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DCBS: Chapter 46

Ji Tong replied without hesitation, “I want to!”

Unexpectedly, the host remembered the joke he casually said a long time ago.

Last time, he searched for information about Chengde and saw a photo of the peacock taken by someone else. He said he wanted to see the peacock.

“When are we going to see the peacocks?”

Ji Tong couldn’t wait to ask.

“20 minutes later,” Pei Qingyuan answered him.

Under Xiao Mei’s non-stop flashing cool lights, the shuttle bus arrived at the dormitory area.

Everyone got out of the bus with their luggage. The accompanying teacher was choked all the way by Pei Qingyuan’s flat tone and had completely lost all arrogance at this time. He obediently led the students of the 2nd High School to the dormitory building reserved in advance.

Chengde’s dormitory area covered a fairly large area. Unlike the few dormitory buildings with great internal density in ordinary schools, it was closer to a mix of apartments and small villas. There were relatively ordinary double dormitory rooms, apartment suits with several bedrooms and living rooms and small independent villas.

Previously, the leaders of the 2nd High School requested that the students be provided with single person independent dormitories. So this time, everyone was arranged in an apartment suite. There were rooms for two or three people. They shared common areas such as the living room and balcony while each person had a separate bedroom.

Such accommodations were naturally exaggerated for the students of the 2nd High School who were used to the ordinary school dormitories. Then seeing Pei Qingyuan’s calm face again, their envy was quietly withdrawn.

They should be as calm as Classmate Pei.

“Choose the apartments on the east side of Building 6.” Pei Qingyuan whispered to Zhou Fang. “The landscape is good and you can see the artificial lake of the school.”

Naturally, Zhou Fang did so with a smile. “Teacher Qian, we can build any of these buildings, right? Then we want to choose…”

She opened her mouth and picked the best location.

The accompanying teacher’s surname was Qian. The young teacher who had just arrived not long again didn’t know Pei Qingyuan and fell into deep self-doubt.

How come this group of teachers and students from another school was more familiar with this place than him?

Teacher Qian was depressed for a while. Then he cheered up and said, “Everyone has come a long distance and worked hard. You can go back to the dormitory to rest first. If you need anything, there are supermarkets, bakeries and cafes in the dormitory area. The specific location can be seen from the guidance road signs. If you have any other questions, you can contact me.”

“In an hour when all the invited schools have arrived, there will be a shuttle bus to pick you up to go to the school auditorium for the welcome ceremony. Classes will be assigned to the students and you can get to know each other. Then there is lunch. Of course, if you want to walk around the school…”

According to Chengde’s previous practice, the exchange week was generally for three days. However, this time there were various special reasons and it was extended to five days. It was from Monday to Friday. After that, the students from other schools could go back on the weekend and rest.

Zhou Fang was very satisfied with this reception. She smiled and shook hands with Teacher Qian while thanking him. Then she watched the other person leave on the shuttle bus with a slightly stunned face.

Without any outsiders present, the students were much more relaxed and went upstairs while laughing and chatting.

It was school time and the whole school was quiet. Other students were rarely seen in the huge dormitory area. Occasionally, students would pass by but they were all in a hurry.

Chengde’s wealth was reflected in all aspects. The outside of the student apartment was a garden-like environment with a lot of greenery. The interior decoration style was elegant and the facilities were complete. They could move in right away.

The students of the 2nd High School lived on the 5th floor of Building 6. After they filled it up, half the rooms on this floor remained empty.

After allocating the rooms according to gender, year and class, Pei Qingyuan, Lin Zihai and another well-known learning god in the third year of high school, Shen Yiming, lived in the same suite.

Pei Qingyuan put his suitcase into the room that belonged to him. Then he found Zhou Fang, said something to her and went out alone.

Shen Yiming walked into his room, put down his luggage and paused. Then he opened the door again, hesitating over whether to greet his two roommates when he saw Pei Qingyuan’s leaving back.

He froze for a moment and stared blankly at Lin Zihai, who had started to take out books and a pen from his bag. “Lin Zihai, what is your class monitor doing?”

He was the study committee member of the seventh class and had met Lin Zihai a few times.

“Maybe he is going to find someone he knows,” Lin Zihai answered casually. “The class monitor went to this school before he transferred.”

Lin Zihai’s former good friend was in Chengde but ever since he had given his phone to the teacher to express his determination, he had been disconnected from the world outside school every week and he had no contact with Pei Yan.

“Huh? No wonder why he knew everything so well.”

Listening to him say this, Shen Yiming suddenly realized.

He had been curious the whole way.

Shen Yiming was often first in the year since the second year of high school. He worked hard and was diligent. It was basically to the extent where he didn’t hear anything outside of studying. After entering the third year of high school, everyone thought that the first place student would still be him. Yet in the first monthly exam, he was killed by Pei Qingyuan who suddenly shot up to first place.

After that result, Shen Yiming ranked second in the year and secretly walked to the suddenly high-profile third class, wanting to see who surpassed him.

However, he found that Pei Qingyuan was reading quietly even between classes. This made him immediately go back and focus on his studying. After that, he didn’t pay any attention to news such as the basketball game. He only cared about studying. Even for this exchange event, the teacher had to persuade him to come, saying it was a good thing to broaden his horizons.

After a few awkward chats, Lin Zihai saw that Shen Yiming was going back to his room and hurriedly called for him to stop.

“Bigshot, wait! Can you help me with this question!”

Lin Zihai had held the wrong question book all the way despite suffocating from Pei Qingyuan’s mysterious aura. He wanted to ask but he didn’t dare to ask. He was about to suffocate but it was hard to find another learning god who was stronger than him. He naturally didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask for advice.

“Okay, let me take a look.” Shen Yiming took it, looked at the question and the solution steps written by Lin Zihai and quickly came to a conclusion. “There is a problem with the derivation of the third step. If you change the formula, the answer will be correct.”

“Yes yes, I found this.” Lin Zihai explained, “I want to ask if there is a more concise solution. Last time, I asked the class monitor and he mentioned there were many ways to solve this problem. However, at that time, I hadn’t answered it so I didn’t ask about it in detail. I was thinking of doing it myself and asking again…”

Shen Yiming heard this and carefully looked at the question again. Then he frowned. “There can’t be. This is the only solution.”

Lin Zihai was stunned. He scratched his head and said uncertainly, “But the class monitor said there is…”

Shen Yiming said firmly, “He must’ve done it under the wrong conditions.”

Seeing that the study god was so persistent, Lin Zihai didn’t say anything else and nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

Shen Yiming saw the faint hesitation in his expression and took the initiative to say, “If you don’t believe it then the three of us can discuss this topic together during the rest time in the evening. I will go back to my room now to put my things away.”

Lin Zihai saw Shen Yiming leaving confidently and felt a wonderful sense of deja vu.

Who was the last person who was so confident in front of the class monitor?

Oh, it seemed to be himself.

…The past was hard to look back on.

Lin Zihai shook his head in pain as he tried to shake off these vivid and embarrassing memories.

Forget it, let’s not look at the questions and look at the scenery instead.

By the time Pei Qingyuan walked near the peacock habitat, exactly 20 minutes had passed.

There was a small zoo near the artificial lake on the Chengde campus that had a lot of animals. There were naturally no fierce beasts like lions and tigers but there were peacocks, swans, flamingos and other highly ornamental animal species. This was very popular with students and also very suitable to show the spirit of their school in front of visiting outsiders.

Ji Tong had already seen the dazzling emerald blue necks with sharp eyes and he said excitedly, “Ruan Ruan, I see peacocks!”

There were several blue peacocks standing over there with their long green tail feathers dragging across the ground. It was quite beautiful so he quietly turned on the photo and video mode.

No matter whether he was a person or a robot, this was the first time Ji Tong had seen a peacock with his own eyes.

It was really nice to see.

“I want to take a photo with them!”

Such a memorable moment naturally needed photos to be taken.

In contrast, Pei Qingyuan was very calm because he had seen the peacocks of Chengde many times before.

He thought about Ji Tong’s request and proposed, “How about I put the watch over there and take photos for you?”

It was inconvenient for Ji Tong to become a child now. Pei Qingyuan took it for granted that he wanted to take photos in the form of a watch.”

It sounded a bit strange but it seemed normal when it came to his system.

“No no no.” The little robot on the dial shook his head. “Then how can it be considered a group photo?”

“Ruan Ruan, your arm strength should be great, right?”

The little robot showed a sly smile.

Pei Qingyuan was puzzled but nodded honestly.

“Then wait for me!”

The moment these words fell, Xiao Mei lost his soul and turned back into an ordinary electronic watch.

Pei Qingyuan was a bit dazed for a while. He looked around and could only hear the faint sound of strangers in the distance and the ringing of the end of class bell. It was now break time and the originally peaceful campus gradually became lively.

The peacocks perched lazily at the stakes, allowing the autumn breeze to blow their closed tail feathers. Some peacocks’ tail feathers had fallen off and they would have to wait until next spring to grow new feathers.

Pei Qingyuan waited quietly until he heard a burst of very light footsteps on fallen leaves, from far to near.

He saw a fast moving white cat emerge from the dense bushes beside him and swagger to the peacock, wagging its tail happily.

The look and posture were simply like Hua Hua.

If it weren’t for the extra black fur on the top of this cat’s head, Pei Qingyuan would’ve thought that he had seen Hua Hua.

The next second, he saw the cat proudly turn around and revealed its back.

There was a heart made of black fur on its back. Everything was soft and snow-white except for here and the top of its head.

Seeing this, Pei Qingyuan had a type of premonition and he asked Ji Tong uncertainly in his heart, “Is it you?”

The cat immediately raised his front paw, shook it at Pei Qingyuan and meowed twice.

These two meows reached Pei Qingyuan’s ears and became Ji Tong’s cheerful voice, “It is me!”

Pei Qingyuan fell silent.

…In fact, it wasn’t very surprising.

Ji Tong couldn’t change into a human but it was possible to become an animal. The animal he was most familiar with was Hua Hua.

This was a completely normal version of Hua Hua without the rare red cat fur in the world. It was completely replaced by a more normal black cut far and even the position of the heart had been moved from the buttocks to the back.

The cat waved his paws and whispered, “Meow meow meow meow.” Don’t tell Hua Hua.

He couldn’t let Hua Hua know that someone secretly imitated his appearance and made improvements.

The red heart was so fantastic.

To change into a cat, the basic laws had to be learned.

Pei Qingyuan quickly accepted this fact and replied calmly, “Okay.”

Therefore, the cat Ji Tong sat next to the peacocks. He asked the host to take photos of them while meowing about what he had just done.

There was surveillance everywhere on the campus and it would be strange for a cat to appear out of thin air. Therefore, after Ji Tong accessed the surveillance data here, he instantly found the shortest path. He became a cat, came in through a hidden hole in a certain wall and swaggered all the way to the zoo, appearing openly in front of the host.

In this way, even if someone later doubted the origin of this cat, they wouldn’t be able to find a problem.

Maybe he wouldn’t need to hide in the watch but could spend the whole week with the host in cat form.

How reasonable was it for a stray cat to snuggle up next to the most handsome human in the crowd and refuse to leave?

Who could ruthlessly drive away a caring cat?

Pei Qingyuan, who had seen a cat playing flying chess, had a good acceptance of the cat’s desire to take photos with the peacock and took the photos very seriously.

The cat Ji Tong lingered among the peacock group. The originally dazed male peacocks turned to look at the strange visitor who was completely different from themselves, rolling their eyes.

“Why aren’t they spreading their tails?”

Ji Tong felt regretful.

The search results told him that every spring was the courtship season for peacocks. Male peacocks usually scrambled to spread their tails at that time in order to stand out from the others and attract the attention of their mates.

Meanwhile, two students wearing Chengde’s school uniforms walked into the zoo while talking.

“Are you sure it fell here? Could it have been taken away by some animal?”

“It’s okay. Just look for it. If I can’t find it, go back and buy a new one. I shouldn’t have taken it off and put it in my pocket in the morning…”

The two boys took advantage of the break to run over to find something. Their eyes swept over Pei Qingyuan, who was taking photos of the peacocks.

They stood some distance away and were to the side, so they couldn’t see Pei Qingyuan’s face clearly. They just noticed the uniform of an outsider on him.

“Are the exchange students coming today?”

“Right. But which school is this? I don’t seem to have seen it before.”

Seeing the student from another school standing near the peacock, as if patiently waiting for something, the two of them looked at each other and their voices instinctively became a bit louder.”

“It is autumn. The peacock won’t open its tail now.”

“It is better to pat the flamingos. The species here are special and you can’t see them in the zoo.”

Their tone was calm, as if they were talking to each other or informing an unknown person.

Pei Qingyuan heard it but didn’t show any reaction. He just quietly looked at Ji Tong walking next to the peacocks.

Ji Tong didn’t like this tone and had taken enough photos, so he simply returned to the host.

“Ruan Ruan, I have an automatic cleaning mode and I won’t bring any dust from the ground.”

He explained with meows as he crossed the wooden fence and agilely jumped into Pei Qingyuan’s arms.

Pei Qingyuan understood his intention and caught him steadily.

The cat stretched happily in the arms of the human teenager and nestled in a comfortable position.

It seemed to be very comfortable to be a cat.

The two boys not far away saw this scene and looked at each other.

“Where did the cat come from? I haven’t seen it before.”

“It is quite beautiful and isn’t like a stray cat…”

Then the next moment, their expressions became confused.

The student from another school held the cat and was about to turn around to leave. The white cat in his arms stretched out its soft paws and waved at the peacocks, meowing a few times as if saying goodbye.

As a result, the group of blue peacocks with their heads held high all opened their tails in an instant.

The abruptly blooming tail feathers intertwined with golden and emerald lines. On them, colorful round spots bloomed, like gems inlaid on the golden-green canvas. It was like a dream.

Under everyone’s shocked eyes, the competing peacocks jumped away from the stakes one by one and poked their heads to see the human who was about to leave, no… the cat in his arms.

Cat Ji: !!!!

Pei Qingyuan: ……?


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    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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