to catch his attention and admiration, and then he can work on changing that admiration into love. He’s still got a ways to go, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. Monmonmoon says:

      Anime exist in their world but Gundam don’t.
      If you like Gundam try watching shikizakura, it’s not the best anime but it’s a little fun and nostalgic.

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