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DCBS: Chapter 52

Except for Lin Zihai, who was in the same class as Pei Qingyuan, everyone else was hearing Xiao Mei speak for the first time. They saw an AI with a vivid avatar talking to people, which was novel. They put down their chopsticks and made a scene.

A large number of greetings like ‘Hello’ and ‘Hello, Xiao Mei’ rang out.

Ji Tong was a bit confused by Xiao Jianping’s brain supplement and instinctively responded one by one with a mechanical voice. “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.”

A few people greeted him and he said hello a few times in the hopes of delaying it a bit longer.

His current mood was like facing an exam he was completely unprepared for. His head was empty and he could only hope that the time to fill in his name before officially starting to answer the questions could be extended indefinitely.

The students were amused by his thoughtless repeater-style greeting and one of them laughed. “Why does it feel a bit stupid?”

Xiao Jianping’s reaction was completely different. His eyes brightened as he recalled that there just happened to be five students who had spoken.

He held a pen to record something in his notebook and became pleasantly surprised. “The speech recognition function is very accurate! Xiao Mei captured the voices of all five classmates and responded one by one without missing anything.”

Ji Tong: !!!

Was there such an angle?

A glimmer of hope suddenly ignited in his empty head.

Hearing Xiao Jianping’s high evaluation of these ordinary hellos, some students couldn’t help saying, “Teacher Xiao, is it possible that Xiao Mei got stuck when answering? My family’s stupid artificial… ah, no, smart speaker often repeats the same sentence and annoys me.”

“I don’t think so. There seems to be no sign of a program malfunction at the moment.” Xiao Jianping lowered his head and turned sideways. “I don’t know if it can record and record these different voices, answering to specific voices. I want to test it. This can also test its recognition for speech with a lot of noise.”

“Students, can you do me a favor and talk together? The content is casual and you can talk to each other or ask Xiao Mei a question. Your voice shouldn’t be too loud. You should keep it at a normal conversation decibel…”

The little robot was still blinking its eyes at a steady speed, looking dazed. However, his heart was already happy.

He could recognize it but he decided to pretend this wasn’t the case.

The biggest mistake that humans made when testing him was to discuss the testing method in front of him.

Xiao Jianping turned around at the moment of speaking and lowered his voice. He deliberately avoided Ji Tong and usually AI wouldn’t actively identify these unclear speech content.

However, he wasn’t an AI.

As a human with a flexible learning ability, the correct answers were all printed in front of him. Couldn’t he just answer the opposite?

The students were happy to take this type of test. After Xiao Jianping finished speaking, they immediately cooperated with him.

However, the content of the conversation was a bit silly at first glance.

“Suddenly, I don’t know what to say. Uh, class monitor, are you full?”


“Hey, why does it feel a bit cold?”

“Ah, class monitor, I was wrong! I didn’t ask. I just forgot to bring my brain! Yiming, save me!”

“I-I feel like I can’t save you…”

“Xiao Mei, I just had lunch. Are you hungry?”

“Hello, Xiao Mei. Do you like history?”

The last question was asked by Bai Shuqiao, the usually elegant and dignified professor. Facing the cute looking little robot, undisguised curiosity flashed in her eyes.

Surrounded by these noises, Xiao Jianping’s voice appeared the clearest. He asked a very simple question, “Xiao Mei, how is the weather today?”

Pei Qingyuan was the only one who didn’t speak. He just quietly looked at the watch that he had taken off and placed on the dining table.

Ji Tong told him before that his intelligence was completely beyond the level of the science and technology of this world. Therefore, Pei Qingyuan didn’t have any doubts about his highly anthropomorphic performance.

He also knew that Ji Tong definitely wouldn’t act so intelligently in front of outsiders. Now he was looking forward to what Ji Tong would answer.

Ji Tong heard the voices of the stupid humans and took a deep breath. He prepared to start his own performance.

The surroundings quieted down, the little robot on the dial nodded. “You have a lot of questions. Xiao Mei has recorded them and will answer them one by one. Please be patient.”

First of all, this was a smart Xiao Mei that could record the problem.

Hearing Xiao Mei’s unique reply, Xiao Jianping almost held his breath and waited solemnly for his next words.

However, the little robot was quiet for more than ten seconds before it spoke.

“Xiao Mei isn’t full because Xiao Mei doesn’t need to eat.”

Secondly, this was a stupid Xiao Mei with a long reaction time.

Starting from Lin Zihai who spoke first, Ji Tong responded to these people’s words one by one, even if some of the questions weren’t asked of him.

There was also a relatively long gap between each answer. Every time, everyone waited a bit anxiously, thinking that Xiao Mei was stuck. They would look at the watch, only to hear him speak coldly.

“Regarding the problem of forgetting your brain, Xiao Mei seems unable to help you. This brain is very important. Remember to bring it next time.”

This was Xiao Mei who was both stupid and intelligent, with a hint of sarcastic strangeness.

Lin Zihai’s eyes widened when he heard this. He enjoyed the special treatment of being mocked by Xiao Mei, who was loved by everyone.

“Xiao Mei isn’t hungry because Xiao Mei doesn’t need to eat.”

He continued to be the stupid Xiao Mei.

Ji Tong answered this repetitive question and his tone was exactly the same, showing the true colors of an AI.

For the last two relatively normal questions, Ji Tong chose to answer in a more conventional way.

“Hello human, Xiao Mei likes history. Do you like it?”

“It is currently cloudy with a temperature of 16 degrees. A thunderstorm is expected…”

After a question and answer session, Xiao Jianping’s expression kept changing. He recorded the test results in his notebook at a fairly fast hand speed. “The response speed is average and it is impossible to recognize specific sounds. The overall recognition rate in the noisy environment is very good and continuous responses are possible…”

The feelings of the onlookers were more direct and they each had a pensive face. “I feel that Xiao Mei seems to be very smart, but it also isn’t very smart.”

“I also think that this is what is said on the Internet, repeatedly jumping between intelligence and stupidity?”

Ji Tong seized the opportunity to take the initiative to attack. “Where did Xiao Mei do badly? Please tell Xiao Mei. This can help Xiao Mei improve faster.”

“Ah!” The student secretly saying bad things was startled when he was caught by the AI and quickly said, “No, I’m talking nonsense. Xiao Mei is very smart!”

The little robot suddenly showed a joyful smile and it was accompanied by a stereotypical mechanical voice. “Thank you!”

…It once again became not very smart.

Seeing everyone’s wonderful expressions, Ji Tong felt that he had basically passed this epic level difficulty.

Xiao Jianping’s words to Pei Qingyuan also confirmed his feelings.

“Xiao Pei, I think Xiao Mei has great growth potential. There are some flaws at present but its core design is unique and innovative. There are several modules that are particularly interesting…”

Xiao Jianping’s excitement was obvious, but he wasn’t so excited that he would desperately take Xiao Mei away for research.

Ji Tong was relieved and happily uploaded the video just now to his system group chat.

[President Ji shared a video.]

[President Ji: ‘Precious Record of Intelligent AI Testing Early Humans’.]

Fu Yinyin lived in an emotional crematorium world without a career line and Fang Hao lived in a fantasy world without modern technology. For the first time, they felt a trace of envy for the world where Ji Tong was located.

[Yinyin: Wow, you are so daring! But it is funny. This group of people looks silly.]

[Brother Hao: I also want to play like this. Unfortunately, no one knows what an AI is.]

The elementary school student Fang Hao was envious and exposed his childish nature.

Ji Tong felt that he had simply set a new record in the system world.

Even the host took the initiative to praise him and said that he was doing very well.

At Xiao Jianping’s excited chatter, Pei Qingyuan quietly turned off Xiao Mei on the grounds of the watch running out of power. The awakened Mushroom immediately wagged his tail happily.

“Are you happy?” Pei Qingyuan asked in his heart.

“Meow!” Yes!

The furry white tail swept over his arm, tickling him. A soft smile flashed in Pei Qingyuan’s eyes. He picked up a tissue and carefully wiped off the stains on the dial.

He remembered that Xiao Mei cared a lot about cleanliness.

After hearing Ji Tong speak in Xiao Mei’s tone just now, Pei Qingyuan found it interesting as the only one who knew the truth. Then he felt a bit happy for no reason.

Fortunately, his system wasn’t really that type of artificial intelligence.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t actually understand why he had such a thought. He instinctively moved to very gently pick up the cat who was reading the name of the dishes with meowing.

After lunch, everyone dispersed and agreed to continue to listen to the lecture in the afternoon. The students returned to the dormitory for a short rest while Pei Qingyuan continued carrying the blame to pack snacks. Meanwhile, Bai Shuqiao and Xiao Jianping left in the other direction.

“Are you free now?” Xiao Jianping suggested. “I plan to go to Xiao Qi to see how he is prepared. He will be on stage for the first lecture. Do you want to go and have a talk with him?”

“Okay.” Bai Shuqiao readily agreed. “It is time to have more contact with young people. Otherwise, our brains will become rigid as we get older…”

Looking at the backs of the two people leaving, the expressions of some Chengde students in the restaurant became more and more complicated.

Originally, Bai Shuqiao appeared in the restaurant and everyone wanted to go over and chat. However, her assistant stayed there and politely stopped everyone who wanted to come over to talk. He said that Teacher Bai was talking about private matters.

Obviously, she was just chatting with a group of students from other schools and a life teacher who they didn’t know where he came from.

Bai Shuqiao’s unexpected attitude made this group of proud children of heaven feel a huge gap.

They were obviously the ones who should be noticed.

Regardless of their subtle mood, the afternoon soon arrived and the lecture hall was overcrowded again. The speaker was Qi Shao, a teacher of the school of artificial intelligence of Jiangyuan College.

He was the youngest teacher in this series of lectures. He was only in his 30s but he was quite impressive. Qi Shao’s many achievements meant he was destined to be a leader in this field in the future.

Throughout the lecture, Qi Shao talked eloquently. The audience clapped thunderously and the young high school students had a stronger admiration for this teacher who was quite close in age to themselves.

In addition, the young and promising Qi Shao was very modest. In the end, he said frankly, “To be honest, I also came with the mentality of learning and I am no different from everyone else here. It is because my teacher is watching from the audience at this moment, so I am actually very nervous. In front of my teacher, I will always be a student who knows little about this vast world.”

After saying this, the audience looked around in amazement. They were impressed by his humility and demeanor and laughter and applause rang out at the same time.

The few Chengde students brooding over this morning were still gathered together. Once they heard this, they looked at Xiao Jianping, who was sitting with the exchange students behind them. The students complained to each other. “Even such a bigshot rated as a national outstanding youth at the age of 30 is very humble. Meanwhile, this life teacher is crazy. What can he know that we don’t know?”

“Yes, really thick-skinned.”

After the lecture was officially over, their feeling of grievance hadn’t subsided. They were still whispering words of ridicule to each other when this morning seemed to repeat itself.

Qi Shao, who was surrounded by school leaders and journalists, hurriedly walked in the direction of the audience.

Under the incredulous gazes of several people, Qi Shao stopped next to the inconspicuous life teacher and said a bit nervously, “Teacher Xiao, is my performance today okay?”


  1. M&M'S says:

    Haha! Ji Tong managed to pass off a stupid yet intelligent Xiao Mei without much effort on his part. He’s lucky that Xiao Jianping explained his plan in front of him, lol.

    On another note, I like how Pei Qingyuan realizes he’s glad that Ji Tong isn’t like other AI systems that don’t have life to them, but he doesn’t quite know why that brings him happiness. I can’t wait until he discovers that Ji Tong is in fact not a true AI but rather a human in the form of a system and how he’ll react to that discovery.

    Can’t wait to see the Chengde students’ reactions when they learn that the “life teacher” is actually the leader of AI development!

    Thanks for another fun chapter! 😀

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