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DCBS: Chapter 58

The little dinosaur suddenly soared into the air. He was dazed for a moment before secretly reaching out to lift his head, cautiously looking out.

It was autumn and the weather was cool, but it was a bit hot in the doll clothes. The soft bangs of his hair were wet with sweat and curled up on his forehead. Everyone saw that the child was particularly cute under the hood and became more and more excited. He was too adorable.

In the midst of the noisy laughter and shouts, Ji Tong saw the host’s eyes close at hand. The pure white collar exuded an autumn atmosphere. In the moment when he was in a trance, Pei Qingyuan helped him completely take off his hood and asked, “Is the doll suit hot?”

“It isn’t very hot.”

Ji Tong shook his head and waved to the other students of the third class who kept waving at him excitedly.

“It seems that the effect of dressing up as a dinosaur works well,” he said proudly. “This is inspired by the dinosaur sweater last time.”

Pei Qingyuan responded, “Yes, the score of this entrance ceremony shouldn’t be low.”

An enthusiastic classmate took the initiative to help take the doll hood. Pei Qingyuan also put Ji Tong down, revealing the little dinosaur with the head of a human child sitting directly on the ground to rest. Many classmates ran over and reached out to poke his doll suit, pulling at his short tail.

Surrounded by naive high school students, Ji Tong remembered the wish that he failed to fulfill last time and said with a smile, “So Brother, do you want a dinosaur sweatshirt of the same style?”

Cold high school students should wear a cute dinosaur sweatshirt.

Before the real brother could speak, the listening onlookers said one after another, “What dinosaur sweatshirt? I want it. I want it!”

“Can you call me sister? Sister can be a big dinosaur!”

“What’s going on with you guys? Where is the reserve, where is the maturity and where is the connection?”

“……” Pei Qingyuan hesitated to speak before choosing to change the topic rationally, “I’ll take you to change your clothes. I should also warm up and prepare for the competition.”

Ten minutes later, Pei Qingyuan changed into sportswear and led Ji Tong, who had returned to his everyday clothes, back.

Pei Qingyuan would participate in two events today, the 4×100 meter relay run and the 4×200 meter relay run. The former was the first event of the sports meeting. The latter was held near noon and the rest time in between was relatively abundant.

Watching the host go to warm up, Ji Tong and the students of the third class stood on the lawn next to the track. They were ready to cheer for the students of the class who were participating in the competition.

Originally, Pei Qingyuan wanted to trouble Zhou Fang to help take care of Ji Tong. However, Ji Tong appeared as a little dinosaur and became famous all over the school instantly. Everywhere he went, people greeted him and took photos with him. It was like he had a personal spotlight and there was no need to worry about him getting lost. He must be the one who was surrounded by a group of students who were laughing the most stupidly.

Since Pei Qingyuan had gone to another school for the exchange, members of the basketball team hadn’t seen Ji Tong for a week and they specially ran over to say hello.

Fu Chengze grinned. “I’m going to another venue to participate in the long jump event. Tong Tong, remember to come and see me compete. I can jump super far!”

This was already the third basketball team member who invited the playboy Ji Tong. He was thinking about how to reply in a perfunctory manner when the classmates of the third class next to him vigilantly said, “No, Xiao Tang wants to cheer for our class monitor!”

“Does your class not have your own little dinosaur? Why are you coming to steal from our class?”

“Oh, it seems that you really don’t have one. Only our class does, hehe.”

Fu Chengze: “…!!!”

Ji Tong: Smile.jpg

Pei Qingyuan was the first person to run in both relay races. He was ready to start near the starting line and glanced back at Ji Tong before the referee gave the order.

The female classmate next to Ji Tong was holding a parasol, lest the relatively hot sun near noon hurt the child’s fair face. Lin Zihai was standing on the other side and opened his arms to circle a space for the short Ji Tong, saving everyone from crowding him.

Originally, Lin Zihai wanted to be like the class monitor and pick up the child to watch the game. Unfortunately, the child seemed a bit shy and didn’t want to be hugged by brothers and sisters he had just met. Still, he politely thanked the students and took out jelly from the small school bag he was carrying to share. This immediately dissipated a bit of the disappointment in their hearts.

What a perfect child.

All in all, it was another day of envying the class monitor.

He was also a tutor. Why did he go to help tutor a child at a relative’s house during the summer vacation, only to encounter a humanoid version of hypotension medicine who insisted that 50+60=101?

Lin Zihai shook his head emotionally. He felt a heavier sense of responsibility in his heart and worked harder to open his arms to encircle Ji Tong.

Surrounded by the students, Ji Tong looked comfortably at the track that had been cleared.

He was now in the form of a child but his soul was almost an adult. How could he be hugged by a group of peers?

Only the host with increasingly sophisticated cooking skills had certain privileges.

Ji Tong looked at the host who was looking toward here and made a gesture of cheering passionately.

The whistle sounded and all the competitors held the baton tightly while rushing forward. They were like arrows released from the string.

The turbulent and enthusiastic wind passed by the audience members. Ji Tong was extremely excited as he poked out his head to loudly cheer for the host. He relied on his height disadvantage to instead be very eye-catching.

In the past, he was always in the audience far away from the court. At this moment, he could clearly feel the heat flowing on the track and was so close to the young and energetic faces.

Pei Qingyuan’s first baton directly gave the third class the lead. After calmly passing the baton, he gradually slowed down and left the track.

Each player who successfully handed over the baton stopped and gasped violently. They nervously watched the situation of the next few runners and prayed that their respective teams wouldn’t have any accidents such as dropping the baton.

In the exceptionally dazzling sunlight, only Pei Qingyuan turned to look at the smiling face looking at him.

Excited voices surrounded him.

“Class monitor is so good. He ran first as the first runner!”

“I think our class can finish at least third this time!”

“How can the top three be enough? Be bold and aim for first!”

Ji Tong was the shortest in the crowd and listened to everyone’s excited discussions while quietly giving the host a thumbs up.

The host had more and more precious moments.

Not long after, the results came out. The third class ranked second in this relay run.

Perhaps the pressure of the lead was too much. The next two runners weren’t very smooth and were slower in the handover. In particular, the last runner almost dropped the baton so the final result was that they were unfortunately second place by one second.

Zhou Fang felt happy while comforting these students who blamed themselves. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Second place is already very good. You all performed very well.”

Some people were also worried. “There is still the 4×200 meters in a while. Is it more suitable to make the class monitor the last runner?”

“Do you want to change positions temporarily? But in this way, handing over the baton and receiving the baton is out of order. Will it be impossible to adapt all of a sudden?”

In the midst of everyone’s worried discussion, Pei Qingyuan said lightly, “There is no need to change.”

The discussion stopped and everyone looked at the class monitor. His eyes swept over the classmates who were going to participate in the relay run later. His expression was calm but there was undoubted certainty in his words, “Doing your best is winning.”

Ji Tong followed him and nodded solemnly. “Brother is right.”

The students were all amused and unknowingly, their self-blame and anxiety were diluted a lot.

A few hours later, the 4×200m relay began. Pei Qingyuan’s performance was quite stable and the first runner continued to lead by a long way.

This time, everyone in the team gave their best. There were some small flaws in the middle. The classmate who was the last runner seemed to burst out with endless potential and left all his opponents far behind. He was the first to cross the finish line in the midst of the screaming cheers of his classmates.

This was a very inconspicuous classmate usually. Pei Qingyuan remembered he had average grades, didn’t like to talk and sat on the other side in the back corner of the classroom like him, always silently doing his own thing.

But on the day of registration for the sports meeting, he was the first person to voluntarily sign up for a relay race while others were afraid of dropping the ball and dragging the others down.

At this moment, the students rushed up to hug him and the excitement lasted a long time. Teacher Zhou was so happy that she didn’t know what to say. She could only hold her phone up to record it, not wanting to miss any trace of the students’ emotions.

Countless smiling faces flashed in front of his eyes. Pei Qingyuan heard the sound of the rankings being announced on the radio. Accompanied by a slight electrical current, there was the bright announcement that the third class of the third year was first place.

He also heard a clear ding-dong sound and Ji Tong’s joyful voice.

“Ruan Ruan, the second main task has been completed,” Ji Tong said excitedly in his heart. “Congratulations to the host for growing up a bit more!”

Pei Qingyuan instinctively raised his head. Outside the crowded sports field, the distant sky was as blue as a photograph.

The sunlight dyed the short hair of the child around him a warm gold, like a dream.

Could his system grow a bit bigger?

Pei Qingyuan suddenly remembered the back of the person in his dream.

At noon, Ji Tong ran out of time and excused himself to go home. The students of the third class could no longer see the class pet in the afternoon and were a bit lost, but they were quickly attracted by the intense competition.

The relay event was over and the most watched event in the afternoon was the 1,500 meter run.

The student of the third class participating in this event was Lin Zihai. Everyone was cheering for him throughout the whole process and even Shen Yiming from the next class ran over. He mixed in with the crowd of the third class to cheer him on. The students of his own class were stunned for a moment and wondered why the usually introverted learning god suddenly became lively.

Once Lin Zihai crossed the finish line breathlessly and sat down on the ground, the first thing he did was ask the classmates who rushed up to greet him, “What place did I finish?”

He was dizzy from running. In the last lap, he rushed directly with his eyes closed and didn’t pay attention to his opponents at all. He just used all his strength.

Someone immediately smiled and replied to him, “First! You are first!”

Lin Zihai was shocked when he heard this. He rubbed his eyes and turned to find Pei Qingyuan in the crowd without thinking. “Class monitor! I did it. I didn’t disgrace the third class!”

Shen Yiming, who was equally excited, handed water and paper towels to Lin Zihai, who was dripping with sweat. In the noisy crowd, he remembered something and told Pei Qingyuan, “Class monitor, I found another solution to that question!”

There was pure joy in his eyes. “I will try to find a third solution. The process of thinking in order to explore the unknown is really beautiful.”

The students of the seventh class who came to spy on the enemy spoke incredulously, “Yiming! You called the wrong person the class monitor. You are from the seventh class. Come back quickly!”

In this chaotic bustle, a smile flashed in Pei Qingyuan’s eyes.

A sense of reality gradually spread from the bottom of his heart.

He completed the second main mission and gained a group of reliable and excellent friends.

It was truly done.

The day’s sports meeting ended. The moment Pei Qingyuan walked into the house, Ji Tong immediately turned into a small robot after holding back for half a day and stomped toward the living room.

There was no condition for dinner today but it didn’t matter. There was one more important thing.

“Ruan Ruan, come and choose the reward!”


A very sci-fi mission panel once again appeared in front of one person-system-cat and started with the random host rewards.

Ji Tong stared at the electronic screen in an eager manner.

This time, he behaved well and didn’t try to stuff a cat with a heart into the black box. He waited for the completely random reward options to appear.

He wanted to see the host’s real luck.

[The rewards have been randomized.]

[A. 100,000 yuan in cash.]

[B. A one-time time reversal card: You can go back in time to 10 minutes ago.]

[C. A glass of Coke where the gas never runs out.]

[The host is asked to choose one of the rewards. It can’t be changed after the selection.]

The fluorescent light from the screen fell on the little pea-green robot and reflected his silence.

The host was simply an extremely lucky person.

Except for option C, which was slightly outrageous, the other two options were useful.

In fact, he also found option C tempting.

“Ruan Ruan, if you choose B and go backward immediately, can we choose again?” Ji Tong suddenly thought. “As long as you keep choosing and keep going backward, will it become an infinite loop?”

Hearing this terrifying idea, an additional line instantly appeared on the screen: The one-time time reversal card has no effect on what already happened before the reward was claimed.

Pei Qingyuan looked at the screen and listened to the nonsense with a calm expression. After seeing the cat with a heart on its butt appear out of thin air, this cup of Coke that never ran out of gas could no longer surprise him.

If this rewinding card could only change the future time and gave him a chance to regret something, he shouldn’t need it.

He didn’t want to do anything with the thought that he might regret it.

“Pick A?”

In the future, his pace of learning would become more intense. Plus, he was still learning artificial intelligence on his own. He might not have time to work in a bakery. 100,000 yuan could cover his house rent, tuition, living expenses and even college tuition for the next year. He and Ji Tong wouldn’t need to worry about money for the time being.

Ji Tong also thought of this and nodded. “Yes!”

The host reward was selected and he bid farewell to the Coke with a bit of regret and ushered in the system reward part.

[The host selection reward is completed. 10 growth points have been obtained and the main story progress has increased to 10%.]

[The system level is increased to level 3. Two ways to upgrade the system have been unlocked.]

[A. The duration of the advanced form has been increased from five hours to nine hours.]

[B. The appearance of the advanced form will increase from around 3 years old to 10 years old.]

[Please ask the host to choose one of the upgrade methods. It can’t be changed after the selection. The selection result only applies to this upgrade, or you can keep the growth value until the next upgrade.]

Option B was exactly the same as before while option A added another four hours to the existing one.

However, it was more difficult to choose than before. It was because the difference of five hours and nine hours wasn’t that big. If he chose to grow up, Ji Tong wouldn’t be able to appear in front of the friends that he knew now. He would become a brand-new 10 year old elementary school student.

Pei Qingyuan looked at it carefully for a while before saying, “In the last reward option, the maintenance time of the advanced form is increased from one hour to five hours. This time, it is from five hours to nine hours. The duration of each increase is the same. So will the increase in appearance age follow the same law?”

“I think it should be,” Ji Tong replied softly. “The master brain is very rigid.”

Then he reflexively glanced at the screen and only let go of his worry when he found that there was no movement.

After getting his approval, Pei Qingyuan suddenly asked, “What do you think the next mission will be?”

“Family affection and friendship have been completed and it is still early for love and career. The host is now a senior in high school…” Ji Tong twisted his mechanical fingers and analyzed. “I guess the next task will have something to do with the college entrance examination, such as asking you to be the champion of the college entrance examination or something.”

This speculation was very reasonable. Pei Qingyuan thought it was highly likely this would be the case.

Then Ji Tong’s next upgrade opportunity would appear after the college entrance examination.

At that time, he would end his high school life and usher in a new future, becoming a real adult in the eyes of others and having a freer life.

An inexplicable impulse rose in his heart.

Pei Qingyuan was quiet for a few minutes before saying seriously, “There is the hint that the growth value can be retained and stacked up. If the B option reward when completing the task next time is still an increase in appearance, you can directly grow to 17 years old.”

What would the 17 year old Ji Tong look like?

The little robot didn’t know what he was thinking but felt it made sense and nodded slowly.

Under the cover of night, he saw the bright eyes of his host shining with a complex and indiscernible brilliance.

“Do you want to wait for me to grow up together?” Pei Qingyuan asked him softly. “Wait until next summer and we can go to college together.”


  1. M&M's says:

    I’m glad that Pei Qingyuan finally finished the second task! It’s good that the reality of his current circumstances is finally starting to sink in because his happiness is not a dream or illusion that will disappear. When he fully accepts such a truth, then his mentality will have a change for the better.

    I also agree that they should wait for completing the third task to get the extra growth points so Ji Tong can directly become a teenager. I just love that he suggested they “grow up” together so they can go to college together! It would be great for Ji Tong to actually experience a school life of his own.

    Thanks for the another great chapter! 😀

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