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DCBS: Chapter 59

The moment Pei Qingyuan spoke, the big electronic eyes of the little robot blinked. Then after reflecting on the meaning of the host, he immediately nodded.

Ji Tong thought this decision was good. This way, he didn’t need to change the existing relationships and didn’t need to disappear suddenly. He could get rid of the state of a child when the host graduated high school and went to college. He could use a brand new identity to accompany the host to welcome a new life.

It was exciting when he thought about it but there was also a bit of sadness.

With his company, the host was really going to become an adult.

With the mentality of an old father with mixed feelings, Ji Tong held his mechanical head which was a bit dizzy because he nodded too often. Suddenly, he thought of a very important question.

Why 17 years old?

Once he finally grew up, wouldn’t he be younger than the host?

Obviously, he was the real older brother.

Once they reached a consensus and all the rewards were selected, the little robot sat on the sofa and held his cheeks in thought. Pei Qingyuan opened the suitcase that appeared out of thin air and confirmed the 100,000 yuan cash inside. He put it into the room and Hua Hua ran all over the room to join in the fun.

Pei Qingyuan noticed the strange silence of the little robot and asked him, “What are you thinking?”

“Ah, nothing.” The little robot blinked again and quickly showed a cute smile. “Ruan Ruan, you haven’t measured your height in a long time. Do you want to measure it today?”

Ji Tong said this and walked to the host, pushing him next to the giraffe height chart on the wall.

He guessed that his system was planning something but Pei Qingyuan didn’t refuse. Since the little robot couldn’t reach the top of his head, he consciously placed his finger against the top of his head and drew a trace on the height sticker with a pen.

183 cm.

“The host has grown one centimeter taller!” Ji Tong was surprised. “Remember to write the date next to it.”

Pei Qingyuan wrote it according to his words.

It was 182 cm when he measured the height of the host last month. It was definitely within reach to catch up with Fu Chengze.

In the adolescent period that was full of rich nutrition and plenty of exercise, growing up was fast.

Ji Tong was envious and started to count with his fingers.

It was November and there was a full seven months before the college entrance examination.

If he grew one centimeter per month then the host would be 190 cm by next summer.

However, growth wasn’t uniform. With the gradual increase in bone age, Ji Tong thought that the host might not grow so fast in the future. In any case, it definitely wasn’t a problem to reach a height of at least 186 or 187 by next year.

After thinking hard for a while, a bold idea gradually took shape in Ji Tong’s heart.

He took the initiative to say, “Ruan Ruan, I think some of the statements on the task panel have logical problems. I am ready to negotiate with the main brain at the next regular meeting.”

“What logical problem?”

Ji Tong wanted to answer but helped back. He pretended to be deep and said, “It is very complicated to say. I will tell you if it is successfully repaired.”

After a successful repair, it was a foregone conclusion and it would be too late for the host to object.

The little robot moved happily toward the bedroom and said cheerfully, “Host, rest early. Good night.”

Pei Qingyuan inexplicably smelled the hint of a conspiracy.

It must be an illusion.

He thought uncertainly.

“Good night. See you tomorrow.”

Tonight, Ji Tong didn’t need to wash up. He turned on the automatic cleaning mode and went directly to the bed. He said he wanted to experience the feeling of a robot sleeping.

Pei Qingyuan also experienced the feeling of covering a clumsy robot with a quilt for the first time.

He had to say that it was very special.

A pea green mechanical shell, bright yellow sheets, soft dolls and crooked eyes exposed outside the quilt.

It was like a fairy tale.

Pei Qingyuan turned off the light of the room and gently closed the door.

In the increasingly old weather, the regular meeting that Ji Tong had been waiting for finally arrived.

After surviving the speech time of the nagging main brain’s representative, Ji Tong won first place in the system assessment and scoring process and was praised by the representative of the main brain.

The proportion of systems played by humans was small but they often achieved better scores. It was because in the face of real artificial intelligence systems, humans had a certain advantage. After all, they understood human nature better and knew their hosts better.

In the midst of the applause of his system colleagues and human colleagues, Ji Tong happily received the reward of special growth values.

The group chat became lively almost as soon as the results were announced.

[Brother Hao: Xiao Ji, Xiao Ji! Quickly open the system interconnection permission! Let me go to you guys to play!]

Fang Hao’s host was still practicing in seclusion and Fang Hao was almost suffocated to death. He didn’t even bother pretending and the aura of a Long Aotian gradually dissipated. He exposed the childish and playful nature of an elementary school student.

Ji Tong smiled slightly.

[President Ji: Who is Xiao Ji:]

[President Ji: Call me Brother.]

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

So cool.

[Brother Hao: …….]

[Brother Hao: You are thinking too beautifully!]

After Ji Tong won first place, he had carefully flipped through the work manual and knew the specific rules for the system’s mutual authority.

The manual stated that other systems must appear with reasonable identities that wouldn’t be suspected in the world and must not have an important impact on the main storyline of the world. Otherwise, they would be immediately removed.

This function was actually similar to the family leave of human beings. It had no practical significance. Very few AI systems used it. It was mostly used by human systems who were bored or afraid of loneliness. It was commonly known as cross-world team building.

[President Ji: The role of Ji Yanxing’s wife who runs away with the baby is still empty. I think Sister Yinyin is very suitable.]

[President Ji: On the contrary, Xiao Hao doesn’t seem appropriate to appear out of nowhere.]

[President Ji: Perhaps I’ll just invite Sister Yinyin over to play first.]

Fu Yinyin was very cooperative.

[Yinyin: Okay, I should be quite free lately. My host is about to die and disappear, so it will be quiet for a while.]

[Yinyin: By the way, Xiao Tong can come to me to play when free. My mutual communication permission is also open. Do you like watching crematorium scenes? I estimate that in half a year, there will be a large crematorium with multiple people.]

[President Ji: Okay, Sister Yinyin. Do you want to use your real name when you come over? Or another random name?]

[Yinyin: I want to think about it.]

Seeing the two of them chatting more and more happily, Fang Hao knew that the situation wasn’t right. He struggled for a while and finally lowered his head.

[Brother Hao: …Brother Ji Tong.]

[Yinyin: Hahahahaha!]

Ji Tong instantly felt joy bursting.

It really felt good to be an older brother.

[President Ji: Little brother Xiao Hao ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ]

[President Ji: I will go see the representative of the main brain. I’ll talk to you later.]

It was the routine rest time again. Ji Tong put away the chat panel and walked toward the main brain representative on the stage.

The representative of the main brain had a deep impression of this human system who not only infected other systems with a virus but also exploited the loophole in the mission. He saw Ji Tong coming over and said vigilantly, “System 0587, what is the matter with you?”

Ji Tong said positively, “I found a bug.”

The representative of the main brain’s eyes widened and he asked reflexively, “What bug? Where did it appear?”

“It is in the system reward link,” Ji Tong said. “There is no problem in stipulating the maintenance time of the advanced form in hours, but it doesn’t seem that rigorous to use age to specify the appearance of the advanced form.”

“Our human form is generated out of thin air and it isn’t like ordinary people who will grow up year by year. We have no birthday and no legal ID card. So what is the difference between 17 years old and 18 years old?”

“If it is stipulated that I am 17 years old, can I claim to be 18 years old? The two ages might be the same in appearance and the difference is small, but it receives different treatment in human society.”

The representative of the main brain was thoughtful after hearing this. “It makes sense. What do you think should be used as the standard for judging appearance?”

Ji Tong took a deep breath, suppressed the excitement in his heart and said calmly, “Of course, it is height!”

“I recommend using height as a limit and then attaching an age range as an appearance reference. For example, my next upgrade reward can specify a young man with a height within 189 cm and is close to the appearance of a 16-19 year old youth. This is more rigorous.”

In fact, when Ji Tong first became a three year old child, he tried to make himself taller but failed. He guessed that this appearance standard was limited to the average height of humans at the corresponding age, so he was short.

“I see.” The representative of the main brain nodded. “This rule can be tested on a small scale. Let’s start with you.”

It was unexpected and Ji Tong was pleasantly surprised. “Great.”

With a height of 189 cm, he could definitely become the host’s veritable older brother!

Just as he was fantasizing about the scene of his future brotherhood and friendship, an electronic screen appeared in front of the representative of the main brain.

“I’ve corrected the statement of your next mission reward. You can take a look.”

Ji Tong saw it and his originally happy smile froze in an instant.

[B. The appearance of the advanced form will grow to a youth with a height of 179 cm or less, with a face and physical characteristics close to that of humans aged 16-19.]

“You seem to have made a typo,” Ji Tong said in a trance. “It is 189.”

“It is right. This is based on your current height and is calculated by a growth curve. 189 cm is too exaggerated. 179 cm is more reasonable.”

Ji Tong felt his world collapse instantly. He took a deep breath before trying to discuss it. “Is it okay to add a few more centimeters? If that really doesn’t work, 180 cm is good!”

“No.” The representative of the main brain looked at the little guy in front of him and said slowly, “Who made me so rigid?”

Ji Tong: “……”

His whispered complaint when the reward was handed out was heard.

Not only was he rigid but he was very vindictive!

Seeing the ever-changing expression of System 0587, the representative of the main brain reached out and kindly shook his head. “Jiayou. Your mission performance at this stage is good. If you work hard in the next mission, you might break through 180 cm. Okay, go back to your seat. The break is coming to an end.”

In the next half of the meeting, Ji Tong maintained the expression of his world collapsing.

He was brutally shut out of the 180 cm club.

Ji Tong was still stunned when he returned to the host after the meeting. Pei Qingyuan noticed his low mood and wanted to ask several times, but he stopped because he couldn’t think of how to ask.

Then the next morning, Pei Qingyuan felt that he had found the answer.

After getting up, he went to the bathroom to wash up as usual. Unexpectedly, he found that Ji Tong had woken up earlier than himself and was sitting on the sink, facing the mirror and fiddling with his hair.

The originally soft hair seemed to be waxed and he forcibly pulled it up so it stood up in the sky. It was like a weird little firecracker.

Ji Tong looked at the mirror for a few seconds and poked the little firecracker. He probably felt it was strange himself and struggled to rub it, trying to change to a more natural taller hairstyle. This happened several times until the hair on his head became messy, like a fluffy bird’s nest.

This scene was beyond Pei Qingyuan’s imagination. He stood by and watched for a while before saying, “Do you want to change your hairstyle?”

His system’s aesthetics for hairstyles seemed to be a bit different from ordinary people.

Ji Tong nodded before shaking his head. Then he said in a sad tone, “I’m practicing to prepare for the future.”

His height wasn’t enough and he could only make up for it with hairstyle.

He was destined to be shorter than the host in the future and he had to continue calling the host by older brother.

He had to seize the opportunity now to get back on the field.

Pei Qingyuan finally realized.

Then Ji Tong’s abnormal emotions this time was because he was looking forward to and anxious about what he would look like when he grew up?

It turned out that an artificial intelligence would also have growing pains.

Seeing the child’s wrinkled face due to the pain, Pei Qingyuan took the initiative to take the comb from Ji Tong’s hand and help him straighten his knotted hair.

The sunlight fell into the room, enveloping two figures, one small and one big. In this warm atmosphere, there was a moment of silence before he and Ji Tong spoke at almost the same time.

“Your previous hairstyle was pretty.”

“Host, shall I go and do the parent-teacher meeting for you?”


  1. M&M's says:

    Haha! Ji Tong’s thoughts were beautiful, but reality was cruel—he can never be taller than the ideal body-type of his future husband! Now I’m just wondering when he’ll start falling for Pei Qingyuan and vice versa. I guess I can only wait until their college life begins…

    On another note, I can’t wait to see how Fu Yinyin and Fang Hao will play roles as their family members in the future. That’ll be very interesting!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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