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DCBS: Chapter 49

His voice wasn’t loud but it clearly reached the ears of Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t have any special reaction. He and Zhuang Wenbai didn’t have much intersection. Their relationship wasn’t good or bad and he only nodded lightly in response.

However, Ji Tong vigilantly put a star on this character’s file.

There was no reliable reason. It was mainly because of the ‘playful smile when encountering a nasty but interesting strong enemy’ that he designed for Ji Yanxing was like this. Even the curve of the corners of his mouth was exactly the same.

It might just be a coincidence but he couldn’t tolerate the way that a high school student could actually collide with a 29 year old cold tyrant when it came to smiles.

“Host, I don’t like to see his smile,” the little robot said in a melancholy voice. “It’s so dazzling.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

For some reason, Pei Qingyuan always felt that he should answer at this time, ‘Okay, he won’t have a chance to smile again in the future.’

Then he thought about it and he really couldn’t say it.

“I will try not to have anything to do with him.”

In order to protect the eyes of the little robot, Pei Qingyuan took the initiative to agree.

As the two of them were chatting in their heads, a noise suddenly came from the other side of the classroom.

Standing next to Shen Yiming’s seat were two boys who were talking loudly. Hearing their voices, he couldn’t help squeezing the textbook in his hand.

“Do you think it looks like a brush?”

“Hahahaha, it looks like it,” another person replied. “I think it looks like a mop.”

A few people in the first class laughed in understanding while more people were going about their own business without caring. Other students from different schools looked dazed, completely unaware of what they were talking about.

“Enough is enough…!”

Shen Yiming tried hard to choke out a sentence but it was quickly drowned out by their laughter.

At noon, he and Lin Zihai went to a Western restaurant for lunch. The portions of Western food weren’t large and the two of them ordered a lot of food, including a steak.

The steak side dishes that Shen Yiming was used to eating in a restaurant were basically omelets, broccoli and macaroni. However, the dish served today had a long row of asparagus as a side dish. He took a bite and didn’t like the taste.

Lin Zihai did the same and frowned in disgust. He joked with Shen Yiming, “Look, does it look like I’m biting a green brush?”

Shen Yiming was amused. The two students who weren’t familiar with each other gradually got closer. As they were chatting, a voice full of mockery was heard behind him.

“That is asparagus.”

The two looked up and saw a few Chengde students they didn’t know who happened to be passing by with plates.

Shen Yiming was stunned. Lin Zihai reacted first and said in a helpless manner, “I know… we are kidding.”

“Oh, so you know. You are quite knowledgeable.” The other person responded casually. “There are so many dishes. Eat slowly.”

The group didn’t even look at them as they laughed and walked away. A few fragmentary words could be heard.

Old-fashioned… never seen the world… nerds.

Shen Yiming had devoted himself to homework since he was a child and he was often called a nerd, but what he heard today made him unable to let go of it for a long time.

It was a pity that these people didn’t listen to his words to stop and Lin Zihai, who was more outgoing and talkative than him, wasn’t next to him.

At the unbridled laughter of these people, Shen Yiming blushed. He wanted to force himself to say something else but he couldn’t organize his words.

Pei Qingyuan noticed the movement over there and lowered his head coldly. He was about to speak when he saw Jiang Yao, who was sitting in the middle row, turn around with a frown. “Haven’t you said enough?”

This was the female student who was quietly noted down by Ji Tong.

Jiang Yao got up and walked over. Her tone revealed a bit of coldness. “Others are just joking but you have remembered it since noon and talked about it over and over in private. Isn’t it enough?”

The classroom immediately fell silent and the expressions of the two boys froze. They didn’t dare to refute it and returned to their seats in desperation.

“Sorry, they shouldn’t have done that,” Jiang Yao took the initiative to say to Shen Yiming.

Shen Yiming hadn’t expected that someone from Chengde would help him out. He waved his hand slowly, not knowing how to thank this beautiful girl.

Jiang Yao’s complicated eyes fell on Pei Qingyuan, who was looking over.

She originally wanted to say that it had been a long time like Zhuang Wenbai did, but she couldn’t say it. Finally, she just whispered, “It is still the same here.”

To these emotions, Pei Qingyuan didn’t respond. He just quietly said as the bell rang, “It is class.”

The teacher walked into the classroom and introduced the new exchange students. Everything returned to calm.

The little robot looked at the expressionless host and then Jiang Yao, who wasn’t far away and occasionally looked back during the lecture break. Alarm bells were ringing loudly in his heart.

He was familiar with Jiang Yao’s eyes when she looked at the host.

During the time in the 2nd High School and after the host became famous due to the croissants and basketball, many girls came to hand him love letters and they had similar emotions in their eyes.

But at that time, Pei Qingyuan adopted the strategy of rejecting these students whom he had little contact with on the spot. Ji Tong hadn’t paid attention to it.

However, Jiang Yao in front of him had the bonus of being an old fellow student and her conditions were one in a million. Her appearance, family background and temperament were all excellent. In other projection worlds, if she wasn’t the female protagonist then she must be the white moonlight that people couldn’t forget. This made Ji Tong feel a high level of alert.

It was because Jiang Yao wasn’t the other half of the protagonist in the original novel.

Ji Tong read in the system work manual that when the protagonist’s future partner appeared, he would be reminded immediately. It was similar to how certain plots and dialogues would touch on the main task.

Ji Tong didn’t know the identity of the future partner selected by the main brain for Pei Qingyuan but the current growth line of the host was very healthy. The career path was also showing faint signs and it could be said that the situation was very good. Ji Tong was expected to become the next strongest newcomer system.

Of course, there couldn’t be any problems with the emotional line. Otherwise, how could he win over Fang Hao, the elementary school student who liked to play with mud in the system’s year-end assessment?

He must ensure that the host’s emotional world was innocent!

So in the afternoon class, Pei Qingyuan found that his system had become a bit strange.

As he listened to the lecture and read through the book, Ji Tong would sigh in a low voice, “A high school life full of vast knowledge is really wonderful.”

The teacher smiled and asked the exchange student to answer the question. When he heard Shen Yiming’s voice slowly change from nervous to smooth, Ji Tong would suddenly say, “Student Shen’s concentration and dedication to learning is really touching. Everyone should learn from him.

Class ended and Lin Zihai, who was listening from the next class, ran over and greeted Pei Qingyuan and Shen Yiming through the window. Then colorful bubbles would suddenly appear on the little robot. “Friendship must be the most important and precious feeling in the human student days. I yearn for it.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

He vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Pei Qingyuan repeatedly wanted to speak but stopped. Finally, he asked, “Are you infected with a virus?”

It sounded like some knowledge base of good words and sentences about high school had been inadvertently mixed in the core data area.

It was a lot like what would happen to his system.

Ji Tong was racking his brains to brainwash the host when he suddenly choked up.

“Thank you for the reminder, host,” he said sullenly. “I’ll kill the virus right away.”

The data of good words and sentences was forced to go dormant, but the beautiful female classmate Jiang Yao’s generous gestures didn’t stop.

After the last class in the afternoon and it was time for dinner, Jiang Yao took the initiative to come over and invited the group of five exchange students to eat and chat in the restaurant together. She hoped to let them integrate into the group faster. She was accompanied by a few students with a kind face and consisted of both boys and girls. This was completely different from the two boys with very unpleasant attitudes.

Several exchange students, including Shen Yiming, immediately agreed. Pei Qingyuan, who had been planning to pack up and go back to his dormitory, hesitated. He saw that the face of his roommate Shen Yiming had finally brightened and he didn’t refuse.

JI Tong was infected by a virus that came up with many good words and sentences, but Pei Qingyuan still remembered those words.

He had never lived in school. Outside of the classroom and training ground, he had never been deeply involved in the communal life with his peers.

Being curiously asked by roommates what he had eaten at lunch, walking out of the room with sleep messed hair at the end of lunch break and walking to the classroom together… it was a very special experience.

“Can I bring my cat with me?” Pei Qingyuan asked Jiang Yao. “He is very sensible and won’t jump on the table.”

Jiang Yao heard this and her cold temperament faded. Shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Okay. Is it the cat with the heart on his back? I’ve seen photos taken by others and heard that you picked him up.”

At this flowery smile, the cat called Mushroom lay lazily on Pei Qingyuan’s lap. He raised his tail to cover the heart on his back, as if this cat master was going to sleep and no one could see his heart.

Shen Yiming sitting next to Pei Qingyuan had obviously relaxed a lot. He couldn’t help saying, “Mushroom seems to have slept in the dormitory all afternoon. He can really sleep.”

The very spiritual Mushroom immediately raised his tail and tickled him. The black heart was fleeting before it was covered by the snow-white tail, causing everyone to laugh.

The questions about the cat opened up the conversation and the meal was very pleasant and the atmosphere harmonious.

“There is self-study in the afternoon and some club activities. I will find a list of activities for you later and you can freely choose what to participate in,” Jiang Yao introduced. “By the way, there is a brochure for the lectures with a time schedule on it. You should’ve already got it, right?”

Seeing Shen Yiming nodding cooperatively, Jiang Yao continued. “The keynote speaker of the first session tomorrow morning is Professor Bai Shuqiao of the History Department of Qingping University. Teacher Bai also came during my first year of high school. This is the second time she is coming and she is very powerful.”

As she spoke, her eyes swept over Pei Qingyuan who hadn’t spoken much. Then she invited everyone with a smile, “The topic of these two lectures is close and there might be some repetitive content. Still, I want to revisit it. Are you interested? We can go together.”

No one refused. Even Pei Qingyuan agreed.

Bai Shuqiao’s lecture style was humorous and contained a lot of cold joke elements. This had left a deep impression on Pei Qingyuan before. He felt that Ji Tong, who was keen to collect all types of cold jokes, would definitely like this type of lecture.

Yet on the other side, the alarm bells in Ji Tong’s heart were about to soar into the sky.

The host had obviously heard it before. Why did he want to listen to it again tomorrow?

…Although, he would probably agree if such a female student invited him with a smile.

In short, something wasn’t good!

Pei Qingyuan, who had been distracted remembering the tsunami joke, heard Ji Tong, who had been silent for a long time. Ji Tong suddenly spoke but his originally clear and flexible voice had changed. There was a mechanical tone that would only appear when he pretended to be Xiao Mei in front of outsiders.

“Dear host, you have triggered an intelligent warning. The following content is automatically sent by the present program. Please strictly abide by it and stay vigilant.”

Pei Qingyuan received such an early warning for the first time. In addition to being surprised, his expression subconsciously became cautious.

Then he heard the words that were expressed loudly.

“No! Early! Love!”

The content of this warning was completely beyond his imagination. Pei Qingyuan was stunned and subconsciously asked, “Why?”

He didn’t even have this thought, but strictly speaking, he was now an adult. Even if he was in love, it wasn’t early love.

What he wanted to know more was why there was an intelligent warning.

Facing his question, the mechanical voice paused as if smelling the danger of derailing the emotional line from this sentence. Then he immediately said seriously, “Because… partner error!”


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