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DCBS: Chapter 47

Male peacocks spread open their tails to females during the courtship season…

The information that was just checked a few minutes ago suddenly came to Ji Tong’s mind.

Regardless of male or female, wasn’t the species alone a bit outrageous? A cat and peacock?

The black cat’s eyes widened in a bewildered manner. The eyes of the two Chengde students also widened.

“Am I hallucinating—F*k, why are you pinching me?!”

“I wanted to see if it was a hallucination…”

Only Pei Qingyuan frowned slightly as he held the cat.

He naturally knew that male peacocks mainly opened their tails in spring. In the past when he was studying here, he heard of a few cases where the temperature was unusually warm in autumn and winter, making the peacock mistakenly think that spring was coming.

However, today wasn’t warm.

After a moment of doubt, he remembered Ji Tong’s meowing before Ji Tong jumped into his arms.

It fell into his ears and he heard, “It is a pity I can’t see you spread open the tail today.”

…Did the peacocks also understand?

This explanation was more normal than a peacock courting a cat.

“Can they understand you?” He asked Ji Tong.

Ji Tong realized and tentatively stretched out his paw, meowing twice in an unsure manner. “Meow meow…?” Thank you…?

The peacocks immediately shook their gorgeous tail feathers and their emerald blue heads nodded slightly, as if in response to his thanks.

Seeing this, one person and one cat sighed in relief.

It turned out that other animals could understand cats.

It was normal and it wasn’t a big deal.

The cat Ji Tong shook his ears happily and thanked them again seriously, “Thank you. This is the first time I have seen peacocks spreading open their tails and it is very beautiful! See you next time!”

In the rhythmic meowing of the cat, the golden emerald ocean with turquoise markings swayed. The scene was grand and gorgeous.

It wasn’t until Pei Qingyuan left with the cat in his arms that they retracted their tail feathers that rarely spread in autumn and resumed their idle and dazed posture.

The two boys didn’t know what was going on and were completely dumbfounded.

“Why does this cat seem to be able to command the group of peacocks? It isn’t scientific…”

“Don’t think about it. We must be dreaming.”

“Can I punch you then?”

Pei Qingyuan passed by them and heard Ji Tong’s expectant meow.

“The next time I meet an annoying person, can I encourage the birds to throw a mixture of yellow-white solids onto their shoulders?”

Pei Qingyuan was stunned for a moment before understanding what he was talking about.

He didn’t answer but there was a flash of a smile in his eyes. He carefully held the cat with the right arm strength.

He didn’t hold Hua Hua often. Now he still needed to explore the skills of holding a cat.

The cat’s body was soft and warm. The white cat fur all over the body exuded a smooth and elegant luster while the pure black heart on his back was extremely eye-catching.

“Ruan Ruan, am I handsome as a cat?”

Ji Tong stretched out his paw and deliberately ruffled the cool black fur on top of his head.

Black was the most handsome color.


Pei Qingyuan agreed with his system without changing his expression.

Cute was probably also a type of handsomeness.

He returned to the dormitory with a special-looking cat and immediately caused a small sensation.

“Class monitor, where is this cat from? So cute!”

“F*k, there is a heart on it. Is this a natural fur color? It is the first time I’m seeing this…”

The head teacher Zhou Fang heard the news. She looked at the cat that was extremely well-behaved in Pei Qingyuan’s arms in amazement and carefully analyzed it, “He looks so clean and beautiful. He is also very friendly with people. He shouldn’t be a stray cat. Did someone lose their cat?”

Pei Qingyuan had already colluded with the cat in advance. “It should be. I suddenly met him in the school and he has been following me since then.”

“Then I have to tell Teacher Qian. It might be a student’s cat. I see that they seem to allow pets in the dormitory.” Zhou Fang carefully touched the cat’s head and said with a bit of reluctance, “Let’s wait for him to come over to say it in person. We can help take care of the cat first.”

The exchange students from other schools arrived in the dormitory area. The air gradually became lively and there were the voices of students talking everywhere.

It was only the students of the 2nd High School who had no intention of socializing. Most of them were watching the heart cat eating with a silly smile.

The cat Ji Tong quickly obtained the treatment of his three and a half year old self. He received a large amount of food from people. But after all, he wasn’t a real cat and he wasn’t mentally prepared to eat cat food. He was very picky and only chose a bit of fruit to eat.

The apartment of Pei Qingyuan, Lin Zihai and Shen Yiming became a holy place for sightseeing. The warm sunlight shone in the autumn morning and the white cat nested leisurely on the coffee table of the balcony. He let the sun brush his beautiful fur and there was a fruit plate carefully prepared by humans in front of him.

The other half of the vacant rooms on this floor were occupied by the students of the 1st High School. It was the 1st High School that had previously played against Pei Qingyuan’s basketball team.

The names of both schools sounded great but the 1st High School was more worthy of the name. It was indeed the best public high school in the city while the 2nd High School wasn’t second.

The students of the 1st High School watched the people from the 2nd High School always going in and out of a room. They were very curious and couldn’t help running over to watch. Then they were shocked by the extraordinary love.

“My god, they have a cat at school? Why didn’t anyone on our side bring it?”

“They didn’t bring it. It seemed that someone from their school picked it up on Chengde’s campus.”

“Can I hang out with the students of the 2nd High School? It is such a cute, heart cat…”

In the crowd of people, Xiao Xinchen had come over to join the fun. He saw the heart on the back and sighed emotionally. “This heart is so cool.”

Seeing the other students of the 2nd High School line up to take selfies with the cat, he was also ready to move and get in line.

He relied on the fate of having played against Pei Qingyuan and showed a straightforward smile as he introduced himself. “Hello, student. My name is Xiao Xinchen, a basketball team member of the 1st High School. You won against us in the last game, remember? It was 108 to 62. You were 108 and we were 62!”

Pei Qingyuan was feeding the cat a watermelon with a small spoon but he fell silent when he heard this.

He remembered. He also remembered that when Xiao Jianping ran to find him after the game and was pulled away by his colleague, Xiao Xinchen asked his father if he had recognized the wrong person.

All in all, he deserved to be Professor Xiao’s son.

He responded politely to the other person’s self-introduction before saying succinctly, “Let’s shoot the photo.”

Ji Tong also remembered this big boy with strange brain circuits. In light of his relationship with Professor Xiao, Ji Tong opened his blue eyes wide, making the cat more photogenic. At the same time, he stretched out his paw to shake Xiao Xinchen’s hand in a friendly manner.

Xiao Xinchen enjoyed the special treatment and was flattered as he shook hands with the cat very solemnly. Before returning to his room after taking the selfie, he said enthusiastically to Pei Qingyuan, “I live in Room 507 next door to you. Call me if you want to play games. I want to pat the cat!”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

It was a classmate with a very unique personality.

Lin Zihai and Shen Yiming, who shared the apartment with him, seemed to have gone to their rooms to read after they watched the cat enough.

Ji Tong liked Xiao Xinchen very much. He watched this person leave and asked the host curiously, “Xiao Xinchen is here. Will Professor Xiao follow?”

In the previous exchange weeks, Chengde invited some famous professors and scholars from top colleges to hold forums and lectures. It was said that Professor Xiao had also come here before.

Pei Qingyuan shook his head. “I don’t know. It shouldn’t be.”

Professor Xiao had an unpleasant experience with the leaders of Chengde due to the previous matter, so Pei Qingyuan felt that Chengde was unlikely to invite him this year. This was even though Xiao Jianping was one of the top experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

Ji Tong regretted it a bit. He originally wanted to see the classic plot of the bigshot supporting the protagonist.

Still, it didn’t matter. There was the omnipotent cat.

The watermelon was delicious and the sun was also very comfortable. Ji Tong, who was a cat for the first time, suddenly envied Hua Hua. He squinted happily and rubbed against the palm of the host with the handsome black fur on his head.

Pei Qingyuan was stunned. His fingers paused slightly before he quickly reached out and gently rubbed the cat’s soft head with his warm palm.

Once it was time to go to the auditorium as a group, Teacher Qian followed the shuttle and was very surprised to see this cat with the heart.

“This feature is so eye-catching and I haven’t seen it in school. My guess is that it isn’t raised by a student. I also haven’t heard any student reporting that their pet is lost. He might’ve run in from outside the school.”

Teacher Qian thought hard about it before suggesting, “How about I send him to the pet store outside the school to be fostered first? Then I will check the surveillance to see which side it ran in from. This cat has obviously been raised very carefully and it shouldn’t be difficult to find the owner.”

However, once he opened his arms and wanted to take the car, he saw the cat retreating. The cat completely entered Pei Qingyuan’s arms and refused to come out, leaving only a pair of big eyes that stared out at everyone present with a slight grievance.

Under this pitiful gaze, Zhou Fang was the first to surrender. “It looks like he doesn’t want to leave Student Pei…”

The students from other schools also followed suit to persuade him. “Teacher Qian, let him stay here first. If we see a lost cat notice then we will return him to his owner.”

Teacher Qian was very hesitant. “But you will have to go to class. What will he do during that time? You can’t leave him alone in the dormitory or classroom. He will run around…”

Unexpectedly, the cat meowed twice obediently as if understanding him. The cat stared at him with jewel-like eyes, as if saying he wouldn’t be like that.

Teacher Qian only held out for two seconds before obediently giving up resistance.

“Okay, you guys take him to the auditorium first and place him in the last row. I will watch from next to him to see if he is well-behaved.”

The students cheered in an instant. One by one, they thanked Teacher Qian. Teacher Qian was a bit embarrassed by them but he inexplicably got closer to the group of students from other schools. The originally distant and polite smile on his face became kinder.

“Okay, let’s go.”

There were three shuttle buses to the school auditorium., The most lively bus was the one carrying the students of the 2nd High School. No one was thinking about their textbooks or studies any longer. They were all watching this mysterious cat that had fallen from the sky.

“Does he have a name? Should we give him a temporary name?”

“Call him Love? Heart?”

“Let the student who picked him up name him!”

Everyone chatted and discussed it. Meanwhile, the white cat in the spotlight also meowed. “Meow meow meow!”

Pei Qingyuan understood what he meant and spoke up for him. “Call him Mushroom?”

Ji Tong immediately rubbed against his chin happily.

Everyone saw the cat’s reaction and immediately voted for it without hesitation.

“He seems to like the name.”

“The coat color is black and white. It is very suitable to call him Mushroom.”

“Mushroom, what do you like to eat besides fruit?”

“Meow meow meow!”

Crayfish and hot pot!

Pei Qingyuan was the only one who could understand the cat’s meowing and silently looked out the window.

This sentence wasn’t suitable for translation.

After arriving at the auditorium, Pei Qingyuan placed the cat Ji Tong on the seat in the last row of the auditorium according to Teacher Qian’s proposal. The cat would be taken care of by Qian Hongjia. His task this time was originally to meet the daily needs of this group of students from other schools and he didn’t need to participate in teaching activities. This didn’t exceed the range of his duties.

Qian Hongjia was a bit surprised. This cat looked really well-behaved. After being put down by Pei Qingyuan, he was motionless and sat on the chair. He quietly stared ahead, making Qian Hongjia’s originally nervous and defensive posture useless.

The cat wanted to be quiet but the wind didn’t stop blowing. There were always students looking back at the cat, secretly waving to him and making faces at him. It wasn’t until the welcoming ceremony started that everyone reluctantly looked at the podium.

The leaders of Chengde sitting in the front were even more surprised than Qian Hongjia when looking at the group of visiting students below.

In the past during the exchange week, these students would basically look very restrained after seeing the luxurious campus environment and temperament of Chengde. This was a sharp contrast with the calm Chengde student representatives next to them.

Yet today, most of the students looked very relaxed and had smiles on their faces. This made the Chengde students next to them look dazed. They couldn’t understand the reason.

The only difference this year was that a student brought a cat in. However, this cat wasn’t very noisy and it seemed non-existent. It wouldn’t have such a big impact, right?

Filled with confusion, the school leaders started their routine speech. It was from the glorious school history of Chengde to the various teaching facilities that sounded very powerful to the arrangement of activities for this year’s exchange week. All of this revealed a natural deep heritage and pride.

“We have temporarily extended the exchange week by two days because after discussion, the school hopes to provide students with a more complete and broad vision this year. Thus, we have decided to hold a three and a half day series of large-scale lectures covering topics including philosophy, history, art, society, etc. where their soft brilliance shines on people’s progress. It also includes cutting-edge disciplines like chemical materials, environmental ecology, artificial intelligence, astrophysics, etc. I hope it can be a great opportunity for aspiring people and bring the freshest scenery to the students here…”

Once the introduction reached this point, the school leaders finally calmed down a bit because the students in the audience finally applauded with admiration.

“For this large-scale series of lectures, the school has invited professors and scholars from the top colleges in China. For example, there is Bai Shuqiao, a professor of history at Qingping College who is ranked first in the field of literature and history in China. I believe that many students have seen the show of Teacher Bai talking about history… Another example is Qi Shao, a teacher from the school of artificial intelligence of Jiangyuan College. He is a rising star in this field and has just been selected as a national, outstanding young talent last year…”

Pei Qingyuan wasn’t surprised by Chengde’s grand battle. He was calm throughout the whole process while attentively listening to Ji Tong in his heart.

“They are all very famous experts and professors. Chengde is really powerful.”

“Ruan Ruan, my cat fur is messed up. This gust of wind is so strong!”

“Teacher Qian took the initiative to close the window.” Ji Tong’s voice sounded pleasant. “He doesn’t have the heart to listen to the leader’s speech at all. Hahahaha.”

Pei Qingyuan turned his head calmly and could faintly see the white cat sitting on the chair in a dignified manner. He occasionally patted the back of Teacher Qian’s hand next to him politely to show praise.

After hearing the introduction of Teacher Qi Shao from the school of artificial intelligence of Jiangyuan College, Xiao Xinchen applauded the most among the students.

The familiar students around him looked at him in a puzzled manner. “Why are you so excited? That isn’t your father’s name…”

“You don’t understand.” Xiao Xinchen raised an eyebrow and let out a meaningful laugh. “Hehe.”

He endured it until the end of the welcome ceremony and took advantage of the gap between the students’ chatting to find a corner to call Xiao Jianping.

The moment the call connected, he whispered, “Dad, how is it? Is it proceeding according to the original plan?”

Xiao Jianping’s voice was heard. “Don’t worry. I just finished talking to Teacher Qi about the lecture.”

Xiao Jianping was sitting in Qi Shao’s office and discussing the topic of the lecture with him. The young teacher he had taught shook his head with a smile and quietly listened to him talk to his son.

When Xiao Jianping found him to ask for his help a few days ago, Qi Shao was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything for a while.

This was obviously his senior professor but he said that he wanted to be Qi Shao’s assistant when giving a lecture at a high school.

The young Qi Shao took a deep breath. He had never heard of such a special request.

“Teacher Xiao, can I ask why?” He wondered, “Originally, I found it strange why they didn’t invite you and came to me instead. This is unreasonable. Did you refuse them before?”

“It is a long story,” Xiao Jianping said calmly. “To put it simply, I want to take this opportunity to spend a few days with my son and another student I am optimistic about. I can also take more photos for my wife to see. There are many students to communicate with and the teacher in charge of taking photos at the school has fewer chances to take photos of Xinchen.”

“Moreover, the idea of these lectures is very good. I have many old friends going and it can be regarded as an interdisciplinary gathering. Maybe many new ideas can collide. Once the time comes, I will introduce you to them.”

Qi Shao immediately withdrew all the words he wanted to say and said solemnly, “Okay, Teacher Xiao. No problem, Teacher Xiao. I will listen to you!”

After receiving his father’s affirmative reply, Xiao Xinchen jumped up with joy and said enthusiastically, “Great. Dad, I love you!”

Xiao Jianping was honest. “…In fact, it can’t be said that it is completely for you.”

“It’s okay. I know you have another student in your heart.” Xiao Xinchen was more honest than him. “But the only outsider who knows the ins and outs of all of this is me! A god’s perspective is really refreshing. Dad, I feel like I’m a sweeping monk now. I am ready for a big war. Do you understand this feeling?!”

“Understood, sweeping monk.” Xiao Jianping had long been accustomed to his son’s brain circuits and said calmly, “See you tomorrow.”

Xiao Xinchen said goodbye to him cheerfully. “See you tomorrow, father of the sweeping monk!”


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    Oh so the peacocks weren’t trying to mate cough okay. Ji Tong as a cat is so cute… I love cute cat MCs!!

    Xiao Xinchen is a sweet kid. Hope he gets along with Pei Qingyuan in the future. They probably won’t be very close friends but hanging but with his family sometimes would be nice haha. Thank you for the translation!

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      Soft, small and cute = unconditional love

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    It’s funny how both Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan were relieved that the peacocks weren’t courting Ji Tong. I guess Ji Tong just has this special way of attracting everyone to him regardless of his form, lol. His cuteness and silly antics (attempts at acting cool) are what draw people to him—it’s just adorable!

    Xiao Xinchen is also an interesting character. He has a silly personality in another way, making him funny in general, and I think he’d make a great friend to Pei Qingyuan. Perhaps they’ll end up going to the same college and become friends there?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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