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DCBS: Chapter 45

Ji Tong was stunned. He felt that the host’s sentence was a bit meaningful.

It made him get a chill in his heart.

Ji Tong pondered on it as he recalled Pei Qingyuan’s performance just now.

He listened carefully to the recording and looked at the photos very seriously…

Did the host particularly approve of his aesthetics?

Suddenly, Ji Tong let go of the doubts in his heart.

It was definitely the case.

No one could resist President Ji’s charm.

This made sense.

The ice cream fondue that Fu Chengze bought for him soon arrived. It was the familiar time to feast his eyes and his mouth.

Ji Tong put his planet school bag with the precious photos aside and happily ate it.

He cheered for the basketball team teenagers, held up the watch Xiao Mei that accidentally slipped off the duck, took a photo with the excited Fu Chengze to send to his Moments to attract the likes of beautiful sisters and casually sent photoshopped photos in his mind for his system friends to enjoy.

This was Ji Tong’s increasingly colorful nightlife.

[President Ji sent a photo.]

[President Ji: Me and a little friend.]

[President Ji: @Yinyin which one do you like?]

After some photoshopped photos of him, a man dressed in black with a cold expression stood beside Fu Chengze, who was sweating profusely and smiling brightly. It was Ji Yanxing and the mature man killed the immature teenager on the spot.

It was just that the ice cream fondue in front of Ji Yanxing looked a bit out of place.

[Yinyin: Hahahaha what are you doing?]

[Yinyin: I choose President Ji!]

[Brother Hao: …How can you be so childish?]

Ji Tong was attacked by the elementary school student again. He immediately generated a virtual photo of the young version of Fang Hao and the boss Ji Yanxing and sent it over as a counterattack.

[President Ji: Xiao Hao, this is the real age gap between us. You have to accept reality.]

[Brother Hao: Nonsense! You definitely didn’t look like that before!]

[Brother Hao: I also didn’t look like that!]

While talking, the elementary school student obediently sent a real photo that wasn’t a virtual composition. The boy in the photo was around ten years old. He had a very short cut hairstyle, dark skin, thick glasses and very energetic facial features.

[Yinyin: …I won’t be able to look directly at your adult form in the future. It isn’t too late for you to withdraw it now.]

[Brother Hao: Why withdraw it? I am obviously very handsome!]

[Brother Hao: I know that Sister Yinyin’s current appearance is similar to her previous one. Xiao Ji, where is your photo?]

The sudden burst of photos really had the style of an elementary school student.

Ji Tong looked at the tiger-headed elementary school student in the photo. He was about to laugh. Then after thinking about it, these two system colleagues were the only friends who knew his human identity right now. They might have to get along for a long time in the future.

He finally made friends and he should treat them with sincerity.

He hesitated for a second, recalled what he looked like before and sent it as a photo.

[President Ji: I’m much more handsome than you.]

[President Ji: I think the distance between President Ji and me is only a black shirt.]

In the photo, he looked around the same age as Pei Qingyuan. He leaned against the sunny window. The light blurred all the surrounding scenery and only the thin figure of the young man was clear. The shadow of the three and a half year old Ji Tong could vaguely be seen in his facial features. He was smiling with curved eyes as he reached out to make a sign to the camera.

[Brother Hao: ?? It turns out that you really looked like this when you were a child. I will rub your head more when we meet at the next meeting.]

[Yinying: Wow, you were cute as a child and handsome after growing up. Your skin is so white. How do you take care of it?]

[Yinyin: You should really wear a black shirt for such whiteness. Contrast color~]

Ji Tong was a bit embarrassed to speak, but his tone persistently maintained the arrogance that belonged to an overlord.

[President Ji: I’m naturally beautiful and I don’t like to go out.]

[President Ji: Xiao Hao, do you go to the community every day after school to play in the mud? Is that why you are so dark?]

[Brother Hao: You play with mud, childish ghost!!!]

During this joyful verbal battle, Pei Qingyuan could see the unusual smile on the face of his system every time Pei Qingyuan turned his head to look.

Thus, the movement of his hand inexplicably became heavier.

The players who were robbed of the ball many times by him gradually panicked.

“F*k, why am I so useless today? Am I too useless or is Brother Pei too fierce?”

Once Pei Qingyuan received the sound transmission from Ji Tong’s brain, the entire basketball team fell into the same panic.

“Ruan Ruan, isn’t it time for the parent-teacher meeting after the second monthly exam?”


“So who are you going to let come to the parent-teacher conference?” Ji Tong asked a question with ulterior motives.

The host definitely wouldn’t let Luo Xiuyun come and the rest of the Pei family was even more unlikely. The only possibility was his grandfather Pei Huaishan, but this actually wasn’t very suitable.

How could he bother the elderly over a trivial matter like a parent-teacher meeting?

It was better to let the protector behind the scenes come.

“I don’t know,” Pei Qingyuan said. “Maybe I’ll go by myself.”

“How can you do that?” Ji Tong suggested righteously, “Let my father call Teacher Zhou to communicate with her about how your learning is going. This will let your teacher know that someone is backing you up.”

Ji Yanxing couldn’t appear as a real person for the time being but it wasn’t a problem to make a phone call.

He wants the whole world to feel the charm of President Ji.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Ji Tong’s tone was familiar and affectionate when mentioning this person.

“No need.”

He refused in a low voice. Then he moved quickly to avoid the defenders of the team and his style of play became more and more fierce.

Ji Tong failed to convince him and regretted it for a second. Then he soon applauded the host’s wonderful performance.

“Come on, Brother!”

Pei Qingyuan made a fake move and dunked.

“Brother is amazing!”

His teammates stared in despair at the basketball that they couldn’t touch.

“Brother is the best!”

The basketball was slammed into the basket and bounced on the ground with a loud noise.

Once this training was over, the individual team members simply lay on the court in a paralyzed manner.

“Why do I feel like training today is more tiring than the last match…?”

“Brother Pei seems to be stimulated by something. Did I eat too much at night, so I couldn’t run just now?”

“I know. Brother Pei is definitely preparing for the upcoming provincial competition and is improving everyone’s training intensity.”

Amidst the whispers of his teammates, Pei Qingyuan ended the training in an expressionless manner.

He changed clothes, helped carry Ji Tong’s school bag and drove him home by bicycle.

Ji Tong was enjoying the host’s regular one-stop service of the host and didn’t notice anything strange at all.

In the soft evening breeze, he grabbed the corner of Pei Qingyuan’s clothes and couldn’t help sighing. “I like today. Is this what humans call happiness?”

He played the role of a handsome and cool boss to help the host vent his anger. He exchanged real-world photos with friends, had soul-deep communication and ate delicious ice cream fondue.

What a perfect day.

After his words fell, the wind around him seemed to pick up speed.

The corners of the boy’s clothes were blown up by the wind and his light-colored lips were slightly pursed.

By the way, today’s host seemed particularly passionate.

Ji Tong was a bit curious. He immediately decided to peek at the host’s emotional area that had been neglected by him for a while.

He separated some data and quietly slipped through the back door that had been closed all year round.

It was still the familiar scenery with the blooming garden. There was also a large amusement park in the distance that hadn’t been fully completed.

He had been too busy recently. He was Xiao Mei for a while and then a child for a while. He had no time to finish the amusement park with the super roller coaster. Later, he would speed up the construction and finish it before the host opened the consciousness space permission. Then he would invite the host to come for a ribbon cutting.

The little robot looked at the surrounding scenery with satisfaction and finally found a special place.

The white butterfly, which always lingered along the flowers, had a new perch.

It rested on a tiny seedling leaf and gently flapped its wings.

Ji Tong knew the hundred types of flowers he had planted with his own hands. He was sure that the plant in front of him wasn’t planted by him.

Then it must’ve grown from the host’s heart.

The little robot crouched down, curiously stretched out a fluorescent data finger and carefully touched the tender green leaf.

There was a wonderful warmth flowing along the data into his body.

The newborn leaf was soft and not tough enough. It was just enough to carry the weight of a butterfly.

The little robot looked at the butterfly on the leaf. The white butterfly wings were as light and beautiful as a dream.

Moreover, Ji Tong keenly observed that the plant was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Ruan Ruan,” he saw it and subconsciously said loudly.

The teenager riding the book slowed down and looked back at him. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Tong thought for a moment. Then he revealed a calm smile that was extremely inconsistent with his appearance. “It’s nothing. I just wanted to call you.”

Pei Qingyuan withdrew his gaze. “Yes.”

Did the thriving plant mean that the host was about to grow up?

He had the complicated feelings of watching a child grow up.

Should he stop calling the host Ruan Ruan in the future?

As a majestic and handsome father, he felt that he should call his host Xiao Pei.

Ji Tong spent that night with the sadness belonging to an old father.

The days at the end of October were particularly busy. The host prepared for the college entrance examination and learned artificial intelligence on his own while the finals of the city basketball league ended and the 2nd High School really won the championship. The school leaders were very happy. In order to celebrate this rare good result, they gave bonuses to the team members.

The enthusiastic cheers of people echoed through the competition venue. At Fu Chengze’s insistence, Pei Qingyuan received the trophy as the representative of the team. Countless large and small cameras focused on him. His teammates next to him were smiling but only his expression was calm.

It was only when his eyes fell on a corner of the auditorium that he showed a trace of warmth.

Under the care of Zhou Fang, Ji Tong excitedly beckoned to the highly anticipated members of the basketball team in the center of the field.

In this group of half-grown teenagers, it seemed that the host had the best temperament.

It was worthy of being the host brought out by President Ji.

After this was the provincial league, but it was still too early before it started. Everyone could relax for a while.

However, Pei Qingyuan didn’t have time to rest because the previously scheduled Chengde High School exchange week was about to begin.

The next day, they rode the luxury bus specially selected by the school and the head teacher Zhou Fang carefully instructed the students to pay attention.

“After going to the other school, I hope that everyone will remain polite and show the demeanor of our 2nd High School. Everyone received the hospitality rules we wrote to Chengde, right? Once you encounter any problems, communicate with the teacher in time…”

The students selected by this time were mainly in the second year of high school. There were fewer students selected from the first year or third year and they were all students with top grades or outstanding strengths.

A total of two students in the third year were selected. They were Pei Qingyuan and Lin Zihai. Most of them didn’t know the students from the other years, so they naturally sat together.

Lin Zihai held his wrong questions book. He originally wanted to take advantage of the time on the road to ask the class monitor about the wrong questions again. He didn’t know why but he was a bit afraid to speak today.

The class monitor was still as expressionless as usual, but there suddenly seemed to be a special aura around him. This made people not dare to act rashly.

Lin Zihai gradually became dazed due to this unknown aura. His forehead was dripping with sweat and he looked up from time to time to see if the air conditioner of the bus was turned on, wanting to adjust the temperature.

Pei Qingyuan noticed his movements and turned to look at him slightly.

Lin Zihai immediately lowered his head and stopped all small movements.

…He didn’t want to do this either, but he couldn’t resist his instinctive reactions.

Lin Zihai survived this long journey that seemed like years, during which she could only relieve the pressure by peeking at Pei Qingyuan’s robot Xiao Mei, who popped out from time to time on Pei Qingyuan’s wrist.

Xiao Mei was so smart. Could he directly ask Xiao Mei about the wrong questions in the future?

The bus finally arrived at its destination and stopped at the gate of Chengde High School.

The students walked down in turn and looked at the magnificent campus in front of them. They were basically amazed.

Stone arches, carved balustrades, fountains and gardens, shuttle buses that stopped inside the school gate to pick up and drop off students… it wasn’t like a school. It was more like the entrance to a luxury estate like in dramas.

The Chengde leaders and teachers were already waiting at the school gate. Today, it wasn’t only the 2nd High School visiting but also several high schools across the province who had been invited.

At this time, there were two other buses parked at the gate. Zhou Fang recognized the school emblems embroidered on their school uniforms. They were both key high schools ranked high in the province.

At this moment, the teachers of Chengde were busy greeting them and obviously had a history with the head teachers of the other side. Once they saw the arrival of the 2nd High School, they just said hello and asked the 2nd High School to wait.

The group stood a bit further away and waited. Zhou Fang was dissatisfied but it was difficult to say anything because the other person’s tone was very polite.

This was until Pei Qingyuan’s voice entered her ears.

“Teacher Zhou, we can take the shuttle bus to the dormitory to rest first.” Pei Qingyuan reminded her, “There will be activities in the morning and the time is very tight. It is best to adapt to the environment as soon as possible.”

He had participated in many such events at Chengde before and knew the process well.

It was just that he had been on the side of the host back then.

Zhou Fang immediately reacted. Chengde was very large. It required taking the shuttle bus to go from the school gate to the dormitory area. Now there was only one shuttle bus parked at the gate. No matter how she looked at it, the bus couldn’t fit the visiting students of three schools.

She didn’t want to wait for Chengde’s teacher to finish receiving the other two schools only for the shuttle bus to leave and her side had to wait longer.

Therefore, she smiled politely and asked Chengde’s teacher if she could send the students of her school to the dormitory area first.

The teacher on the opposite side was stunned when he heard this and naturally couldn’t resist.

Two minutes later, the students of other schools looked at the slowly moving shuttle, their eyes showing envy.

Why did their teachers talk so much with the teacher on the opposite side?

They also wanted to take the bus in and rest.

In the strange atmosphere, the students of the 2nd High School looked out from the slow-moving shuttle bus. They watched the scenery of Chengde’s campus in a novel manner.

“Is that a teaching building over there? The appearance is so beautiful.”

“I’ve heard that several cafeterias here are free and don’t charge money.”

There was an accompanying teacher on the bus. Every time he wanted to give a good introduction to the superior campus environment of Chengde to this group of 2nd High School students who had never seen the world, he would always be blocked by a cold voice.

“It is an office building.”

“It isn’t free. It is very expensive.”


He said the truth and there was no emotion attached to his tone, but it seemed to naturally have a subtle irony that could dissolve all lofty pride.

Thus, everyone listened and watched and it seemed like they weren’t so envious of the environment here. The shock at first sight gradually faded.

Pei Qingyuan raised his wrist all the way so that the dial of the black watch was facing out the window.

Ji Tong, who was in the form of Xiao Mei, looked curiously at the campus where the host had lived for a long time.

Only he could hear the voice with a very different tone.

“Do you want to see the peacocks?”


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    Pei Qingyuan venting his jealousy through physical exertion is just adorable! Is this also the official beginning of his domineering temperament? I can’t wait to see it in full action, but I guess Lin Zihai is already experiencing just the tip of the iceberg at his point…poor guy.

    As for Chengde, no point in trying to act superior in front of the 2nd High School students since they’ve got Pei Qingyuan to enlighten them to the truth, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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