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DCBS: Chapter 38

Fu Chengze hadn’t noticed Pei Qingyuan’s defensive attitude. He walked up to him excitedly and asked enthusiastically, “Brother Pei, do you want to be the captain? I think you should be the captain of our 2nd High School!”

He spoke as quickly as a cannonball. “You know, the game we played against the 1st High School was so exciting that it even made it into the newspaper. There was a photo of you doing the free throw at the end and you were handsome. It is just a small piece but it is still the newspaper…”

Pei Qingyuan shook his head decisively. “No, you are more suitable.”

Fu Chengze watched him finish speaking and then took a few steps back.

He was fazed for a while. Then he instinctively raised the corner of his clothes and sniffed. “Do I smell? No, I just changed it today and I take a shower every day…”

Ji Tong, who had been watching the excitement all day, saw this scene and couldn’t help it any longer. He let out a series of mechanical laughter like silver bells and Fu Chengze was stunned by the laughter.

Pei Qingyuan, the high school student who was originally cold, felt a bit more alive.

Ji Tong thought that such a host was very good and he also liked this type of school life.

“Master, does it smell?” Ji Tong laughed while pretending to be a stupid artificial intelligence. The little robot looked left and right on the dial. “It is a pity that Xiao Mei doesn’t have a sense of smell.”

“……” Pei Qingyuan looked at him helplessly and said in a low voice. “Don’t laugh.”

“Yes, Host.” Xiao Mei immediately stopped. He let the little robot shake his shoulders while dropping parts and tried to hold back a smile. “Sorry, Xiao Mei might be infected by a virus. It will take some time to disinfect.”

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

“Xiao Mei is so fun.” Fu Chengze routinely cast envious eyes at this cute and cool agent watch. Then he clarified it seriously, “I don’t smell anything either. Brother Pei, don’t hide from me.”

Pei Qingyuan chose to deliberately ignore Fu Chengze’s adoring gaze. He walked to the dressing room and said with a cold expression, “Get ready for training.”

He firmly maintained this illusion of the last piece of pure land.

Fu Chengze stood in place and watched him leave with regret.

The others saw his look of loss and asked curiously, “What’s wrong? You didn’t manage to borrow homework again?”

“Am I that type of person?” Fu Chengze glared. “I’ve done my homework now. Didn’t you want to borrow my homework yesterday?”

The first place in the third year of high school was on the basketball team and a main player. This directly led to the fact that the players who were generally prepared to rely on their specialty to take them to sports college had a change in attitude toward studying.

It was because they suddenly discovered that if there was one thing in the world that was cooler than playing basketball well, it was playing basketball well while effortlessly getting super high scores that others couldn’t match.

No male high school student could resist this terrible temptation.

The teammate was even more curious. “Then why do you have this expression?”

“Ahem, it’s nothing. I am just thinking about life.”

Since Pei Qingyuan didn’t agree to his proposal, Fu Chengze didn’t tell the others out of fear of bringing unnecessary pressure to Pei Qingyuan.

He actually said that Fu Chengze was more suitable to be the captain… Brother Pei was really a modest person.

Fu Chengze sighed silently in his heart. He suddenly remembered what everyone was talking about before Pei Qingyuan came in.

In this city league, a total of 16 basketball teams from different schools participated. The first group stage was divided into the four groups of ABCD. The top two teams in each group would move on and a total of eight teams would enter the second round-robin round.

At present, the 2nd High School was first place in Group A. In the next round-robin, each team had to compete with the other seven teams and there was a points system. The top four would be taken to the knockout round. In other words, the semi-finals and finals.

In the round-robin, the players of the 2nd High School would inevitably face the Chengde Private High School basketball team that qualified as first in Group B.

“I remember that Brother Pei transferred from Chengde before, right? We also have to engage in an exchange activity with them.” Fu Chengde pondered on it. “I don’t know what the relationship between Brother Pei and the Chengde team is. Do they know each other… should we go easy on them?”

“Captain, what are you talking about? Chengde is a traditionally strong team. Do we still need to go easy on them? It would be good if we could win.”

Someone immediately retorted. “What do you mean it is good if we can win? We must win and we must crush them with a big score. Otherwise, won’t it shame Brother Pei? The team of his new school isn’t as good as his old school, what’s the matter?”

“That’s right. The saying goes that people’s fates are always in constant change. Don’t bully the young and the poor!”

“You must’ve stayed up late last night watching something. Why does it sound like something is strange…?”

After the training started, Ji Tong lay down firmly on the little yellow duck seat belonging to Xiao Mei and admired everyone’s healthy posture.

During the break, Fu Chengze slipped over while Coach Xu was instructing Pei Qingyuan alone.

During training, the more he fought, the more he felt that Brother Pei was awesome. Fu Chengze couldn’t match anyway. He always felt that letting a super learning god be the captain of the team would have an indescribable pretense effect when he said it.

It was a pity that Pei Qingyuan refused to communicate with him today. Fu Chengze vowed to take an hour long bath when he went back tonight. He also intended to ask for help from the intelligent Xiao Mei, who was usually inseparable from Pei Qingyuan.

“Xiao Mei, your master… Ah no, why doesn’t Brother Pei want to be the captain?”

The tall basketball captain half crouched down and asked sincerely of the black watch on the stuffed duck.

Ji Tong could open the video from a god’s perspective and he wanted to laugh again.

He tried to maintain a mechanical voice without any fluctuations. “Xiao Mei isn’t very clear about this problem.”

“Alas.” Fu Chengze sighed. “Even you don’t know. What is Brother Pei thinking? He won’t tell me.”

Xiao Mei comforted him coldly. “Don’t be sad. I think Master didn’t mean to target you. He just rarely speaks.”

Fu Chengze seemed to be reminded by him and nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, Brother Pei has always been like this. Obviously, his academic performance is good but he has never taken the initiative to say it. Last time, I told him that he can go to school by relying on his basketball skills. Now it is stupid to think about but Brother Pei didn’t refute me at the time…”

His eyes lit up suddenly and he felt that he had found the right answer. “I know. It is because Brother Pei is used to being low-key!”

“I am the other way around. I am high profile. Brother Pei is very clear about my character, so he said that I am more suitable to be the captain.” Fu Chengze hit his palm with his fist and suddenly realized. “No, I also have to learn from Brother Pei. I can’t always think about the limelight. I have to be mature and calm, so as to be like an adult. I have to live up to my height.”

Ji Tong who watched all this happen: “……”

Sorry, Host. He really didn’t mean to do this.

He changed the topic very bluntly, trying to get Fu Chengze to stop this increasingly profound self-examination. “Is Master really in the newspaper?”

“Yes.” Fu Chengze was instantly distracted and nodded. “It was in the evening newspaper in the past few days. My mother showed it to me in a happy manner, saying that our team was in the newspaper. Unfortunately, in the photo, I had my back turned and my face wasn’t captured. In any case, Brother Pei was photographed very handsomely.”

Ji Tong immediately retrieved the relevant data and quickly found the newspaper. The report only occupied a small block but sure enough, the handsome motion capture of the host’s shot was very good.

Such a monumental moment naturally couldn’t be missed.

Ji Tong was about to put this newspaper into the photo album ‘Host’s Precious Moments.’ Then after thinking about it, he stopped again.

This photo-only album could no longer meet the ever-changing changes of the host.

Ji Tong pondered for a moment and decided to create a new log that could be accompanied by text.

He took out the small block from the newspaper and posted it on the first page of the journal like a newspaper clipping. He commented next to it: [The host participated in the city league’s basketball game for the first time. He performed well and was in the newspaper.]

Ji Tong finished writing and stared at the photos in the newspaper for a while. Then he made a few more necessary additions.

[I was sitting in the first row of the audience, wearing the number seven jersey, the same as the host. Unfortunately, the reporter didn’t photograph me. Only a small corner was exposed.]

He drew a small, curved arrow pointing at himself, who was almost completely blocked by the signs on the side.

It was such a cute jersey. It was a shame a photo wasn’t taken of it.

Ji Tong secretly sighed. Then he had an idea. He simply grabbed his own image from the video that day, chose one that revealed the most complete sight of the jersey and pasted it next to the next like a collage. He wrapped it in a round frame and connected a line. This made it look like the cover of a gossip magazine.

Ji Tong was very satisfied with this effect. He looked around at the teenagers running on the court and added a sentence very happily.

[I also want to play basketball. I’ve never played it.]

[Playing basketball looks like fun.]

Then he flipped back to the cover page, ready to give the journal a title.

All close friends should have a name.

Okay… it was called ‘Host Domestication Log.’

He was ready to write down the happy reason why the host actually took two steps back when he saw Fu Chengze today.

Under his happy education, the host was becoming an excellent adult who was steadily increasing in height and increasingly rich in emotions.

It was really gratifying.

The main brain giving him such a low assessment score was simply a prejudice!

He would have to protest the next time there was a regular meeting.

Ji Tong took advantage of the host’s lack of time taking care of himself to browse the classic photos saved in various photo albums before. He worked hard to write passionate words to match them.

By the window, the boy who stood up was watched by everyone. His eyes were filled with an awe-inspiring coldness.

[When the host was first targeted by the class, he said that he would live up to everyone’s expectations.]

[The host did say that. The problem is that the host seems to be getting scared now.]


Under the tree, next to the bicycle illuminated by the sunlight. One big and one small person sitting side by side, eating breakfast intently.

[Why am I filming this breakfast?]

[Oh, the host is secretly a picky eater but there is still a small bun left unfinished. I ate it.]

[Next time, don’t tell the host that there are green onions in the filling. It is too incompatible to be a learning god and to not eat green onions.]


The pages of the diary saved in the virtual space were turned. The black and white newspaper clipping page on the front clearly reflected the vibrant figures of the teenagers.

In a similar colored reality, during the interval of the fierce confrontation training, Pei Qingyuan raised a hand to wipe the sweat streaming down his forehead. He seemed to notice the quiet and motionless little duck and watch in the distance.

He didn’t know why but he suddenly wanted to sneeze.


  1. milui says:

    He really made a Host Domestication Log. It’s cute to see their precious memories recorded… on a side note, Ji Tong hasn’t gone to kindergarten or played basketball. Sighh will author hit me with angst soon? Thank you for the translation!

    1. M&M's says:

      I agree that Ji Tong’s past seems like it’ll have some angst. It’s almost like he lived in a bubble or something since it’s like he hasn’t tasted good food or been outside before. Considering he seems pretty optimistic and simple, though, I’m guessing it’s not necessarily a dark past, but just one where he had severe restrictions.

  2. M&M's says:

    I love that Ji Tong is recording all the special moments of Pei Qingyuan with accompanying text describing the scene and emotions at the time. I also think it’s funny that he called it “Host Domestication Log” because it’s such an odd name, especially since he’s not actually domesticating him, but rather guiding and enlightening him. I can’t wait until Pei Qingyuan accidentally sees such a log because it seems like this naming scheme is setting up a flag for him, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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