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DCBS: Chapter 57

The weekend was over and the senior students of the 2nd High School ushered in a particularly busy week.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week was the second monthly exam for the third years. Thursday and Friday was the sports meeting that all students of the school would participate in. It was rare for everyone to relax at the sports meeting because after that, they would have to face a series of monthly exams, parent-teacher meetings, mid-term exams etc… there would be no such group activities until the college entrance examination so it could be regarded as the last celebration.

Therefore, most of the teachers in each class were very tolerant. They tried their best to satisfy the students’ thoughts on the entrance ceremony to keep as a memory of the last sports meeting in high school. There were no new tricks in the following competitions and only the beginning performance formation could give full play to the whimsy of the students in each class.

Zhou Fang had previously consulted the students. The senior students didn’t have much time for rehearsals and couldn’t do some of the more complex dances and complex performances. They mainly tried to be different in their outfit.

Originally, the students of the third class had many ideas about strange customs. However, they always felt it was out of tune with the class monitor. They really couldn’t imagine the class president holding up signs and shouting slogans with everyone.

In addition, they had the most handsome student in the school. Wouldn’t it be a waste if they followed the style of other classes?

“Teacher Zhou, the other classes will definitely be very lively. Why don’t we go to the other extreme and be quiet all the way? This might stand out,” someone suggested.

“That’s right, we can buy that type of good-looking student uniform, just like taking a photo shoot. How beautiful will it be?”

“I hope the class monitor’s temperament can infect us. I also want to be handsome for a while. Teacher Zhou, remember to take more photos!”

Zhou Fang listened to the students’ words and answered with a smile.

She had already ordered the uniform according to everyone’s request. She just had to wait for the sports meeting to start so that this group of students would have a good time.

Then on Monday, Pei Qingyuan found her and suggested adding a small guest to the entrance ceremony.

Zhou Fang knew Ji Tong. She helped Pei Qingyuan take care of him last time at the basketball game.

“It isn’t a problem to add a child. Xiao Tong is so cute and perhaps he can give us extra points. By the way, we didn’t arrange a program this time. What will he be wearing? Will he walk next to everyone in a mini uniform?”

Zhou Fang thought for a while. “I have to see if I can order the same uniform. There are only two or three days left. I hope there is time.”

Pei Qingyuan said, “There is no need to order a uniform. I have an idea.”

Zhou Fang listened to him and gradually showed surprise.

Before school ended that day, she announced it to everyone with a smile. “Once we do the performance formation on Wednesday, we will add a mysterious link.”

“What link?”

“Ah, do we have to rehearse?”

“It is a mystery so I won’t say it but there is no need to rehearse. Everyone can just walk with peace of mind. I promise that you will like it.”

Zhou Fang smiled. “I hope that everyone can perform their best over the next two days of the exams before happily welcoming the sports event.”

“What is the mystery link? I want to know.”

“Teacher Zhou is keeping us in suspense!”

“I just want to skip the exam now and fast forward to the sports meeting…”

In the students’ mixed anxiety and excitement, the second monthly exam came as scheduled.

Everyone in the examination room was writing hard. There was a tense atmosphere and it seemed to be no different from the previous exams.

However, Zhou Fang was relieved when she walked past the window very lightly. She clearly saw the changes in these students.

From the stimulation of everyone when Pei Qingyuan got first in the year in the last monthly examination to the various experiences relayed to them by Lin Zihai after returning from the exchange, they realized how big the world was and how small they were.

However, it wasn’t a purely negative blow. It was because the words of the professors and scholars who stood at the top of the academic circles deeply shocked those who were always depressed by a test failure or a setback.

Even if the results of the monthly exam hadn’t been released and the exams weren’t completely over, Zhou Fang believed that the third class would no longer rely on just one or two people to widen the gap of the average score of other classes.

The sunlight flooded the hallway. She stared at the students in the classroom who were answering questions carefully and quietly walked away.

On Wednesday morning, Pei Qingyuan was making breakfast in the kitchen while listening to Ji Tong’s intermittent thoughts echoing in the house.

“Which one should I wear?” He walked to the kitchen door with two tops with different patterns. Hua Hua was following behind him. “Yellow or blue?”

Today, he was going to participate in the sports meeting with the host. He didn’t need to pretend to be a cat or a watch. He could appear in human form.

It just so happened that the host’s two races were in the morning. After watching it, he could find an excuse to leave during the noon break. The five hours of human form time was just enough.

The host who had only finished the exam yesterday was very calm. Ji Tong had been nervous since a few days ago and he didn’t even sleep in today. His mood was the same as an elementary school student who couldn’t sleep on the eve of the spring outing as mentioned on the Internet.

This wasn’t the first time he had appeared in front of so many people, but it was the first time he participated in as a non-spectator.

He would also appear in a very eye-catching shape.

Regarding the costume design, Ji Tong solemnly discussed it with his two colleagues in the group chat for most of the day and was ridiculed by the elementary school student,

“Yellow.” Pei Qingyuan poured the omelet onto the porcelain plate and convinced him with a very strong reason. “It looks like an omelet and is very delicious.”

“It makes sense. Then it is decided.”

Sure enough, Ji Tong no longer struggled and casually threw the eliminated blue clothes to Hua Hua. Hua Hua was drowned in blue and meowed, looking at his other master holding a spatula in an aggrieved manner.

Pei Qingyuan pondered on it for a moment and comforted him. “You are very compatible with blue.”

Hua Hua immediately wagged his tail and moved with the clothes in high spirits to find Ji Tong.

Pei Qingyuan had become increasingly proficient in communicating with different family members.

This was probably also a type of growth.

After breakfast, he rode off with Ji Tong. The small school bag on Ji Tong’s bag contained the sportswear that the host would wear when running.

There was a big bag placed in the bicycle basket. It contained the performance clothes that Ji Tong would change into later.

Pei Qingyuan went out directly in the uniform he would wear for the performance formation. It was a white short-sleeved shirt with a tie and dark blue trousers. The combination was simple and refreshing. It was full of youthfulness.

Ji Tong hadn’t seen the host wearing a suit yet, but this was also good-looking.

Ji Tong wore a yellow and white striped shirt that resembled an omelet and happily hugged the host’s waist, humming a small tune.

They arrived at school. Pei Qingyuan brought Ji Tong into class for the first time and quickly caused a sensation.

“Is this the younger brother of the class monitor? So cute.”

“Yes, he should be the child that the class monitor is responsible for tutoring. I heard that when the class monitor goes to the basketball team for training at night, a child will go and watch…”

“It doesn’t matter. In any case, he is a younger brother! I remember seeing him on the day of the school’s basketball game. At that time, Teacher Zhou was there and I didn’t dare to go up to talk to him.”

“So the mystery link is adding a child? It was actually the class monitor’s idea.”

All the students in the third class changed into the uniforms bought by Zhou Fang. The boys wore the same style as Pei Qingyuan while the girls wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a dark blue skirt, with a small streamer bow decorating their neckline.

Some schools were already using a similar style school uniform but the uniform of the 2nd High School didn’t look that good. Therefore, once the students of the third class arrived at school one after another, they attracted onlookers from other classes and most of them were envious.

“Their class is dressed so beautifully. I suddenly feel that the clothes of our class are so ugly.”

“I don’t want to wear my monkey outfit. I look like a clown…”

“Look, their class has found a little helper. I always feel like I have seen him somewhere—ahhh, is it the croissant child?”

Ji Tong seemed to have become a little star again. People kept talking to him.

It was the first time Ji Tong was sitting in a high school classroom like this and he was rarely a bit restrained. He reached out to greet every excited classmate in a polite manner and looked particularly well-behaved.

This type of obedience made all the big brothers and sisters full of fatherly and motherly love. They rummaged through their bags for snacks and scrambled to feed him.

After a while, Ji Tong saw the hill of snacks on Pei Qingyuan’s desk and whispered to the host beside him, “Is this achieving the same goal through a different route?”

He obviously hadn’t intended to cheat food and drink when coming today.

Perhaps this was the standard way for Chinese people to express love.

Pei Qingyuan nodded and peeled open a jelly as usual, handing it to him.

The sweet and soft taste spread in his mouth and Ji Tong couldn’t help squinting. “This brand is more delicious than the ones I used to buy.”

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan glanced at the wrapping paper and remembered the brand name. “Then buy this next time.”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding voices suddenly became quieter before turning into excited whispers.

“The class monitor doesn’t seem to be so cold.”

“A brother con! A brother con!”

“When walking in formation, will the younger brother walk next to the class monitor? I can imagine his short legs walking. So cute.”

Once the sports meeting officially started, everyone queued up to enter but they didn’t see Ji Tong standing in line.

“Hey, where is the little brother?”

“Wasn’t this the mystery link?”

Everyone looked around but they still didn’t find him as the formation set up. Only Pei Qingyuan stood in front of the class with a calm face.

Against the backdrop of the lively style of most classes, the fresh and quiet third class was indeed unique. They attracted a lot of attention with their super high appearance and unique aura.

Teacher Zhou kept the agreement and carefully took photos of everyone. At the same time, she quietly gestured to the small figure hiding not far away.

So the students of the third class soon heard a series of surprised voices around them.

“Look there!”

“So cute…”

They should’ve been looking forward intently but once they found that many people were looking behind them, they also subconsciously glanced back.

Then they saw a little furry dinosaur chasing behind them.

The little dinosaur was around the height of a three or four year old child. He had a white belly and light green round horns on his back. He walked on short legs and tried very hard to chase after this group of high school students.

“It is the little brother!”

“Look behind, look behind!”

Everyone was originally trying to leave a handsome or beautiful moment in Teacher Zhou’s lens but now they couldn’t help laughing. They called out to the classmates around them to look back together. As they were distracted, the footsteps of the entire formation immediately became messy.

They seemed like they would be fresh and elegant high school students frozen in the photo album but the impact of the small dinosaur immediately made it become very vivid.

Just then, the little dinosaur spoke and threatened in a childish voice, “People who don’t walk well will be eaten by me.”

Pei Qingyuan also reminded them in a timely manner from the front. “We are almost at the stage.”

Everyone immediately became serious and hurriedly tugged at their fascinated companions. They adjusted their steps and finally recovered their neat steps, but the smile in their eyes never dissipated. The temperament of the entire formation was much more dynamic than when it set off, as if it had taken on a new appearance.

The other spectators laughed when they witnessed the changes before and after in the formation.

The school leaders sitting on the stage also laughed at the sight.

“The third class has a good idea. The effect is very natural.”

“There is no need for slogans. It conveys the feeling of a teenager and is very vivid.”

Zhou Fang held up her phone and took photos of these busy youths. Then after the formation reached the end, the student with a cold temperament at the front turned around and came to the back of the group.

After chasing for a long time, the short-legged little dinosaur finally caught a human. His wagging tail stopped and he simply bit the arm of the human in front of him with the soft dinosaur mouth.

In the midst of the cheers and laughter that filled the audience, the high school student bitten by the dinosaur also laughed. He bent down, opened his arms and picked up the little dinosaur.


  1. A tree says:

    Seems like a happy chapter to me

  2. M&M's says:

    Such a sweet chapter! I like that Ji Tong is able to experience many things he didn’t get to experience when he was growing up as a human. It’s because of meeting each other that both Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong get to experience a life they never imagined they could have at the time.

    I never expected Ji Tong to run out as a little dinosaur! It’s just so cute and random that it completely suits him.

    Thanks for the adorable chapter! 😀

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