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DCBS: Chapter 48

After the welcome ceremony, Pei Qingyuan found Teacher Qian as soon as possible and brought Ji Tong back.

Qian Hongjia had been completely conquered and felt quite reluctant to let the cat named Mushroom leave. He was no longer worried about whether the cat would run away and no longer mentioned sending him to the pet store outside the school for foster care. Instead, he said carefully, “If you are too busy with class to take care of Mushroom, you can ask me for help.”

“Okay. Thank you, Teacher Qian.”

Pei Qingyuan skillfully hugged the cat and followed the flow of people to walk out of the auditorium.

At lunchtime, everyone talked and walked to the cafeteria. Each student had received a meal card from Chengde with a stored value of 500. This could be freely used in all the stores in the school area.

Pei Qingyuan felt an unusually enthusiastic gaze in the crowd.

He turned around in a slightly confused manner. He saw Xiao Xinchen making faces at Ji Tong in his arms, teasing the cat from a distance. This was until he was forcibly dragged away by a classmate who couldn’t stand it.

Ji Tong actually meowed at him a few times cooperatively and made faces. This made Xiao Xinchen, who frequently turned back and didn’t want to leave, smile in a silly manner.

Pei Qingyuan was very perceptive. “You seem to be very interested in him.”

He noticed that Ji Tong had a cold and arrogant face with the other students who wanted to pet the cat. Even when facing Teacher Qian before, he only reached out lazily and patted the back of Teacher Qian’s hand. This was quite in line with the temperament that a noble, handsome and blue-eyed white cat should have.

It was only when facing Xiao Xinchen that Ji Tong was particularly lively and kind.

It was second only to his state in front of Pei Qingyuan.

Hearing this, the white cat immediately straightened up and rubbed the host’s shoulder with his fleshy paw.

“It is because I think Professor Xiao is very kind and good to the host.” Ji Tong suddenly had a sense of crisis and said decisively, “…Maybe this is what humans call ‘love me and love my dog’.”

Just now, his environment monitoring function had noticed Xiao Xinchen sneaking out to make a phone call. Ji Tong was very curious about this high school student who was half an acquaintance and collected the environment sound a bit. Then he knew the Xiao father and son’s secret.

This was a friendly army so he should naturally be amiable.

Now a new member had been added to the army of sweeping monks. As a glorious sweeping leader, Ji Tong decided to respect the tradition and keep this secret for the time being. He would surprise the host when the lecture activity started tomorrow.

Pei Qingyuan fiddled with the cat’s paw and accepted this answer. He led Ji Tong to a relatively popular Chinese restaurant.

“I will pack up the food from the restaurant and take it back to the dormitory to eat.”

There were several restaurants here with different styles. Exotic dishes were more popular among the students. The students from other schools usually ate Chinese food at their own school. This time, they saw so many varieties and had to go straight to a novel place. In any case, the meal card was issued by Chengde and they didn’t care about how expensive it was.

However, Pei Qingyuan had studied here for two years and felt that the taste of this Chinese restaurant was better. Thus, he decided to let Ji Tong taste this first.

He had watched the cat eat fruit all morning and guessed that Ji Tong definitely wanted to eat a meal now.

There were independent rooms in the dormitory. As long as he locked the door, Ji Tong could turn into a human form and come out to eat.

“Meow~” Okay~

On the way to the restaurant, the cat called Mushroom waved his tail happily. This caused the students passing by to glance at him.

“Did you see that? This cat is so special and cute.”

“This foreign school student is a bit familiar F*k, isn’t that Pei—”

Pei Qingyuan turned a blind eye to these discussions and listened carefully to Ji Tong.

“I want to eat braised prawns, sweet and sour ribs with pineapple…”

Pei Qingyuan, who wasn’t hungry at first, listened to this voice full of longing and yearning. This was inexplicably followed by hunger.

These dishes didn’t seem difficult to make. He could try to make them when he went home on the weekend.

Pei Qingyuan had tried making braised pork for the first time and didn’t fail too much, so he had this thought.

An hour later, Lin Zihai and Shen Yiming finished eating and returned to the dormitory room together, prepared to take the lunch break.

As a result, they smelled the vegetables in the room the moment they opened the door.

“Wow, this smells delicious. The class monitor actually packed it back to eat.” Lin Zihai sniffed. “This is sweet and sour ribs, right? Why do I feel like it is more =delicious than the Western food we ate at noon? I want to eat again.”

Shen Yiming next to him didn’t speak. His expression was a bit depressed.

Lin Zihai tried to liven up the atmosphere. “How about we change restaurants at night and eat Chinese food? We can ask the class monitor which dishes he ordered and which ones were delicious.”

Shen Yiming nodded. “Yes.”

After hearing his roommates coming back, there were some small movements from Pei Qingyuan’s room. A moment later, the door opened.

Pei Qingyuan walked out with the empty takeout boxes. He was ready to throw them into the garbage bin at the end of the floor. The moment he opened the door, Mushroom walked out behind him.

Compared with the lightness this morning, Mushroom’s footsteps were much heavier. He slowly moved to the balcony and tried to jump on the table to bask in the sun, but failed miserably. Pei Qingyuan kindly carried him up.

Lin Zihai looked at the takeout boxes in his hand in shock. “Two, four, six… class monitor, do they give such small portions in a box?”

“……” Pei Qingyuan couldn’t explain and could only choose to escape. “I will go and throw away the garbage.”

Feeling the mysterious cold aura descending again, Lin Zihai shut up instantly and felt he was stupid.

So what if there were six meal boxes? Why did he mention it?

The appearance of the class monitor really didn’t match this amount of food. It greatly exceeded his imagination of a student from the sports department… It was over, the class monitor’s body was becoming colder and colder. Would the class monitor not help him with questions in the future?

Thinking of the terrible consequences, Lin Zihai forced himself to smile. “Haha, I also ate a lot at noon. The restaurants here are delicious.”

Mushroom lay on the balcony coffee table and rolled around on his belly, making a lively meowing sound. Pei Qingyuan was forced to carry the blame and walked silently to the door.

However, his footsteps paused when he passed by Shen Yiming’s side. “Is it okay?”

Pei Qingyuan and Shen Yiming had only met a few times. Even so, he could see that Shen Yiming wasn’t in a good mood right now.

Lin Zihai shut his mouth. He was struggling over what to say when he saw Shen Yiming shake his head and whisper, “It’s okay.”

Thus, Lin Zihai agreed. “Class monitor, go and throw away the garbage. The lunch break will be over when you come back and we have classes in the afternoon.”

Pei Qingyuan retracted his gaze and didn’t ask anything else.

After the auditorium in the morning, the visiting students scattered and were divided among the existing classes of Chengde High School according to their grades. They could attend classes with the teachers of the corresponding classes and freely choose whether to participate in the various activities organized by the school such as forum lectures, debate competitions, community activities and so on.

Pei Qingyuan was assigned to the first class of the third year of high school. Four other students from various schools joined him for a total of five people in the first class. The only person he knew was Shen Yiming.

In order to avoid the controversy of bringing the cat to class, Pei Qingyuan discussed it with Ji Tong. He divided up some data and pretended to be the motionless cat asleep in the dormitory. Then he temporarily used the watch Xiao Mei form. If Ji Tong felt bored during class, he could go back to Mushroom and stroll around.

After the short lunch break, they were heading to the classroom when Ji Tong asked curiously, “Ruan Ruan, which class were you in before? Do you know anyone in the first class? Will there be any acquaintances?”

“I was in the sixth class,” Pei Qingyuan. “No, I’m not too familiar with them.”

The annoying housekeeper’s son should also be in the sixth class. The host said that there were no acquaintances and it was estimated that there was no intersection with most of the people in the class. It wouldn’t cause too much trouble.

It was fortunate. Ji Tong wanted to ask something but after thinking about it, he held back.

The host probably didn’t know which class Pei Yan was in.

Among the student representatives of Chengde at the welcome ceremony, he didn’t see Pei Yan and he had been relieved at the time.

He hoped that they wouldn’t meet Pei Yan in the first class.

Now that both the Pei family and Luo family had temporarily stopped, Pei Qingyuan had a new life and so did Pei Yan. Ji Tong actually didn’t want the host to meet this person whose fate had changed with him. They weren’t old and it was inevitable that they would feel unbalanced when they met each other. If they didn’t meet each other then just pretend that the other person didn’t exist.

Pei Qingyuan didn’t know what his system was thinking. However, as he walked into the classroom of the first class and saw these unfamiliar or familiar faces, he saw the dial flashing quietly with a red light that represented joy.

“Why are you happy?”

“Because the weather is good today.”

“Yes.” After sitting down, Pei Qingyuan looked out the window. He saw the flowing clouds floating on this autumn day and the golden leaves. Then he repeated, “The weather is very good.”

The arrival of the exchange students from other schools aroused a lot of discussion. However, they were basically more restrained. Some people took the initiative to talk to several students wearing the uniforms of key high schools in the province. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

The reception rules drawn up by the 2nd High School were repeatedly emphasized by the teachers to them.

They couldn’t show impolite behavior to this group of students from other schools.

The ranking of the 2nd High School in the city was really average. Combine this with Pei Qingyuan’s special identity and it was inevitable that there would be more eyes looking at him and Shen Yiming. Shen Yiming had an introverted personality and was a bit restrained. He looked down at the textbook and didn’t dare to look at the other students.

Ji Tong didn’t see any familiar faces in this class of students. There was no Xiang Jinyang or Pei Yan. There also weren’t any of the students on the basketball team who lost badly last time.

He was satisfied and activated the monitoring function. He was ready to observe and analyze whether any of the strangers present posed a threat to the host.

After checking all of them, Ji Tong focused on marking a boy and a girl.

The boy wore the autumn uniform of Chengde High School. It was a light gray suit with a pair of glasses. His features were handsome and he looked polite and bookish.

The girl was very beautiful. She was tall, had fair skin and long black hair. Her temperament was elegant and she had a standard rich image.

They were the two most good-looking people in the class except for the host.

JI Tong silently took photos of them and established a tracking file.

It definitely wasn’t because of his face control. Everyone knew that appearance was an important criterion for distinguishing between roles and passersby in the novels.

Let’s ask about this male classmate first.

“Ruan Ruan, do you know the boy sitting in the second to last row of the first column?”

Pei Qingyuan looked over and answered him patiently, “His name is Zhuang Wenbai. He is the president of the student union and I’m not very familiar with him.”

It was actually the president of the student union. This was the position that Ji Tong had casually guessed when he previously asked the host if he had ever held a school position.

The little robot on the dial had wide eyes.

The appearance judgment method was really useful.

Zhuang Wenbai was reading a book. He seemed to notice Pei Qingyuan’s gaze and raised his head. The moment their eyes met, the gentle-looking boy showed a faint smile.

“Long time no see.”


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    Ji Tong needs to be careful to not show too much attention to someone other than Pei Qingyuan! Poor Xiao Xinchen might just be marked as a wary character in Pei Qingyuan’s mind, so being friends might be difficult, lol.

    I wonder what happened to Shen Yiming to make him depressed? Was he mocked by the Chengde students? This seems to be the most likely answer, so hopefully Pei Qingyuan is able to address it.

    If I ever get transmigrated to a novel, then I must remember Ji Tong’s analysis that the appearance of characters is a vital factor in determining their significance, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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