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DCBS: Chapter 44

Facing these words full of danger, Ye Lanting’s fingers tightened and a trance-like emotion shook his nerves.

You have been investigating my son…

She disassembled these words a bit slowly, trying to pierce together the meaning behind them.

Was it that child?

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Ye Lanting tried his best to maintain a calm tone even though waves of shock had already been set off in her heart.

It wasn’t her husband’s illegitimate child?

She clearly saw her husband’s appearance from the child’s eyes and eyebrows…

“Really?” The man on the phone laughed a bit regretfully. “You changed private investigators three times. It is a pity they all failed. I admire the first one the most. Do you know why?”

Ye Lanting was stunned when she heard this. She didn’t dare to answer the question and could only make her breathing less rapid.

“It is because my son said he likes the peaked cap he wears very much.”

There was a hint of pampering in the man’s voice before it soon turned to complete coldness.

“He also knows when to stop and quit.”

Ye Lanting gradually froze.

The first private investigator found her a photo of the little boy eating bread, but he never found any biological materials that could be used to extract DNA. He always felt that there was a hint of strangeness in this seemingly ordinary case and he took the initiative to propose to Ye Lanting to quit. She had been furious at the time.

It wasn’t until this moment that Ye Lanting realized all the secret investigations she had been doing had been watched by others all along.

She couldn’t argue any longer. After hesitating for a moment, she said softly, “I’m sorry, I think this was a misunderstanding. I must’ve found the wrong person…”

Before she finished speaking, a child’s voice faintly came from the other end of the phone.

“Dad, have you finished the phone call yet?” The child’s voice was acting spoiled. “I want to see Brother playing basketball. Training is about to begin.”

Ye Lanting immediately realized who this child was and also guessed the identity of the brother in his mouth. She listened with bated breath.

Then she heard the man’s voice become slightly distant as he replied in a completely different, soft tone. “Okay.”

“I want you to stay away from them.” Once he faced her again, the man’s voice was tinged with slight impatience. “Do you hear clearly? Them.”

It wasn’t only this child with a mysterious background but Pei Qingyuan beside him.

Ye Yanting wanted to try and refute it. It was obviously a child who had been with her for over ten years. What qualifications did an unknown outsider have to ask her to stay away from Pei Qingyuan?

The man’s next words completely dispelled these thoughts.

“You are very similar to Pei Minghong. You both like to do dangerous things.” There was a sigh of pity in the cold voice. “After cashing out the pledged equity and investing it, the market value is getting better and better but the leverage is getting bigger and bigger… doesn’t it feel like walking a tightrope?”

“It just so happens that I love watching people play games like this.” The man smiled softly. “I wish you all good luck.”

The phone call came to an abrupt end here.

Ye Lanting’s movements froze for a few seconds. Then she opened the contacts page of her phone in disbelief. She tried to find the number but she found that the call record had disappeared without a trace. It was as if everything was just an illusion of hers.

Pei Minghong had just invested in a few companies. The fact that he wanted to cash out the pledge financing and continue to expand the scale of the group wasn’t known at all. Even the vast majority of shareholders didn’t know it. It was because Pei Minghong was still hesitating and hadn’t formally made a decision. He had only mentioned it to her.

He found a few trusted people to discuss the specific operation plan, trying to package it seamlessly on the outside while minimizing the risks and maximizing the benefits.

How did this man of unknown origin know the news?

His final laughter was tinged with an unspoken threat.

Ye Lanting’s first reaction was to call Pei Minghong to inform him that this matter might be used as a handle. However, she retracted her finger before she could call the number.

How should she answer if Pei Minghong asked who this person was and how he noticed them?

It was because she didn’t believe anyone’s explanation and insisted on investigating this so-called illegitimate son. Then she provoked a father and son she couldn’t find any identity information on at all?

What exactly was their origin?

Thoughts surged in her mind as Ye Lanting slumped against the chair.

She couldn’t say it, nor could she show any strangeness in front of her husband.

Otherwise, the home she had worked so hard to maintain would fall apart faster.

This man was only verbally threatening them now. If she didn’t bother that child and Pei Qingyuan any longer, would nothing happen?

She could only comfort herself like this.

In the midst of the feeling of collapse, Ye Lanting stared at her phone blankly and found the photo that she once worried about.

The child in the center of the photo was eating the croissant in his hand wholeheartedly and had a very pure smiling expression.

This time, she could no longer find traces of her husband in the childish eyes and eyebrows.

She saw a distant stare that made people feel cold all over.

No wonder why she couldn’t find the child’s information no matter how hard she searched. In addition, every time she went over, she couldn’t see the child’s face and Pei Qingyuan decided to move away alone not long after he returned to his biological mother.

Everything seemed to be a coincidence and an accident, but behind it was the quiet protection of another person.

How did Pei Qingyuan come into contact with such a family?

In the growing anxiety and fear, the phone slammed to the ground and made a dull noise.

Ye Lanting couldn’t accept this fact.

Her fake son had fallen from the clouds to the mud and he should be looking up at her.

It shouldn’t be the other way around.

There was a band as the door of the gymnasium was pushed open. Ji Tong wore a dinosaur sweatshirt and walked it with the planet school bag on his back. He immediately attracted countless enthusiastic eyes.

“Tong Tong is here!”

“This sweatshirt is so cute. Can adults wear it?”

“Tong Tong, the ice cream fondue will be here in a while!”

Today, the smile on Ji Tong’s face was particularly bright. He waved to greet everyone one by one.

It was a good feeling to be a boss. It was so refreshing.

Pei Qingyuan looked back at him. He noticed that Ji Tong had disappeared from his mind for a while in the evening. After the two of them stopped communicating, it took a while before he appeared in human form.

Maybe he was maintaining his data regularly. Pei Qingyuan thought so and didn’t ask.

Under Coach Xu’s loving gaze, Ji Tong walked to his seat and sat down. He hugged the newly bought yellow duck in his arms. The chair next to him contained the fluffy yellow duck and soulless watch Xiao Mei.

The scene was very warm and peaceful. This was in sharp contrast to the fierce group chat in Ji Tong’s consciousness.

[President Ji has uploaded an audio file.]

[President Ji: Ahhhh I’m so handsome! So handsome!!!]

[Brother Hao: …Can you be calmer?]

[Yinyin: It is really handsome. Sister is very moved.]

Originally, they used the default system number. Then after today, President Ji was no longer satisfied with the string of ordinary numbers. He felt that he should be called President Ji.

Of course, Fang Hao wasn’t to be outdone and immediately changed his name. Only Fu Yinyin maintained the dignity and simplicity of an adult.

Since Ji Tong casually made up the identity of ‘the child of a rich family who asked Pei Qingyuan to tutor him,’ Ji Tong had always wanted to try playing the double role of the parent and child at the same time.

He carefully analyzed the host’s current situation and decided to make Ye Lanting the first lucky audience to enjoy this performance.

At first, he wanted to play the most common overlord in novels but he lacked relevant experience. He thought that Fu Yinyin, who specialized in the world of romance and relationship minefields, should’ve seen many such male protagonists. He decided to ask her for help.

Fu Yinyin was very interested in this and provided many suggestions very enthusiastically.

The systems were actually idle often. After all, everyone’s hosts weren’t trapped in tense and exciting plots all the time. There were many daily moments that didn’t require the system to be used.

[Yinyin: The child is already three years old and he has a large-scale career. I think it is more appropriate for the overlord’s age to be around 29 years old. One year older is too old and one year less doesn’t have enough of a taste.]

[Yinyin: The male protagonist president who is cold on the outside and gentle on the inside is the most popular and it is easy to create a great temperament. However, he has recently started to wear Buddha beads on his hands to clear his heart and stick to abstinence… forget it, this type isn’t suitable for you.]

Ji Tong listened very seriously and took notes in a hurry, feeling deeply inspired. Fang Hao saw the heated discussion between the two of them and interjected in order to not feel lonely.

[Brother Hao: So much effort? In any case, it is threatening the villain. Only one word is needed. Crazy!]

[Yinying: …If you are too crazy at first, it is easy to be regarded as having a mental problem.]

[Yinyin: But some craziness really is needed. My advice is to be crazy and restrained. Madly deep and madly free.]

Under their collective wisdom and efforts, the image of Ji Yanxing gradually became three-dimensional and rich.

That’s right, this fictional character even had a name.

It was provided by Fu Yinyin in friendship and it was selected from the high-frequency names of male protagonists in the worlds she had experienced.

Ji Yanxing, male, 29 years old, a domineering president with a mysterious background and strong aura. He is indifferent to others and the only one he cares about is his son Ji Tong.

-The identity of his wife is unknown. She might’ve left the baby and run away. Once your growth points accumulate enough to open up the interoperability authority, I can play a friendly role (Note by Fu Yinyin).

-Often wears a well-tailored black suit. A black shirt is also fine. In any case, black is the most handsome (Note by Ji Tong).

-In general, he is cold and uses a smile to show arrogance. The gentler the tone to outsiders, the more dangerous he is. I know this. Learn from me (Note from Fang Hao).


In the face of such a detailed character setting, Ji Tong simply had the illusion that he was really a father.

Of course, putting aside these external conditions, Ji Tong specially went to investigate some information about Pei Minghong’s company to ensure that Ye Lanting would believe his nonsense.

His investigation was different from Ye Lanting’s superficial investigation. As long as the information existed in the form of data, it could be found by him. Thus, he easily spied on Pei Minghong’s secret.

Ji Tong was really surprised when he found that Pei Minghong dared to take such a desperate step for the sake of his own interests.

If the host had enough capital right now, it was entirely possible to use this opportunity to take him down.

Still, it didn’t matter. There was always President Ji.

Ji Tong just finished playing the overlord and couldn’t help showing a confident and arrogant smile.

During the break, Pei Qingyuan saw the child smiling while holding the little yellow duck doll again. Finally, he couldn’t help the curiosity in his heart and walked over.

“What are you smiling at?”

Ji Tong coughed lightly and controlled his expression. He thought about it and felt that he should tell the host the good news.

“Ruan Ruan, Ye Lanting shouldn’t dare to bother you again in a short time.” He tilted his head and asked for credit. “You have got rid of those two families for the time being.”

The reason for this was more complicated to explain. He had the entire recording of the call and it wasn’t long. Therefore, he directly played it in Pei Qingyuan’s mind for him to listen.

“By the way, I also created some evidence.”

Ji Tong remembered something and quickly opened his bag to take out the photo.

This was the material of Ji Yanxing.

In a mansion, a handsome man sat on a wide leather chair in front of the window. Sunlight glowed and reflected the delicate cufflinks on the black cuffs particularly vividly.

In another photo, his cufflinks were hand in the hands of a short child in his arms. A smile appeared on his originally indifferent face.

This was Ji Tong’s fictional appearance of Ji Yanxing. It referred to the characteristics of various famous handsome guys and he was particularly handsome.

He was at least a hundred times more handsome than the elementary school student Fang Hao.

Once his growth value was enough, this would be his image in the future.

With his own expectations of the future, Ji Tong created several photos of President Ji and his son getting along out of thin air. He also included one or two photos of Pei Qingyuan in the photos of the mansion as proof of his identity as a tutor.

However, the focus was on the young boss and the three year old child.

Who would’ve thought that the father and son were both himself?

Ji Tong happily admired these photos with eyes full of longing and affection.

Pei Qingyuan listened to the recording and was in a state of shock. Then he saw Ji Tong holding the photos like he cherished them and frowned imperceptibly.

“Who is this man?” he asked.

At first, Pei Qingyuan thought the man on the phone was Ji Tong in disguise. After all, he had personally heard Ji Tong use the voice of a kind old lady, which was one of the system’s capabilities. Then he continued to listen and found that the man’s speaking stone and tone were completely different from Ji Tong’s.

Moreover, Ji Tong seemed to like this man very much when looking at the photo.

Ji Tong originally wanted to say that he was playing two roles by himself. Then he thought about it and felt it was a bit embarrassing.

He wanted to maintain his image as an innocent and ignorant of the world artificial intelligence in the host’s heart.

“I asked my colleague to help me.” Ji Tong tried to fool him. “He is a fictional character and it isn’t important.”

He said it wasn’t important but Pei Qingyuan noticed that the center of each fictional photo was this man. The other person was always in the most focused position of the camera.

Pei Qingyuan was silent for a while. Then he said in a low voice, “Do you like his appearance very much?”

Ji Tong nodded without thinking.

This was his ultimate perfect form!

After getting the answer, Pei Qingyuan examined these photos seriously again. It was undeniable that compared to the young and immature high school students, this appearance was mature and dazzling. There was a seamless coldness and nobility. It was only when facing Ji Tong that the man’s eyes were soft.

In reality, he saw the close at hand Ji Tong gather up these photos, put them back into the bag carefully and zip them up. He obviously cherished them very much.

Therefore, he replied softly, “I see.”

The author has something to say:

About the fact that I accidentally passed on the domineering temperament to my future husband when I acted as my own father.

Author: President Ji.


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    I also loved how Pei Qingyuan was getting jealous of Ji Tong’s particular care for a fictional character just because someone else was playing the part and that Ji Tong unintentionally set up his future husband’s temperament as a result. At least Ji Tong will get to personally experience a domineering businessman, just that it won’t be himself, lol.

    Thanks for the interesting chapter! 😀

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